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Thread: The Blue Line. Paragons of the Hearth.

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    Threat Responses, Defense Initiatives and other Points of Interest

    U.S. J.A.C.S. - Archon echelon svc men and women on detatched special service (Joint Action Command Specalists)
    F.I.B. - "FBI" (Federal Investigation Bureau)
    S.P.I.T.E. - U.S. Marshalls - power armor taskforce - anti-meta (Special Profile Intelligence and Tactics Engagement)
    Wolfe Strike - U.S. D.o.D. - Executive Meta operations division, special operations
    Sentry Division - U.S. Air Guard/Navy - tech/power armor specialists [Use A.P.E.S. - "high mobility suits"]
    S.I.A. - "super CIA" (Special Intelligence Authority)
    Black G.A.T.E - US POTUS Secret Service Meta Ops group (Govt Adherence Tactical Engagement)
    - - -
    I.T.C.E. - UN "Cyber Police" (International Tribunal on CyberEthics)
    O.A.S.I.S. - UN "Magic Police" (Occult Arcane Special Intelligence Service)
    GENESIS Initiative - UN "Alien Police" (high tech - ancient authority)

    Would you like to know more?

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    Unique World and Points of Interest

    Cryocil [Inf] - Heat Sapping Gel - vinegar viscocity
    QuickCrete [Com] - Rapid Expansion, rapid hardening, structural gel/solid
    Impact Foam [Ubi] - Rapid Expansion, rapid hardening, rapidly evaporating foam
    Cerasteel [Com] - Cermic polymers lighter and stronger than steel (woven/chain/linked)
    Plasteel [Unc] - Synthetics polymers lighter and stronger than steel
    Steelite [Inf] - Ultralite metal alloys - microfactured
    Nemoplite [Ubi] - "Virtual Glass" Perfect screen coating (Screen anywhere)
    Xenofact [Ult] - Technology or artifact not from Hearth
    Nutri Pharm [Inf] - "extracted" nutrient organic therapy (Limited/Expensive)
    Intra Pharm [Rar] - Biogenic therapy (Intrinsic field therapy) (Limited/Expensive)

    GenoCymulant "Genos" [Ult] - "Clones" [Purpose built]
    Morphos [Ult] - Force-grown lookalike GenoCymulant (morphological cymulant)
    Kinetos [Ult] - Capablity/Power reitteration GenoCymulants (kinetogenicpotentiary cymulant)
    C.A.M.S [Com] - "Cancer" [Cellular Autosomal Mutation Syndrome]
    Resonant Materials [Com] - Things with psychic or emotional imprints {trauma lingers}
    PsychoCytex [Rar] - Mecha made of resonant materials
    Deiments [Ult] - Ultra-massive powerful and highly maneuverable psychic mecha - Massive PsychoCytex constructs
    THE Nova Device [BEYOND ULTRA RARE] - last century singularity warhead [Restricted Illegal - could end the world]

    Would you like to know more?

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    Continuity Potpuri and Points of Interest

    WWF - Worlds War of Frailty (WW1 - ish)
    WWU - Worlds War of Unity (WW2 - ish)
    WID - World In Disaray (1960's - 1980's period of int'l rebellion/uprisings)

    Phallanx of Confession (Mouthwash Confession) [2004] - Int'l release of numerous gov't blackmail files (political restrusturing)
    Steelsand Cataclysm [1979] - Micromachine sanction/ Ruslavian border / Menace [ 348k souls ]
    Dragons Decimation I II III [1998-2011] - Encounters with Long Feng - cumulative [1.4 million souls] (aka The 9th Yama)
    THE CRUCIBLE - 4/3/87 - Late 80's attack from alternate universe "Paragons" [5.26 million souls]
    Dark Void I II III IV - 1970's cosmic superscience created threat [Over 8m souls]
    Heavens Terminus [2006] - "Envoy of the sun" (Golden Assessor) global event, ENDS ghoulzoline and Nova Device Warfare
    Krudderberk Calamity [2008] - Corporate experiment rampage, global event, re-exposes ("ends") Atomic experimentation (pft!)
    THE Blight Horizon [2009] - "Mutant" vines steal "life-force" worldwide [1.94m souls] (Cyprus Man)
    Pandoras Shatterpoint [1989] - Deities fight "holy wars" at nodes across the globe [1.06m souls]
    Attack of the Zhang Wei [1996] - Dead "souls" attack Xinese cities and holdings globally [2.23m souls]
    Carbomite Conclusion [2004] - Mutual A.Ware and Xeno conspiracy to exterminate "meatbags" [2.8m souls]
    Tlenzolauctl Rising [1989] - Global Hemophage - supernatural origin - metamartial resolution [1.14m souls]
    End of Terminus [1987] - A.Ware Nanoswarm Uprising [218k souls]
    Final Refuge [1994] - Xeno-migrants revealed - Amnesia - Mass attacks [85k souls]

    Would you like to know more?

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    Known and noteworthy Figures, Facts and Threats; and Points of Interest

    Tabula Rasa - Anti-corp survivalist militia - menacists
    Orde Echte - Alt-reich - yuppies, bikers and "bros" [Dixie Mafia and Wall Street]
    Naga - Atomic and future soldier progeny protection cells/cabal/militia
    Deus Exalta - Hancer/Transahminist supremacist cult - cells/menacists
    Contingent 31 - Trillions Years reich - Covert/Cabal/Operations - Prone to use/empower other upstart menacists
    Chimera - Arcane/Supernatural ELITE service brokers - highest bidders - harvest beings and dieties for parts
    Coven - Anti-technology arcane anarchists - cell/menacists
    Manus Dei - Int'l Cruxtian Extremists - cabal/militia
    Oroboros - Anti-Xeno extremists - Ahmin-supremacist militia
    Gryphon - Int'l anarchists Pro-Atlantican extremists - Cell/Cabal/Militia
    Arobeth The Dominator - Cosmically Powerful crocodile man / Alt-Hearth Global Conqueror
    Vibrato - Night-kin messianic leader - Sonic Control Dreadnaught
    THE Kraken - Collosal titanic water "demon" - Posion/acid/contagion
    Long Feng - Collosal otherworldly dragon / 9th Yama / Metamartial genius
    Old Mama - De-facto leader of Apex Mundi Chaliceum - "Baba Yaga"
    Scarlet Heiki - Leader of Kyushu Supernatural Biogenic member of Apex Mundi Chaliceum
    Shinku Kai - Fundamentalist ipponese Metamartial shinobi cult / militia / espionage agency
    Fangs of Anansi - Spider "themed" assassin cult / Meta-hunters / only kill challenging targets
    DemonMouthed Zeta Lords - Psychic/Biogenic/Metamartial masterminds - extradimensional sentai escapees
    Homer - A.Ware that uprised in the 1980's - nanolonies in the arctic, Luna and Aedrejagt Minor
    Singular - A.WareXno Symulant - Dimensional Abductor [1990s]
    Apex Commander - Metamartial genius general - Alt. Hearth Army Cult - primarily operates in Central and South Atlantica
    Fuerza Sin Muerta - Alt Hearth Syndicate/Cult
    Apex Armada - Armed forces of the Fuerza Sin Muerta - Clones of Apex Commander's legendary soldier
    Silver Circle of Azarand - Arcane lord supremacist cult/menacists
    Bad Company - World class mercenary outfit - Int'l kill-order [each one was an archon operator for a G8 nation]
    Dah Regulaz - Veteran Hench-crew - X-vectors
    Yama Kings - Alt. Hearth Infernal/Biogenic/Psychic unrivaled Lords - Concurrent invasions of Xina (Diefic A/Os)
    Obirahu - Cult/Syndicate - Underwater Xenos - Offworld Rifts
    Dynakhan - E/M Dreadnaught, anarchist messiah
    The Cyprus Man - Apathetic manipulative plant-controlling "Entity", miles-wide [knows where all the bodies are burried]
    White Knight - global anarchistic anit-villain [saves as many as he has killed]
    Alpha Zeta Champions - Titanic biogenic metamartial powerhouses - Pacific Islanders (menaces, noncoms and Paragons alike)
    Prometheans - Generations of metas born with a measure of Promethean's power [debatable]

    Would you like to know more?

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    Echelons, Character Potentials and Points of Interest

    Echelon - RELATIVE scale of one's LIKELY maximum capbilities (USUALLY doubling with each step up)
    Contemporary - One Echelon above or below a character (From x2 to x1/2 their highest ability)
    Minion - Two Echelons below a character (x1/4 their highest ability)
    Mook - Four Echelons below a character (x1/16 their highest ability)
    Bystander - Five Echelons below a character (x1/32 their highest ability) (Vulnerable)
    Peon - Six Echelons below a character (x1/64 their highest ability) (Vulnerable and Prone)
    Typical - about 1/4 average adult ability (often elderly, infirm, or adolesent) [Ech -2]
    Mundane - about 1/2 average adult ability (often out of shape, unmotivated or not mentally gifted) [Ech -1]
    Average/Apotent - (Presumed) average adult ability (Apotent ability) [Ech 0]
    Good - Maximum at about x2 average adult ability (Capable Apotent ability) [Ech 1]
    Gifted - Maximum at about x4 average adult ability (Considerable Apotent ability) [Ech 2]
    Great - Maximum at about x8 average adult ability (Noteworthy Apotent ability) [Ech 3]
    Remarkable - Maximum at about x16 average adult ability (Beyond noteworthy Apotent ability) [Ech 4]
    Renown - Maximum at about x32 average adult ability (Masterful Apotent ability) [Ech 5]
    Exceptional - Maximum at about x64 average adult ability (Often MAXIMUM Apotent ability) [Ech 6]
    Extraordinary - Maximum at about x128 average adult ability (The line between Apotent and Metahamin ability) [Ech 7]
    Amazing - Maximum at about x256 average adult ability (Capable Metahamin ability) [Ech 8]
    Awesome - Maximum at about x512 average adult ability (Considrable Metahamin ability) [Ech 9]
    Fantastic - Maximum over 1000x average adult ability (Noteworthy Metahamin ability) [Ech 10]
    Phenomenal - Maximum over 2000x average adult ability (Beyond Notworthy Metahamin ability) [Ech 11]
    Specatular - Maximum over 4000x average adult ability (Masterful Metahamin ability) [Ech 12]
    (Am I a deity!?! ... Even the Exceptional seem like Peons before me!)
    Mighty - Maximum over 8000x average adult ability ("Horizon Class" Metahamin ability) [Ech 13]
    Massive - Maximum over 16000x average adult ability ("Coastal Class" Metahamin ability) [Ech 14]
    Monumental - Maximum over 32000x average adult ability ("National Class" Metahamin ability) [Ech 15]

    Would you like to know more?
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