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Thread: Freeport Fantasy AGE Companion?

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    Re: Freeport Fantasy AGE Companion?

    To be fair, haven't they not entirely fulfilled the rest of that KS, either?

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    Re: Freeport Fantasy AGE Companion?

    Quote Originally Posted by BloodyCactus View Post
    It would be nice if someone from GR would just say 'well, despite that you paid money in our Freeport Kickstarter for this, were really not going to do it' so we can close the book on it.

    March 31st AGE Freeport Companion announced + funded on April 1st. _2013_

    I mean, the FATE companion was delivered on November 2013 and FATE isn't even GR's system.
    We're still doing it. It isn't done yet.

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