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Thread: Adventures Assemble S2E2: Return to Dakana

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    Re: Adventures Assemble S2E2: Return to Dakana


    As the injection goes in, everyone watches tentatively. But Michelle knows this isn't some magical transformation that happens in seconds like in the movies. Liam quickly falls into a coma, the same as happened the day his father gave him the original formula. Liam told the team that day all he remembered after the injection was getting hot, passing out, and waking up the next day somewhere else.

    Similarly, Liam is unconscious for 34 hours, which seem a little like hell as his body goes through radical temperature shifts and seizures on three separate occasions. The skilled healers of Dakana are able to manage it easily and when he finally wakes up, he croaks out "Wow. That was familiar."

    With a few tests from Michelle confirming the process is stable and Liam is out of the woods, focus returns back to Dakana.

    The revelations of Baako's actions of genetic modifications and employing outsiders has driven away all support. Even the more traditional folks who were against these changes seem to soften and be willing to try them out after seeing where such extreme views can lead them.

    M'Balla is fully recovered from the poison, having used the remaining portion of the root after Michelle was finished to restore himself. It would be a few years before they had more of the sacred herbs cultivated, but for the meantime, the King of Dakana was strong once again.

    Before you leave the King tells you that the Champions are now honorary members of the tribe and citizens of Dakana.

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    Re: Adventures Assemble S2E2: Return to Dakana

    Meanwhile, in Phoenix Bay...

    Philip is sitting in the courtroom with a grimace on his face. Not over the actual case, but that he was having to deal with this. On today of all days.

    "I'm sure he'll be here," the nervous paralegal says in the chair next to him.

    "Yeah, yeah. Make an entrance he said."

    The thirty something woman turns back to her files, sorts through them for the hundred and fifty-eighth time then goes back to fiddling with her hair. She was very confident and professional at every point up until now. The thought of possibly having to make this motion with all of those lawyers over there unnerved her more than a little.

    Philip looks over at the other side the aisle. Five lawyers and three corporate executives from Amethyst Inc. One of them catches him and gives him a cheesy smile.

    Their case was ridiculous, or at least so he was told. Their claim that anything Michelle created was their property due to... reasons. There goal was to overwhelm some inexperienced attorney because they really didn't have the capital to fight off these kinds of legal battles

    He or Michelle needed to be here a sofficers of the new coporation, regardless of how ridiculous it was, so he said he would cover it. He knew there would be stuff to do in town anyway.

    So this morning, he was up before dawn and dealing with that stupid cult. He was a bit rough on them, but then again, they kind of deserved it.

    "All rise. The Superior Court of Phoenix Bay is now in session. The Honorable Judge Richard Kelley presiding."

    The bailiff's words shake Philip back to the moment. He stands up as does the nervous woman next to him. He should really try harder to learn her name. She had been working with him for three days about this nonsense.

    Judge Kelley walks in. Probably in his mid-sixties. Grey hair around the edges of his bald head, black reading style glasses low on his nose; he walks with purpose as he takes his seat.

    "Be seated. We are here for the pre-trial motions for Amethyst Inc vs Michelle Hong and Happy Inc."

    "Jacobi, Derek, and Myers for the Plaintiff, your honor."

    "Leland MacKenzie for the defense, your honor."

    The court room goes so silent, you can almost here five jaws clack off the tile floor. Leland MacKenzie stood in the back of the court. A man also in his sixties, also with thinning hear, but it suited him. He wore a very old fashioned three piece suit as he walked to the defense table, but remains standing. He places his hand on Philip's shoulder and shakes his hand.

    "Leland MacKenzie, you old warhorse. When I saw your name on the docket, I was sure it was a typo, and your grandson would be gracing my courtroom today." The judge's tone quickly turns to friendly and familiar.

    "Well my grandson Leland could easily handle this case, but this is a personal matter to me."

    "Oh?" the Judge asks.

    Leland takes a few steps forward.

    "Yes, well my youngest granddaughter was diagnosed with autism two years ago. She was at Bernard Clairvaux Medical Center receiving therapy when that rusty tin pot arrived and fired two missiles at it. So when Amethyst and her team stopped the missiles, they also saved my granddaughter's life."

    The collective groans from the five lawyers to his right caused Philip to turn his head in their direction. One of them looks at him, and Philip returns the cheesy smile from earlier. In that one statement, their entire plan was shattered. They were not dealing with some inexperienced lawyer who they could bull rush, and MacKenzie wasn't charging them for this. Leland MacKenzie was not a man who would take a case on personally over money anymore. So they weren't going to burn through Michelle's capital fighting off their ridiculous lawsuits.

    The whispers from the gallery start to grow in intensity and the judge gavels them quiet with a terse "Order." It's been over ten years since Leland MacKenzie lost a case in trial. His reputation was well established; juries loved him, and his knowledge of the law rivaled most ivy league law school libraries.

    As everything settles down again, the five opposing lawyers stop whispering to each other and look anxiously at the Judge.

    "Let's save ourselves some time. I'm sure you have a motion, Leland."

    "Yes, your honor, I do. Motion to dismiss."

    "This will be good," Kelley retorts. "On what grounds?"

    "On the grounds of Miller vs Escobar."

    The five lawyers are dumbfounded and even the Judge looks puzzled for a minute.

    Then he chuckles. "Well played."

    The five lawyers begin madly whispering to each other trying to figure out what case was just referenced.

    "Since you probably don't know," the Judge says to the plaintiff's legal team, "Miller vs Escobar involved a gardener being fired from his job and then his former employer trying to claim the landscaping business he opened afterwards was 'work product.' Leland here was representing the gardener, and he had 11 different legal precedents supporting their position that it was not. Turns out he only needed seven of them because plaintiff's counsel ran out of arguments first."

    "And... you were the Judge on that case?" one of the lawyers asks.

    "No. I was the plaintiff's attorney. I learned more about being a lawyer that day than in four years of law school."

    Philip turns and looks back at the opposing lawyers. One of them glares at him, and Philip returns the cheesy smile once more.

    "If I remember correctly, you sighted, Brecken v Moore, Taylor v Townsend, Columbia Tech v Smythe, Addison Inc v Morgan, Marshall Inc v Williams, Hallitech v Jones and Campell, and ..."

    "Vasiter University vs Hale. Plus there was Tasiago's v Ricci, Willard Dry Cleaning v Harper, Omega Institute v Gonzalez, and Holmes v Baker."

    Amethyst Inc's legal team and madly scribbling the cases down and whispering to each other. Despite all the work they did to totally dominate this case, they only knew about six of these cases between the five of them.

    "Your honor, we would like to request a continuance."

    "Denied. You moved to have this hearing moved up, now reap what you sowed."

    What seemed like a perfect strategy to hit while Michelle was out of town has now devolved into a nightmare scenario.

    "Gentlemen?" he inquires of the five lawyers desperately looking for some straws to grasp at.

    "Well, I uhh..." is all one of them manages to get out.

    "Motion granted, case dismissed."

    "Your Honor, I would like to post notice that we intend to file Section 5, Chapter 591 of the civil code."

    Five lawyers just turned white as ghosts. 591 was a new law that passed during the last election, more colloquially called the Frivolous Lawsuit Ban. If a lawsuit could be demonstrated as frivolous, then the plaintiff and their attorneys would have to split the cost of the defense legal bills. And while MacKenzie may not be charging his full hourly rate to Michelle and Philip for this, he would no doubt go after it in full from the plaintiffs.

    "So noted," Kelley replies. He looks at the plaintiff's counsel. "Good luck with that." He gavels and stands up and walks out of the courtroom.

    Leland comes over and shakes Philip's hand again.

    "Thank you, Leland. We both really appreciate it."

    "It's we who appreciate you. Now why don't I take you out for a celebratory lunch, and then you can come back to the office and go over the tax documents Stuart has been working on for your corporation."

    "Could that wait until tomorrow? I had to do something really crappy this morning, and I just need some time."

    "Yes, of course," the older gentleman says putting a hand on his shoulder. "Just give us a call if you need anything."

    "Yeah, thanks." As Philip starts to leave, Leland stops him and looks him straight in the eye.


    Philip nods, understanding what Leland means.

    As Philip walks out of the court house, a man grabs his cell phone and makes a call.

    "We have a problem. Leland MacKenzie just defended the heroes in their court case against Amethyst Inc."

    The man nods as the caller on the other side seems unclear about the significance.

    "That means Michael Kuzak and Victor Sifuentes will likely be defending them for any criminal cases."

    The man jerks the phone away from his ear in pain as the loud barrage of foul language can be heard everyone around him.

    He quietly hangs up his phone and stares a bit awkwardly at the people staring back at him.

    - - - -

    Philip walks into his apartment and collapses onto the couch.

    "Is that you, Philip?"

    He just glares at Celeste's room not quite sure who else she would be expecting.

    She walks out wearing her usual next to nothing, white silk teddy and white silk panties.

    "Did you deal with the cult?"

    He shakes his head and mumbles a "Yeah."

    "And they did it?"

    He leans back into the couch. "Yeah."

    "And you used the stones?"

    He lets out a heavy sigh. "Yeah"

    Celeste sits down next to him on the couch. "So she's gone for at least..."

    "A hundred years," Philip completes the sentence.

    "Well you prepped the stones because you knew somebody would try this, and you didn't want to hesitate when the time came."

    He lets out another sigh. "Yeah."

    Celeste wraps her arm around his head and rests it on her shoulder. "I'm sorry."


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    Re: Adventures Assemble S2E2: Return to Dakana

    In Phoenix, Az

    "So in so far as the Board feels they can no longer impede your extracurricular activities and in so far as they wish restrict any statutory liabilities of said activities from negatively affecting operations, they have chosen a policy of collaboration to create a synergistic conclusion."

    "What?" Liam asks the lawyer as the lift doors open to a somewhat familiar sight.

    "The Board can't stop you from fighting crime, so I am here to help you and keep the company from getting sued." A man in his forties wearing khaki pants and a black t-shirt is standing there. His physical appearance is nearly as good as Liam's restored physical form.

    "Who are you and why does this place look like my old base?"

    "It was decided that by employing a..." Liam cuts the lawyer off with a finger in front of his face and then points it to the other man.

    "I'm Marcus, and we decided you would be more comfortable if your base was familiar to you."

    "Mr Stone is a former US Navy Seal and was in charge of tactical operations for 13 years where he oversaw covert operations in the Middle East," the lawyer explains as Liam walks in and begins to check out the place.

    "So what, is the idea that I fight crime as Locust and Marcus here is the voice in my ear telling me what to do?"

    The lawyer and Marcus look uncomfortably at each other.

    "No," Marcus says. "I would just provide you with tactical information and suggestions. The decisions are all yours."

    The lawyer looks hard at Marcus.

    "And... you can't be Locust."

    "I'm saying everybody already knows who that is. It doesn't matter how much fake evidence we create, that costume appears and everyone knows its definitely you."

    "So what?"

    "Vigilante actions taken by the Corporate Executive Officer of Nevex Industries will leave the corporation open to all kinds of civil and criminal litigation."

    "He's saying..."

    "I got it," Liam interrupts. "So who am I?"

    "We have designed and selected several different..."

    Marcus steps between the suit and Liam. "Here, I think you will like this one. Lighter than your Locust costume, made of a newer polyester weave that is stronger than kevlar." He grabs one of the boxes sitting by the computer console and pulls out a suit.

    "Interesting. Weapons? Hoverboard?"

    "Hoverboard is a little too 'on the nose,' and you know that. But a motorcycle riding vigilante with a sword is almost cliche."

    Liam looks at everything, not quite sure what to think. This stuff looks better than anything he had before. He turns to the lawyer. "How are you paying for all of this?"

    "Nevex recently purchased a small security firm. They acquire the gear, and Mr. Stone is an employee of that firm."

    "Well?" Stone asks.

    Liam's eyes move around the place and then back to the two men. "I guess we can give it a shot."

    "Good," Stone replies. "Get changed. We got a lot of work familiarizing you with your new gear."

    End Episode 2

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    Re: Adventures Assemble S2E2: Return to Dakana

    Days later, Qora and her new personal assistant, Steven West, find themselves at the latest in her search for a home away from home

    "I did some fact checking," Ms. Kim Wexler, the HHM Lawyer says, a not-quite middle aged blonde, "and of all the properties in your father's name, this is probably the most ideal for your needs."

    Qora herself is impressed. the 'apartment' is in fact the entire top floor of the building, and despite years of neglect, the layout and style of its dusty furnishings are surprisingly tasteful. as the tour continues, the place only becomes more attractive, as other disused features are made apparent, unusable in their current state, but easily restored given enough time and money.

    "there is one catch," Welxler adds, "It's not just the apartment. you'll own the entire building, and it will be very expensive."

    "Or an investment," Qora adds

    "Right," Wexler, "while the top floor is yours as you see fit, much of the building is traditional office space with active tenants. I'll spare you the full details for now, but the arrangement here... it's shady, but according to a... former associate of mine, it's technically above board. by purchasing the building, you make the arrangement completely legal and less shady with you taking responsibility. it also gives you a steady source of income to maintain your... lifestyle, and what other business ventures you'd pursue in the future."

    minutes later, Qora has purchased her new home


    Not long after, as Qora helps Steven move his things into his suite while he cleans, she divides some of her attention online, learning what she can about the Cybertribe and Motherboard inparticular. mostly out of genuine concern for help, but a part of her legitimately finds Motherboard intriguing, brilliant, compassionate, tricksy, and jokingly, that if it does become serious, they would have a family of grandchildren to introduce to Queen Mazra back on Oziri

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