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Thread: Adventures Assemble S2E1: Twenty Thousand Villains Under the Sea!

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    Re: Adventures Assemble S2E1: Twenty Thousand Villains Under the Sea!


    Quote Originally Posted by Amethyst
    She shakes her head 'no' at Nightbird, then quickly explains for Aranel. "We had a friend who was standing right where you were a sec ago," she says, giving a brief description of March. "She disappeared, and you appeared where she was standing instead. Have you seen our friend anywhere? And what's this stuff about third eyes and mind controlling people?"

    "We may need to save some questions for later," Amy says, speaking from a floating drone next to her. "Security agents are approaching."
    Imogen's eyes narrowed slightly at Amethyst's shake of her head however from what the newcomer was saying she was just as confused as the rest of them and didn't seem to know anything about March's disappearance.

    Quote Originally Posted by Moonlight
    "And I'm sorry, but I didn't see your friend. Though before the hole spat me out here, I did hear voices speaking in the shadowy void, something about a replacement. That is all I heard before arriving here. As for the man who continues to insult me, is he the local fool who spouts off nonsense for no other reason than to appear foolish? Because this competition which this March Hare was entered in, it appears to be a foot race. I'm not trained as a wind racer, so how does he think I would be better at it than your March Hare?"
    Activating her commlink to include any team members not nearby "You are right about our local fool ... Aranel but Amy is correct ..." pointing to the drone hovering near Amethyst " ...ASTRO forces are approaching and they don't need much of an excuse to start shooting and knowing our beloved Mayor he will order them to open fire first and then claim he was misunderstood. So shall we move somewhere safer and work out what has happen to you and to March."

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    Re: Adventures Assemble S2E1: Twenty Thousand Villains Under the Sea!


    Philip was ready to confirm the newcomer's assessment of Cooper but Nightbird beat him to the punch.

    "I agree, Nightbird. Gelert, a flying platform if you will."

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