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Nightbird, Gelert & March Hare
Fenyman-Yamaguchi Antimatter Reactor -- Outside Reactor Building 1

Gelert's result of 14 is a miss (she still has Fighting 5 after the Iron Curtain). But I have some different ideas, so I fiat and make it hit instead; however I gain 1 Villain Point (2 total right now).

ECK Blackhawk Toughness DC 21: 1D20+6 = [4]+6 = 10 Failed, KO
Combat is over.

Gelert's beam of blue light shines straight and true. It explodes right in Blackhawk's screaming face and blows the vigilante clean off her feet, sending her sailing head over heels three times before the lands on the catwalk with a wet, heavy THUMP. Smoke rises from her black-clad body as she groans and tries to get up.

"It's doomed," she groans. "The city's... doomed..."

She passes out.

And just like that, the last resistance on your long journey from the bowels of Lord Steel's flagship to the antimatter reactor has been squashed. As the nuclear technicians climb back up by way of maintenance ladder, there is only one last thing left for you to do before the counterattack against Lord Steel can begin.
Gelert was a little surprised the shot had taken Blackhawk down like that.

"Well blowing it up wasn't going to make the city less doomed." Gelert remarked.

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HP: 2
Condition: Normal

A little bit miffed that she hadn't landed the final blow in the fight with Blackhawk, in fact that was the second one now where she could only claim a draw at best.

"She would have blown up the city she really is crazier than a ...." Imogen couldn't think of something that Blackhawk was crazier than " ... she really needs help but we don't have the time to waste at the moment."
"I'll add her to the list." Gelert said. When this was over they were going to have to make sure a bunch of folks got some serious mental health care.

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Still feeling a little numb from the fact that Blackhawk had actually pressed the button on the detonator, Imogen pulled the mask off the unconscious woman's head taking a photo with her phone before replacing the mask then quickly tying Blackhawk's legs and hands.

"Come on we need to find where we can plug this in." Imogen added removing the device that Kisai had created from her hidden pocket.
"Right! Its time to Do The Thing!"