Campaign Qualities are points that all players and the GM need to agree upon so that they are all on the same page for any length of time for the game, from a single-Escapade (session) to an arc, to a whole season.
Escapade - Gameplay session
Milieu - Social interaction Roleplay
Adventure - Adventurous situation, often combat
Event - Serious Event, Potential High-Casualty
Mittens - Tactics & Combat (X-Com) - Minimal Roleplay
Deathproof - Olny Roleplay (Prestige TV) - Minimal Combat
Panoply - Paragon Seeds Gameplay (Meanwhile)
Menagerie - Menace Seeds Gameplay (Elsewhere)
Cinematic - Epilogue Scenes (Unbeknownst) - Consequences
Fracture - Divided loyalties to diverse factions
Sitcom - Situational comedic misadventures & quirky powers with comedic complications
Melodramatic - 1 Millieu Per 1 Adventure
Dramatic - 1 Millieu per Escapade (if even that)
Feature - Adventure to Adventure to Event
Curb Your Heroism - No Events, ONLY Adventures
Finale - One event at the end of the Season
Crisis - Event to Event
Chronicle - Day to Day CONTINUOUS story & adventure
Tales of ... - Individual SEPERATE adventures
Roleplay - Characteristics (Persona) to Roleplay
Vicarious - NO Characteristics to Roleplay
Casual - All New, Strangers in a strange land
Resident - Native, Rumors come to life
Familiar - Enthusiast, Headlines come to life
Seasoned - Lifer; Research, Contacts & Experience
Life-Interrupted - Milieu NPCs Played by Players
Naive - No Politics, No Business, Limited Media
The System - Personally handled Politics & Business
Savvy - Professionally handled Politics & Business
Soundstage - Limited range, intimate setting, frequented locations
Backlot - Whole Borough, Multiple Settings
Sprawl - Whole City, Multiple Settings
Global - Whole World
Realms - Multiple Hearths
Cosmos - Whole Karayat Galaxy
BLENDER! - Entire Setting
Absolutes - Irredemable Evil vs Absolute Good
Sunday Funnies - Comedic "bad-guys", Pastiche, Gimmicks
Saturday Morning - Long term, Power-goal "Villains" with Minions
Message!! - Thoughtful Menacists, with legitimate causes
Plethora - Enemies of every behavior type
Diaspora - Enemies of every meta-origin
Nemesis - Season-long world-class threat
Roster - Small recurring roster of threats
Calendar - Numerous disconnected adventure threats
Syndicate - Season-long Syndicate threat or Nemesis

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