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Thread: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #25: Jeopardy!

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    Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #20: Love Connection

    Interlude 2

    Lex looked out at the crowd from the stage in the nightclub.

    Somehow, some way, things had gone completely off course.


    It had started out pretty standard. He'd been using his powers to travel Japan and a store had finally caught his eye. The store sold all sort of costume pieces, makeup and other theater or "cosplay" materials. He'd gotten lost in the store just looking at all the unique items they had available.

    On a lark he'd bought himself a big bushy mustache that matched his hair colour, figuring he could have some fun with that as a Halloween costume, or a funny picture with his Dad, or even to see how much Kirstie liked the look of him with a mustache. Honestly he was just a little depressed and the concept of a little retail therapy appealed to him.

    A little while later he'd found himself in a shopping district with an idea coming to mind. A pair of cheap aviator sunglasses were his next purchase, then a new T-Shirt which had had a swarm of insects drawn across the front. He snagged a couple of hair clips for Kirstie that he hoped she'd like, a set of light up headphones for his brother's birthday, a swanky looking cosplay sweater vest for Doug, and added that to a bag that already held some blue hair dye and blue handlebar mustache he'd grabbed for Gaspar from the costume shop.

    It'd been a fun diversion, and he'd lost track of time. By the time he realized how late it was it was already too late. Unless he moved at top speed he'd miss curfew, and his bag of goodies he couldn't move nearly as fast as he normally could.

    He missed his bomber jacket. Even before Martin had rebuilt it the jacket had been resilient with a few good sized pockets. He'd been pretty sure that the Frenchman had improved upon the design, but Martin had never said anything if he had. Either way it was a continent away, and so his best option was simply tucking it under an arm and moving at a much lower speed than normal.

    Running in the dark, at high speeds, wasn't something he liked doing for one very good reason. It was hard to see things on the ground, like small holes, loose rocks, or small red dogs.

    For the second time in such a short time he found himself going head over heels, trying to avoid killing a hapless mongrel. Unlike the first time, however, he couldn't just roll with the fall, not without destroying most of what he'd just bought. He twisted as best as he could to avoid landing on the bag, and swore as his knee cracked into the concrete hard. He ducked his head and curled forwards, and after a slight roll, his shoulder and back dragged along the sidewalk before he came to a complete stop.

    He laid there for a minute, staring up at the starlit night with a scowl on his face.

    "Dogs, youse so stupid," He growled in a Yosemite Sam voice.

    He forced himself to sit up and discovered to his relief that his shopping bags had survived the worst of it. The rest of him was pretty beat up. His pants were torn at the knee and he could see blood through the hole to go with the sharp aching pain coming from the joint itself. His shirt was a complete loss, it'd been torn mostly off and he was bleeding from road rash.

    That would have put a serious crimp in anybody's day.

    But Lex wasn't just anybody, he was a neosapien, a man with powers beyond those of mortal men. Where most people would be pulling out a cellphone looking for help, Lex was looking for an unattended power socket, or an easily accessible light bulb. A few minutes with access to the power grid and most of the wounds would heal up as though they were never there. The pain would persist, but it was a small price to pay.

    He glanced around but everything in the area had been shut down for the night, except for a busy looking nightclub. He grimaced. No way he was getting inside there unless..

    He looked down at his bag and smiled.


    Lex was glad nobody had been watching his aborted attempt at getting into the club. With his hair done up in a pony tail, a fake mustache, and a set of aviator glasses (which made him look like a jackass in the middle of the night), and his new shirt he figured he be able to pass for being old enough to wander in.

    Sadly the bouncers weren't idiots and were checking for ID.

    He quietly exited the line, pretending he'd forgotten something before wandering down the back alley. His second failed attempt came when he realized the side doors were using the old style of latches, not electronic locks.

    He'd almost given up when he heard noise from further back and noticed a group of people carrying musical equipment into the building. He waited until the group had gone inside, picked up a speaker and carried it inside. He just hoped that if he acted like he was supposed to be there nobody would question what the white guy was doing. He hid his face behind the speaker as the group came back. A couple of them said something to him to fast for him to understand, but he just coughed and grunted a "yes" in Japanese, continuing on his way to the stage. They looked like they weren't about to simply walk away but they were distracted by a girl calling from outside and he didn't question his luck.

    The stage was quiet and dark. The only sound was somebody plucking at a guitar, and swearing quietly. Lex set the speaker down, drawing the man's attention. He looked up at Lex, blinking away tears.

    <Who are you supposed to be?> The man demanded, pointing at him with a bandaged hand.

    Lex grinned, unable to fight the response of "Bugs Potter."

    The man didn't get the reference and Lex just shrugged, <I help carry. Exchange student.>

    The answer didn't sit well with the man, who looked like he was about to start calling for somebody, so Lex picked up a guitar and plucked the same notes as the guy had been playing, <Play good, must, you hand hurt.>

    The man started to say something Lex knew was nasty in Japanese then hesitated. The man muttered to himself, then looked at his bandaged hand, swore, and asked, <Do you play?>

    <Yup,> Lex nodded.

    <How good are you?> He asked.

    "I'm the best there ever was," Lex said with a smirk. It wasn't true, but modesty didn't help much in the music world.

    The Japanese man didn't respond, he just pulled out a phone and turned on a music file. It sounded like some kind of Japanese pop/rock music. Then he paused the song and pointed at Lex, <Play.>

    Lex shrugged and aped the song as best he could from the quick clip.

    The man just smiled and Lex suddenly got the feeling he should have ran when he had the chance.


    "I should have ran when I had the chance," Lex moaned, looking down at his silly outfit. The sparkly suit jacket looked silly as heck, along with the pants. He'd convinced them to let him keep his shirt and glasses, due to his injuries, but otherwise he was in the same outfit as the rest of the band.

    They had somebody in the audience who was a big name in the music industry, so the band had gone all out in the hopes of getting signed by a label. But at the last minute their guitarist had been injured in an accident. The guy was unable to play, and they'd lose their big chance if they couldn't play. And Lex had stepped right into it like an idiot.

    He'd gotten a crash course in their songs. He was good, but learning an entire set of music from hearing it a couple times, and some cribbed notes from the guitarist was hard as hell. He'd done the best he could and improvised where he'd been unable to remember. He'd gotten a few quiet looks from the rest of the band, but nobody had complained. It hadn't sounded bad, at least to Lex, but he could tell it hadn't been what they'd been expecting.

    Either way he let out a sigh as the set came to an end.

    The band leader walked over, <What do you say, one song of your choice, then we end with our last song.>

    Lex just laughed, <Drummer know> "Cliffs of Dover?"


    Lex let out a sigh of relief as the van dropped him off a block from the school. The band had been entirely too excited after the show to let him go. Apparently the guy from the music label approached them for a meeting. The rest of the night, and some of the morning, had been them celebrating. And any time he tried to sneak off he was dragged back by an increasingly inebriated band. Eventually their designated driver helped Lex pour them back into the van, along with their equipment, and offered him a ride.

    And now he was back outside the school, in the middle of the night wondering for the first time how he was going to sneak in without being noticed.

    Normally he could move fast enough it wouldn't be an issue, but with his bag of stuff.

    "God dammit, I need to think these things through," Lex swore at himself.


    The woman shook her head and laughed as she slinked away.

    The lightning god had been easy to manipulate. A word here, and a voice there, and eventually he'd been curious enough to explore Japan to find a store. After that all she had to do was draw his attention to a new store, then another as the time rolled by. The hardest part had been getting him to where she needed him before he noticed he needed to leave.

    His failed attempts at entry to the bar had made her laugh. His poor disguise and ill conceived plan to sneak in, his inability to find an open door. Had she not drawn his attention to the band, and then distract them, he'd never have made it as far as he did.

    Once he was in she'd been forced to rely on dumb luck, but the lightning god had that in spades. Never had she seen a being who's existence was so dependent on the kindness of cosmos. The important part, though, was that things had worked out. The band had their chance.

    Another prayer answered, and another step closer.

    She disappeared into a shadow and from the shadow a small red fox trotted away in to the darkness.

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    Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #20: Love Connection

    Martin helps transport the unconscious Explosive mage girl. When she is secured in a cell he checks her vitals once again, transforming her clothes back from titanium, glad that the sedative did not result in her voiding waste.

    He watches as her possessions are confiscated and catalogued, including her ever-present gaming unit.

    He assures whoever is in charge of her incarceration that the sedative would wear off in a half hour or so and all that he knows of her powerset then leaves to make a full report. Should Astrid find him during this time he'll of course heal her injuries though he'll wave off any explanation though this is likely the first time he's heard that students had even been missing this past day. But he resolves to find out more later.

    He'll send a communication to Jason. The American had been concerned that Elle was possessed by his sister when the two of them last spoke and Martin wanted to reassure him that was not the case. He'd allow the man one less loose end in his crusade to find all the insidious Lacuna copies.

    He'll also send a text to Gwen and Rembrandt, telling them of his encounter with Chuck's cabal-mates and the suspected disposition of Chuck (Australia/New Zealand) and even the house in suspected Brazilian moors. He'll tell them that Tallemaja is actively working to counteract the Abjurer's efforts at mayhem though he'll keep to his promise about not revealing her ruse.

    His report to Administration contains all the details above as well as the interaction with the Avalonian combatants and their Headmistress.

    It is then, finally, that he allows himself to follow his nose to Tatjana's room. The Hall Monitoring in the gender-separated halls was a bit of a joke to someone who can walk through walls and appear like anyone. He knocks on her door and cant help but wonder if she'd lost weight even as he enfolds her in his arms. He glances breifly to the bed where the plush 'Martin' doll, crafted of his own mass (with accompanying scent and warmth) lays seemingly well snuggled. He asks if they could lay together and he does nothing to stem the outpouring of words and tears as he both explains and mourns the loss of the sister that he knew.
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    Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #20: Love Connection

    Interlude 3

    Once is happenstance.
    Twice is a coincidence.
    Three times is murder.

    The third time Lex saw that damned red dog he knew something was up. And this time he wasn't surprised, it wasn't dark, and this time he was ready for what was going to happen. He leaped over the beast, only just barely clearing it with his feet, then spun, dug his heels in and started chasing after it. In his own head it made perfect sense. There was no way this thing was anywhere near as fast as he was, he'd be able to catch it only a few seconds.

    The reality was far less easy than he'd imagined. For starters the creature had already managed to get around a corner, and was going another as he cleared the first. Then it would frequently duck under holes and cover, slip under fences, duck into tiny spaces, forcing Lex to circle trying to figure out where it had gone. Every time he was sure he'd caught it, he'd find it had slipped away yet again. He'd go left, it'd have gone right. He swung around a corner and found a dead end waiting, him, barely coming to a stop in time to avoid hitting the wall. He frantically scanned the alley, completely empty with no possible exits, then charged out to the mouth of the alley to find...


    "Dammit!" Lex yelled, slamming his fist against the glass window of the building he was standing next to. He closed his eyes, sighed, turned his face to the sky, "Stupid, Murphy. Real stupid. If that wasn't reinforced glass you'd have a bleeding hand and owe somebody a window."

    He let out a long sigh of frustration and turned to the window to bow as an apology for scaring the people on the inside but stopped dead at the tableau before him. Inside the building, which appeared to be a bank, was a group of three men all wearing black masks and carrying what appeared to be pistols. Leading them was a man in a mascot costume fashioned after a panda, with the wearer's fat, freckled face sticking out of where the Panda's mouth would have been. The customers, and staff all stood with their arms in the air, but everybody including the robbers was staring at him in shock and amazement.

    "You!" Lex yelled, pointing at the man in the Panda costume.

    The man looked confused, pointing to himself, then his brow furrowed as something dawned on him and he pointed back yelling frantically. The gunmen inside looked bewildered, then charged outside to face off against Lex.

    <Get down, or we'll shoot!> One of them yelled in Japanese as they cleared the door. The pedestrians scattered at the sight of the guns but Lex just raised an eyebrow. The paint was bubbling up and peeling off of what should have been black metal.

    <Lots of Guns where from, but not here,> Lex noted in broken Japanese while raising a hand and letting it glow with electricity, <Mine real. Yours?>

    The three men looked at the glowing hand, spun and ran dropping their guns as they fled.

    "Yeah, that's what I th-"

    The sound of exploding glass was his only warning as the Panda-man flew through the glass, plush claws reaching for Lex's face. He'd learned the hard way last time that taking the costume for granted was a mistake. He dropped down, and rolled to the side as glass bounced off his face and shoulders. The Panda-man's attack went high, hitting a lamp post and cutting it in two.

    "I knew it, you're that idiot in the Elephant suit!" Lex yelled, wiping away blood from a cut on his face. He made a note to dodge the glass next time.

    "Fool! I am not some pitiful pachyderm, and I never have been! You face the PANDA!" He costumed man roared, his cheeks turning red and his jowls shaking in rage, "You may have escaped me once, but you stand no chance against the apex predator of Japan!"

    Lex just gave him a blank look, "What?"

    "THE PANDA YOU FOOL!" The man shrieked as he charged forward, swiping with the plush claws on the end of his "paws".

    Lex dodged, making an effort to look like it wasn't taking as much effort as it actually was. It was basically dodging normally, just without the wide eyes and exclamations of surprise when he was successful. Instead a bored expression and a lazy stance. It was actually a lot harder than he wanted to admit because those claws, plush or otherwise, were moving pretty damn fast.

    He moved out of reach, leaned up against the stone wall of the bank and rolled his eyes, "Panda's are Chinese, dumb-ass!"


    “Pandas are Chinese. They’re from China,” He gave the man an incredulous look, “And only China.”

    “Lies!” The man yelled, his jowls shaking in rage, “You will regret enraging a blood thirsty predator!”

    “Pandas. Eat. Bamboo!” Lex yelled waving his hands in the air, “Everybody knows that!”

    “Shut up! Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!” The costumed man shrieked lunging for the American. Lex ducked as the claws slammed into the cement and stuck.

    “What the…” The man grunted, tugging at his arms as Lex slowly stood up in front of him.

    “Hello,” he smiled evilly.

    Uh oh.”

    Lex punched him in the face three times in rapid succession, once in the eye, once in the nose and once in the lips, before blasting him point blank in the chest with a bolt of lightning. The force of the blast launched the man in the panda costume into the air and tumbling down the street.

    “So, you going to surrender?” Lex asked popping the knuckles of his fist with his other hand, “Or am I going to have to get rough?”

    “Fool!” The man sputtered through a split lip as he scrambled to his feet, “You made one mistake.”

    “Uh-huh,” Lex sighed, knowing what was coming, “And what’s that?”

    “Forgetting that the Panda is the world’s FASTEST LAND ANIMAL!” He declared, gleefully, before spinning and running slowly down the sidewalk.

    “That’s the Cheetah,” Lex cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled, “You dumbass!”

    “You aren’t going to stop him?”

    Lex jumped, startled to find the little old Japanese had exited the bank and somehow snuck up behind him, “Jeez, give me a heart attack why don’t you?”

    She simply smiled then pointed at the idiot in the panda suit who was slowly getting away.

    “Can’t do it,” Lex shrugged, “Fought this idiot a couple times before. Whatever his powers are they make that damn suit indestructible. He yells like he’s getting hurt, but he’s not. I can’t even singe the damn suit.”

    “His face, though?” Lex grinned, “That’s very destructible.”

    “And yet…” She paused, “You let him go?”

    Lex shrugged, “If I zap his face I might fry his brain. And punching him hard enough to knock him out might kill him at the same time… And honestly I don’t think he’s too dangerous. You can’t even find him in the news.”

    “I think people are too embarrassed to admit they got robbed by an idiot in a mascot outfit,” He whispered conspiratorially.

    “So you let him run?” She asked watching as the man stumbled and hopped on one foot trying to maintain balance as he made his way around a corner at ‘high speed’.

    “He tries taking hostages if he thinks he can’t outrun me,” Lex shrugged again, “Let him run. One of these days I’ll have backup. I have a friend. He’s really handy with sedating bad guys.”

    The old lay looked at him for a few minutes before smiling, “You’re a nice boy.”

    Lex burst out laughing. He held up a hand, “Sorry, sorry. I mean, thanks. I just don’t hear that much. Usually the exact opposite.”

    “I know what he was after,” The old lady said quietly with a shrewd smile.


    The old lady pulled a small rectangular lacquered block of wood from her purse.

    “So… it’s a stick?”

    “A dagger and sheath,” She shook her head slowly at his ignorance, “It’s an ancient blade. It’s said to be magic, to grant unimaginable power to the wielder should they be true of heart.”

    “Neat. And if you’re not?”

    “You die, and your power is added to the blade’s,” She considered him for a long minute, “Would you like to try?”

    Lex burst out laughing again, holding his hands out to ward away the offered knife, “No way in heck. You want a pure heart, go find Magnitude. None of that stuff here.” He gave the blade a sour look, “ ‘Sides, I hate knives.”

    The little old lady swore in Japanese then sighed, sticking it back in her purse, “I’ll be guarding this thing forever, I swear.”

    “If you change your mind,” She said, passing him a card, then paused and handed him a second one, “For this… Magnitude.”

    He took the cards, and watched as the old lady walked back into the bank.

    “Japan is so weird.”

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    Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #20: Love Connection

    The Blue Knight

    Later, Gwyn had showered and dressed when he arranged to "bump into" Pirjo. It was a trick Robert had taught him.

    "There ya are!" He said. She looked at him somewhat puzzled.

    "Ah, forgot already? We made plans, remember. Proper careless, innit."

    Her eyes lit up with sudden understanding. "Oh! You mean two days ago, when I told Meyers I made plans with you."

    Gwyn smiled at her cute Uralic accent. "Yes. Don' worry, I won't hold ya to that, but I just thought...well..."

    She nodded. "Is that why you were mad at me?"

    Gwyn shook his head. "I wasn' mad, really, its...Matt's an alright guy. He deserves the truth, especially if it hurts. Next time, just tell him you don't want to get dinner with him."

    Pirjo tutted. "You sound like Yavorshak. Pretty mature for a junior, giving me..." She searched for the word. "Unsolicited advice."

    Gwyn shrugged sheepishly-she had a good point. "For a long time my best friend was an adult. Rubbed off, innit. Anyway, there's a lesson here."

    She poked him in the shoulder, speaking as though it was obvious. "'Don't lie?'"

    "Don't include' anyun else in your lie. I mean, if I didn't lie..."

    She smirked. "Everyone would know your real name?"

    Gwyn sputtered for a moment before he quieted himself and paused. "Ya."

    Pirjo walked past him a bit, waving for him to follow. "Well, come on then. You can tell me about it over dinner."

    Gwyn looked down at his shoes before popping his sunglasses on, muttering. "Well, that got away from me."

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    Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #20: Love Connection

    Kasimir Flaegler

    Kas was well and truly depressed. He fiddled with the stein of beer in front of him without lifting it toward his mouth at all. Nothing was like it should be. Well...not nothing. His career as a super-hero was almost exactly as he imagined it would be, but that simply meant it left him little time for anything else. He was struggling to keep up with his school work and he felt bad because he was jealous of his fellow students that had a social life. Doubly jealous of those who were romantically attached. And he was angry at himself that he couldn't stop himself from feeling that way.

    Of course, he could have had a romantic involvement with Astrid once upon a a week ago... but what kind of harm would that have done to her? She had her own problems to face and her attachment to him was simply a crutch. He could also have a relationship of sorts with Agnes, but something about her inability to understand that using her powers uninvited was an invasion of another person's privacy made hackles raise on the back of his neck. No, at the moment Agnes was a problem best avoided. At least until he came up with a game plan for dealing with her.

    Over the past few months crime, at least visible, in your face crime had diminished in Vienna to the point where between his patrols and the rest of the Volunteers, it was near non-existent. Kas was certain things like human trafficking, the drug trade, the weapons trade and the like continued unabated. His type of heroism really wasn't good for combating those sorts of things and unlike the comic books, the likelihood of stumbling across it was about zero. Of course that allowed him to continue his "Peter Pan" days at the hospitals, which were tragically joyful. Ilsa was the one who'd coined the the name Peter Pan Day because of all the flying. Ilsa had loved those days, but the flaxen haired girl had succumbed to her cancer while Kas was busy dealing with the North Koreans. He'd cried a lot when he found out and the other kids had comforted him. It was kind of ironic that in an entire ward full of dying children, he felt he was weaker than all of them.

    "Kas, are you going to drink that or play with it all day?" Gitta's voice shattered his reverie.

    "I was thinking uf keeping it as a pet." He said, lifting the stein to his lips and taking a swallow. He had gotten so caught up in his own self-pity he'd forgotten he was having lunch with his older sister. "So, you said you had something to speak mit me about?"

    "Ja. I wanted your opinion on how I should deal mit this." She said sliding a fork across the table.

    Kas was baffled until he tried to pick up the utensil and could not. "Ach. Your powers?"

    "Ja. This week when some friends und I were out partying und we got a flat tire. We had no jack, but I was able to lift the auto mit mein mind."

    "Did anyone freak out?"

    "Only me. Eferyone knows who you least eferyone from Dresden. You are the hometown hero Kas."

    Kas's face showed his discomfort with the thought of being idolized, but he didn't allow the feeling to derail the conversation.

    "That is unimportant. So...what did you need from me?"

    "Advice. Should I embrace these powers as you haf or ignore them like mater?"

    Kas chuckled. "Who seems happier, me or mater?"

    "Mater definitely."

    "Und there is your answer. While I vill not say these powers haf brought me nothing but misery, I vould trade them for mein vision back in a heartbeat. You wish for mein advice? Find something worthwhile to put your energy into, whether it is diplomacy like mater or engineerink like papa or somethink kompletely different. Let your powers go the way uf the Dodo bird und you vill be much happier...und for god's sake, do not kome to the akademy."

    "Why not? Don't you think you kould stand the kompetition?"

    "Nein. It is not that. The akademy is a trap that vill suck all the joy from your life, und in the may klaim your life as well. Choose a normal life. It is a hundred times better."

    Gitta nodded thoughtfully, then joked; "You better not let that kind uf talk get back to the boys in Dresden. They're all konvinced movie starlets are banging down your door to get a piece uf you. You vould destroy all their fantasies."

    "Well, I wouldn't want to do that now would I?"

    "Well they might not build that statue in your honor, und the money is already earmarked."

    Gitta's delivery was so deadpan, it took Kas a couple seconds to figure out she was teasing him. the look on his face made the older Flaegler sibling laugh out loud, which brought curious glances from around the tavern.

    Just then the waitress appeared at their table. "Are you ready to eat?"

    "What haf you got that will make her fat?" Kas said sourly. Gitta laughed even louder.

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    Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #21: Double Dare

    New Vindicators Academy of Europe #21: Double Dare

    Thursday, April 23, 2009

    NVAE, HALLWAY (Jack; NPCs: Ellen)
    Ellen waited impatiently outside of Mister Benson’s classroom. As soon as she saw Jack leave the stairwell, a smile spread across her face. She moved to meet him, dropping her backpack to the ground. Her eyes began to glow as she closed in. A curtain of yellow flames wrapped around them, hiding them from the sight of their classmates.

    The Nephilim wrapped her arms around her boyfriend and forcefully pressed her lips to his.

    A moment later, there was a knock on her screen. “Cut it out, you two,” Sonck called from the outside.

    Ellen laughed, but she kept the hellfire wall up. “We could skip, you know? You shift into some chameleon skin to sneak past the cameras? Go back to my room?”

    NVAE, GRIGORESCU’S CLASSROOM (Harry and Kas; NPCs: Grigorescu and Viktor)
    The bell rang, signaling the end of third period. As he made his way to the front of the room, Randy tripped and dove face-first into the floor. “Are you okay?” Kirstie asked, bending down beside him, but not moving to help him. For weeks, she had been unable to touch anyone without her powers flinging them back. She was careful not to activate them now.

    Their teacher cleared her throat and Kirstie rolled her eyes. Miss Zlatkovski preferred the students speak in a foreign language while in her classroom. In this case, she was wanting German. “Uh, geht es… dir gut?”

    “Ja, ja,” Randy said as he picked himself up.

    All around him, Harry’s classmates were making their way to their next class. For Harry, that meant economics…

    All semester long, Mister Grigorescu had them playing at playing the stock market. Viktor had bought imaginary shares of London Energy, a multinational petroleum titan. Those shares were steadily becoming worthless.

    Months ago, they suffered an explosion at an oil rig in the Skagerrak off the coast of Norway. For thirty-four days, oil had gushed up from deep underwater, resulting in an ecological disaster. Viktor insisted that there was no such thing as bad publicity though, and predicted that stock prices would rebound.

    Then, last month, one of their refineries in Yorkshire was attacked by an unknown Neo-Sapien. Six people lost their lives in explosions triggered by a mysterious, winged silhouette.

    Two other refineries had been attacked over the following weeks—all operating under London Energy’s banner. Though investigators couldn’t say if they thought the same SPB was responsible, they weren’t ruling out the possibility. If that was the case, somewhere out there, a Neo-Sapien was waging war with the corporation.

    It would have been the sort of thing Paladin would have looked into. With him gone, it had been nagging at the back of his partner’s mind.

    Harry was the last one into the room: Grigorescue was here, as were Kas and Viktor. Viktor was growling, and Harry knew why: a refinery in Bavaria—in Ingolstadt—had been hit last night. Eleven were reported dead, with seventeen missing, and London Energy’s worth had slipped even more.

    NVAE, SONCK’S CLASSROOM (Dennis; NPCs: Mike, Mouloud, Steven)
    As Dennis made his way to his classic literature class, he spotted his teacher knocking on the yellow curtain Ellen had no doubt wrapped around herself and Jack.

    It had been two weeks since the Astrolabe had left him stranded in this dimension, and he was coming to know his new home.

    “DON’T YOU &$^#ING TRY!” someone railed from inside the room. Dennis knew immediately who it was: Steven Murphy, one of the few non-powered residents of the campus.

    Looking into the room, Dennis saw Steven lunge out of his seat and tackle Mike to the floor.

    NVAE, FITZROY’S CLASSROOM (Violet; NPCs: Finn, Fitzroy, Herta, Kelly, Napoleon, Rose)
    Mike hadn’t been the same since his castration. Sure, the news was that Martin had come to heal him, but the exiled sophomore couldn’t do anything to panacea the psychological scars. Mike was quiet now, and brooding. There was no light in his eyes or roguish grin on his face. Instead, a dead stare and permanent scowl formed his visage.

    Not long after, things ended between he and Rose. Most seemed to think Rose had ended it. A few claimed to have seen Mike dump her. Either way, neither truly seemed fazed by their relationship festering into nothingness.

    Mike wasn’t the only one who had changed since Crux’s attack, however. It was almost as though they had drugged Rose and replaced her with someone else…

    Rose dropped into the seat in front of Violet and turned to face her, smiling sweetly. “Sit with you at lunch?” she asked.

    NVAE,CAFETERIA (Otso; NPCs: Beatrice)
    Fourth period was a lonely one. The Finn was the only student to take Spanish, making this hour one-on-one lessons with Miss Zlatkovski. After that, it was lunch time. As usual, Beatrice was waiting for him outside the refectory. She lit up at the sight of him. “Hello! Is this your day right?”

    NVAA (Lex)
    Right on cue, Lex’s phone began to ring. The eight hour time difference between Vienna and Tokyo was the worst part of his exile. They had to schedule time together. During the week, she called him during lunch—when it was roughly 8 o’clock at night for him.

    Gaspar made kissy faces as Lex picked up the phone.

    “Hi!” Kirstie cheerily said.

    NVAA (Martin)
    Martin’s eyes were on his phone. He hadn’t heard from Rembrandt or Gwen since they’d left Vienna five weeks ago. Granted, he’d been short with them when they left, but to completely cut off contact implied that something had happened.

    Was Rembrandt capable of investigating anything without getting himself captured?

    The phone began to vibrate with his scheduled call from Tatjana. Fourth period had just ended for her. It was time for their scheduled call.

    Quote Originally Posted by Michuru81
    Given that it's so late in the semester, the administration just auto-enrolled Dennis in some basic classes. I tried to colour-code everyone's names so that you can more easily find yourself. Word has some limited high light colors, so... I matched as best I could.


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    Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #20: Love Connection

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    Ironically enough, given the conversation with Jack two weeks ago, this pretty much had been straight up high school in this new Earth that Dennis was living in. More casual than the tutors and preppy high school his absentee DNA donors had foisted onto him so they could convince themselves they were justified in not paying attention to his education.

    And overall, people seemed fairly straightforwardly welcoming enough. Unusual, but that was a given. Even with his expectations, Dennis had honestly still been internally floored that the school was co-headmastered by Isaac Newton.

    That Isaac Newton.

    “DON’T YOU &$^#ING TRY!” someone railed from inside the room. Dennis knew immediately who it was: Steven Murphy, one of the few non-powered residents of the campus.

    Looking into the room, Dennis saw Steven lunge out of his seat and tackle Mike to the floor.
    And then, there were the exceptions to the 'welcoming' types. Steven, non-powered, his also non-powered dad taught Dennis' Phys Ed class, and apparently, Steven's older brother Lex - who was off-campus, on leave? Suspended? The details weren't clear but it seemed a sensitive topic - and not actually devoid of sensitivity - Dennis had refrained from poking at the topic.

    But Steven had a problem.

    "Vier perioden mit diesem kind zu viel." The Swiss teen muttered to himself, before interceding. Verbally, that is, Imago standing out of arm's reach. "Knock it off. What is it this time?"
    Impeach the peach!

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    Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #21: Double Dare

    Kasimir Flaegler
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    Kas listened to Viktor growl about losing imaginary money as patiently as he could, but truth be told, he was thinking about the attack as well. He couldn't protect the entire world and he had no particular attachment to London Petroleum, but an attack in Bavaria was practically in his backyard. Saxony, his home state, was Bavaria's northern neighbor and as much as they could be pompous jackasses down south, they were still Deutchlanders and he should do something.

    "I should go." He said. Despite saying it aloud, he was speaking more to himself than any of his compatriots. His hand drifted over to the duffle bag which contained his helmet and cloak neither of which could really be concealed under civilian clothes like the rest of his costume. "I should really go und see for mein self."

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    Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #21: Double Dare

    Alex "Current" Murphy
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    Lex shook a fist at Gaspar, who continued to ignore him to make kissy faces.

    "Hey there pretty lady," he held up the phone to his ear as he set his guitar to the side. He'd wrangled Gaspar into helping him with a couple of songs, not that they'd really accomplish much, but it was nice to get somebody else's views on how it look.

    "How's life in crazy town?" He asked with as cheerful a tone as he could manage.

    He fought the urge to shiver, and rubbed a hand against his arm. He missed his jacket. He only hoped it was keeping Kirstie warm.

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    Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #18: Decompress

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    Otso was deep in thought when he exited his Fourth period class. Not having any other students in the class was a little lonely, but after all the hectic action and fights to the death he relished the normalcy of being able to just sit down and study for an hour.

    He looked up from his book in surprise when Beatrice called out to him. "Bea!" Stowing the book away in the backpack slung over his shoulder, Otso hurried to embrace her. His face flickered in puzzlement for a moment before he smiled big again. "Yes, I'm done with classes for today. Did you have something in mind?"
    Otso Karell, codenamed Ursa, on New Vindicators Academy of Europe.

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