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Thread: Digital's Daemons

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    Digital's Daemons

    OK so I finally decided to put together a thread for various builds from past games and game submissions, partially to keep them all in one place, and partially to share them with everyone else. I will try to make sure I give credit to the artists of work I use if I know where it came from. I will also try to note within a given build if there were house rules involved for the game a given character was built for.

    House Rules:

    Horror Characters:
    Christina Wade PL 4/5 2E Monster Hunter
    PL 6 3E version of her here for another game that failed to launch.

    PL7 180PP 3E (w/ house rules) MSG Grimes (Battle for LA)

    Fantasy Characters:
    Bob the Baby Dragon (awakened lizard) PL 6

    Zyaitin (Dragon hatchling) PL 6

    Caitlin Rowan Carmody PL 8
    Daphne PL 8 Priestess of Aphrodite

    Superhero Characters:
    Alexis Lynn (Cat's Eye) The Mystery of Stonebrook, Colorado PL 8 Tactile TK

    Dawn "TeeK" Lynn PL 8 TK

    Shawna Anderson PL 8 Ice manipulator
    PL 10 version of Shawna with different background submitted for different game (not used)

    Wheelie PL 10 Transformer Motorcycle

    PL 10 Avatar of Thoth

    PL 10 Plant controller for one for Jemal's Solstice game

    Shadya Brown/ Star Shadow PL 12 ghost

    After The Bomb:
    Bun Nee PL 6 (mutant rabbit martial artist)
    Bill Gruff PL 6 (Goat man Warrior)
    PL 6 Mutant Weasel archer
    Opie (PL 6 Opossum Sniper)
    Ssssam the Snake PL 6

    2E fantasy architypes converted to (mostly) 3E for my home table

    More to come...
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    Re: Digital's Daemons

    <reserved for index expansion>
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    Re: Digital's Daemons

    Credit for Image: Bounty Hunter 6 by NoirValentie on Deviantart

    Bounty/Monster Hunter character from Rat Girl's now dead supernatural/horror game

    PL4(defense)/5(offense) 60PPs
    Christina Wade
    35 years old
    5' 8", 170 lbs
    Green eyes
    Brown hair(shoulder length)

    STATS: 14
    INT 10 +0
    WIS 14 +2
    CHA 10 +0
    STR 12 +1
    CON 14 +2
    DEX 14 +2

    DEFENSES: 12
    Tough: 2/5
    Fort: 2+2
    Reflex: 2+2
    Will: 2+2
    Defense: 0(flat)/3(dodge focus)
    Attack: +3
    Init: 2

    FEATS: 8
    benefit (licensed bounty hunter), contacts (data brokers/bondsmen), dodge focus 3, uncanny dodge(hearing), endurance, track

    Equipment: 45 ep total = 9PPs
    Misc.: 9ep
    lock picks, multi-tool, smart phone, zippo, restraints, medical kit, flashlight, rosary, binoculars

    Vehicle: SUV 35str 5spd 8Def 7Tough(2 less than book, old beat up 60's bronco) Huge 6ep

    Kevlar lined Leather Duster 4ep
    --Protection 3 (3ep)
    --feature hidden pockets (1ep)

    Arsenal:26 ep
    Pepper Spray--Dazzle 5 + Stun 5 (chemical) DC 15 Fort, extended reach = 16 ep
    AE--Garlic Spray--Dazzle 5 + Stun 5 DC 15 Fort, extended reach, limited(creatures vulnerable) = 9 ep
    AE--Composite Crossbow--Blast 4, accurate, scope 1 ep, subtle (sound) 1ep, variable descriptor 1 (bolts: iron, silver(tipped), wood, garlic soaked, torch bolt/fire... ) = 12ep
    AE--Holy Water Vials--Damage 5, extended Reach, Limited opponents vulnerable to holy water = 3ep
    AE--Wooden Stakes--Damage 2(4 to sensitive to wood), mighty, improved crit 2, variable descriptor 1 (any type of wood), feature: can stake undead = 8ep
    AE--9MM--Blast 4, multi-attack(good trigger job, lightened slide, heavier springs), accurate (laser sight), feature(rail flashlight),variable descriptor 1 (bullets: lead, copper, iron, silver,...), shoulder holster(quick draw) = 16 ep
    AE--Bowie Knife-- Damage 3 (Mighty, thrown, improved critical 2), variable descriptor 1 (piercing, slashing, bludgeoning (handle)) = 8ep
    AE--Stun Gun-- Stun 7(electric) = 14 ep
    AE--Smoke Grenade--Visual Obscure (20 ft. radius) 8ep
    AE--Grenade--Ranged explosion area Damage 5 = 15ep
    AE--Flash bangs--Ranged Burst area(20 ft radius) Visual/Auditory Dazzle 4 = 16ep

    Skills: 17PPs
    Acrobatics Dex 1+2
    Bluff Cha 4
    Climb Str 3+1
    Computers Int 2
    Concentration Wis 0+2
    Craft Mechanical Int 3
    Disable Device Int 1
    Drive Dex 1+3
    Escape Artist Dex 2+2
    Gather Information Cha 5
    Intimidate Cha 3
    Investigate Int 4
    Knowledge (arcane lore) Int 4
    Knowledge (Philosophy/Theology) Int 2
    Knowledge(law/civics) 4
    Knowledge(streetwise) 1
    Language English (native)
    Medicine Wis 3+2
    Notice Wis 5+2
    Profession(law enforcement) 2+2
    Ride Dex 0+2
    Search Int 4
    Sense Motive Wis 4+2
    Sleight of Hand Dex 1+2
    Stealth Dex 3+2
    Survival Wis 4+2
    Swim Str 2+1

    Former Cop: Christina still does what does does to try to protect people. Because of this, and all the training shoved in her head as a police officer, she will try to avoid lethal force unless it she has no other options or unless she is 100% certain that a target is a monster. Trying to avoid excessive force applies to when she goes after human bounties as well.

    Prejudice: Monsters and all associated with them are evil.

    Hatred: Monsters, she's seen their evil up close, and never even heard of a good one.

    Obsession: Hunting down the inhuman and eliminating them. She sometimes takes on jobs too big for her to take without calling in favors, and frequently under negotiates bounties on cases she believes might be inhuman out of her desire to hunt them down.

    Reputation: She is believed to be a crackpot by many who find out about her history unless they are others who know what is really out there (which sometimes means local law enforcement isn't cooperative if they know who she is). She does have a reputation as a bounty hunter to be reckoned with though (sometimes making her a target by criminals in an area afraid her bounty is on their heads).

    Addiction: Nightmares still haunt her and many nights she only gets to sleep with the help of alcohol. Great for all night stakeouts when she can't afford to sleep anyway, not so great for being at the top of her game other times when she has had too much or is sleep deprived.

    Grudge match: Christina wants to kill the monster that took her partner's life and in her eyes ruined the life she used to have. She's heard of and seen Fae, werewolves, vampires, demon possession, and ghosts, but she still has no clue what that thing was.

    Distance: Christina is used to people thinking she is nuts, and has suffered the (in her eyes) rejection of her family and the loss of a partner. Part of her desperately wants someone she can trust of watch her back in this path she has followed, but another part is very afraid to let people in after previous losses.

    Christina used to be a police officer. She came from a blue collar family that couldn't really afford to send her to college, but she wanted more than her folks had (a roofer and a diner waitress). With the help of her cousin who was a sherriff's deputy the next town over, she made it into the <insert appropriate large town/small city> police academy and did reasonably well.

    After a couple years she managed to get her detective's badge and fortunately was paired with a good partner who's experience she could learn from. Her first murder case ended up pointing to a guy from Boston, who apparently had a history of being a primary suspect for similar murders in different areas of the country, but who had a good enough lawyer to keep getting out of the charges. When more bodies started appearing with the same MO it looked like they might have a serial killer on their hands. Christina was excited and terrified at the same time. She hadn't been a detective for long and this was turning into a much larger case than she originally thought. At least she had the experience of her partner to draw on in trying to figure it out. Eventually catching up to the killer, what they saw...she wasn't sure what it was but it wasn't human. She froze; it was some sort of monster, not a guy in a suit like a cheap mystery movie but a real monster. Her partner shoved her out of the way when it lunged at her, but she was still locked up in fright. For his good deed, the thing gutted him like a fish, then turned to her still cowering on the floor and just laughed. The thing just shrugged it off when she put 3 rounds from her service pistol into it, and laughed telling her she was no threat and too afraid to be any fun killing. Then it turned into a man, the same man they had suspected of the murders and strolled off.

    She was eventually cleared to return to duty after a lot of time with the department shrink, but noone wanted her as their partner. Some even went so far as to nickname her Scully from X-Files. She worked a few cases, but couldn't get that thing out of her head, or the death of her partner. She started suspecting all kinds of suspects of being inhuman monsters, especially the more she read up on myth and lore and some theories that those creatures were real and hiding among humanity. She was eventually released from duty when the captain couldn't tolerate her growing eccentricities anymore. Her own family kept pushing her for more therapy and even suggested she might need ot be committed at one point. She and her family don't speak much anymore, but both sides still care. They honestly believe she needs mental help and won't let the subject die won the rare times they talk; she knows what she has seen is real, but can't really blame most people for not believing. She occasionally checks up on them, but doesn't need the stress of how they treat her anytime she comes through town. Her drinking doesn't help with the people that used to know her thinking she is any closer to mentally stable.

    With a ruined career and a guilty streak over what had happened, she used her skills and turned to bounty hunting, or skip trace as some called it now. After a while she would a few brokers, whom most wrote off as crazy, that sometimes had contracts to track down "monsters". She had seen enough to listen, and had spent a lot of time researching what was really out there to have an idea of how to start hunting the monsters instead of letting them prey on people.

    So here she ends up in <starting campaign location> based off of a few strange occurrences from the local paper and a tip from one of the data brokers she uses for leads on cases. Most of her supplies either in their holsters/sheaths or in one of the multitude of pockets in the lining of her heavy (heavier than most realized with the Kevlar sewn into it) duster. In the rear floor board of her old Bronco where they were mostly out of sight, but she could reach back and grab them if needed, lay her crossbow, ammo boxes of bullets and crossbow bolts in various assortments and a case of various types of grenades with an old army blanket pulled over it in case someone got nosy. The old truck was beat up over the years and could use some work, but you had to love the old machines from before things went electronic. She could keep it on the road and getting her form job to job with the various tools and supplies in the toolbox in back. The shape of the body panels (faded paint, some rust spots, crooked bumper, ...) would make most people think it was a pile of junk not worth stealing at first glance, but it drove good and the motor still ran strong.

    Well, she made it here to <starting town>. Time to find out if the local diner is any good and get a copy of the paper. Maybe it will have some more info on what's going on around here. If nothing else the crossword and Sudoku will give her something to relax for a little bit until the recluse her contact said was supposed to meet her showed up. At least they would have something in common, people wrote him off as nuts too. She pulled up the email from her data broker to look at the pic of the guy, Gerald was his name if she remembered correctly.
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    Re: Digital's Daemons

    PL: 8 Points:120
    Name: Caitlin Rowan Carmody
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5í 6Ē
    Weight: 147
    Eyes: Emerald Green
    Hair: Flame Red
    Age: 16

    Character I submitted for Fantasy-Adventures
    House rules: 3E build using 2E skills
    STATS 44
    STR: 1
    STA: 2
    AGL: 6
    DEX: 0
    FGT: 5
    AWE: 5
    PRE: 1
    INT: 2

    DEFENSE 14
    Dodge (AGL) 6+2/3(with shield)
    Parry (FGT) 5+3/4(with shield)
    Fortitude (STA) 2+6
    Toughness (STA) 4/5*/6**/7*** (*w/ armor, **w/ flame aura, ***w/ both)
    Will (AWE) 5+3
    Initiative (AGL) 6

    ATTACKS (*= with flame aura on)
    Unarmed -- Dmg 3/7* (DC 18/22), + 7 attack
    Sword -- Dmg 5/9* (DC20/24), + 7 attack

    Flame Shots -- Dmg 6 (DC 21), +10 to attack
    Fireball -- Ranged Area Dmg 5 (DC 20), DC 15 Dodge
    Flame burst -- Area Dmg 8 (DC 23), DC 18 dodge
    HeatStroke -- Affliction 8 (DC 18), cone area

    Agile Feint
    Instant Up
    Uncanny Dodge
    Dirty Fighting*2
    Benefit (low order noble)
    Attack focus (melee *2)
    Defensive Strike
    Defensive Throw
    Improved Trip
    Improved Feint
    Great Endurance

    SKILLS 2E 9
    Acrobatics (AGL) 6+6
    Bluff(PRE) 1/5+
    Climb(STR) 2+3
    Diplomacy(PRE) 1/5+3
    Disguise(PRE) 2+
    Escape Artist(AGL) 6+
    Expertise (INT)(Noble) 2+2
    Expertise (Wilderness) 2+1
    Gather information(PRE) 1+3
    Handle Animal(PRE) 1+
    Intimidate(PRE) 1+
    Language (native + common)
    Medicine(AWE) 5+1
    Notice(AWE) 5+5
    Ride(AGL) 6+1
    Search(INT) 2+2
    Sense Motive(AWE) 5+3
    Stealth(AGL) 6+2
    Survival(AWE) 5+1
    Swim(STR) 2+2

    --Sword STR based Dmg 2 2ep
    --Leather Armor (Protection 1) 1ep
    --Buckler (enhanced Parry 1, enanced dodge 1) 2ep
    --Mount, saddle, and saddle bags (not a war horse, just a basic older riding horse)
    --clothes, bedroll, lantern, rations, basic supplies, mother's jewelry (background only, she would never sell it)

    POWERS 38
    --Immunity to Heat effects 10p
    --Immunity to environmental cold 1p
    --Immunity Suffocation(Smoke) 1p
    --2 Protection (permanent)2p

    Blast Array 23
    --Flame Shots 18pts
    ------Ranged Damage 6, Affect Insubstantial, accurate 5

    --Flame Burst 18
    ------Damage 8, Area 30ft radius, Resist dodge DC 18, Affect Insubstantial 2

    --Fireball 18
    ------Ranged Damage 5, Area 30 ft radius, Resist dodge DC 15, Affect Insubstantial 2, split

    --Environment 18
    ------Cold 2 (sucking heat), Hamper Movement -5 (ice),
    ------Linked Nullify Heat 2 (burst area) 4
    ------Linked Healing 2 (self only, source:heat, energizing, persistent) 3
    ------Heat 2 (extreme heat)
    ------Linked Light 2, Feature(counts as daylight)
    ------Linked Vision -5 perception

    --Flame Aura (sustained) 18
    ------4 damage (aura), Affect Insubstantial 1
    ------Linked 2 Protection (sustained, noticable, linked to flame aura)1p

    --Heatstroke 18
    ------Affliction 8 (Fatigued, Exhausted, Incapacitated), Cone area, Resist Fort, affects insubstantial, incurable

    Complications: out for revenge, fiery temper, nightmares, survivorís guilt, ties to family holdings/brother, unknown reason why family was slaughtered

    NOTES: Caitlinís father was a minor noble knight with a small farming village on his lands. Caitlinís family farm was visited by a small roaming band of undead. She was her motherís room looking for some nicer jewelry to borrow for the upcoming Winter Dance when they came; her parents hoping to find her a husband at the event. The vampires fed on her parents and then came for her. She came down the stairs to see what the noise was and saw them feeding on her parentís (mostly) dead bodies. She ran upstairs in a panic, and managed to barricade herself in her room before they caught her. The killers set the keep on fire before leaving. The
    fire should have killed her, or at least left her horribly burned. Instead, her prayers to the sun god were apparently heard and it triggered pryokenetic abilities in her. Instead of being killed, she survived almost unharmed and healing what burns she had received in the process.

    Why had she lived when her parents were slaughtered? Why hadnít she fought the monsters that did this instead of running away in fear? She was very athletic from growing up on the land, maybe not as strong as the farmer kids, but she had been trained some by her father and more by her older brother without her fatherís knowledge. She could defend herself fairly well. Why had she run away screaming instead? As her anger boiled over the flames grew stronger until there was nothing left of the keep.

    When her brother returned from the city the next day, there was not much left. He covered her with a blanket because he swore she was still on fire, especially her hair. She doesnít know how that could be true since she had been sitting there crying and beating herself up for so long at that point. Her hair was badly singed, and had to be cut into a much shorter style than the long braids she has had for most of her life, and she has almost no possessions left. All she has left of her parents are her motherís
    necklace and earrings that she was going to borrow for the dance, and her fatherís short blade. Her brother as the rightful heir took their fatherís long blade and shield. The jewelry was still in her pocket through all the excitement and weapons were made sturdy enough to have survived the flames. The jewelry is emeralds and Celtic knot work in silver, an ode to her heritage. She never could bring herself to put it on after that night, but sometimes she takes it out and stares at it when she is thinking of her mother. The blade never leaves her side now. It makes her feel like her dad is still watching over her in some way.

    Her brother is now the head of the family and is busy rebuilding the family holdings. Caitlinís prospects for marriage have dwindled considerably with the lack of a dowry and rumors that have spread through the noble families. She doesnít know why even a powerful beast such as that would attack an armed keep with guards instead of the homes of the villagers. It probably has to do with some quest that her father went on years before.

    Caitlin has sworn vengeance. After some further training from her brother, she set out in search of answers to why and by whom her family was attacked. She now fulfills her duty/service to the kingdom as a bounty hunter, and hopes to hones her skills enough to one day be ready to avenge her family. She hopes to find answers somewhere along the way.

    A lot of these are divided into 4 subsections so I'll just put them here instead of retyping each question with 4 variations.
    a) when dealing with strangers
    b) to those in authority (law enforcement, representatives of the church, etc.)
    c) to friends
    d) to family

    1) Will the character break his word of honor (to each group)?
    a,b,c,d) As a woman of noble birth and a knight, she is bound by her word. Exceptions are rarely even made when dealing with criminals. The undead have no honor and deserve none in return.

    2) What is the character's policy on lying (to each group)?
    a,b,c,d) As a woman of noble birth and a knight, she is bound by her word. Exceptions are rarely even made when dealing with criminals. The undead have no honor and deserve none in return.

    3) Will you kill an unarmed foe? Injure an unarmed foe?
    Kill, no. Injure, yes as a warning against future action or as punishment for a crime. Undead, without a second thought.

    4) Will you harm an innocent? Kill an innocent? Under what circumstances?
    No, honor will not allow it.

    5) Will you use torture? Under what circumstances?
    No, honor will not allow it. That doesn't mean that she would always stop a party member form it as long as she knew the victim had committed heinous enough crimes to deserve it.

    6) Will you kill or cause injury for pleasure?

    7) How willing are you to help others (to each group)?
    a) Most likely, possibly even when it conflicts with other duties.
    b,c,d) Yes, gladly

    8) How much does the character respect authority? What is their policy on breaking the law?
    She is bound by her honor to serve the kingdom and its laws. Unless she has proof that they are corrupt she would respect the word of any lawful representative of the king and his laws.

    9) Will you betray someone (to each group)?

    10) How willing are you to work with a group (to each group)?
    a) As long as the goal is noble
    b) She would be obligated to assist
    c,d) Gladly without hesitation

    11) How much respect do you have for authority, self discipline, honor?
    Death before dishonor

    12) What is the character's policy on theft (from each group)??
    She would not dishonor her family name with theft. It would require a much greater good in her eyes to even steal something that was necessary to complete a mission and would return it with apologies afterwards.
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    Re: Digital's Daemons

    The character I ended up using in the same game that Caitlin was submitted for

    Priestess of Aphrodite
    Name: Daphne
    PL:8 PP:125
    Height: 5' 4"
    Weight: 145
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Blonde

    House rules: 3E build using 2E skills

    STATS 50
    STR 0
    DEX 7
    AGL 6
    FGT 4
    CON 4
    INT 0
    AWE 0
    PRE 4

    SAVES 17
    Toughness 4/7+1
    Fort 2+4
    Will 0+8
    Dodge 6+2
    Parry 4/6+2
    Initiative 7
    HPs: 1

    Unarmed: dmg 0, +6
    Staff: dmg 3, +6/8
    Scarf: dmg 4/5, +10
    Throwing Daggers: Ranged Dmg 2, +9
    Pole Dancing dmg 4, extended multiattack, +8/10
    Love Scorned: Affliction 10, +6
    Cleansing: Nullify 10, +6

    Combat Skills 3p
    Attack focus (melee) 2
    attack specialization (thrown)

    FEATS 11
    Agile Feint
    Attractive 2
    Benefit (Status: Priestess of Aphrodite)
    Grabbing Finesse
    Fascinate (Expertise (Priestess of Aphrodite))
    Prone fighting
    Ritualist (Priestess of Aphrodite)
    Great Endurance
    Ultimate Effort (Will saves)
    Move by Action

    POWERS 19
    Blessing ->Healing 8 (limited to others, stabilize, persistent) 10p 16p with AEs
    --AP Cleansing-> Nullify 10 (disease/poison, touch range, effortless)
    --AP basking in Love ->
    -----Regeneration (house ruled) 4(every round) (source: sexual/romantic acts, noticeable:think the way succubi are portrayed in Lost Girl) 7p
    -----Linked Affliction 6 (resist Will, limited condition, limited to attracted to her) (entranced, compelled) 3p
    --AP Grace of the Goddess ->Movement (surefooted, trackless, swinging, leaping , quickness 2(physical only), speed 1, swimming 1) 10p
    --AP Pole Dancing (Dmg 4, multiattack, accurate 2, extended reach, quirk requires staff/pole/chandalier) 10p
    --AP Erotic Scarf Combat (Dmg 4, Improved grab, fast grab, improved hold, improved trip, improved disarm, accurate 2, limited to using a weighted scarf or whip) 10p
    --AP Love Scorned-> Affliction 10 (dazed, stunned, incapacitated) (Resist Will, they mentally relive every wrong they have commited against an innocent or one that loved them)
    --AE-Dance of Lust/Love--Perception Area(sight) Affliction(lust/love) 8(Resist Will; Entranced, compelled, transformed(in love with Daphne), limited attracted to her race/sex) 8p
    --AE-Emotion Control--Affliction 10 (resist Will) (Impaired, Disabled, Controlled) 10p

    Immunity (aging, sleep) (limited half effect) 1p
    Immunity (Diseases, poison) 2p

    EQUIPMENT 3P = 15 ep
    Cold lamp crystal (environmental control: light 1-full; source:heat) 1ep (effectively a lantern with a twist, body heat or rubbing can get light 1-partial out of it)

    Loose Silken Robes: Improved parry +2, feature (always clean) 3ep
    Skin Tight Leather Armor: Toughness +3 3ep

    Staff: Dmg 3, accurate(well balanced), reach 5ft blunt 5ep
    AE-Weighted Silk Scarf: Reach 3 (15ft), Improved grab, Improved Trip 5ep
    AE-Throwing Daggers(crystal hair pins): Ranged Dmg 2, accurate 5ep
    AE-Riding Crop: Reach (5ft), Enhanced trait 2 (intimidation 4, bluff 4), Affliction 4(dazed, stunned, limited degree)(pain vs Fort) 5ep

    SKILLS [Rank (+total)] 17P

    Acrobatics (Agi) 1 (+7)
    Bluff (Pre) 5 (+9) (+13 with crop)
    Climb (Str) 4
    Concentration (Wis) 5
    Diplomacy (Pre) 5 (+9)
    Disable Device (Int)
    Disguise (Pre) 2 (+6)
    Escape Artist (Agi) 2 (+8)
    Expertise (Priestess of Aphrodite, PRE) 7 (+11)
    Expertise (Entertainer [sing, dance, etc], PRE) 1 (+5)
    Expertise (cooking, AWE) 1
    Gather Information (Pre) 5 (+9)
    Handle Animal (Pre) 2 (+6)
    Intimidate (Pre) 1 (+5) (+9 with crop)
    Investigate (Int)
    Language (Native, common, elven, dwarven )
    Medicine (Wis) 5
    Notice (Wis) 5
    Pilot (Dex) 0 (+7)
    Ride (Agi) 1 (+7)
    Search (Int) 3
    Sense Motive (Wis) 7
    Sleight of Hand (Dex) 1 (+8)
    Stealth (Agi) 1 (+7)
    Survival (Wis) 5
    Swim (Str) 4

    Orphan: She was orphaned and raised in the temple. She does not know any family other than the temple, and she is naive able the outside world.

    Harlot: Being raised in a temple of a love goddess she has a much different view on relationships and sexuality than many. She sees herself as free loving, some see her as a harlot. She still has standards; she doesn't just sleep with anyone who asks, but she sees nothing wrong with offering herself as a reward for those that prove themselves or that she is interested in, regardless or age/sex/proclivities/or even race most of the time.

    Bound to the goddess: She was raised in the love of the goddess and has returned that all her life. If she ever turns her back on Aphrodite, most of her abilities may be lost. This is unlikely to ever happen, as she believes in the ideals of spreading peace and love and trying to avoid violence whenever possible. Aphrodite's definition of love ranges the spectrum all the way from carnal lust to devoted true love.

    Attractive: As much as her looks may allow her to wrap many men (and women) around her finger, sometimes it gets her attention at times or in ways that she doesn't desire.

    Journeyer: Daphne is currently at the stage of her training as a priestess where she has learned what she needs to in the temple as has been sent out into the world to learn more of people outside of her sheltered youth and spread the blessings of the Aphrodite before she can return to the temple as a full fledged priestess. While she has advanced far enough that to the outside world she carries all the status of a priestess, within the temple there are still those that surpass her in rank and experience.

    Daphne was an orphaned baby taken in by the temple of Aphrodite when she was left on their steps. The temple is the only life and family she has ever known. She has been taught her entire life the value of love and how to show it to others in many different ways. Aphrodite's definition of love ranges from compassion to others, to hot carnal lust, to devoted love for a lifetime, and as such Daphne sees nothing wrong or immoral with any of these. She knows that not all people are loving and kind, after all Ares has those that follow his path as well, but she does not truly understand the capacity that some people have for violence or cruelty. Even after seeing a person act in those ways, she cannot accept that they cannot be reformed or redeemed in some way through love if only their hearts could be reached.

    Daphne has achieved enough in her studies as a priestess of Aphrodite and how to channel the goddess's powers that it is now her time to journey out into the world to spread love and the goddess's blessing. Once she has learned better how to touch people's hearts and gained wisdom, she will eventually return to the temple to face the trials for her to gain the rank of a full priestess within the temple.

    Being raised in the temple of Aphrodite, she has been taught how to bring out passion, lust, love, compassion, and caring in others. Some times that is to convince them to go spread that love and joy out into the world, and sometimes as a tool for manipulating them into doing what pleases her goddess. Although naive in some ways, she has experience in others. Depending on who's heart she needs to sway and to what, she can be the innocent young girl, the compassionate villager, the passionate lover, or things that would make prostitutes blush.

    Her combat prowess could be described as a "practical application" of BDSM and stripper dancing, but she much prefers to avoid battle when possible. She is more suited to trying to restrain someone long enough to seduce them or convince them to stop fighting than doing anyone lasting harm, not that pain is always a bad thing .

    She has begun roaming the countryside as part of her journey, and ended up in Faerdale. This is a place that looks like it needs some love; perhaps she will find a way to help provide it.
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    Re: Digital's Daemons

    A character from one of Moira's games that is now defunct Paragons-of-the-New-World

    Star Shadow
    Real Name: Shadya Brown
    Height: 5' 6"
    Weight: effectively nothing (165 before)
    Stats -2, Defenses 40, Powers 144, Feats 10, Skills 5, Equipment 1, Drawbacks -3 = 195/195

    stats -2PP shadow/mortal
    STR --/16 (--/+3) -10PP
    CON --/20 (--/+10) -10pp
    DEX 10/16 (0/+3)
    INT 20(+5) 10pp
    WIS 20(+5) 10pp
    CHA 8/12 (-1/+1)

    --(aura)Death Aura (Psychic vampire) Damage 5, DC 20 vs. Fort (alt save), (aura 4/r), affect corporeal, vampiric
    --(close)Steal Your Life (Psychic vampire) Drain (Con 1/r) 15, DC 25 vs. Will, affects corporeal, +7/9* to strike
    Linked Healing 4 on success
    --(close)Steal Your Will (Death)
    Drain (Will) 15, DC 25 vs. Will, affects corporeal, +7/9* to strike
    Linked Healing 4 on success
    --(close)Steal Your Energy (Death)
    Fatigue 12, DC 22 vs. Fort (fatigued, exhausted, unconscious), affects corporeal, +7/9* to strike
    --(close)Shred Your Soul (Death)
    Damage 12, DC 27 vs. Will (alt save), affects corporeal, +7/9* to strike
    --(ranged)Force of Will (Will/Telekinetic Force)
    Damaging Move Object 10, DC 25, affects corporeal, precise, split attack, +11 to strike
    --(close area)Suck/Exude Spirit Essence (Life/Death)
    Concentration Nullify 12 (Life/Death/Spirit effects, vs. Will)

    Defenses 40PP
    Toughness 16
    Fortitude --/+10
    Reflex 9/12* -- 9PP
    Will 16 – 11 PP
    Attack 5/7*(melee focus) 10PP
    Defense 3**/5/8* --10PP
    (3 base defense (2 flat footed), 3 dodge focus in speed of thought)
    Initiative 5 (Speed of Thought feat)
    * With Speed of Thought
    **flat footed

    Powers 144PP
    Shadow Form 81PP (82 with AE)
    ---Insubstantial 4 (permanent + “reverse sustained”, vulnerable to light based effects, innate) 21PP
    ---Concealment 5 (hearing, all vision), 4 ranks (vision) limited while in shadow/darkness 6PP
    ---Flight 1 2PP
    ---Immunity 32 (all fortitude effects, Critical hits, innate) 33PP
    ---Regeneration (recovery check) 2 (heals at -3 recovery check penalty) 2PP
    ---Regeneration (true resurrection) 1, resurrect check = 1 week) 2PP
    ---Protection 16 (permanent) 16PP
    ---Dark Vision 2PP
    ---Drawback (One Way Transformation, cannot turn solid again until the next day once returning to Shadow Form) -3
    AE: Mortal Form 1PP (81PP)
    ---Enhanced Trait (CON 30, fades, slow fade 4 [1/hr], innate) (when CON reaches -10 shifts back to Shadow automatically) 20
    ---Enhanced Traits (STR 16, DEX 6, CHA 4) innate 27PP
    ---Dark Vision 2PP
    ---Reaction (not taking a free action to stay solid) Feature (shift to Shadow Form) 4PP
    ---Immunity (aging) 1
    ---Regeneration 8 (true resurrection, 1 round) 16PP
    -----LINKED Reaction (resurrection) Healing 11 (self only, limited * 3: 1 use, temporary, total) 11PP
    ---The regeneration and linked 1 time healing are meant to let her return (as her shadow) quickly and semi-functionally from her mortal form being killed. The healing is temporary, and unless she uses some of her regen/vampiric abilities shortly after returning she will fall unconscious again and then have to regen as normal. Healing 11 plus (likely) some CON bonus is enough to guarantee healing the unconscious condition that you resurrect at and a good chance at healing disabled, but she will still be hurting when she returns until she "feeds" off of something's essence.

    Bodies Slow You Down 9 PP
    --Drawback -1 (entire array only usable in Shadow Form)
    --Main Power [Speed of Thought] 8PP

    ---Dodge Focus 3 3PP
    ---+3 Reflex save 3PP
    ---Attack Focus (melee) 2
    --AP [Floats Around] 1PP
    ---Flight(2/r) 4 (250 MPH total) 8PP
    --AP [Blink Out] 1PP
    ---Teleport 6 (2/r), medium (shadows/darkness -1/r), change direction (1), change velocity (1), turnabout (1), drawback (can’t teleport into or out of a close salt circle -1) 8PP

    Sense Array (all considered mental senses) 9PP
    Main Power [See Life Force] 8PP
    ---Aura Reading (5 ranks): You can “read” the invisible psychic auras that surround all creatures, showing their mood, physical condition, and any outside psychic influences affecting them. Aura Reading is a mental sense, although the information (the auras) is perceived as visual. Detect Mood and Physical Condition (both ranged), Psychic Awareness 5PP
    ---Add radius to Aura Reading (1) 1PP
    ---Uncanny Dodge (Aura Reading) (doesn’t work against opponents with no aura) 1PP
    ---Danger Sense (Aura Reading) (doesn’t work against opponents with no aura) 1PP
    AP [Soul Searching] 1PP (deeper form of see aura)
    ---Detect Weakness, ranged, acute, analytical 4PP
    ---Detect Powers, ranged, acute, analytical 4PP

    Spirit Array 44PP
    --Main Power [Death Aura 37PP] (Death)
    ---Damage 5 (aura 4/r), affect corporeal (+1/r), vampiric (+1/r), alternate save (Fort +1/r), extended reach (1), subtle(can be seen with aura senses) (1) 37PP
    --AP [Steal Your Life 1PP] (Death) 37
    ---Drain (Con 1/r) 15, save vs. Will, affects corporeal (+1/r), accurate 31PP
    ---Linked Healing 4 (2/r), personal (-1/r), standard action (+1/r), only on drain success (-1) 6PP
    --AP [Steal Your Will 1PP] (Death) 37
    ---Drain (Will 1/r) 15, save vs. Will, affects corporeal (+1/r), accurate 31PP
    ---Linked Healing 4 (2/r), personal (-1/r), standard action (+1/r), only on drain success (-1) 6PP
    --AP [Steal Your Energy 1PP] (Death) 37
    ---Fatigue (2/r) 12, save vs. Fort, affects corporeal (+1/r), accurate 37PP
    --AP [Shred Your Soul 1PP] (Death) 37
    ---Damage (1/r) 12, affects corporeal (+1/r), alternate save (will) (+1/r), accurate 37PP
    --AP [Force of Will 1PP] (Will/Telekinetic Force) 37
    ---Move Object 10 (2/r), affect corporeal (+1/r), precise (1), damaging(1), Improvised Tools Feat (+1), split attack, accurate 3 37PP
    --AP [Give Energy 1PP] (Life) 37
    ---Healing 11(2/r), restoration(+1/r), resurrection(+1/r), total(+1/r), empathic(-1/r), limited to others(-1/r),persistent(+1), stabilize(+1), regrowth(+1), progression 1 (on resurrection time, rank*5 minutes) (+1) 37PP
    --AP [Suck/Exude Spirit Essence 1PP] (Life/Death) 37
    ---Concentration Nullify 12 (Life/Death/Spirit effects, vs. Will), nullify field (close rank x 5 ft radius), variable descriptor 1 (life/death/spirit/soul) 37

    Feats: 10PP
    Benefit (status) (FREE), Jack of All Trades, Master Plan, Assessment, Eidetic Memory, Speed of Thought Feat (use INT for initiative bonus), Move By Action, Inventor, Contacts (ex-military), Leadership, Online Research

    Skills: 5PP
    Computers 1(6), Concentration 1(6), Craft(mechanical) 4(9), Craft(Electrical) 1(6), Craft(Structural) 1(6), Disable Device 1(6), Drive 1, Knowledge(Physical sciences) 1(6), Knowledge(Business) 1(6), Knowledge(Tactics) 1(6), Notice 3(8), Sense Motive 1(6), Gather Information 1(0), Language 2 (English (native), Arabic, French)

    Equipment: 5ep = 1PP
    HQ 1ep as AE to group's main base (Her shop/home now that she and Danielle are on the rocks):
    Size medium (warehouse size), Toughness 10 (reinforced concrete), garage, workshop, library, living space, fire prevention system, security system, Computer 1ep, police scanner 1ep

    4ep unspent as needed for missions/inventions

    Uncontrolled Life Drain: Star Shadow’s Spirit Array uncontrollably reverts to Death Aura when dazed, stunned, or unconscious. This becomes a serious setback to Shadya especially if dispelled (killed). When she first resurrects she is automatically sucking life from anything within 5 ft of her until she can at least regain consciousness. It is also a problem for her if she is too close to bystanders or teammates when hit with salt or dazed or stunned from attacks (mainly light and magic) that affect her. She has gotten much better about controlling this, but still occasionally slips up.

    Possible Addiction: She hates the idea of “feeding” off the living, but the feeling of life entering her again when she uses her powers is a huge rush at the same time. This may become a problem for her at some point if she can’t control it. This becomes an even greater concern if she ever has a mental break due to inability to experience the world in many ways anymore.

    Hunger: Whether it is a sign of addiction or her spirit needing a replacement for not needing food and drink anymore, she starts to feel a growing hunger and a sense of being tired if she doesn't feed at least once a week.

    Death Aura: Animals and anyone that can sense death are generally uneasy around Shadya in her new form. Animals usually flee/make noise/try to attack. Regardless of the reaction, it makes it plain that something unnatural is around, no matter how quiet she can be or how many shadows there are to blend into.

    Survivors: She has a girlfriend and a family that could be targeted to get to her. It's not like a ghost can go around wearing a mask after all. She has talked to her family over the phone, but has not visited them since her transformation. She is afraid of their reaction when they find out. She is still having a hard enough time coping with what happened to her and hoping that she didn't blow things with Danielle.

    Ghost: Star Shadow literally appears as a shadowy version of former self. People who knew her well can still easily recognize her as herself, even if her shadowy form sort of evaporates from around her constantly.

    Prejudice: Not only did she probably already get some heat in her life from being gay, but now she may be seen as a monster by many. This does give her a form of kinship with others that underwent extreme transformations (such as Traveler).

    Psychic Vampire: It takes Star Shadow a long time to heal without draining life from others. She tries to avoid sucking life force from innocents whenever possible, but when feeling too weak she starts craving life force. She has only let herself drain very small amount from people so far to just leave them tired but unharmed. Still, she fears one day she may need a fix so badly she draws more life force from someone than they can live without.

    Dispersion: Since she does not have a body anymore Star Shadow cannot be truly killed (see true resurrection), instead her form is just dispersed and then reforms at her home after she has slowly been able to collect her energy again. This does take about a week or longer and can remove her from action for some time.

    Touch/Loneliness: It is stressful on her relationships that she can no longer do something as simple as be held by the person she loves. Though sheer will power she can affect the physical world with a sort of telekinesis; she has even managed to gain pretty good control over fine movements. It isn't the same as truly being able to touch someone and this doesn't allow anyone else to touch her in return.

    Shadya was an Army brat going up, and a bit of a tomboy. Her father was stationed in the Middle East when she was born, and her mother named her after a family friend nearby. Her mother always said that in the US she wanted her daughter to have a name that would stand out some since she surname was so plain. Being the daughter of a military commander, she was taught to always have a plan before going off half cocked and to preferably have contingency plans because the first casualty or war is the battle plan. He also taught her chess from a young age, and she plays games with him by post to this day. He also taught her to shoot and work on cars. Unfortunately, he had a habit of embarrassing her some when she started dating by telling her dates that if they hurt her he wouldn't have to shoot them, because she'd do it herself.

    Being raised an Army brat; she tried the service herself when she got old enough. She was in for 6 years, a pretty good record for a woman serving in the motor pool and not decking anyone for some of the less than pleasant remarks that would occasionally get made. She lasted 4 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, even if the last one ended by being a little too close to a suicide bomber in a local market and taking shrapnel in the leg. Diplomacy and people skills are not her strong suits; after all there is a reason why she works with machines. She is talented, but has no patience for politics, sucking up, or red tape. She probably wasn't going to reenlist when her time was up anyway, that medical discharge may have been a good thing. She got partial disability through the VA and an honorable discharge instead of the dishonorable that slugging her NCO would have gotten her the next time she caught him staring at her ass again when she was leaned over the engine compartment of a Hum V.

    She opened her own business dealing with classic cars when she got out. She still loves tinkering with things, and has a fondness for classic cars, so she does well running her own restoration business. It's a good thing too, because what job would she be able to keep as a ghost. At least that last piece of metal in her leg was finally gone after her transformation. Shadya has had to prove herself all her life as an equal to the guys around her between growing up an army brat ad then being in such a male dominated field. She can be a bitch on wheels to anyone that doesn't take her seriously, especially if she thinks it is because she is a girl. She taught growing up that respect is a two way street, and she gives respect in return to those who give it to her.

    She was always curious, taking things apart to see how they worked, and extremely bright. However, she is extremely strong willed, has a temper at times, and is very protective of the people and things she cares about. She only got involved in all this god business because her girlfriend (Danielle) was in the wrong place at the wrong time when all hell broke loose with the world. Her name comes from being asked by someone who she was after helping deal with things that first day. Her response was a rather reflection "I'm just a star shadow.” The name stuck.

    Shadya had a very hard time controlling her powers at first, and is still very afraid of hurting someone accidentally because of them. Became rather depressed for the first few weeks and poured herself into her shop. During that time she has learned to control her powers much better, but still worries about harming someone with them one day. All the changes and feelings of guilt on both sides led Shadya and Danielle to take a break for a time. When Shadya heard that Danielle was facing a major battle with a god (Priscus) a few weeks later, she still jumped to the defense of her girlfriend regardless of what their current status might be. This led to meeting many others that were changed more than normal that day, and they have started to band together as “Paragons” to try to help. Hopefully this group could provide a lot of the brotherhood of the service (and maybe even some of the thrills) without all the macho B***S*** about being a girl. maybe they could even really help people, and some closer to home instead of rebuilding someone else's country.
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    Re: Digital's Daemons

    A current character in one of Jemal's games Gaming-w-Jemal-Operation-Phoenix

    House rules:
    Biggest Change: DAMAGE
    Given the more lethal take on this game, I will be using the 2e Damage & recovery system, so all attacks must be specified as Lethal/Nonlethal. *If you do not know this system, ask and I'll give more details.*

    I will also be using the appropriate 2e Immunities:
    20p each: Nonlethal Physical; Nonlethal Energy; Lethal Physical; Lethal Energy.
    *Nobody can take immunity to more than one type of damage to start.

    For purposes of power nullification/etc, Natural Abilities are limited to 4, with any above that being achieved as enhanced via powers.
    Presence commonly sucks, so I'll be handling it like a lot of people on the boards do - you get a free 'social related' advantage for each rank of presence. (Social advantages, benefits, Wealth, etc).
    Dex is also generally unimpressive, so add it to Initiative in addition to Agility.
    *Also, and if you have 6+ ranks between Agi and Dex (3 each, 4 agi / 2 dex, etc) you gain Quickness 1 (Innate, Limited: Physical) as a bonus power.

    Removed: Favoured Environment, Fast Grab, Benefit: Wealth, Speed of Thought(Int is awesome enough!), Fearless (This can instead be bought as a a 2pp Immunity Power)
    Changed: Luck (Gives HP instead of just reroll), Jack of all trades (Does not apply to Expertise checks, which fall under Eidetic Memory),

    Movement Modes:
    I've tried this for my Solstice game and will be trying it here as well:
    I don't like how overwhelmingly good Flight and Teleport seem as travel modes - They surpass the others handily! (In my mind, versatility should come with less speed, and less versatility = more speed). The cost on them doesn't seem to even the benefit.
    In that vein, I will be making the following Changes:
    Jump works more like 2nd edition: Each rank doubles the distance you jump with an Athletics Check.
    Swimming allows you to move at speed = Rank, not Rank-2.
    Burrowing is base speed rank-3 not rank-5.
    Teleport: costs 5 points For the ability to Teleport, and 2/rank to increase distance . Distance = Rank -1.
    -Base cost includes Change Direction.
    -Accurate is not an extra anymore but can be added as needed with Extra Effort.
    -Extended Doubles your effect ranks rather than adding 8.
    Hover: New mode, costs 2pp. Allows you to hover in the air, slow fall, and move up to 5 feet as a move action.
    Flight: costs 2/rank. Speed = Rank.
    -If you do not have Hover, you must use at least 1 rank to stay airborne (Meaning you must move at least 30' per round to maintain flight)
    -Flight is Distracting. You can use a power feat to lessen or Negate this : Manueverable (with 1 rank, flight is only distracting when used at more than half ranks. With 2 ranks, Flight is not distracting)
    *So, the ability to Fly, hover in place, and not be vulnerable would be:
    Flight (2/rank + Hover 2 + Manueverable 2) = 6pp. This would give you a 30' move speed. After that, speed increase is the usual 2pp/rank.

    Movement Caps: I will be capping movement mode ranks at PL-2 (6), or PL+2 (10) for Speedsters.
    My submission:

    Ice Queen PL 8 (120)
    Shawna Anderson
    Age 20
    Height 5' 8"
    Weight 145


    Acrobatics 2 (+5)
    Athletics 2 (+4)
    Close Combat (Unarmed) 3 (+6)
    Deception 2 (+6)
    Expertise (Business) 2 (+2)
    Expertise (Politics)(PRE) 1 (+5)
    Expertise (Streetwise)(AWE) 2 (+5)
    Insight 5 (+8)
    Intimidation 1 (+5) [9 with ice claws]
    Perception 4 (+7)
    Persuasion 3 (+7)
    Sleight of hand 2 (+4)
    Technology 1 (+1)
    Vehicles 1 (+1)

    Taunt(spent with weekly bonus 2/17/15)

    Free social advantages:
    Attractive, Connected, Well Informed, Setup

    Descriptor: ice/cold
    Source: Mutation, inherited in genetic line and triggered once new power entered the world.

    "Heart of Ice": Immunity 10 (cold effects) [10]
    "Enhanced Reflexes": Enhanced Trait (Dodge 2, Parry 2) [4]

    "Ice Armor" [4]
    Flaw (Move Activation -1)
    Protection 5 (Sustained) [5]

    "One with Ice/Snow" Movement (Sure-Footed) (Flaws: Limited to Ice/Snow) + Environmental Adaption (snow/ice) (3) -- [4]
    AE: "Ice Slides" Movement (Safe Fall) (Extras: Affects Others) (3) (spent with weekly bonus 2/11/15)

    "Ice Prison" Affliction 8 (Dodge/Damage; Hindered & Vulnerable/Immobilized & Defenseless/Paralyzed & Incapacitated) (Feats: Accurate 3) (Extras: Ranged, Extra Condition) (27) (potentially lethal if she encases the head)--[31]
    AE: "Ice Slick" Affliction 8 (vs. Acrobatics--balancing; Hindered/Prone) (Flaws: Limited Degree) (Extras: cloud area 2) (24)
    LINKED Environment 4 (Impede Movement 2) (reduced duration 2: instant, cloud area instead of burst area) (2)
    AE: "Ice Shards" Blast 8 (Feats: Accurate 3)(Extras: Multi-Attack) (27) (Lethal)
    AE: "Frozen Fractals" Create Ice 8 (Feats: Accurate, Subtle, Precise)(Extras: Continuous) (27)
    AE: "Ice Claws" Damage 6 (Feats: STR based, Variable Descriptor (slashing, piercing, bashing), Reach, accurate, Enhanced Intimidation 4, Penetrating 8, Improved Critical 3, split, Enhanced Feat (Fast Demoralize)) (Lethal unless done as bashing damage) (27)

    Close Offense:
    Unarmed +6 (+2 Damage, DC 17)
    Ice Claws +8 (+8 Damage, penetrating, DC 23)

    Ranged Offense:
    Ice Prison +8 (Ranged Affliction 8, DC 18)
    Ice Slick (Area Affliction 8, DC 18)
    Ice Shards +8 (Multi-Attack Ranged Damage 8, DC 23)
    Initiative +5

    Dodge +8/6*, Parry +8/6*, Toughness +3 (+8 W/ Ice Armor), Fortitude +6/5*, Will +7
    * = pre powered stats

    "Parched": Shanna cannot use most of her powers without some form of moisture. If there is a source of water, ice/snow, or even sufficient humidity she is fine, but hot arid environments can cause her issues.

    "Can't take the heat": Shanna suffers +5 DC on fire and heat based effects when in her icy form and +2 DC even when not.

    "Family Ties": Shanna has old enemies from her past life, including those who would have her killed if they found out she was alive. She has some allies too, but most of those think she is dead. It doesn't help that her family crest is tattooed on her right shoulder.

    "Apple doesn't fall far from the tree": If people on the streets find out who she is, or was, they might not react so nicely. Many might take revenge on the regime out on her.

    "Rose colored glasses": Shanna is young enough to not really have any memory of the world before the aliens invaded. She remembers her grandfather and family as people who helped turn back the aliens and restore order to the world, not as the villains that many others saw them as. The fact that these are the same loving family that loved her and raised her only adds to that bias. Even after having lived on the other side of the tracks, she sees how many of the ruling class can be tyrants, but her family weren't like that. They weren't saints, and sometimes discipline was required to keep order, but her family weren't villains who enjoyed the suffering of others.
    OOC: I'm not trying to say that they really weren't pretty bad in ways, just a combination of biased perception and that the really bad violations were not done were she could see them. I'm imagining that the new order in the world works similar to organized crime in many ways; even a mob boss that has someone killed is probably a kind loving grandfather to his family and wouldn't shoot someone in front of his kids.

    Her grandfather and parents were greedy in the old world, and wanted wealth and power. They were willing to ignore or break many laws to get what they wanted, but they (and those working for them) were more business people similar to mobsters than psychotic villains that enjoyed taking life or causing pain. Even in the new order of the world they kept order and their seat of power, but avoided killing or severe punishments of the peasants in most cases.
    "Survival of the fittest": Shawna saw growing up that most of the world is ruled by powerful people (some of them bordering on monsters) that only respect of fear those powerful enough to stand up to them. These "villains" may have reached their deals and truces to form a feudalistic government, but most of the normal people on the streets suffer because of it. She grew up as a member of a strong family, and was taught that only maintaining that position of strength would keep others in power from trying to take over their territory. She is familiar with them from a historical standard, but concepts such as democracy seem alien to her and ultimately doomed to fail when a strong enough conqueror comes along.

    "Her subjects": The people that took over various parts of her family's territory after the death of her grandfather and the murder of her parents are much harder on the people than her family ever was. She has suffered as part of this on the street these last years herself. She feels bad for the people, but cannot understand the desire of the resistance to return to a more democratic government. To her the only way for the people to have a good life is for their ruler to be a wise and gentle one as she saw her grandfather be instead of the monsters that some in power are. Now that her genetic gifts were triggered by the power entering the world, she wants to regain her family's legacy both for herself (she does miss the comforts she grew up with), but also because so few of those in power can be trusted to be kind or gentle rulers. Since others in power will not, if she can regain that power for herself she can at least ensure that the people have a benevolent queen. Even after a few years on the streets, sometimes that superiority complex from being part of the upper class in her old life leaks through.

    Shanna's grandfather was Professor Frost, a notable scientist in his younger years, and a notable villain in his later life. He survived the changes that brought the world to where it is now, and he became a major player in the new hierarchy, one of the kings. Shanna's mother was not powered, but her father was. After the new regime was established, Shanna lived well. Her grandfather was a major power in this new world (now known as the Ice King based on his powers), and her father held some sway as well (her family were prince/princess level and her grandfather was a king): partially for his own powers and partially for the family he had married into. Shanna is young enough to not really have any memory of the world before the aliens invaded. She remembers her grandfather and family as people who helped turn back the aliens and restore order to the world, not as the villains that many others saw them as. The fact that these are the same loving family that loved her and raised her only adds to that bias. Even after having lived on the other side of the tracks, she sees how some of the ruling class can be tyrants, but her family weren't like that.

    4 years ago, her grandfather died of a heart attack. No one had him killed, his heart simply gave out. That did not stop rivals from taking advantage of the vacuum of power. Her parents were killed in a car bombing within days of her grandfather's death. Shanna was also the victim of a failed bombing attempt. Everyone thought she was dead, and she was smart enough to go underground and stay hidden to avoid being killed if anyone knew she was alive.

    In the last 4 years she has truly seen, and experienced, what life is like for normals in this world. She wasn't powered, was too young to have come into her powers when the world was changed, but there was a decent chance that she would have been if any new powers came to the world based on her lineage. Her family had power in the new world, and ruled most of the former American and Canadian West under her grandfather as the family's patriarch. They held onto power, but tried to be benevolent rulers. They treated their subjects better than most other regimes, but even her grandfather didn't have the power to try to rein in the gods of this new world. They went and did as they pleased, even in her grandfather's territory. She was raised to see the people in their territory as the family's subjects, and in many ways part of the base of their power. She was taught that the ruling and keeping order was hard work, and so deserved certain rewards as compensation, but that as the ruling family for their territory that she must understand the family's responsibility to the people as well to maintain order and not abuse their subjects.

    The family that took over her family's territories has been much more abusive to the people than her grandfather ever was. Shanna had hoped that whoever filled the power void would be taken good care of her subjects, but instead they have been ruthless; not that this surprises her from a family that had her grandfather's lieutenants (including her parents) slaughtered to take power.

    Now, Shanna has found herself inheriting powers similar to her grandfather's, although much weaker. She doesn't know why powers are appearing again, or if training her new abilities will eventually make them grow to the level his were. She wants her family's rightful place back. She wants to be crowned the Ice Queen and take up her grandfather's crown. She wants back the life of luxury that she used to be accustomed to, but also to be a good ruler that the people can respect as her grandfather was. She also wants justice on the people involved in her parent's death; she tries to keep this from becoming purely revenge, but murder is still a crime that requires severe punishment.

    This doesn't mean that the last 4 years haven't changed her. She has seen what life is like for the have nots. She has gone hungry, been subject to the whims of powers that once were beneath her station, has had to steal (and worse) to survive. This has also given her more perspective on the need for compassion in ruling if she ever regains her family's power.

    She has survived mainly by making a few friends with other street rats and by being a small time thief. Knowledge from her past life has helped a lot in this. She knows who the players are, and so knows how to avoid too much attention or stepping on the toes of the wrong people. She also knows has a large amount of seedier contacts, although she tries to avoid dealing wit hthem directly to avoid people figuring out who she really is. She is good at being the "face" or distraction for her merry little band of street rats while someone else grabs the goods. She is also quick enough to avoid getting cut or shot when things get nasty, although she has always been more one to run than fight.

    As she starts fighting the regime now that she has the power, does that make her a hero? She would probably say no; she just wants to protect her people and her family's legacy. She is seeking to join the resistance because of a common enemy. If she does get her former position back (or that of her parents/grandfather) one day, she will be a much more compassionate queen than the ones in power now (like the version she knows of her grandfather), but she still knows that this is a world where the strong rule and might really does make right. If and when that time comes, she knows that a falling out may come between her and much of the resistance. She also knows that any willing to follow her when that day comes will be her best chance for loyal lieutenants that will not only protect the territory from the threat of hostile takeover, but also treat the people decently. Maybe she will even meet someone stronger that can fulfill that legacy for her if she cannot do it herself (and she might be willing to follow the right person if they came along), but she has power now, and those that have it without abusing it are rare in this world. She knows that if the strong don't keep things in line, the world will fall victim to chaos. Besides if the world doesn't maintain a strong front, how will they ever survive if the aliens invaders return one day.

    An idea of appearance

    Total: Abilities: 40 / Skills: 30--15 / Advantages: 0 / Powers: 52 / Defenses: 13 (120)

    I'm not seeing much of her stats as power based, although part of her physical stats is increases from the last couple years on the streets. I marked her Dodge, Parry and Fort as slightly enhanced by powers, other than that the only part of her sheet I see as powers based is the actual powers section.

    PP earned on Used for
    2/11 Ice Slides
    2/17 Taunt
    2/22 unused
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    Re: Digital's Daemons

    An earlier submission of the same character (mechanically) to a different PL 10 game. Background differs
    Jemal's Solstice game

    House rules same as PL 8 version of Ice Queen in previous post

    Ice Queen PL 10 (160)
    Shawna Anderson
    Age 29
    Height 5' 8"
    Weight 145


    Acrobatics 2 (+5)
    Athletics 2 (+4)
    Close Combat (Unarmed) 4 (+7)
    Deception 2 (+6)
    Expertise (Business) 4 (+4)
    Expertise (Politics)(PRE) 3 (+8)
    Insight 5 (+8)
    Intimidation 1 (+5)
    Perception 4 (+7)
    Persuasion 3 (+8)
    Ranged Combat (Ice) 8 (+10)
    Technology 1 (+1)
    Vehicles 1 (+1)

    Favored Environment (snow/ice)

    Free social advantages:
    Attractive, Benefit(wealth), Connected, Teamwork

    "Heart of Ice": Immunity 10 (cold effects) [10]

    "Ice Form" [11]
    Flaw (Move Activation -1)
    Immunity 4 (Suffocation 2, vacuum, pressure) [4]
    Protection 7 (Extras: Sustained) [7]
    Senses 1 (Infravision) [1]

    "Ice Slides" Flight 4 (40 mph) (Feats: Hover, Maneuverable 2) (Flaws: Platform) [8]
    AE: "Ground Slide" Speed 6 (160 mph) + Movement 1 (Water walking) [8]
    AE: "One with Ice/Snow" Movement 6 (Sure-Footed, Permeate 3, Trackless, Water walking) (Flaws: Limited to Ice/Snow) + Environmental Adaption (snow/ice) [8]

    "Ice Prison" Affliction 10 (Dodge/Damage; Hindered & Vulnerable/Immobilized & Defenseless/Paralyzed & Incapacitated) (Extras: Ranged, Cumulative, Extra Condition) (40) --[50]
    AE: "Ice Slick" Affliction 10 (Agility or Acrobatics--balancing; Hindered/Prone) (Flaws: Limited Degree) (Extras: Area- 60ft. x 10 ft. Line +3) (40)
    AE: "Freezer Burn" Weaken Toughness 10 vs. Fort (Extras: Ranged, Affects Objects, Secondary Effect) (40)
    AE: "Ice Shards" Blast 10 (Feats: Penetrating 5, Split) (Extras: Multi-Attack) (36)
    AE: "Hail Storm" Damage 10 (Extras: Area- 60ft. Burst +2, Ranged) (40)

    AE: "Ice Claws" Damage 9 (Feats: STR based, Variable Descriptor (slashing, piercing), Reach, accurate, Enhanced Intimidation 4, Penetrating 5, Improved Critical 2) (21)
    AE: "Ice Monster" Growth 4 (15 ft., +4 STR, +4 STA, +2 Intimidation, -4 Stealth, -2 Dodge, -2 Parry) + Enhanced Trait (Impervious 11, STR 6, Intimidation + 8, Parry 3, Protection -2, Daze (Intimidation), Startle) + Regeneration 5 (Flaws: Source water) + Morph 1 (ice monster) (Flaws: Quirk, must be in Ice Form first) [40]

    AE: "Frozen Fractals" Create Ice 9 (Feats: Innate, Precise) (Extras: Continuous, Impervious) (38)
    AE: "Cryokenesis" Move Object 10 (Extras: Perception Range, Subtle, Damaging) (Flaws: Limited Material Ice/Snow) [40]
    AE: "Patch Ice" Healing 9 (Feats: Persistent) (Extras: Affects Objects, Restorative, Ranged) (Flaws: Limited to Ice) [37]
    AE: "Raging Blizzard" Environment 5 (500 feet) (Impede Movement 2, Visibility 2, Cold 2) (Extras: Selective) (35)

    Close Offense:
    Unarmed +7 (+2 Damage, DC 17)
    Ice Monster Unarmed +7, (+12 Damage, DC 27)
    Ice Claws +9 (+11 Damage, Pentrating 5 DC 28)

    Ranged Offense:
    Ice Prison +10 (Ranged Affliction 10, DC 20)
    Ice Slick (Area Affliction 10, DC 20)
    Ice Shards +10 (Multi-Attack Ranged Damage 10, Penetrating 5, DC 25)
    Hail Storm (Ranged Area Damage 10, DC 25)
    Freezer Burn +10 (Ranged Weaken 10, DC 20)
    Initiative +3

    Dodge +10 (+8 Ice Monster), Parry +7 (+8 Ice Monster), Toughness +3 (+10 Iced Form) (+12 Impervious 11 Ice Monster), Fortitude +6 (+10 Ice Monster), Will +7

    "Parched": Shanna cannot use most of her powers without some form of moisture. If there is a source of water, ice/snow, or even sufficient humidity she is fine, but hot arid environments can cause her issues. After having been in her icy form, Shawna is always incredibly thirsty afterwards.

    "Can't take the heat": Shanna suffers +5 DC on fire and heat based effects when in her icy form and +2 DC even when not.

    Power Loss: When not in ice form, all of Shanna's non Perception Range attacks become Close Range instead.

    "Business Woman": Shawna has an image to maintain and an empire to help run. She also has family that might try to push her out of the business one day.

    "Socialite": Shawna's reputation proceeds her, and that is not always a good thing. She has very few loyal friends and many of her acquaintances would gladly stab her in the back for their own advancement.

    Shawna was a Denver business woman and socialite who spends most of her free time on the ski slopes of the Rockies. OK, let's face it she is getting better, but she was still a spoiled little rich princess born with a silver spoon in her mouth and her parents' money for most of her life.

    Her family had an empire of real estate and hotels scattered around the Denver area. Along with her siblings, she inherited that empire when her parents died. Technically Anderson Properties was still a single business, but in recent years it ws treated more like individual kingdoms of each sibling with a loose alliance rather than a single family company. If her father's will had not specifically forbid it, the company probably would have split by now. Shawna is a shrewd (if not likeable) business woman used to finding and exploiting loopholes in contracts, laws, regulations. She was raised in a way to see this as normal as must of the people she knows are also this way. This can cause issues trusting people, although it also makes her harder to deceive as she expects people to lie to her or look for loopholes in their end of bargains as well.

    Shawna is married to a prominent businessman who has a seat in the state senate. There is no love there as both of them are gay but not open about this fact. Some would ask why a "cover" relationship like this was needed anymore since things are more accepted now, but if her parents had ever found out she would have been written out of the will. The rest of her family might still try to force her out of the company if they knew. Her family and most in their social circles know that her marriage is a cold one that there have been rumors (mostly true) that they are together as a strictly business arrangement much like noble marriages of centuries ago and both have flings on the side.

    Discretion and politics prevents most people form pointing this out openly when they are around, but the rumour mill has a life of its own at times. Only her best friend (since childhood) knows that the various men and women known to stay at the Anderson house from time to time and visiting the opposite partner than most would expect. Her and her husband are both at best regional powers in politics and business, but have had an eye on large prizes for some time.

    Shawna lacks her parent's level of social grace, although she knows the rules of conducting yourself in the circles she travels and how to get what she wants. If it were not for the money and power (both business and political) she inherited many people would have nothing to do with her. Her cold personality and (at times obviously) feigned social graces have dubber her the nickname of the Ice Queen behind her back. She has heard the comments before, but there is nothing to be gained by making a scene. All it would do is cause her embarrassment and cost political capital. She knows that most favors that people do for her are expected to be paid back.

    Earlier this year she was caught in an avalanche on the side of a mountain near a ski resort she frequented. She was trapped and freezing; even as much as she loved the cold snow, she cursed it then. Shawna thought she was going to die unless rescue teams found her under the snow. It was almost 3 days later when she was near death and suffering from frostbite and hypothermia something strange happened. She no longer felt cold at all; Shawna was sure this was the sign that she as in too much shock to register the experience any longer and close to death. Instead she found herself able to just walk out of the snow that had trapped her for days like it was not there. A few days later when she returned to public view, she told everyone that she had caught a terrible flu on her ski trip and was luckily sick in her cabin for those days instead of letting anyone know what really happened. The next week at the party, she heard someone whispering about how they wished she had not gotten sick, maybe the "ice queen" would have been caught in the avalanche and died and they would no longer have to deal with her. She knew exactly what they meant, but instead of being enraged, she laughed to herself. They had called her that for years behind her back, but no one knew just how true the title was now. She was a being of ice and snow in human flesh now. People with powers had been showing up for most of a year, and most of them seemed to use some form of costume and name to disguise their real identities. She had just found hers.

    Maybe it was an experience with death and realizing that she left no legacy behind. Maybe it was a combination of seeing people become heroes mixed with childhood fantasies about a "fair" world. In the weeks after getting off that mountain the ice queen began to soften some. Still, old habits are hard to change and she is still abrasive and at times rude, especially with those below her station, but not as much as before. As she has learned control over her icy powers, she has even started to try to help people and maybe even becoming one of those heroes everyone has started to look up to. She also found that she really did need those self defense courses that her parents insisted upon when she was younger.

    Her first forays as a "hero" started out looking into a series of robberies and vandalism at various business interests of hers. She was still only looking out for herself, not trying to be anyone's hero. She got a thrill from using her new found powers and from the adventure of it. She started going out at night wandering the streets looking for that adrenaline rush in encounters in between the parties of her rich associates. After all she still had a business to run, but she loved the thrill of run-ins on the street. Sometimes it was looking after properties of hers, other times even purposefully taking detours through bad neighborhoods on the way to or from parties for the excitement if someone tried to mug her.

    That changed one night when she was going through a rather run down area one night, and she heard cries for help from a small convenience store just down from where she was. She went to look, not really trying to be a good sameritan but hooked on the adrenaline rush. She managed to stop a robbery that night and save the lives of the store owner forming a wall of solid ice in the path of the bullet the robber fired. This was the first time she had done something like this to help someone else. It had always been for her until now, either for excitement or to protect her investments. The old man looked at her with a mix of awe and gratitude that night; this was not something she was used to. In the world she came from, people only did you a favor if they wanted something in return. Everyone was only looking out for themselves and the status and fortunes of their families. This experience changed her, and since then she has been trying to truly become someone that can be looked up to as a hero.

    Recently she has started to take on some more humanitarian investments in addition to her real estate holdings. A group called SAT seems to be doing some interesting research. Previously she would have considered their success rate too low to be considered a solid investment, even as big as their victories have been. They also seem to be doing a lot with the new super humans that have appeared. Maybe that is the reason for her interest, or maybe her icy demeanor really is thawing more than she realized.

    An idea of appearance

    Monstrous form

    Total: Abilities: 40 / Skills: 40--20 / Advantages: 1 / Powers: 81 / Defenses: 18 (160)

    Credit to Jabronville as I used one of his Iceman builds as a template and then altered from there.
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    Re: Digital's Daemons

    Character from Cosmic Hunter's game Cybertron-Alpha-405

    Abilities 112, Defenses 4, Advantages 14, Skills 36, Powers 49 ,Equipment 6 = 221PP
    I could lower the PP cost with more optimization, but not much reason to here

    Name: Wheelie
    Gender: Female

    Abilities: 112
    STR: 6
    STA: 8
    AGL: 12
    DEX: 10
    FGT: 8
    INT: 0
    AWE: 12
    PRE: 0

    Defenses: 4
    Dodge: 12
    Parry: 12
    Toughness: 8
    Will: 12
    Fortitude: 8
    Initiative: 16

    ---Blasters (Ranged Damage 7, multiattack, split attack) (DC 22+, + 13 to attack)
    ---Stun (Ranged Affliction 7, split attack) (resisted by Dodge and overcome by Fort.) Fort DC 17, +13 to attack
    ---Sniper (Ranged Damage 7, extended Range, distracting, improved critical 2, scope Ė precise attack cover and concealment, improved aim) (DC 22, +13 to attack, crit 18-20, precise)

    ---Arm Blades (STR Damage 2(8), penetrating 4, split attack, improved critical 2) (DC 23, +12 to attack, crit 18-20)
    ---Hand To Hand (Damage 6, +14 to attack)

    Advantages: 14
    Accurate Attack
    Agile Fient
    Defensive Attack
    Evasion 2
    Hide in Plain Sight
    Improved Initiative
    Improved Trip
    Instant Up
    Move by Action
    Uncanny Dodge
    Great Endurance

    Acrobatics 8(20)
    Athletics 10(16)
    Close Combat (unarmed) 6(14)
    Close Combat (blades) 4(12)
    Ranged Combat (blasters) 3(13)
    Deception 6
    Insight 8(20)
    Perception 8(20)
    Sleight of Hand 1(11)
    Stealth 8(20)
    Technology 10

    Powers: 49
    Speed 2
    Extended Vision & Hearing
    Distance Sense, Direction Sense, Danger Sense (hearing), Internal GPS
    Commlink with Squad
    Environment (Light) (cone area) (headlights in chest in humanoid form)
    Leaping 3 quirk(noticable in vehicle form or when using all 3 ranks [think jumps jet assisted])

    Specialized Compartments: Feature: 1 ( special compartments to store weapons, and items in chassis)
    Immunity 8 (Aging, suffocation (all), sleep, vacuum, environmental heat, pressure, starvation/thirst (energon dependent))

    Weapon Systems (Array): 25
    - Scout: Light Weapon Systems, Long Range Weapon Systems
    - Main Power: Blasters
    Ranged Damage 7, multiattack, split attack
    - AP: Sniper
    Ranged Damage 7, extended Range, distracting, improved critical 2, scope Ė precise attack cover, power attack, not usable in vehicle mode
    - AP: Arm Blades
    STR Based Damage 2, penetrating 4, split attack, improved critical 2
    - AP: Stun Blast (fires a high voltage electrical blast)
    Ranged Affliction 7 (alternate resist, split attack) (resisted by Dodge and overcome by Fort.)
    (dazed, stunned, incapacitated)

    Vehicle Mode:
    Motorcycle Ė 7
    Alternate form Ė move activation -1
    Speed 8 (10 total)
    Leaping 1 (loses 2 ranks unless using a ramp)
    - AP of weapons array: Oil Slick:
    Environment 11 (Hamper movement 2) (line area, limited to the path traveled during turn used,
    permanent, fades) (Only reason for this high of a rank is that is covers full movement distance for a round, even if she uses athletics to boost her speed for the round)
    - AP of weapons array: Smoke Screen
    Concealment 4(all visual) (cone area 3 (up to 250 Ft. h/w/l) ,limited to behind her on path
    travelled, attack resisted by Dodge)

    Equipment: 6PP
    Multi-Tool, AV recorder/Camera, Grenades (limited 5 uses) Ranged Burst Area Damage 10

    I'm pretty much stealing the design for Arcee from Transformers Prime for the character art. I figure being a scout going for the more basic nuetral tone color scheme shown in the first pic instead of teh blue and pink the Arcee has. Since I didn't make any of the weapon systems removable, I figure that her blades and blasters are built into her forearms (in humanoid mode at least) and the arm casing pulls back when they are activated similar to the way Prime showed them working.

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    Re: Digital's Daemons

    A recreation in M&M of a very fun D&D character from years ago where the entire party was made up of awakened animals.

    Awakened animal

    PL 6 90PPs
    Name: Bob
    Gender: male
    Age: 2 years
    Height: about 4 inches, 1 ft long (2 with tail)
    Weight: 2 pounds (about 900 grams
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brownish scales

    Animal Type: Bearded Dragon (honestly believes he is a real baby dragon)
    STATS: 28PP
    STR: -2 (shrink)
    STA: 4
    AGL: 4
    DEX: 0
    FGT: 1
    INT: 3
    AWE: 4
    PRE: -2
    Speed rank 0 total

    blast 7, +4 to attack
    blast 5 area (dodge)

    Dodge (agl): 8
    Parry (fgt): 4
    Fort (sta): 4/9
    Tough (sta): 4
    Will (awe): 4
    Init: 4

    Powers: 47pp
    Small size 8PP -- Shrinking 8 (permanent, 1ft long size class -4, stealth 8, -4 intimidate, +4 defenses, -2 str, -1 speed)
    Healing 6PP -- Regeneration 3 (persistent, regrowth[regrows limbs and organs])
    Tail 1PP -- Extra Limbs 1
    Lizard feet 9PP -- Movement (Wall Crawling 2, surefooted)
    -- Speed 2, limited requires all 4s
    --Swimming 2, limited requires all 4s
    -- Leaping 2, limited requires all 4s
    Senses 4PP-- low light vision, accurate hearing, detect vibration, danger sense
    Immunity 1PP (environmental heat/cold, limited 1/2 effect)
    Fire Breath 15PP array, 16PP (considered magical fire)
    -- Blast 7, accurate
    -- Blast 5, cone area
    Teeth/Claws 2PP -- Damage 2

    Advantages: 11PP
    Favored Environment (forests or jungles, desert)
    Great Endurance
    Hide in Plain sight
    Improved Initiative
    Inventor (magical)
    uncanny Dodge
    Skill Mastery (expertise magic)

    Acrobatics 1/5, Athletics, 0/-2, Deception 0/-2, Expertise (magic) 3/5,
    Expertise (Wilderness) 2/4, Insight 0/4, Intimidation 0/-6, Perception 0/4,
    Persuasion 0/-2, Stealth 0/12, Ranged Combat (breath) 2

    Respect -- He honestly believes that he is a real baby dragon, and does not take it well when people see him as just a lizard (talking or not). He may roast someone who repeatedly asserts that he is not a dragon just to prove his point.

    Bigger than my body -- He may only be about 2 feet long (including tail), but he doesn't see himself that way. He is used to dealing with people that respect animals and nature or other intelligent animals. He tries to deal with humans on an equal level (especially academics or mages), but it is just so hard for anyone to take a 2 ft lizard seriously as anything other than a wizard's pet (reflected through low PRE and penalties from shrinking). He is not able to understand this and keeps trying to deal with people like he was one of them.

    Old Wizard -- Bob was one of many animals awakened by the old wizard that he calls father. Although he has gone exploring the world (possibly at the behest of the wizard on a given task), he considers that group his family and has little dealings with other humans.

    Lizard out of the woods -- He has never been to a large city before and only knows humans from woodsmen, trappers, shamans, and the occasional villagers that came to the wizard seeking aid of some sort (usually potions of various sorts).

    Strength -- While he is very strong for a lizard (after all he is really a baby dragon *wink wink*) He is unable to carry much weight by human standards. Of course, how much does a lizard really need to carry around?

    Runs on all 4s -- If trying to carry or drag anything other than in his mouth or with his tail, he is denied almost all of his speed and swimming ability.

    Cold Blooded -- Gets sluggish in cold weather and gets hyper in extreme heat. In extreme cold may involuntarily fall into a trance like state, and cannot use trance if too hot. (Immunity and great endurance reflect that his metabolism changes but usually takes no damage from temperature changes.)

    Wizard's Apprentice -- He is used to helping the wizard collect various ingredients for rituals, potions, and charms. He is still only at a level of a good apprentice however. When he comes across more powerful magic items, he has a hard time sharing them (especially with non magic types) or wants to take them apart to examine them to improve his skills as a mage. He isn't a thief though; he doesn't steal magic items without good cause (especially from wizards, he isn't a fool). He just considers any he comes in possession of as prized possessions and will not let them go easily, even if he can barely carry them.
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