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Thread: Davies' Character Thread: World of Freedom 3.2 -- Toxic!

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    Re: Davies' Character Thread: World of Freedom 3.2 -- Toxic!

    Viktar the Valiant

    Far to the north of Emeraldias, in a narrow stretch of land east of Chelgrim's Teeth and south of the Icewall, there are many barbarians who have yet to learn the value of armor beyond simple clothing, and sometimes not even that. From this place came Viktar the Valiant, mercenary and rogue, down into the Empire of the Azure Throne to seek his fortune. He enjoyed some small success in this pursuit, gaining a reputation as a capable captain, but by the time his path led him to Emeraldias, anything he'd gained beyond reputation had already been spent.

    Naturally, he was keen to improve his fortunes, and became one of the first adventurers to attach his banner to that of the Princess, swearing his sword to her. For his heroics in her service, she has rewarded him with the title of Captain of the Palace Guard, and he is busily training the city's militia to create a credible army for when the contract with the Last Men Standing ends. Despite this, he still finds time to go roving in the hills outside the city, looking for trouble and often finding it.

    Viktar's barbaric manner and accent conceal a keen soldier's mind and shrewd judge of character. However, that's not all they conceal. He was in fact raised by an isolated community of savants known as the Foreseers, who trained him to nearly the epitome of human ability. They sent him out into the world as their agent, and have directed him to Emeraldias in order to subtly influence Her Majesty's government in ways that suit the Foreseers.

    But the Foreseers are themselves deceived. Viktar, in his journeys in the south, encountered agents of the Servants of the Shield, and came to realize that his personal values were more akin to them than they were to the self-interested Foreseers. He allows his former masters to believe that they still have his loyalty, while working with the agenda of the Servants of the Shield -- which is to turn Emeraldias into a dagger aimed at the heart of the Empire.

    Viktar -- PL 8

    Abilities: STR 4 | STA 4 | AGL 4 | DEX 4 | FGT 5 | INT 2 | AWE 2 | PRE 2
    Powers: Physical Training (Movement 1 [swinging]; Speed 1), Stunning Blow (Affliction 4 [Resisted by Fortitude; Dazed and Vulnerable, Stunned and Defenseless], Extra Condition, Limited Degree)*.
    * AP of Strength Damage.
    Equipment: Sword (Strength-based Damage 3).
    Advantages: Assessment, Benefit (Captain of the Guard), Close Attack 4, Daze (Deception), Defensive Roll 2, Equipment 1, Jack-of-all-Trades, Leadership, Minion 1 (Horse), Set-Up, Uncanny Dodge.
    Skills: Acrobatics 3 (+7), Athletics 3 (+7), Deception 8 (+10), Expertise: Horsemanship 3 (+7), Expertise: Military 6 (+8), Insight 8 (+10), Intimidation 6 (+8), Perception 6 (+8), Stealth 3 (+7).
    Offense: Initiative +4, Unarmed +9 (Close Damage 4), Stunning Blow +9 (Close Fortitude 4), Sword +9 (Close Damage 7).
    Defense: Dodge 9, Parry 9, Fortitude 6, Toughness 7/4, Will 6.
    Totals: Abilities 54 + Powers 4 + Advantages 15 + Skills 23 + Defenses 15 = 111 points
    Complications: Hidden Agenda--Motivation. Prejudice (barbarian). Secret.
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    Re: Davies' Character Thread: World of Freedom 3.2 -- Toxic!

    The Stone Singer

    He doesn't often tell his own story, for the bard's way is to make the stories one is telling more interesting than oneself. From comments he's made, it seems that he was born in the Witchlands, the victim of some curse -- or perhaps just afflicted by a miscast spell -- that made his skin grow tough as stone as he grew older. At some point, he must have fled the lands of his birth, or he would likely have become a warrior in some witch's army. Instead he found his way to the Bandit Kingdoms and joined up with a group of travelling entertainers, at first as a strongman.

    But the call of the bard was on him, and he was tutored in its arts by the circus' chief performer. The novelty of having his deep, booming voice declaiming the ancient songs earned him fame and the company wealth, and convinced the group's master of ceremonies that they could find even more of both in the Empire. So they journeyed to the west, and found some of what they were seeking.

    But then the master had the brilliant idea of using the hypnotic properties of the Stone Singer's voice to seize control of one of the Imperial Governors. The Singer found himself uncomfortable with this notion, as he'd only ever used this talent as a way to defend himself or his friends. Unwilling to go along with the plan, he informed the authorities, and thus was the only member of the circus not to be arrested and tossed into prison. The entire affair left him very disenchanted with the legal system of the Empire, but also ensured that he had an 'understanding' with the keepers of the Labyrinth, ensuring he could travel where he liked.

    Those journeys took him to Emeraldias, where he played for the court and attracted the interest of the Princess, who employed him in her schemes from an early point. He went along with this, as he hadn't gone with the master's schemes, because he sees an intriguing story playing out. As long as that story remains interesting, he will be satisfied to serve as the Princess' court bard, often employing his stone speech to deliver messages from the throne to denizens of the city.

    The Stone Singer -- PL8

    Abilities: STR 11 | STA 12 | AGL 0 | DEX -2 | FGT 4 | INT 1 | AWE 1 | PRE 4
    Powers: Powerful Voice (Array: Cumulative Hearing Area Affliction 6 [Resisted by Will; Entranced, Compelled, Controlled], Concentration Duration, Instant Recovery, AP: Selective Area Auditory Communication 3), Stone Body (Feature 3 [mass]; Immunity 8 [aging, cold, critical hits, disease, heat, poison, pressure, vaccum]; Impervious Toughness 5)
    Advantages: Benefit (Court Bard), Diehard, Great Endurance, Improved Smash, Interpose, Ultimate Effort (Toughness checks)
    Skills: Athletics 2 (+13), Close Combat: Unarmed 1 (+5), Expertise: History 4 (+5), Expertise: Performance 8 (+12), Perception 6 (+7), Persuasion 3 (+7)
    Offense: Initiative +0, Unarmed +5 (Close Damage 11), Hypnotic Song -- (Hearing Area Will 6).
    Defense: Dodge 2, Parry 4, Fortitude 12, Toughness 12, Will 4
    Totals: Abilities 62 + Powers 35 + Advantages 6 + Skills 12 + Defenses 5 = 120
    Complications: Artistry--Motivation. Prejudice (obviously inhuman). Power Loss (Powerful Voice is blocked by water).
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    Re: Davies' Character Thread: World of Freedom 3.2 -- Toxic!

    Beneichen, the Puppet Man

    It is said -- though only they of the Crown know all -- that an elderly lady wizard once lived not far from Emeraldias. As with many wizards, she had not discovered the secret of the long years until after she had already lived many true years, and many of the joys of a life outside of the pursuit of wizardry had passed her by ... the joy of motherhood among them. Of course, the joy of wizardry was that it could provide a reasonable substitute for all the other joys there were.

    And so one day she set out to make a child for herself, out of magically toughened wood. Giving her creation a mind was actually the easiest part. Investing his frame with the power to move freely, rather than at the directions of whoever held his strings, took a lot more doing. Yet she managed it, and named her son 'Beneichen', and began to teach him the secrets of the universe, delighting in his innocence.

    One day, Beneichen found that he could not rouse his mother from her slumber, and decided that some sickness must have come upon her. Knowing nothing of how to treat the sick, he set out from the wizard's tower for the first time, and flew quickly to Emeraldias to seek out the help of a physician-priest. He chanced to arrive just as the Princess was paying a visit of her own to the temple. Fascinated by the creature, Her Majesty offered to accompany him to the tower, confirming her suspicions ... and then accepting the burden of explaining what death meant to a child.

    Alone in the world, Beneichen chose to return to Emeraldias with the only other being who had ever shown any concern for him, and do her bidding just as he had once done his mother's. Her page is not taken very seriously, even by most of Her Majesty's other allies, but he has fought bravely on her behalf in the past and will do so again. Yet his true goal is to explore the world that his mother tried to teach him about, and the limits of the magic that allows him to move. He is sure that he can do much more than he has already done.

    There are, after all, no strings on him.

    Beneichen -- PL 8

    Abilities: STR 5/0 | STA -- | AGL 4 | DEX 2 | FGT 6 | INT 2 | AWE 4 | PRE 0
    Powers: Body of Wood (Immunity 50 [Fortitude Effects, Mental Effects]; Protection 4; Permanent Shrinking 4, Innate), Moves Without Strings (Array: Flight 5, AP: Enhanced Strength 5)
    Equipment: Knife (Strength-based Damage 1, Improved Critical), Buckler (Enhanced Dodge 1, Enhanced Parry 1)
    Advantages: Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll, Equipment, Improved Initiative
    Skills: Close Combat: Knife 4 (+10), Deception 2 (+2), Expertise: Magic 4 (+6), Perception 6 (+10)
    Offense: Initiative +8, Unarmed +6 (Close Damage 5/0), Knife +10 (Close Damage 6/1, Crit 19-20)
    Defense: Dodge 8/7, Parry 10/9, Fortitude Immune, Toughness 6/4, Will 4
    Abilities 28 + Powers 74 + Advantages 4 + Skills 8 + Defenses 2 = 116 points
    Complications: Exploring the World and Himself--Motivation. Prejudice (inhuman). Vulnerable (Fire).
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    Re: Davies' Character Thread: World of Freedom 3.2 -- Toxic!

    Author's Note: I tried, I really did. But all the masked vigilante types that I could find were either (a) too modern or (b) swordfighters, neither of which were appropriate for this character.

    The Castle Crow

    As a boy, Guigliemo Shabat's greatest joy was to sit at his grandfather's side and listen to tales of Emeraldias' past. Though the old man swore that all his stories were nothing less than the simple truth, the world they described seemed so utterly different from the city he knew, impossible to reconcile with the court he sometimes visited in the company of his parents. Best of all the tales, often revisited, were the stories of the Castle Crow, a mysterious figure who'd appeared in the night to strike down the enemies of the throne if they dared to approach the Emerald Castle.

    Much later, after his grandfather had passed away and he'd grown to adulthood, Guigliemo chanced to gain access to the castle archives, and whimsically decided to look up records about the Castle Crow. He was shocked and horrified to learn that, while there had indeed been such a person, that individual was not by any means a heroic one. One of the Princes of two centuries past had developed a madness that led him to go about after dark and murder random individuals, who were subsequently declared 'enemies of the throne'. Nor was that the only dark secret he discovered hidden behind the tales of heroism he'd so enjoyed.

    Shaken by this, Guigliemo chose to put the past behind him and focus on the present, where he strove to be worthy of the legacy his grandparents and parents had left to him, in a time when so many of his fellow aristocrats cared for nothing but their own advancement. He avoided entangling his family's destiny with that of the Regent, and watched the fortunes of his fellows start to outpace his own, with only the satisfaction of his own integrity and the company of a few others of like mind ... from whom he eventually learned that the Princess was making plans of her own.

    The notion that the corrupt Regency might be brought to an end appealed to him, but he was also aware that many of the Princess' ancestors, such as the one behind the Castle Crow legend, had taken action in less than wholesome manners. He needed to be sure of her character before he offered her his allegiance, but how to gain that surety? And then the idea came to him, and he developed the identity of the new Castle Crow, a thief-taker who joined the Princess' entourage without revealing his true nature.

    So far, he has seen nothing to suggest that Her Majesty has succumbed to the dark side of her heritage, and yet he continues the masquerade. At times he wonders if perhaps he has contracted some manner of madness, that his double life would not end even if his secret were known to all ...

    The Castle Crow -- PL 8

    Abilities: STR 3 | STA 3 | AGL 5 | DEX 5 | FGT 8 | INT 5 | AWE 2 | PRE 2
    Equipment: Concealed Armor (Protection 2, Subtle), Fighting Staff (Strength-based Damage 2, Reach 1), Throwing Daggers (Strength-based Ranged Damage 2).
    Advantages: Benefit 3 (Wealth), Close Attack 3, Defensive Roll, Equipment 2, Move-By Action, Power Attack, Quick Draw.
    Skills: Acrobatics 3 (+8), Athletics 5 (+8), Expertise: Burglary 5 (+10), Expertise: Courtier 6 (+8) Intimidation 5 (+7), Investigation 1 (+6), Perception 6 (+8), Ranged Combat: Throwing Daggers 4 (+9), Stealth 5 (+10).
    Offense: Initiative +5, Unarmed +11 (Close Damage 3), Fighting Staff +11 (Close Damage 5, Reach 1), Throwing Daggers +9 (Ranged Damage 5).
    Defense: Dodge 9, Parry 9, Fortitude 6, Toughness 7/5/3, Will 6.
    Totals: Abilities 66 + Advantages 12 + Skills 20 + Defenses 12 = 110 points
    Complications: Responsibility--Motivation. Secret.
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