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Thread: Adventures Assemble S1 Finale: Iron Curtain

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    Re: Adventures Assemble S1 Finale: Iron Curtain

    Firstly save vs secondary damage
    Nightbird Toughness DC18: 1D20+6-1 = [10]+6-1 = 15

    Bruise x2

    Nightbird has Insight and Perception of +11 each so should autopass a DC9 check. And her defence is +12 so it is a miss.

    Nightbird PA +/- 3
    Nightbird PA +3: 1D20+13-3 = [3]+13-3 = 13

    HP to reroll

    Nightbird PA +3: 1D20+13-3 = [3]+13-3 = 13
    +10 = 23
    Hopefully that is a hit and DC25 Toughness

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    Re: Adventures Assemble S1 Finale: Iron Curtain

    Quote Originally Posted by Ysariel View Post
    State Capitol Building, Sacramento

    For successfully defending someone who did not deserve it, you display the spirit of selflessness and humility worthy of a good leader. You gain 1 HP for acting in line with your responsibility complication.

    You return to the office to the sight of uniformed guards securing the defeated Banshees and Cooper's face contorting in new and interesting ways as he struggles to restrain himself from articulating some highly logical conclusion that obviously if there were no aliens here then the attack would not have happened in the first place. The security detail requests that you remain for a short while until they can confirm that no further attacks are imminent and the Banshees have not left any nasty surprises. Outside, more and more people are gathering around the state Capitol as word of the attack spreads. Police SWAT units and the media arrive, and you can hear the droning of what is surely a news chopper overhead.

    "Miss Tana," Governor Meyer says, approaching with an armed escort after several minutes. "As I was saying, my sincerest thanks for your intervention. I hope this incident hasn't soured your view of Earthlings. Many of us are not like these ilk."

    Beatrice steps in. "Mr. Cooper," she says, glancing at her tablet, "it seems word of the attack is spreading through social media and informal channels. The popular narrative is that an alien has foiled a terrorist attack on humans wrongly accused of being alien conspirators, including your honored self. Results are tentative, but so far my sources say your constituency is in support by a 17% margin."

    "Oh... oh!" Cooper clucks like a startled chicken. "Well... that's... that's great! Heheheheh. I love aliens! Aliens are great!" he cracks a grin, slipping into a familiar persona, and adjusts the lapels of his suit jacket. "I am quite pleased to welcome these generous and constructive members of our society."
    Qora steps up as the cameras and microphones turn to catch Cooper's every word. it's a live feed with no excuse to backtrack.

    "Which is why we were having this meeting, in fact," she says, going for the metaphorical jugular, "to discuss a proposal by Mr. Beykin and myself to Governor Meyersto make Phoenix Bay a Sanctuary City, granting its extraterrestrial population the same inalienable rights and freedoms as everyone else, in solidarity with the ongoing errands of mercy towards the refugees of Star Island. It won't be easy, it will not be overnight, and as the Banshees showed, there will be those who oppose this out of fear and even hatred. But these are concerns to be faced head-on as we move towards the future, and united in righteous cause. Right now, Mayor Cooper has informed me that it is his sworn duty to represent the will of the people before the city council, to show that Phoenix Bay is safe and prosperous for all. I am sure his office will greatly appreciate your thoughts on the matter."

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    Re: Adventures Assemble S1 Finale: Iron Curtain

    HP: 3, LP: 1 (-1=0)

    Wow, this guy truly is an idiot, Philip thinks. He cleared up enough of the smoke so it won't interfere with our fight, but at the same time, left the campus covered to protect who it was meant to protect.

    Not that is was necessary anymore. It seems like Michelle has everything in hand now so the smoke probably isn't needed anymore. And better that Philip eliminate that weapon so Michelle can't be blindsided by it.

    In an instant, Philip's stance shifts. No longer the flowing Dragon style he learned not from Sensei, but from a series of dreams he had after Grant's death, now he took the hard stance of the Tiger that Sensei drilled into him with punishing exercises. His movement is swift, almost a blur to Forge and he moves in and drives a hammerfist into the large weapon he is holding.

    Switch to Tiger style. Attack the weapon. Improved Smash means there is no penalty.
    Power Attack [2] vs cannon : 1D20+12-2 = [3]+12-2 = 13
    Yep, the dice have been in full on suck mode lately. LP to reroll.
    Power Attack [2] vs cannon : 1D20+12-2 = [11]+12-2 = 21
    Lowest possible roll. Of course. DC21 Toughness to the cannon

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    Re: Adventures Assemble S1 Finale: Iron Curtain

    March Hare
    HP: 3 LP: 1 Conditions: Fine

    A human, at least it appeared to be, in strange garb and in hiding from Lord Steel's forces. Signaling her to come over. Okay, not the strangest thing ever. Best keep her guard up though, moving slower than normal towards the man, trying to avoid kicking up any dust or draw attention from the robots. In a whisper, she hoped the man, who reminded her strangely of one of Doctor Who's incarnations, could hear her. "Okay, what do you have to say, make it quick. Not sure how long before Lord Steel's forces might move this way."

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    Re: Adventures Assemble S1 Finale: Iron Curtain

    Quote Originally Posted by Ysariel View Post
    City park

    I rule that you can hit Drosselmeyer and Gun-Nut only, since Tree Shadow ran up a tree and is not in range of your shapeable area.
    AA Herr Drosselmeyer, Captain Gun-Nut Dodge DC 18, Toughness DC 23/19: 1D20+8 = [12]+8 = 20
    1D20+12 = [15]+12 = 27
    1D20+6 = [14]+6 = 20
    1D20+8 = [5]+8 = 13

    Drosselmeyer passes even at the higher DC with a 27 on Toughness, while Gun-Nut fails even at the lower DC with a 13 on toughness and is defeated!

    A veil of blue light descends over the villains and explodes around them, shooing a cloud of startled birds out of the trees. Drosselmeyer's force shield protects him, but Gun-Nut is left standing in a smoking crater with his fur messed up and his army helmet dangling from his neck, before he topples over face-first, surrounded by spent nut cases.

    "This accursed weapon," Drosselmeyer hisses, having decided to blame the tools instead of himself. "Human-made trash! Inelegant contraption! No sense of clockwork, gears singing in harmony, a ballet of steel and machine oil. Tree Shadow! Assist me!"

    "Yes, Count Drosselmeyer!" squeaks the squirrel ninja from the trees above. A whip-whip-whip sound fills the air as numerous tiny shuriken thud into the undergrowth about your feet, neatly pinning you in so that Drosselmeyer can aim his unwieldy cannon.

    As he depresses the trigger with sadistic glee he squeals in delight. "Submit, Hound of Hope! This time you shall not prevail!" And then the terrible shriek of the ultrasound cannon fills your furry ears.

    Drosselmeyer delays such that he goes after Tree Shadow, who uses Falling Leaves in Forest for an aid action. He auto-passes the DC 10 aid check and gives Drosselmeyer +2 attack vs you.

    Herr Drosselmeyer uses Anti-Gelert Ultrasound Destructor on you.
    AA Herr Drosselmeyer attack vs Gelert: 1D20+10+2 = [6]+10+2 = 18
    I believe just barely hits. Make a DC 30 Toughness save.

    P.S. I forgot that you should have got 1 HP for an Enemy complication, even though you don't have N.U.T.S. listed as an enemy on your sheet. So your HP total is 3 now.

    Turn Order
    20 Herr Drosselmeyer (with anti-hero ordnance) (Minion)
    16 Captain Gun-Nut (Minion, Incapacitated)
    09 Tree Shadow (Minion)

    06 Gelert *

    You are up!
    (I should definitely add in a complication for that on Gelert's sheet.)

    Toughness save 1D20 + 12 = [4]+12 = 16 HP to reroll 1D20 + 12 = [4]+12 = 16 +20 = 26
    1 degree failure

    Gelert whimpers as the wave of painful sound hits him. He throws up more shielding to try and shut out the horrible noise but he's only able to muffle it a little.

    Still the Courageous Corgi refuses to submit. "I'll never give in to a rodent rapscallion like you, Count. PEW PEW!"

    Blast: Damage 11, +9 (DC 26) aimed at Count Drosselmeyer 1D20 + 9 = [19]+9 = 28

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