"Hello, Gelert, it's good to see you," he says taking the Yorkie in one hand and shifted him to allow for Michelle's hug. Holding the two of them in his arms, he bumps Imogen slightly and gives her a look as if to say "like I wouldn't recognize you."

"All of you actually. And new friends to boot. Always a bonus. Thanks for the assistance, Qora and March Hare."

When he is finally able to stand up, he begins to explain.

"Psi-Ops kidnapped me and Tasha right before Christmas Day. They have been trying to find out how to induce and/or increase telepathic abilities in people for years. They found this entity inside of me, so when Danfeld couldn't give them what they wanted, they removed it. The put a piece in several of them, and it increased their abilities. So Bester decided to have the remainder of the entity implanted in himself. All I did was connect back with the entity and give it a better place to live."

"This is my dad's old company isn't it? Bester was manipulating the Board for a while now, but they were starting to pull away. Another reason he wanted me was he thought I could control the company. I don't know where he would get that idea."

"I can answer that. After uploading the anti-virus, I connected with their Board's private server. There is evidence here of their collusion with Bester, but also proof that they have been running this company in your name.
Your Dad left you controlling interest in the company through a trust. They were only supposed to have control until you were eighteen. They have been lying to the court and stockholders for the last two years. Nevex Industries is your company, Liam."