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Thread: The Blue Line. Paragons of the Hearth.

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    Threat Responses, Defense Initiatives and other Points of Interest

    U.S. J.A.C.S. - Archon echelon svc men and women on detatched special service (Joint Action Command Specalists)
    F.I.B. - "FBI" (Federal Investigation Bureau)
    S.P.I.T.E. - U.S. Marshalls - power armor taskforce - anti-meta (Special Profile Intelligence and Tactics Engagement)
    Wolfe Strike - U.S. D.o.D. - Executive Meta operations division, special operations
    Sentry Division - U.S. Air Guard/Navy - tech/power armor specialists [Use A.P.E.S. - "high mobility suits"]
    S.I.A. - "super CIA" (Special Intelligence Authority)
    Black G.A.T.E - US POTUS Secret Service Meta Ops group (Govt Adherence Tactical Engagement)
    - - -
    I.T.C.E. - UN "Cyber Police" (International Tribunal on CyberEthics)
    O.A.S.I.S. - UN "Magic Police" (Occult Arcane Special Intelligence Service)
    GENESIS Initiative - UN "Alien Police" (high tech - ancient authority)

    Would you like to know more?

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    Unique World and Points of Interest

    Solaris [Unc] - Solar energy storage and distribution technology [Dangerous voltage/temp]
    Capacitance Gel [Com] - Post millennium rechargable 'fuel' (CG+) [Highly acidic when charged]
    Coal Power [Unc] - Outdated/Illegal power supply
    Ghoulzoline [Unc] - Outdated/Illegal power supply
    P-Drive [Rar-Res] - Paraspacial induction drive - Proximal Light speed [1%-27% MAX]
    OrAcLE [Rar-Res] - Operationally Advanced CryptoLineated Explication - Precognitive A.ware [Restricted - ITCE]
    Cryocil [Inf] - Heat Sapping Gel - vinegar viscocity
    QuickCrete [Com] - Rapid Expansion, rapid hardening, structural gel/solid
    Impact Foam [Ubi] - Rapid Expansion, rapid hardening, rapidly evaporating foam
    Cerasteel [Com] - Cermic polymers lighter and stronger than steel (woven/chain/linked)
    Plasteel [Unc] - Synthetics polymers lighter and stronger than steel
    Steelite [Inf] - Ultralite metal alloys - microfabricated
    Nemoplite [Ubi] - "Virtual Glass" Perfect screen coating (Screen anywhere)
    Xenofact [Ult] - Technology or artifact not from Hearth
    Nutri Pharm [Inf] - "extracted" nutrient organic therapy (Limited/Expensive)
    Intra Pharm [Rar] - Biogenic therapy (Intrinsic field therapy) (Limited/Expensive)
    Relfood [Per] - GMO Livestock/GMO Crops
    HearthGrown [Unc] - Industrial "GMO" biofabricated "food products" [for Space]
    Synthogens [Rar] - Engineered Insects
    "Patch" Gel [Unc] - "liquid bandage" Micro-suture for fissures & breaks [Microtech]
    MRA [Inf] - MicroReassmblers
    Renolists [Unc] - Renal purification microtechs
    Intralists [Unc] - Synthetic organ microtechs
    Ecolists [Unc] - Ecological recovery microtechs
    Endolists [Rar] - Systemic disorder recovery microtechs
    Inphractolists [Rar] - Synthetic immune system microtechs
    Ionolists [Rar] - Radiological scrubber microtechs
    Respralists [Rar] - CO2 scrubber microtechs
    GenoCymulant "Genos" [Ult] - "Clones" [Purpose built]
    Morphos [Ult] - Force-grown lookalike GenoCymulant (morphological cymulant)
    Kinetos [Ult] - Capablity/Power reitteration GenoCymulants (kinetogenicpotentiary cymulant)
    C.A.M.S [Com] - "Cancer" [Cellular Autosomal Mutation Syndrome]
    Resonant Materials [Com] - Things with psychic or emotional imprints {trauma lingers}
    PsychoCytex [Rar] - Mecha made of resonant materials
    Ghost City [Ult] - Abandoned town, city or settlement (often the source of psychocytex materials)
    Deiments [Ult] - Ultra-massive powerful and highly maneuverable psychic mecha - Massive PsychoCytex constructs
    THE Nova Device [BEYOND ULTRA RARE] - last century singularity warhead [Restricted Illegal - could end the world]

    ---------------------------------March 25 2019 Udate --------------------------------------------

    Mydra & Flanks - PMA & EVA Fibers, often plating in some GEARS & Mecha
    Vascoleyo Plant - Mythical Plant , many names, many hybrids and serums, develops super steroids
    Performance Supplements - G20 military "super" drugs
    Cybraprines - Cybernetic Augmentation & Organ antirejection drugs
    Intrabodies - Synthetic Antibodies [Treatment]
    Axovacs - Synthetic Vaccines [Treatment - sometimes lethal if left]
    Nexodrenes - Synthetic Hromones [Organs/Organics]
    Neocrenes - Synthetic Hormone boosters [Vestigial - Often Injected]
    Dynamic Incidences - "Acts of The Lord"
    Nucleo Factor - Radiation absorbing/converting novagenic compounds [Heat discharge - Active/Inert]
    Cryocil Derrivatives - Gels, Gasses and other Cryocil distilates, Specialized Delivery Parameters
    Pyrocil - Synthetic accelerant, Heat gaining/insulating gel [ULTRALOW IGNITION! DANGEROUS!]
    Ignalite - Pyrocil derrivative fuel additive [NO OXYGEN!]
    Lubricil - Zero-friction fluids - Microfabricated Compound [Shape & Mix]
    CF-14 - Comercial/Industrial Lubricil derrivative
    G4 - Maleable Plastic Explosives [Micro Ignalite Crystals - Kinetic resistant]
    Mutacytes - Gene Altering Pathogens [Rift Originating]
    Protocil - Free Radical Consuming Blood Cells [Often a sign of Xenos or Adaptives]
    K-Z Gas - Weaponised Interneuron Inhibitor Gas [Perplexed/Enfeebled/Dominated/Implanted]
    Androprobrium - Metalic alloy [Polymodular Compound] Nullifies Regeneration
    Polymodular Compounds - "super science" compounds & alloys - utilizing unconventional/experimental techniques
    Anthaminicides - Androsteroidal Mutagen ["rage virus"/vomit transmission/nocturnal/ultraviolet senses]
    Protocambrites - Exogenic Hemovoric Parasitic slugs [Wall Crawl] [Motion Sense]
    Microdexopods - Sentient gelatinous mutagenic parasite [Carapace] [Protrusion Armor] [Lizard Brain Overdrive]
    Macrodexovores - Gestalt gelatinous entity [Biological Absorption] [Psion Driven]
    Exocognate Paxovira - Strains of sentient viruses [Exclusionary War] [Uni/Pax/Ina]
    Freex - Mutagenic Serum, Programmed Atomic Powers - TEMPORARY [Advanced CAMS likely]
    Osteoplite/Endoplex - Synthetic bone paste/gel
    Ceramolite - Athermal Stealth Polymer Coating
    AndroPlexite - Elastopolymer SyntheSkin [Regen 2]
    Duracloth - Puncture/Tear/Water resistant material - instantly reseals
    IDGS - "Flubber like" material - Floating [Used in G.R.A.T.E.S.]
    NNBC - Nova/Nuclear/Biological/Chemical warfare certification [Persistent monitoring - limited travel]

    Would you like to know more?
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    Continuity Potpuri and Points of Interest

    WWF - Worlds War of Frailty (WW1 - ish)
    WWU - Worlds War of Unity (WW2 - ish)
    WID - World In Disaray (1960's - 1980's period of int'l rebellion/uprisings)
    FW - Franchise Wars (1991-1999 Corporate Proxy wars)

    Phallanx of Confession (Mouthwash Confession) [2004] - Int'l release of numerous gov't blackmail files (political restrusturing)
    Steelsand Cataclysm [1979] - Micromachine sanction/ Ruslavian border / Menace [ 348k souls ]
    Dragons Decimation I II III [1998-2011] - Encounters with Long Feng - cumulative [1.4 million souls] (aka The 9th Yama)
    THE Crucible - 4/3/87 - Late 80's attack from alternate Hearths' "Paragons" [5.26 million souls]
    Dark Void I II III IV - 1970's URRS superscience created cosmic threat [Over 8m souls]
    Heavens Terminus [2006] - "Envoy of the sun" (Golden Assessor) global event, ENDS ghoulzoline and Nova Device Warfare
    Krudderberk Calamity [2008] - Corporate experiment rampage, global event, re-exposes ("ends") Atomic experimentation (pft!)
    THE Blight Horizon [2009] - "Mutant" vines steal "life-force" worldwide [1.94m souls] (Cyprus Man)
    Pandoras Shatterpoint [1989] - Deities fight "holy wars" at nodes across the globe [1.06m souls]
    Attack of the Zhang Wei [1996] - Dead "souls" attack Xinese cities and holdings globally [2.23m souls]
    Carbomite Conclusion [2004] - Mutual A.Ware and Xeno conspiracy to exterminate "meatbags" [2.8m souls]
    Tlenzolauctl Rising [1989] - Global Hemophage - supernatural origin - metamartial resolution [1.14m souls]
    End of Terminus [1987] - A.Ware Nanoswarm Uprising [218k souls]
    Final Refuge [1994] - Xeno-migrants revealed - Amnesia - Mass attacks [85k souls]

    Would you like to know more?
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    Known and noteworthy Figures, Facts and Threats; and Points of Interest

    Tabula Rasa - Anti-corp survivalist militia - menacists
    Orde Echte - Alt-reich - yuppies, bikers and "bros" [Dixie Mafia and Wall Street]
    Naga - Atomic and future soldier progeny protection cells/cabal/militia
    Deus Exalta - Hancer/Transahminist supremacist cult - cells/menacists
    Contingent 31 - Trillions Years reich - Covert/Cabal/Operations - Prone to use/empower other upstart menacists
    Chimera - Arcane/Supernatural ELITE service brokers - highest bidders - harvest beings and dieties for parts
    Coven - Anti-technology arcane anarchists - cell/menacists
    Manus Dei - Int'l Cruxtian Extremists - cabal/militia
    Oroboros - Anti-Xeno extremists - Ahmin-supremacist militia
    Gryphon - Int'l anarchists Pro-Atlantican extremists - Cell/Cabal/Militia
    Arobeth The Dominator - Cosmically Powerful crocodile man / Alt-Hearth Global Conqueror
    Vibrato - Night-kin messianic leader - Sonic Control Dreadnaught
    THE Kraken - Collosal titanic water "demon" - Posion/acid/contagion
    Long Feng - Collosal otherworldly dragon / 9th Yama / Metamartial genius
    Old Mama - De-facto leader of Apex Mundi Chaliceum - "Baba Yaga"
    Scarlet Heiki - Leader of Kyushu Supernatural Biogenic member of Apex Mundi Chaliceum
    Shinku Kai - Fundamentalist ipponese Metamartial shinobi cult / militia / espionage agency
    Fangs of Anansi - Spider "themed" assassin cult / Meta-hunters / only kill challenging targets
    DemonMouthed Zeta Lords - Psychic/Biogenic/Metamartial masterminds - extradimensional sentai escapees
    Homer - A.Ware that uprised in the 1980's - nanolonies in the arctic, Luna and Aedrejagt Minor
    Singular - A.WareXno Symulant - Dimensional Abductor [1990s]
    Apex Commander - Metamartial genius general - Alt. Hearth Army Cult - primarily operates in Central and South Atlantica
    Fuerza Sin Muerta - Alt Hearth Syndicate/Cult
    Apex Armada - Armed forces of the Fuerza Sin Muerta - Clones of Apex Commander's legendary soldier
    Silver Circle of Azarand - Arcane lord supremacist cult/menacists
    Bad Company - World class mercenary outfit - Int'l kill-order [each one was an archon operator for a G8 nation]
    Dah Regulaz - Veteran Hench-crew - X-vectors
    Yama Kings - Alt. Hearth Infernal/Biogenic/Psychic unrivaled Lords - Concurrent invasions of Xina (Diefic A/Os)
    Obirahu - Cult/Syndicate - Underwater Xenos - Offworld Rifts
    Dynakhan - E/M Dreadnaught, anarchist messiah
    The Cyprus Man - Apathetic manipulative plant-controlling "Entity", miles-wide [knows where all the bodies are burried]
    White Knight - global anarchistic anit-villain [saves as many as he has killed]
    Alpha Zeta Champions - Titanic biogenic metamartial powerhouses - Pacific Islanders (menaces, noncoms and Paragons alike)
    Prometheans - Generations of metas born with a measure of Promethean's power [debatable]

    Would you like to know more?

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    Echelons, Character Potentials and Points of Interest

    Echelon - RELATIVE scale of one's LIKELY maximum capbilities (USUALLY doubling with each step up)
    Contemporary - One Echelon above or below a character (From x2 to x1/2 their highest ability)
    Minion - Two Echelons below a character (x1/4 their highest ability)
    Mook - Four Echelons below a character (x1/16 their highest ability)
    Bystander - Five Echelons below a character (x1/32 their highest ability) (Vulnerable)
    Peon - Six Echelons below a character (x1/64 their highest ability) (Vulnerable and Prone)
    Typical - about 1/4 average adult ability (often elderly, infirm, or adolesent) [Ech -2]
    Mundane - about 1/2 average adult ability (often out of shape, unmotivated or not mentally gifted) [Ech -1]
    Average/Apotent - (Presumed) average adult ability (Apotent ability) [Ech 0]
    Good - Maximum at about x2 average adult ability (Capable Apotent ability) [Ech 1]
    Gifted - Maximum at about x4 average adult ability (Considerable Apotent ability) [Ech 2]
    Great - Maximum at about x8 average adult ability (Noteworthy Apotent ability) [Ech 3]
    Remarkable - Maximum at about x16 average adult ability (Beyond noteworthy Apotent ability) [Ech 4]
    Renown - Maximum at about x32 average adult ability (Masterful Apotent ability) [Ech 5]
    Exceptional - Maximum at about x64 average adult ability (Often MAXIMUM Apotent ability) [Ech 6]
    Extraordinary - Maximum at about x128 average adult ability (The line between Apotent and Metahamin ability) [Ech 7]
    Amazing - Maximum at about x256 average adult ability (Capable Metahamin ability) [Ech 8]
    Awesome - Maximum at about x512 average adult ability (Considrable Metahamin ability) [Ech 9]
    Fantastic - Maximum over 1000x average adult ability (Noteworthy Metahamin ability) [Ech 10]
    Phenomenal - Maximum over 2000x average adult ability (Beyond Notworthy Metahamin ability) [Ech 11]
    Specatular - Maximum over 4000x average adult ability (Masterful Metahamin ability) [Ech 12]
    (Am I a deity!?! ... Even the Exceptional seem like Peons before me!)
    Mighty - Maximum over 8000x average adult ability ("Horizon Class" Metahamin ability) [Ech 13]
    Massive - Maximum over 16000x average adult ability ("Coastal Class" Metahamin ability) [Ech 14]
    Monumental - Maximum over 32000x average adult ability ("National Class" Metahamin ability) [Ech 15]

    Would you like to know more?
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    Historic Cultural Context and Points of Interest

    Cruxtian(ity) - ~(NOT) Christian
    Dapotholic(ism) - ~(NOT) Catholic
    Dodei - ~(NOT) The Pope (Il Voce Dei - the mortal voice of the lord)
    THE Lord - Cruxtian A/O
    Chievish(ites)(ism) - ~(NOT) Judaism
    Absali(m) - ~(NOT) Islam
    Iega - Absali A/O ("Progenitor of all worship" "Lord of Lords")
    Rom (Rahm) - Mythic ~Rome
    Vertua (Ver-too-ah) - Mythic ~Carthage [Punic Wars]

    Would you like to know more?

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    Super CSI Points of Interest

    Necroplasm "Special Chill" - Necrid Black [Ichorous]
    Ectoplasm (Emotionally Charged) - Forest Green [Eery glow]
    Infernoplasm (Sulfuric) - Candy Red
    Viscera (Meat) - Pink/Red/Brown/Green/Blue/Black
    Psychoplasm (Psychic/Psionic Reactant) - Navy Blue/ Violet

    Would you like to know more?

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    Character Creation Points of Interest

    PCs - Player Characters
    NPCs - Non-Player Characters
    BPNPCs - Bit-Part Non-Player Characters (Location/Scenario/Association/Random)
    SDNPCs - Skilled-Dependant Non-Player Characters (Friends/Family/Contacts)
    Paragon Seed - Potential Paragons [Game Saves] [Play to Survive]
    Menace Seed - Potential Threats [Menace vs Menace] [Play to Survive]
    Basic Persona - 2-tone personality descriptions [Demeanor and Nature]
    Demeanor - How a characters persona appears
    Nature - A characters inner or hidden persona
    Paragon Motivations - Motives MOST Paragons have in common
    Menace Motivations - Motives MOST Menaces have in common
    "Parents" - Events Parents dealt with during or before your birth
    Background - Economic level you grow up in
    Desires - Wants, usually to an unhealthy level
    Vices - Coping mechanisms, usually unhealthy
    Fears - Fears
    Character Relationships - How allies/family relate to one another
    Relationships & Results - Past Romances & Current State
    Entanglements - Current Romance & Level of involvement
    Relationship Troubles - Challenges for a romance
    Complications - Added peril or drama to situations
    "Worlds Scale" - 3-30 mile radius to the horizon [1-10 stories]
    "Worlds" - Areas of professional employment and personal skill
    Occurences - "Common" adventurous situations / usually less than 5k dead
    Happenstance - Encounters with threats and results
    Locations - Locations
    Crossfire - Missed shots land somewhere
    Nature's Fury - Natural hazzards and Complications
    Dynamic Events - Noteworthy events | Usually over 5k dead
    Involvement - Connection during an event
    Losses - What an event cost you
    Traumas - What affect it had on you
    Event Mandate - What you felt compelled to do after/because of an event
    Degree of Success - How successfull a roll is... [Ordinary/Dynamic/Amazing/Spectacular/Extraordinary]
    Degree of Failure - How unsuccessfull a roll is... [Ordinary/Dynamic/Amazing/Spectacular/Extraordinary]
    Would you like to know more?

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    Gameplay and Character Sheet Points of Interest

    Ability - Base bonus to add to certain checks, reflecting natural ability
    Echelon - Exponential "levels" of power/capability
    Relative Echelon - Maximum Bonuses at each Echelon
    Trade-off Balance - Echelon based balances between Echelons [OFTEN 2xEchelon or 10+Echelon]
    Skills - Training and experience
    Skill Rank Benchmark - How adept/inept a character is with a skill
    Skill DC Benchmark - How hard a task is
    Non Com Skills - Non-combat skills
    Com skills - Combat skills
    Feats - Uncommon abilities
    Improved Feats - Added ranks to a feats range/effect/duration
    Specialties - Special combinations of skills and feats
    Advantage - Reroll - take the higher number
    Disadvantage - Reroll - take the lower number
    Skill Mastery - +10 to any roll of 1-9 [Non-Com skills only]
    Critical Success - Roll 20 ~ 25 [Req +0][^1 Degree]
    Critical Fail - Roll 1 ~ -5
    Specialty Skill Mastery - [Special] +X to any roll < X-1
    Ultimate Skills - [Special] add Ult-Skl ranks to skill Max (above Echelon)
    Toughness - Resistance to Physical Harm [Damage Save balanced vs Dodge / Parry]
    Dodge - Ranged Combat Defense [+10] [balanced vs Toughness]
    Parry - Melee Combat Defense [+10] [balanced vs Toughness]
    Fortitude - Resistance to Systemic Harm [Damage Save balanced vs Ctrl /Conv]
    Control [Ctrl] - Mental Defense (Cour/Will) [+10] [balanced vs Fortitude]
    Conviction [Conv] - Special Defense (Wis/Rslv) [+10] [balanced vs Fortitude]
    Notice - Immediate Range of Notice [Search]
    Awareness - General Field of [Peripheral] Awareness [Seach +10 DC]
    Quickness - Actions Per Round [2 + Ranks]
    Speed - Distance Per Round [Ranks before Fatigue]
    Insight - Observations about people's motives and behavior
    Intuition - OBservations about environment and situation
    Victory Points - Special points to add to certain rolls [Become Plot Points]
    Plot Points - Points the guide uses to increase the drama or risk
    Sync Points - Points any two or more PC's can use to conquer obstacles TOGETHER [Conditional to Cooperation]
    Aid Actions - Any attempt to assist another PC in a roll or check (+1 or +2 per degree)
    Level Balances - Echelon based maximum stats/ability tradeoffs
    Extra Effort - Temporary bonus to action [often x2 - x4] [Fatiguing] [Risks Exhaustion]
    Extreme Effort - Temporary bonus to action [often x8 - x16] [Exhausting] [Risks Incapacitation]

    Would you like to know more?
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    Not your standard superhero setting Points of Interest

    * Near future fantasy world
    * Numerous types of metas
    * Many threats at every 'level'
    * Mortal peril to the 'people'
    * National superpowers reign
    * Megacorporations benefit & influence
    * Most metas ARE threats & menaces
    * People do bad things for good reasons
    * Few metas rise up to protect people
    * Violence is VIOLENT - often a matter of viscera
    * Power is POWERFUL - often a matter of scale
    * The GLOBE has an active history
    * Many 'good' people 'turn' violent, quick
    * Many reasons to distrust 'paragons'
    * Many competent & capable people
    * Many letter soup agencies (too many cooks)
    * Menacing/Empowered assault and real legal consequences
    * John Smith Acts/ Priveleges
    * Paragons are Unauthorized Non-state actors
    * Enemy agents/combatants - Persistent domestic "non-war"
    * PMA's - a little "everything proof"
    * Dozens of threats per Paragon
    * Any metatypes are subject to Govt capture, encampment, quarantine & sanction (For public health and safety)
    * Paragons SAVE people (re: SHOULD)
    * People PROTECT metas (re: SHOULD)
    * City, State, National, Continental & Global scope threats happen SUDDENLY and without warning
    * MANY of todays threats can be the key to survival LATER

    Would you like to know more?
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