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    Re: Eld's Builds: KITE MAN, DR. DESTROYER

    Well, Zed's not a Champions character so its not quite the same thing.

    And for all their killbot similarities, Mechanon is pretty far afield of Ultron. There's a Oedipal, very angry aspect to Ultron that Mechanon and a lot of other evil robot types lack.
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    Excessively Righteous Blossom
    PL 11 220

    Strength 3, Stamina 4, Agility 6, Dexterity 5, Fighting 8, Intellect 1, Awareness 3, Presence 1

    Barisage Device (Easily Removable, Feature Restricted to Essence users) 13
    Integrated Assault Crossbow Blast 8, Improved Critical 2
    Moonsilver Daiklaive Strength-based Damage 6, Improved Critical, Reach

    Alchemical Exalted Immunity 3 (suffocation, aging, disease)
    Moonsilver Body Speed 1, Leaping 1, Quickness 1
    Exoskeletal/Subcutaneous Armor System Protection 6, Impervious Toughness 7
    Integrated Arsenal System Feature 1 (can store weapons inside body), Enhanced Advantage (Quick Draw)
    Electrification Onslaught Dynamo Reaction Damage 8, Triggered by being touched, Feature-also applies to carried weapons, Activation-Move Action
    •Transmodal Targeting System Shapeable Area Extra 8 on Assault Crossbow Damage

    Sculpting Apparatus Morph 2, Feature 1 (Voice mimicry)
    • Optical Shroud Concealment 4 (all visual, Passive)

    Agile Feint, Assessment, Benefit 3 (Exalted of Yugash, Military Rank), Connected, Contacts, Defensive Attack, Favored Environment (Duels), Improved Aim, Luck, Precise Attack (ranged, concealment), Ranged Attack 3, Second Chance (Persuasion), Skill Mastery (Insight), Takedown 2, Ultimate Acrobatics, Uncanny Dodge

    Skills: Acrobatics 6 (+12), Athletics 7 (+10), Close Combat (swords) 5 (+13), Deception 8 (+9), Expertise (current events0 4 (+5), Expertise (law) 6 (+7), Expertise (military) 3 (+4), Insight 9 (+12), Intimidation 6 (+7), Investigation 6 (+7), Perception 7 (+10), Persuasion 4 (+5), Ranged Combat (crossbows) 6 (+14), Sleight of Hand 1 (+6), Stealth 6 (+12), Technology 4 (+5)

    Initiative +6
    Unarmed +8 Damage 3
    Barisage Blade +13 Damage 9
    Barisage Crossbow +14 Damage 8

    Dodge 12, Parry 12
    Toughness 10, Fortitude 9, Will 10

    Abilities 62+Powers 71+Advantages 21+Skills 44+Defenses 22=218

    Responsibility As a champion of Yugash, Blossom has several duties and obligations.
    Power Loss Blossom's abilities rely on manipulating Essence, if he uses his powers too frequently he will lose access to his magical powers until he has time to rest.
    Stubborn Blossom is not a man of compromise, and his overly rigid nature can cause problems for himself.
    Motivation: Blossom believes it his duty to promote right thoughts and actions, and to point out wrong ones whenever he sees them.

    An Alchemical Exalted, Excessively Righteous Blossom's name tells you basically everything you know about him. He's a hero of his nation who wants to do the right thing-and absolutely nothing else. This makes him the kind of undercover operative who pursues all crime, even the smallest ones, the kind of military mind who pursues victory regardless of consequence, and now he is an honorary lector, a member of the Theomachracy who is basically an itinerant preacher working to keep morale high. As with everything he does, results are...mixed, but there's no doubt Blossom cares for his people and Autocthon himself and would do whatever he could to sustain and aid the Great Maker.

    Obviously, more traditional superheroes would only encounter Blossom and other Alchemicals if they entered Autocthonia, or the great Primordial entered Earth's dimension somehow. In either event, Blossom serves as an excellent Champion-an infiltrator, a saboteur, and a deadly duelist, but he has no head for strategy or actual command. His skills are good, but not great, and need help from his Charms-his stealth and deception are far more useful when he changes his form or turns invisible. He can charge his body with electricity, use Essence to manipulate his crossbow bolts in a flurry of attacks, and is a little bit faster than normal like all of his Caste are. I also turned a lot of lesser Charms into Advantages, so while he's by far best at combat, he is at least slightly versatile.
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