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Thread: Emerald City Knights: Knight Errant

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    Re: Emerald City Knights: Knight Errant

    Emerald Tower parking

    The Dragon swipes its tail in a mighty SWISH-CRRRACK! that sends three of your assailants flying bodily into the air. They land on the ground with heavy, wet thumps, and don't get up.

    The two going after Diana, however, are on their guard and far enough to have time to react: one ducks out of the way and the other drops to the ground and rolls to safety. They get up, exchange glances, and seem to decide that Diana's impending death can wait. As one, they start running like hell for the exit.


    Your Dragon Strike wipes out the 3 who attacked you. However, the 4th was using Total Defense, which makes your attack miss, and your Takedown ends.

    The two remaining ones decide to retreat. They double move towards the exit stairs, putting them about 60ft away from you. You can still attack them if you like. If you decide not to, then they escape and combat ends.

    Turn Order

    23 Bellavance Enforcer x2 (Minion)
    20 Kisai

    You are up!

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    Re: Emerald City Knights: Knight Errant


    Philip half smiles as the two men wisely begin retreating. He takes a step forward to give chase when his communicator beeps. He pulls it out and reads the message.

    AEGIS is early. That's unusual. I should probably back him up.

    He turns to look at Diana. Part of him just wants to leave her here but... the puff of smoke from the Dragon hits him on the back of the head... he should really take her some place safe.

    Philip walks forward and grimaces as he says "Come on, let's get you off the street."

    He only knows two places, and while he is loath to take her home, he is even less inclined to explain this cosmic joke to Ruski or Aoife.

    The Dragon swirls around the two of them and they dissolve, only to reappear in Philip's apartment.

    He stares at her room a few moments still expecting her to come out and tell him this was all some horrible nightmare. He sighs.

    "You can have the couch. Wards around this place should keep you off their RADAR. And the security system should keep any mundane threats out. If you're crazy enough to leave, the code is 2.. 19.. ... ... 94." Her birthday. Damn, he would have to change that.

    "I need to go check on something at our HQ. If anything gets in, hit the panic button on the security system, and I will get a signal. I'll be back in a little bit with some food."

    He is just about to leave when he stops and stares at her. "If you touch any of her stuff, I will skin you alive." There isn't even the slightest hint of humor in his voice.

    And then the Dragon flies around him and he is gone.

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