HP: 2 (-1=1); Injured x1

Kisai winces as he mistimes the radiation pulse and feels a bit of the effects.

He moves over to Hornet's suit to see if he can disable whatever Deathtrap has done to immobilize him.

Reflex: 1D20+10 = [1]+10 = 11
Eff you, Dice Gods.
Evasion 2 still means its at half DC.
FORT: 1D20+10 = [1]+10 = 11
And that is absolute BS

I dont know if its Tech (+10) or Craft (+12)
Raw D20: 1D20 = [5] = 5
And the Dice Gods can go suck it big time.
HP to reroll: 1D20 = [10] = 10+10=20