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Thread: Stories of the Betterverse: Operation Inundation III!

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    Re: Stories of the Betterverse: Battle of Baggins

    The Battle of Baggins, Part 3

    Rochester High Street...

    Griffin burst out of Baggins, saying "Get out the way! I've got to kill that dragon!"

    "What about the gunman?!"

    "He's leaving, don't get in his way! I'll hunt him down after I've killed that thing!"

    That was when Griffin got his wings out and made like a bolt from the blue towards the dragon, and nearly struck it. His objective now was to kill the thing before it killed someone!
    The Dragon's stats are in Gamemaster's Guide (p. 132), but with INT and PRE of 0, Favoured Environment (Air), Move-By Action, Close Combat: Unarmed (to represent use of teeth) and Ranged Combat: Fire Breath at +8.

    The Dragon is Surprised. Roll Initiative! Dragon gets 15 and Griffin gets 5. The Dragon's Favoured Environment is active and set to Offence while Griffin's Favoured Environment is active and also set to Offence. They both get a HP for entering combat and they're both using lethal force.

    In the surprise round, Griffin does the Flurry of Steel on the Dragon and gets 16. The Dragon gets 32 and resists.
    The dragon roared "WHO DARES?!"

    As Griffin turned to face the dragon, he roared "Turn and face me, dovah! Face me and die!"

    The dragon turned and roared back "You are no Dovahkiin, feathered one! But perhaps you might make for the sport that these mortals lack! Yol Toor Shul!"
    The Dragon uses Fire Breath, getting 16 and missing. Griffin attacks with the Flurry of Steel and gets 16. The Dragon gets 28 and resists. Griffin sets his Favoured Environment to Defence.
    As they charged each other, Griffin tried to stab the dragon right between the eyes, aiming for an insta-kill.
    The Dragon used its teeth, getting 16 and missing. Griffin attacks with the Flurry of Steel and gets a Natural 20, crit scored! He stunts it into The One-Way Ticket: Cumlative Affliction 10 (Resisted and Overcome by Will): Impaired, Disabled, Dying. DC 20. The Dragon got 21 and resisted.
    The dragon roared "You think you can slay me?! Ha!" as Griffin survived another fiery pass.
    The Dragon uses Fire Breath, getting 25. Griffin got 16 then he spent a HP, getting 28 and resisting. Griffin attacks with the Flurry of Steel and gets 25. The Dragon gets a Natural 20.

    Griffin: 3 HP.
    Griffin smacked the dragon in the lower jaw to try and shut it up! It simply went "You cannot silence my Thu'um!"
    The Dragon uses his teeth and gets 23. Griffin gets a Natural 20 to resist and a Natural 1 while using the Flurry of Steel.
    The dragon then tried to burn Griffin's wings off, but Griffin simply wasn't having it.
    The Dragon uses Fire Breath, getting 28. Griffin got 30 to resist, then used the Flurry of Steel, getting 24. The Dragon got 17 and spent a HP, getting 33 to resist.

    Dragon: 1 HP.
    The dragon said "I thought you would make for fine sport, but I see that you are only prey!"
    The Dragon uses his teeth and gets 18. Griffin gets 23 and resists, attacking with the Flurry of Steel and getting 20. The Dragon gets 21 and spends a HP, getting 27 and resisting the attack.

    Dragon: 0 HP.
    Griffin roared "This isn't a sport!" as he beheaded the dragon in a single blow! The dragon disintegrated like the Space Marine did before it hit the ground.
    The Dragon used Fire Breath, getting 21. Griffin got 22 and resisted, using the Flurry of Steel and getting 27. The Dragon got a Natural 1 and was killed outright! Fight's Over!

    As Griffin landed on top of Rochester Castle, he went "I can't believe I just did that!" He sheathed his sword and looked at his watch, saying "Annabelle, it's Griffin and I have a problem! West summoned a dragon, forcing me to let him go!"

    "You let him go?!"

    "I had to kill that dragon before it killed someone! Where is West heading now?"

    "Let's see... Mr. West is on a white boat with a green roof, just below you!"

    "I see the boat, I'm moving in!"

    As soon as Griffin landed, West turned and fired his gun. The bullets just bounced off Griffin, who went "Surrender, traitor!"

    Mr. West went "Surrender?! To a vigilante?! Come on, you f**king civilian! Let's see you face a real fighter!"
    Griffin tries to intimidate West and gets 18. West gets 25 on his Will check and resists.

    That was when Griffin charged. And parried West's lightsabre! He barely caught it being turned on! Griffin bopped West with the pommel of his sword.
    Both combatants got 7 for initiative but West goes first (due to higher Dodge). West has a *Lightsabre* (Damage 6; Dangerous, Penetrating 6) and he attacks with it, getting a Natural 20, crit scored! West goes for +5 DC. Griffin gets a N1, spends a HP and gets 30, resisting the blow. He then responds with the Flurry of Steel, getting 23. West got 13 and was hit and dazed.

    They both get a HP for entering combat. Griffin gets a HP for using non-lethal force while West's trying to kill him.

    West: 1 Injury, Dazed.

    Griffin: 5 HP
    Griffin pulled a feint that West fell for, exposing his lack of skill with the lightsabre.
    West attacks, getting 10 and missing. Griffin uses the Flurry of Steel and gets 23. West gets 12, spends a HP and gets 22.

    West: 1 HP.
    West was good, Griffin had to admit, but he wasn't trained in swordsmanship by Archangel Michael. Griffin grabbed West's wrist and then broke his ribs and his leg! He proved for the third time that day that he was the better fighter!
    West attacks and gets a Natural 1 and spends his last HP, getting 23. Griffin gets a Natural 1 and spends a HP. He gets 29 and resists. Griffin then uses the Flurry of Steel and gets 24. West gets 6 on his Toughness and is Incapacitated! Fight's Over!
    "Don't get up. I mean it! I just broke your ribs and your leg! Stand down, soldier! NOW!"

    West said "Alright, you got me!" As he turned the lightsabre off, West said to Griffin "You know, I've seen some things. I've done all sorts of stuff, I've killed some dangerous people, I've even shot a power or two in my time... But you... What are you?!"

    Griffin revealed his wings, saying "The name's Griffin, and I'm an angel of the Host! You're lucky I wasn't ordered to kill you for what you tried to pull! I have two questions, you better answer them!"

    "Go on."

    "Where's the Realiser Ray now?"

    "The main galley cupboard below deck. You'll need to turn the handle to open the door."

    "Got it. Now for the more important question... Who gave you the Realiser Ray in the first place?!"

    "Belladonna! Her name is Belladonna!"

    "What does Belladonna look like?"

    "You wouldn't believe me!"

    Griffin sighed "Mate, I became an angel as the result of a near-death experience. And trust me, those aren't as 'near' as you'd think. I've seen things you'd never believe! I ask you again, what does Belladonna look like?"

    "She's a purple whippet wearing a spiked collar and leather vest! And she has bat-like wings! If you saw her, you'd never forget her! When she's calm, she can be very seductive. When she's angry, you know how much trouble you're in!"

    "A supernatural whippet, you say? I actually know someone who can tell if you're telling me the truth. I'm going below deck, be back in a minute." Griffin hid his wings, picked up the lightsabre and descended below deck.

    Griffin saw the galley and proceeded to check the cupboard, finding the Realiser Ray. It resembled a raygun from a bad 50's sci-fi, but it is one of the most powerful weapons ever seen on Earth, beaten only by the Power Ring of the Green Lantern Corps. And he had just experienced exactly why Annabelle wanted this gun off the streets.

    He then used the mirror in the boat's only berth, saying "Annabelle, it's Griffin. I have the Realiser Ray!"

    Annabelle appeared in the mirror, saying "You have it? Pass it through."

    "Okay. I'm also handing over my sword and a lightsabre. The police will be coming soon, and I don't want them to confiscate it.

    "I understand. And what in Mother's name is a lightsabre?"

    "It uses an energy blade. There's a button on there that turns it on and off, try not to press it. And I need to ask you something, Annabelle."

    "Yes, Griffin?"

    "I just asked that Man Without Standards about the Realiser Ray, and you'll never guess who he said helped him get hold of it."

    "Who did he say helped him?"

    "He said that a whippet by the name of Belladonna helped him out. Purple fur, spiked collar, leather vest. Does the name or description ring any bells?"

    "It does! Belladonna is my cousin! She works for the other side!"

    "Now I'm asking myself if this is just Belladonna raising merry hell or if she's having a go at you!"

    "Belladonna would do both if she could."

    "I'm heading off now. See you later."

    When Griffin got out of the boat, he told West "The Ray is where you said it was and my commanding officer just confirmed Belladonna’s ID. What on Earth do you think you’re doing, working for a hellhound?! It’s obvious you don't know how stupid that is! And you didn't ask yourself the obvious question. The one question anyone who encounters the supernatural and the mythical must ask themselves."

    "And that is?"

    "If this is real... What else could be real?"

    "You... make a good point."

    "I have one question to ask before the police get here."


    "Don't tempt me. The question I want to ask is… Why?! Why would you do this?! Why would you want to spark World War Three?!"

    "I only wanted to bring back the Cold War, and said out loud to myself that I’d do anything for it. That was when Belladonna came out of my bedroom mirror and gave me the ray."

    "I can see why she’d want it back. I mean, a cold war can escalate to a real one in the right conditions! And you wanted it to happen?! You're lucky I can't do you for treason! I'm leaving you here for the police. You won't be going too far with a broken leg."

    Griffin got his wings out and set off for London.
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    Re: Stories of the Betterverse: Battle of Baggins

    The Battle of Baggins, Conclusion

    The Time in a Bottle...

    The TV was going on about the chaos that happened in Rochester and Griffin was going "That dragon there, I'm the one who killed it!"

    That was when Officer Benbow burst through the door roaring "Griffin, I want a word! Upstairs, NOW!"

    As Griffin entered the upstairs function room, he said "Is there a problem, officer?"

    "I've heard about you committing violence in Rochester!"

    "Yeah, I did! And I can explain!"

    "This had better be good!"

    "It is! Late this morning, I got an assignment from my commanding officer, one Archangel Annabelle. Sole objective: get the Realiser Ray off the current wielder. You've heard of it, right?"

    Jill's face paled. She said "I've heard of it. If that thing got in the wrong hands..."

    "It was last seen in the possession of Mr. Larry West, formerly of the SAS. Who wanted to use it to make a Metal Gear come to life and start World War Three with it."

    "Metal Gear?"

    "From the Metal Gear series of games. The most famous variant, Metal Gear REX, is a mech with nuclear capability. And even worse, it uses a railgun to fire a warhead that's invisible to modern radar. It basically fires a stealth nuke, officer. You fire an ICBM and every major power will see it coming! With that railgun and warhead combo, you could nuke someone without anyone knowing who really did it! Mutually-Assured Destruction would be obsolete!"

    "I've heard of the Terminator Incident, but this is a whole new level!"

    "I've heard of it as well. I tracked Mr. West to Rochester, where he was getting a MGS art book at Baggins. I got this close to surprising him! He slowed me down by dropping a grenade into Rochester High Street while he ran inside! I jumped on it to keep the blast from hitting anyone else."

    "That must have hurt."

    "Believe me, it did! What really boiled my blood was the fact that he was willing to harm civilians! I may not be a saint, but even I know that harming a non-combatant is completely out of order, no matter who or what you are!"

    "...I agree with you there. What did you do next?"

    "Only thing I could do. I went inside Baggins to hunt West down. He popped a smoke grenade upstairs, which is a bad idea on a wooden floor due to the fire hazard it poses."

    "And you found him."

    "No. Found a Space Marine from Warhammer 40K. With a working chainsword. And I wasn't in a forgiving frame of mind, as you can imagine." Griffin then lifted his shirt, saying "That gash there on my left? That's what a chainsword can do to you."


    "I know! After I killed the Marine, I found West just after he summoned a dragon out of Skyrim! And that specific breed of dragon is well-known for its hostility to humans!"

    "Let me guess, you had to let West go to slay the dragon."

    "Yes, officer. Only thing I could do. Saving lives was my main priority."

    "And if he got away?"

    "I've seen Metal Gear REX in it's original game. There aren't that many places in Britain where he could store the full-size version quietly. He'd want to lie low with the book and leave the country to find somewhere to summon it. And he didn't get away now, did he? I managed to slay the dragon, and that's when I saw West at Strood Yacht Club, trying to use a boat as his getaway. I could see it from Rochester Castle."

    "So you landed on his boat."

    "The 'Briton' it was called. A small cabin cruiser. So I gave him a chance to surrender."

    "When he didn't?"

    "I made my move to knock him out. It turned out that he had a lightsabre!"

    "From Star Wars?"

    "Yeah. I barely caught him turning it on!"

    "I take it you took him down."

    "Broke his ribs and a leg. Nothing lethal, but he wasn't going to flee."

    "Where is the Ray now?"

    "First thing I did when I confirmed that I had the Ray was to hand it over to Annabelle. Only way I could be absolutely sure it wouldn't be misused. Same went for the lightsabre."

    "Are you certain she won't use them?"

    "Believe me, she doesn't have the inclination. The Ray is now out of Earth's reach and the answer's no, I'm not getting it back for you."

    "What would your Lady want with it?"

    "My Lady saw that the Realiser Ray was bad news, and getting it out of everyone's reach would help reduce chaos and drama worldwide! Besides, she doesn't need it to create something! That was when I flew home, had a kip then came here."

    "You didn't breach any restricted airspace, did you?"

    "I'm not that crazy, Jill! I know to keep away from airports, major government buildings, military installations and prisons. I swear, the Thames must be the biggest flight path in Britain."

    "Wouldn't be surprised."

    "I'm thinking of doing a world tour, starting with the States."

    "You can afford it, right?"

    "Yeah, I can. I'm going to make arrangements tomorrow."

    "Why start with America? Why not Europe?"

    "Because I want to check out the superhuman world as well. And where better to start with that than the country where powers first became a thing."

    "That actually makes sense. I'm hope you know what you're doing."

    "I take attention to detail very seriously, officer. In this case, I know that U.S. immigration must assume you're trying to migrate permanently... Unless you can prove sufficient ties to your home to have to go back. I've looked it up and I think a B-2 visa is the only one that I can get hold of."

    "I've been to the States before, and I used an A-2 visa."

    "That's the one for travelling on government business, including law enforcement. B-2's the tourist visa, the one you'd use for going on your own time. I could use that Visa Waiver Program they have, but I can't appeal for an extension if I find myself forced to stay for more than 90 days."

    "Looks like you've got it worked out. How many other languages can you speak?"

    "One of the powers I've got allows me to speak and read any language at native level. Ask Sakura Fubuki or the Golem about how they confirmed that one. I take it we're done here?"


    As Griffin and Officer Benbow came downstairs, they saw an unusual sight. A purple-furred whippet wearing a leather vest and spiked collar was on Griffin's table. Griffin approached, saying "Belladonna, I presume. I've heard a lot about you."

    "From Annabelle, I presume."


    "How much did she tell you?"

    "She said that you were cousins and I can actually see the resemblance. Wouldn't be surprised if you were sist-"

    Belladonna quickly got in Griffin's face, saying "Do! Not! Finish! That! Sentence! I want you to listen up, featherbrain! You have no idea how much Lucifer would've enjoyed seeing that Bitch Upstairs finally being proven wrong about humans!"

    "I can only imagine."

    "For now. I know that you work for my cousin. Sooner or later, you will know what it means to cross me!"

    Belladonna then sprouted a pair of demonic wings and flew out of the Bottle.

    Jill said "Are you okay, Griffin? You just had what looked like a hellhound in your face!"

    "I'm good, Jill. Just a hazard of the job, I can deal with it."

    "You were just threatened by a hellhound but you remained perfectly calm. That's really unusual, especially for someone with your... issues."

    "Like I told you at the Guardhouse, there is only one I fear! My Lady changed me so anyone else trying to frighten me will fail, no matter who they are."

    "Did you consent to that?"

    "Yeah. The process to empower a Chosen of any God can be so drastic, it can only be done with the Chosen's informed and willing consent."

    Jill's phone went off. She said "I have to go."

    "See you later, officer."

    Griffin gets 2 PP, which he saves for his next adventure.
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    Re: Stories of the Betterverse: Battle of Baggins

    Operation Inundation III: Prologue

    You ask anyone on Earth where they were when that infamous broadcast happened, they'll tell you.

    On that day at noon GMT, every TV, radio and Internet stream in the world broadcasted a man saying "Greetings to all nations and races of Earth. This message is being broadcast in all the major languages of Earth. I am the one called Overshadow by the so-called 'authorities'.

    SHADOW will soon sweep away this old world order and all those who gain from it! As I speak, the might of SHADOW is setting off to exterminate the exploiters and the enslavers! If you seek to join us on the right side of history, then prove it!

    The only proof our organisation will accept... is the death of a member of the old establishment! They could be the teacher who seeks to indoctrinate others to be fellow state-slaves, the mullah, priest and rabbi who only exist to fool humanity into doing nothing, the politician who creates the laws that keep you down or the police and military who enforce them.

    They could also be those who run organised crime in your cities, making the people live in fear or the most negligent people of all... The so-called 'superheroes' who instinctively preserve the status quo without actually addressing or changing it! They are the greatest evil of all! Afterwards, present your evidence to any SHADOW soldier by saluting them thus: 'Hail SHADOW! May our shade cover the Earth!'"

    It is unlikely that all the fighting that happened that weekend would ever be recorded. And it was the perfect cover for plenty of repaid debts, seized opportunities and settled scores. Here are only a few examples of what went down...
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    Re: Stories of the Betterverse: Battle of Baggins

    Operation Inundation III: London, Part 1

    1 P.M. BST (British Summer Time), Woolwich, sometime in the summer of 2016...

    Griffin was watching the Olympics on the BBC Big Screen at Woolwich when Overshadow's broadcast came up. When Overshadow mentioned offing the establishment, he thought that this could be 2011 all over again. When he heard the claim that superhumans like himself were the worst threat of all, he got Justice out because he knew he was going to be fighting all day.

    That's when he heard someone shout "BURN THE CHURCH, FREE THE SHEEPLE!" Five yobs with molotovs were running towards the nearby Church of St. Peter.

    Griffin called them over, shouting "OVER HERE, YOU DISRESPECTFUL BASTARDS!" As they turned to face Griffin, he went "Is that church desecrated, that you would see it burned down?! Surrender now or else!"

    One of the yobs yelled "Blaze him!" That was when they threw their molotovs at Griffin, not knowing that their flames would not avail them this day.

    Amid the blaze, Griffin revealed his wings and drew still-sheathed Justice, saying "You! Were! Warned! Now pay the price!"

    Griffin's assault was swift and brutal. Four yobs down in as many seconds.

    The five Criminal minions are without the Light Pistol but with their "Choose One" put into Close Combat: Knife, making them PL 4. Roll Initative! Griffin gets 15 and the Criminals get 10-11. Griffin Charged at them using the Flurry of Steel in an All-Out Attack, getting 27, 26, 17, 11 and 24. The Criminals who were hit got 4, 3, 9, 11 and were all Incapacitated.
    He faced the one remaining yob, asking him "Are you the boss of this sorry crew?!"

    The yob told Griffin "He's the one in the black hoodie, the one whose teeth you knocked out!"

    "When he wakes, tell him that the Griffin of London was the one who beat his traitorous arse for choosing to burn down a church! I want you to tell everyone you know that the God of the Bible is real, and that the supernatural in general is very, very real! If I catch you or any of your so-called 'mates' trying to destroy any religious building ever again... you will regret that choice! Do you understand me?"

    "Yes! For the love of God, yes!"

    "Then GO!"

    That's when Griffin heard an explosion to the south. SHADOW must be hitting the Royal Artillery Barracks! He took off at once, ready for war...
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    Re: Stories of the Betterverse: Operation Inundation III!

    Operation Inundation III: London, Part 2

    General Gordon Place, Woolwich...

    Griffin had just beaten up a bunch of yobs who tried to burn down the Church of St. Peter, then he heard an explosion in the direction of the Royal Artillery Barracks. Then his phone started vibrating. It was his commanding officer, Archangel Annabelle.

    Griffin said "Griffin reporting, Annabelle! If this is about what Overshadow's trying to pull, I know! Just stopped some yobs from burning a church down and I'm heading towards the local barracks!"

    "You're being diverted. You have an assignment and this is from Mother herself! Your objective is to save St. Paul's Cathedral!"


    Griffin took off at top speed for Central London, which was going to be a bloody warzone...

    St. Paul's Cathedral, five minutes later...

    Griffin had made it in very good time. He was glad he could fly beacuse all public transport would be shut down by now as well as the mobile networks to keep bombs linked to mobiles from going off. As Griffin was about to land, he saw who appeared to be Britannia make her way inside. Britannia is known to be one of the most powerful heroes in Britain today.

    As Griffin landed and got inside inside the Cathedral, Britannia went "Griffin?! What are you doing here?!"

    Griffin told her "My Liege sent me to protect the place!"

    That was when a tannoy outside said "Combat Team, prepare for immediate deployment!"

    Griffin looked outside and saw what looked like an APC with wings and VTOL landing in front of the Cathedral. He went "Britannia! They're gonna drop some soldiers off so they can kill everyone inside! And they'll likely drop off a power or two as well. If you can deal with the power, I can deal with the foot soldiers!"

    "Why can't we just wreck their ride?" Britannia asked.

    "If they can't retreat, then nothing short of a total victory will get them out alive, making them fight all the harder." Griffin then unsheathed his sword, saying "Keep an eye on the autocannon and let's f**king have them!"

    Griffin does a Tactics roll and gets 20. He knows what SHADOW are going to do, as well as the fact that cutting off their retreat will make them fight harder.

    Roll Initiative! The APC Pilot (Stats as an Advanced Trooper) gets 16 (the Charon-class APC he's piloting has the same stats as an AEGIS Raptor-class APC from Gadget Guides), Griffin gets 14, an Advanced Trooper and the Flame-In-SHADOW get 13. Two Advanced Troopers get 10. Britannia gets 9 and five Advanced Troopers get 3-6.

    Britannia's stats are in Atlas of Earth-Prime: Northern Europe.

    The Advanced Troopers each have a Blaster Rifle, Bulletproof Vest and Commlink.

    Griffin and Britannia each get a HP for entering combat and another for civilians in danger. Griffin gets 3 HP for his Motivation (war was declared without just cause), his Belief (this is a fight against tyranny itself, which means he can't back down) and for his Temper (harming civilians is never acceptable). Britannia gets one for her Responsibility complication (she must protect those civilians) and another for using non-lethal force.

    Griffin and all SHADOW members are using lethal force. Britannia is going non-lethal. The APC and Flame-In-SHADOW are not minions.

    And here's a little something to listen to during the fight
    As the SHADOW soldiers deployed, Griffin burst out of the Cathedral, practically gutting two of them in a single pass before what looked like a soldier on fire threw a fireball in his face. Britannia hit the burning soldier with a beam of light, knocking him back.

    The APC Pilot fires at Griffin, getting 15 and missing. Griffin Charges at several SHADOW troopers with the Flurry of Steel, getting 21, 20, 1, 23 and 15. The troopers get 13, 23, 8 and 25 with two dead. The Flame-In-SHADOW throws a Firebolt at Griffin, getting 24. Griffin gets 21 and is hit. An Advanced Trooper fires at Griffin, getting 16 and missing. Britannia fired a Light Blast at the Flame-In-SHADOW, getting 28. The Flame-In-SHADOW gets 23 and is hit. Five Advanced Troopers Team Attack Griffin and get Natural 20 (No crit due to being a minion), 18, Natural 1, 8 and 11. Griffin has to resist a DC 25 attack. He gets 13, spends a HP and gets 24 and is hit.

    Flame-In-SHADOW: 1 Injury. Griffin: 5 HP, 2 Injuries. Six Advanced Troopers remaining.
    Griffin managed to gut one of the troopers while evading a lot of laser fire while Britannia was struggling with the burning soldier.

    The APC Pilot fires at Griffin, getting 17 and missing. Griffin attacks two Advanced Troopers with the Flurry of Steel, getting 27 and 15. The Troopers get 25 and 8, which kills one of them. The Flame-In-SHADOW throws a Firebolt at Britannia, getting 28. Britannia gets 22 and resists. An Advanced Trooper gets 13 and misses Griffin. Britannia fires a Light Blast at the Flame-In-SHADOW, getting 14 and missing. Four Advanced Troopers fire at Griffin, getting 12, 17, 8, and 24. Griffin gets 17 and spends a HP to reroll, getting 24.

    Griffin: 4 HP. Five Advanced Troopers remaining.
    Griffin barely dodged the Autocannon while cutting two more troopers down, then he got blasted in the chest. Britannia got a firebolt to the face and reacted by blasting the burning soldier in the balls!

    The APC pilot fires at Griffin, getting 24 and hitting. Griffin gets 27 and resists. Griffin does the Flurry of Steel on two Advanced Troopers and gets 29 and Natural 1. Griffin spends a HP, getting 26. The troopers get 20 and 11, dying instantly. The Flame-In-SHADOW threw a Firebolt at Britannia, getting 21. Britannia got 16, so she was hit and Dazed. A trooper fires at Griffin, getting a Natural 1 and missing. Britannia fires a Light Blast at the Flame-In-SHADOW, getting a Natural 20, crit scored! She raises the DC by +5. Flame-In-SHADOW gets 15 and is hit and Staggered! Two Advanced Troopers fire at Griffin, getting 20 and Natural 1. Griffin gets 28 and resists.

    Britannia: 1 Injury, Dazed. Flame-In-SHADOW: 2 Injuries, Staggered. Griffin: 3 HP. Three Advanced Troopers remaining.
    While Britannia blasted one of the troopers, Griffin saw his chance and flew into the burning soldier, impaling him in the heart!

    The APC pilot fires at Griffin, getting 9 and missing. Griffin attacks the Flame-In-SHADOW with the Flurry of Steel, getting 31, crit scored! Griffin raises the DC by +5. The Flame-In-SHADOW gets 13 and is Dying due to sustaining two Staggering blows! Flame-In-SHADOW gets 14 and fails the first death check by one degree. An Advanced Trooper gets 13 and misses Griffin. Britannia fires a Light Blast at an Advanced Trooper and gets 29. The trooper gets 15 and is Incapacitated. Three Advanced Troopers fire at Griffin, getting 11, 15, 17 and missing.

    Flame-In-SHADOW: 3 Injuries, Dying, 1 degree of failure. Three Advanced Troopers remaining.
    The APC pilot thought he had a clear shot at Griffin, but Griffin dodged it while doing a flying lunge at one of the soldiers while Britannia knocked another one out.

    APC Pilot fires at Griffin, getting 21. Griffin gets 14 and spends a HP, getting 27 and resisting. Griffin attacks an Advanced Trooper with the Flurry of Steel and gets 29. The trooper gets 9 and dies. Flame-In-SHADOW gets 14 and fails the second death check by one degree. Britannia fires a Light Blast at an Advanced Trooper and gets 20. The trooper gets 18 and is Incapacitated. One Advanced Trooper fires at Griffin, getting 13 and missing.

    Griffin: 2 HP. Flame-In-SHADOW: 3 Injuries, Dying, 2 degrees of failure. One Advanced Trooper remaining.
    Griffin cut one of the APC's wings off in a single blow, with the wing landing on the burning soldier, killing him outright. He went "The blazer's done!" while Britannia blasted the last trooper.

    APC Pilot fires at Griffin, getting a Natural 1 and missing. Griffin attacks the APC with the Armour-Piercing Strike, getting Natural 20, crit scored! The APC gets 14 and is Staggered. The Flame-In-Shadow gets 14 and dies due to failing his third death check. Britannia fires a Light Blast at the remaining Advanced Trooper, getting 26. The trooper gets 11 and is Incapacitated.

    Flame-In-SHADOW: DEAD. Zero Advanced Troopers remaining.
    Griffin went "Boarding APC to take down Pilot!" as he entered the back of the APC. As he reached the cockpit, Griffin went "F**king hell!" as the pilot suddenly blew his own brains out. He didn't know you could make that much mess with a laser pistol. A bullet, maybe, but not a laser. He walked out of there, telling Britannia "Just saw the pilot shoot himself, let's get back inside and see if everyone's alright."

    As Griffin went back inside the Cathedral, he saw that most of the civilians were kneeling before him, including all the clergy! He said "All of you, stand up! Now! I do not deserve your worship at all! You should be thanking the Almighty God, who sent me here!"

    That was when the Bishop of London said "Who- Who are you?!"

    "I am the Griffin of London, angel of the Host of Heaven. There's no need to be afraid of me, for I was sent to help stop SHADOW's invasion of London."

    "And I thank God you're here."

    Britannia approached, saying "Griffin. About those soldiers..."

    "Yeah, Britannia?"

    "Did you really have to kill them?!"

    "As far as I could tell, SHADOW were going to kill everyone inside the Cathedral! Of course I had to kill them first! You think I can afford to hesitate when life and death are on the line, you have another thing coming!"

    "Don't you have a Commandment against killing?!"

    "No. I. Don't. The Sixth Commandment - as originally given to Moses - actually says 'Thou shalt not murder.' And you know that I'm in a position to learn that off of the One who gave it out in the first place! Self-defence, immediate defence of another and avenging a murder do not break it. All that stuff you just saw me do out there?! I broke no laws doing it, not those of Gods nor those of men! Even if I did break any laws, anyone who could enforce them is busy right now if you haven't noticed! Something about a global-scale terror attack by someone who actually knows what they're doing!"

    "And what's going to happen if you cross the line?"

    "Britannia, you're starting to forget that a very powerful individual has a vested interest in me behaving myself and has the resources to keep an eye on me at all times, even as we speak. If I kill someone without a just cause, I'll immediately get in trouble that the Ministry wished it could arrange for a power who's crazy enough to kill an innocent!"

    Then Griffin felt his phone vibrate. He got it out of his pocket and Annabelle appeared on the screen. Griffin responded with "Griffin reporting. Myself and Britannia just prevented a SHADOW APC from killing everyone inside St. Paul's Cathedral. Awaiting new objectives, if any."

    Annabelle said "I saw it, Griffin. Anyway, you have a new objective: the Museum of London! Protect the London Stone at all cost!"

    "Understood, Griffin out!"

    Britannia asked "Well, what did they say?"

    "My new objective is the Museum of London and the London Stone. The legend behind the Stone states that 'So long as the Stone of Brutus is safe, so long shall London flourish!' If it gets wrecked, we're all screwed. I'm going there now, Britannia. You can join me if you like."

    "You go ahead, someone needs to protect these people in case SHADOW come back."

    "Fair enough. See you later, Britannia!"

    As Griffin took off, the Bishop of London took to the pulpit and said "Let us pray that Earth's heroes deliver this world from SHADOW's tyranny."
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    Re: Stories of the Betterverse: Operation Inundation III!

    Operation Inundation III: London, Part 3

    The Guardhouse, Golders Green, London...

    Straight after Overshadow's broadcast, the Red Mage saw that the Guardhouse's gate alarm was going off!

    Red Mage hit the emergency intercom, going "Your attention, please! We've got SHADOW declaring Operation Inundation III and what looks like a giant trying to break the front gate down!"

    Michael Cohen's response was "I'm on the bastard!"

    As Michael charged out of the front door, he activated his amulet, making himself as big and as strong as the Golem of Jewish legend! As he enlarged himself, a giant wearing SHADOW uniform burst through the front gate, bringing a squad of eight SHADOW troopers inside with him!

    Dr. Green ran to the balcony and drew her Ecto-Lance. The stone balcony served as the perfect sniper's perch, meaning that everyone in the courtyard was in her line of sight.

    The other Guardians headed towards the benches by the door, which were made of reinforced concrete. Red Mage and Sakura Fubuki took one and Spindle took the other. Compared to most teams, the Guardians often faced supernatural foes who simply could not be stopped without actually killing them. So they killed them. And they knew exactly what to do if someone who knew their dead foes found out where they lived. They. Were. Prepared.


    Amongst the laser-fire, Red Mage went "Just sent Griffin a text!"

    Sakura asked "What did he say?!"

    "Already on a mission, he can't help us at the moment!"

    "Damn it!"

    Dr. Green fired a snap shot at a trooper and missed, while the Golem landed a body blow to the giant in SHADOW uniform. The rest of the Guardians simply opened fire on the SHADOW troopers, laying two out.

    Golem's Amulet is active. Spindle is in Drider Form.

    Roll Initiative! Dr. Green gets 26, Golem gets 23, Red Mage gets 16, six SHADOW Advanced Troopers get between 10 to 15, the Fist-In-SHADOW gets 10, Spindle and Sakura get 9 and Two Advanced Troopers get 4.

    The Guardians each get a HP for entering combat and another for being rendered unable to retreat. All Guardians except the Golem are in Partial Cover. Red Mage and Sakura are using one bench for cover. Spindle is using the other. The Advanced Troopers have Blaster Assault Rifles, Commlinks and Bulletproof Vests.

    Everyone's using lethal force. The Advanced Troopers are minions, the Fist-In SHADOW is not.

    Dr. Green fires her Ecto-Lance at an Advanced Trooper, getting 12 and missing. Golem punches the Fist-In-SHADOW, getting 23. Fist-In-SHADOW gets 19 and is hit and Dazed. Red Mage uses his Dualcast to hit two Troopers with a 5/5 Split (both set to Fire), getting 22 and hitting both. The Troopers get 24 and 20, successfully resisting the blasts. Six Troopers return fire, each targeting a separate Guardian. Three get 14, 15 and 21, all missing. One firing at Golem gets 18, hitting him. Golem gets 29 and resists. Two troopers fire on Red Mage, getting 9 and 9, missing him. The Fist-In-SHADOW gets 19, hitting Golem. Golem gets 25 and resists. Spindle fires a Web Slug at a Trooper, getting 23. The Trooper gets 9 and is killed. Sakura fires a blast of magic at a Trooper, getting 15 and hitting. The Trooper gets 10 and is killed. Two troopers fire at Dr. Green, getting 5 and 19, missing her.

    Fist-In-SHADOW: 1 Injury, Dazed. Six Advanced Troopers remaining.
    Dr. Green proceeded to blast a trooper's head off, while Sakura lit up another.

    Dr. Green fires her Ecto-Lance at an Advanced Trooper, getting 23. The Trooper gets 13 and is hit and killed. Golem punches the Fist-In-SHADOW, getting 16 and missing. Red Mage does a 5/5 Split at two Troopers, getting 13 and missing both targets. Three Troopers each open fire on a bench-using Guardian. One fires at Red Mage getting 19 and missing. Another fires at Sakura getting 14, and the third fires at Spindle, getting 21 and missing. A Trooper fires at Dr. Green, getting 19 and missing. Fist-In-SHADOW gets 12 and misses Golem. Spindle fires her Web Slugs, getting 12 and missing. Sakura fires a blast of Magic at a trooper, getting 24. The Trooper gets 21 and is killed. The last two Troopers fire at Dr. Green, getting Natural 1 and 8, both missing.

    Four Advanced Troopers remaining.
    Dr. Green and Sakura each blasted a trooper in the heart, while the Golem clouted the giant upside the head.

    Dr. Green fired at a trooper, getting 28. The Trooper got 13 and was killed. Golem punched the Fist-In-SHADOW and got 24. Fist-In-SHADOW got 18 and was hit and Dazed. Red Mage did a Dualcast with a 5/5 Split, getting 21. The two Troopers got 24 and 21, surviving the blasts. Three Troopers fired at the benched Guardians, getting 13, Natural 1 and 5, all missing. Fist-In-SHADOW took a swing and got a Natural 1. Spindle fired a Web Slug at a Trooper, getting a Natural 20, crit scored! Spindle raises the DC by +5. The Trooper gets 10 and is killed. Sakura fired a blast of Magic at a Trooper and got 23. The Trooper got 10 and was killed.

    Fist-In-SHADOW: 2 Injuries, Dazed. One Advanced Trooper remaining.
    Dr. Green went "Everyone help Golem out! Get that bastard off him!"

    Dr. Green fired at the last Trooper, getting 23. The Trooper got 8 and was killed. Golem punched the Fist-in-SHADOW, getting 16 and missing. Red Mage spent a HP to temporarily gain Precise Attack (Ranged, Cover) and fired a Maddening Blast (resisted by Will) at the Fist-In-SHADOW, getting 22. Fist-In-SHADOW gets 24 and resists. Spindle spends a HP to get temporarily gain Precise Attack (Ranged, Cover) and tries to get Web in the Eyes of the Fist-In-SHADOW, getting 16 and missing. Sakura spends a HP to get temporarily gain Precise Attack (Ranged, Cover), firing a blast of Magic at the Fist-In-SHADOW, getting 23. Fist-In-SHADOW gets 25 and resists.

    Red Mage: 2 HP, Sakura: 2 HP.

    No Advanced Troopers remaining.
    Dr. Green's Ecto-Lance left quite a gash in the giant's side, giving Golem a chance to uppercut him! The giant was on the ropes... When Spindle used her web slugs to shoot the giant in the stomach! As he hit the floor, Sakura simply blasted his head into dust.

    Dr. Green spent a HP to temporarily gain Precise Attack (Ranged, Cover) and fired her Ecto-Lance at the Fist-In-SHADOW, getting 23. The Fist-In-SHADOW got 24 and was hit. Golem punches the Fist-In-SHADOW, getting 23. Fist-In-SHADOW gets 14 and is hit and Staggered! Red Mage fires a full Dualcast. getting 4 and missing. Fist-In-SHADOW threw a punch, getting a Natural 20, crit scored! He raises the DC by +5. Golem also gets a Natural 20 and successfully resists. Spindle spends a HP to get temporarily gain Precise Attack (Ranged, Cover) and fires some Web Slugs at the Fist-In-SHADOW, getting 28. Fist-In-SHADOW gets 9 and is Dying. It gets 15 on the Fortitude check. Sakura performs a Finishing Attack on the Fist-In-SHADOW, getting 15. Fist-In-SHADOW gets 19 and is killed outright! Fight's over!

    Dr. Green: 2 HP, Spindle: 2 HP.

    Fist-In-SHADOW: DEAD.
    Dr. Green said "Now that's sorted, it'll take me a minute to disintegrate the bodies. Golem, Spindle, could you get the bodies in a single pile? And see if you can strip them first. Antenna'll pay us handsomely for SHADOW tech."

    Golem went "On it, Doctor."

    Spindle assumed her human form again, saying "Got it, Doctor."

    Red Mage said "And if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna hit up the Grapevine to report this and then see where we're needed."

    "Are you alright, Golem?" Sakura asked.

    Golem went "I'm good, Sakura. Thanks for asking."
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    Re: Stories of the Betterverse: Operation Inundation III!

    Operation Inundation III: London, Part 4

    Museum of London...

    As Griffin was about to land, he saw eight SHADOW troopers and a giant in SHADOW uniform enter the Museum.

    Griffin had been to the Museum before and he's seen the Stone being kept there, while its cupola in Cannon Street was being repaired. He knows that he hasn't got much time before they find and smash it.

    Please use this map (PDF format) to track everyone's position.

    Griffin has just made it to the entrance. SHADOW are currently moving towards New Acquisitions and the London Stone itself is at the War, Plague & Fire exhibit.
    Griffin had some familiarity with the Museum's layout which SHADOW certainly lacked. Such as the balcony that SHADOW would have to walk along to reach the Stone quickly. If he got there first, he could fly to the Stone before SHADOW could could run there.

    That's when Griffin quickly extended his wings all the way forward and then snapped them backwards to move in a high-speed burst towards the Archaeology in Action exhibit, which left SHADOW confused for a second. A second that Griffin used to fly across the balcony and towards the Stone.

    Griffin spends a HP to stunt his wings into High-Speed Flit: Teleport 2, Accurate, allowing him to bypass SHADOW altogether.
    As Griffin arrived at the Stone, he heard a young woman yell "That's Griffin, Cass! He's safe, he's on our side!"

    The second woman said in a New York accent "Are you gonna help us kill these bastards or somethin'?!"

    Griffin recognised the two women. The first was a girl known all over London as Cheddar. She once magically transformed herself into a mouse but she botched her attempt to transform back, permanently leaving herself part-mouse. She's known for teaching magically-gifted children in London how to use magic to help the human race and Griffin has seen her at the museum enough times to believe that she lives in the nearby Barbican Estate. The other woman was a New York mage known as Ms. Magus, who Griffin had seen having a chat with Cheddar at the Time in a Bottle on occasion. Ms. Magus is known to fight to the death when innocents are in danger and a third Operation Inundation would be more than enough to set her off!

    Griffin drew Justice, saying "Yeah, I am! The big one's mine!"

    Roll Initiative! Griffin gets 26, four Advanced Trooper minions get 16-19, The Fist-In-SHADOW gets 15, four Advanced Trooper minions get 9-14, Cheddar gets 5 and Ms. Magus gets 3.

    Cheddar, Griffin and Ms. Magus each get a HP for entering combat. Cheddar gains a HP for using non-lethal force. Griffin gets a HP due to his two unhealed injuries.

    Everyone other than Cheddar is using lethal force.
    Griffin then charged the giant, shouting "LET THERE BE LIGHT!" and planting his blade squarely in the giant's chest! While the giant fell, Ms. Magus blasted the head off of one of the SHADOW troopers.

    Griffin Charges at the Fist-In-SHADOW with the Armour-Piercing Strike, getting 29, crit scored! He stunts the crit into Soul-Severing Strike: Affliction 10, Impaired, Disabled, Dying. Resisted by Will. The Fist-in-SHADOW gets 8 and is Dying! Fist-in-SHADOW gets 21 to stabilise and is instead Incapacitated.

    Four Advanced Troopers fire their Blaster Rifles at Griffin, getting 7, 9, 14 and Natural 20. Griffin gets 24 and resists the one that hit him. Two fire at Cheddar, both getting 11 and missing. Another two fire at Ms. Magus, getting 23 and 13. Ms. Magus gets 25 and resists. Cheddar fires a blast of Magic at a trooper, getting Natural 1 and missing. Ms. Magus fires her own blast of magic at a trooper and gets 15, hitting the trooper. The trooper gets 10 and is killed.

    Fist-In-SHADOW: Incapacitated. 7 Advanced Troopers remaining.
    Griffin put all his pain and rage into a single wide stroke, felling five SHADOW troopers at once! After that, he took a blaster shot to the face. Cheddar and Ms. Magus quickly took down the two remaining troopers.

    Griffin lets loose with the Flurry of Steel, getting 25, 16, 15, 21 and Natural 20, crit scored! Griffin raises the DC for the crit by +5. The Advanced Troopers get 15, 18, 21, 21 and 23, and are all dead. The two remaining troopers fire at Griffin, getting 22 and 19. Griffin gets 22 and 27 and is hit. Cheddar fires a burst of Magic at one of the troopers, getting 26. The trooper gets 8 and is knocked out. Ms. Magus fires another blast of Magic at the remaining troop and she gets 29, crit scored! She raises the DC by +5. The trooper gets 23 and is killed.

    Griffin: 3 Injuries. One Advanced Trooper knocked out, seven dead.
    Griffin fully extended his wings, singing "London stands forever more, ever more, ever more! London stands forever more, My! Fair! Lady!"

    Ms. Magus said "Who the hell taught you how to fight like that, Griffin?! Killing five guys with one swing of a sword, that's a hell of a trick!"

    Still high off the adrenaline, Griffin replied "Archangel Michael, that's who! He taught me everything I know about fighting and tactics. Argh!"

    Cheddar asked "What's wrong, Griffin?"

    "If either of you know a healing spell, I could do with it right now! I took a fireball and a blaster to the chest at St. Paul's on top of the blast I just took! Ask Britannia if you don't believe me!"

    Cheddar said "Here, let me help with that. Just stay still."

    Ms. Magus went "This'll cure ya, Griff!"

    Cheddar does a healing check and gets 19. Ms. Magus got a Natural 20. All of Griffin's wounds have been healed up.
    Griffin felt his pain ease and his scars fade... and that was when the Giant in SHADOW uniform got back up and suddenly grew to about nine feet tall!

    Griffin went "How in the Lady's name did you survive that blow?! That was a bloody heart-shot, I felt it!"

    The giant roared "HAIL SHADOW! OUR SHADE WILL COVER THE EARTH!" He then turned to face Griffin and went "STARTING WITH YOU!"

    Griffin then concealed his wings and then roared "KILL HIM! KILL HIM NOW OR WE'RE ALL DEAD!"

    Roll Initiative! Griffin gets 18, Cheddar gets 17, Ms. Magus gets 14 and the Fist-In-SHADOW gets 12.

    The Fist-In-SHADOW Now has Growth 1.

    Cheddar still isn't using lethal force, everyone else still is.
    Cheddar reflexively fired a blast, hitting the giant right between the eyes. How he resisted that, she had no idea. Ms Magus had much better luck when she got him in the chest.

    The giant lashed out at Ms. Magus, hitting her in the chest and knocking the air out of her.

    Griffin attacks Fist-In-SHADOW with the Flurry of Steel, getting 18. Fist-In-SHADOW gets 25 and resists. Cheddar fired a blast of Magic at Fist-In-SHADOW, getting Natural 20, crit scored! She stunts the crit into Sleep Spell: Progressive Ranged Affliction 7; Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated, Resisted by Will. Fist-In-SHADOW gets 20 and resists. Ms. Magus fires her blast of Magic at Fist-In-SHADOW, getting 29, Crit scored! She raises the DC by +5. Fist-In-SHADOW gets 19 and is Staggered. Fist-In-SHADOW does a minor All-Out Power Attack in order to punch Ms. Magus, getting 19. Ms. Magus gets 20 and is hit and Dazed.

    Ms. Magus: 1 Injury, Dazed.

    Fist-In-SHADOW: 1 Injury, Staggered.
    The giant roared "KILL YOU ALL!" as he lunged at Cheddar...

    ... but Griffin got in the way of the almost killer blow, shouting "I'm the one you want! KILL ME IF YOU CAN!"

    Griffin unleashes his own All-Out Power Attack with the Flurry of Steel on the Fist-In-SHADOW and gets 19, crit scored! He raises the DC by +7 (including Multiattack bonus). Fist-In-SHADOW gets 29 and is hit and Dazed. Cheddar fired a blast of Magic at Fist-In-SHADOW, getting 18. Fist-In-SHADOW gets 29 and resists. Ms. Magus fires her bolt of Magic at Fist-In-SHADOW, getting 24. Fist-In-SHADOW gets a Natural 20 to resist. Fist-In-SHADOW punches Cheddar with a minor All-out Power Attack, getting a Natural 20, crit scored. DC is raised by +5. Griffin uses Interpose to block the attack instead, getting 20. He spends a HP to re-roll, getting 27, and is hit.

    Griffin: 1 Injury.

    Fist-In-SHADOW: 2 Injuries, Staggered.
    Cheddar managed to land another headshot, this one finally flooring the SHADOW giant!

    Griffin unleashes the Flurry of Steel, getting 14 and missing. Cheddar fires off a blast of magic and gets 24. Fist-In-SHADOW gets a Natural 1 and is Incapacitated. Fight's Over!
    The SHADOW troopers who survived both started having seizures and then they suddenly went limp. Cheddar checked for a pulse and started sobbing "I- I think I killed them! May God forgive me, I'm a murderer!"

    Ms, Magus saw Griffin's eyes turn completely white for a split-second! She asked "Are you alright, Griffin?! I just saw your eyes go completely white, I thought you were having a seizure or something!"

    Griffin replied "I'm fine, Ms. Magus. I just had a revelation from my Lady. What we just saw there was not your fault, Cheddar! I've heard this one story about SHADOW that we can now confirm, called the Umbral Protocol. It's a remote-control implant that gives a trooper a massive neurotoxin dose when activated. If it looks like they're about to betray SHADOW, all their superior really needs to do is flip the killswitch and their enemies will still be in the dark. Looks like it works very well with magic, given what Overshadow had in mind for it."

    Griffin spends a HP to receive some inspiration.
    "So... I didn't kill them?"

    "No, Cheddar. You didn't. That blood is on Overshadow's hands, not yours! And given how fanatical SHADOW troopers get, I don't think they'd care about the implant even if they knew about it. Even if you did kill them, what you did before that was in self-defence. No one in their right mind's going to throw you in jail for this, you have my word."

    "Are you certain?"

    "Absolutely. You did nothing wrong here, Cheddar."

    Ms. Magus went "Are you sure about that, Griffin?"

    Griffin told her "I'm absolutely certain, Ms. Magus. I was taught by someone who knows what right and wrong are really like. Now, let's see if anyone's still here..."
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    Re: Stories of the Betterverse: Operation Inundation III!

    Operation Inundation III: Freedom City, Part 1

    8:30 A.M. EDT, Teleportal Chamber, Scarab's Lair, on the day of Operation Inundation III...

    All of the Legacy of Freedom were in the teleportal chamber of the Scarab's Lair and they're wondering why that is when they should be out there fighting SHADOW.

    Midnight said "You called this meeting, Scarab. What's so important that we're here during what looks like a third Operation Inundation?!"

    "I have something important to tell you all, and it has a direct relation to what's happening on the surface. I recognised the man calling himself Overshadow when he made the broadcast. I knew him back in Ancient Egypt, in the first incarnation that I can recall. I was the Pharaoh Heru-Ra, and he was my High Priest, Tan-Aktor. One day, he tried to overthrow me and nearly succeeded! I say 'nearly', because I killed the traitor for it in my final breath!

    As we both stood before the Gods in judgement, I demanded that I alone should punish my former friend. We were both punished. He for his treason and I for my arrogance before the Gods. The punishment was that we were both sentenced to be forever reborn. What I'm about to tell you doesn't go beyond this room, as it can still be useful to the wrong group. Is that understood?"

    Everyone nodded.

    Scarab continued "In my last reincarnation, I was the philanthropist Alexander Rhodes, the original Scarab. It was my money that built this Lair and Pyramid Plaza above it. Mrs. Cruz is the only other living person who knows about this for a fact. I had her predecessor take measures to ensure that in the event of another rebirth, I would come back into my fortune once again."

    Freedom Eagle said "You actually found a way to take it with you?! Do you have any idea how many people wished they could do that?!"

    Scarab went "My first incarnation was from a whole culture who thought you could! The only things I know you can bring are your actions and their effect on others."

    Lightbearer said "I'm online and it looks like they're focusing on Freedom Hall and Pyramid Plaza. And the Plaza CCTV shows several small contingents making their way up all three towers."

    Scarab said "Now, we're going back upstairs and taking SHADOW down! Who's with me?!"

    The rest of the Legacy went "For Freedom's Legacy!"

    Scarab went "Eagle, you and I will take Tower One. Lightbearer and Midnight, you have Tower Two. Don't use the elevators. Standard proceedure in case of attack is to shut them down to keep hostiles from using them. And yes, I know how to turn them back on when the danger's passed. We take the first floors and work our way up. Anyone who makes it, we'll meet up at the Plaza at street level and fight our way up Tower Three." She then produced six keys, saying "Everyone take a key. These will open any door on all three towers. We're the only ones with those keys, so don't lose them! I'll keep us all linked up and I'll see you topside."
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    Re: Stories of the Betterverse: Operation Inundation III!

    Operation Inundation III: Freedom City, Part 2A

    Pyramid Plaza, Freedom City...

    As the Legacy of Freedom appeared at street level, people were */streaming/* out of the doors. Scarab said /"I've just linked us up, so we don't need to worry about SHADOW overhearing us. You know what towers to take, so *let's take them back!* And I won't ask questions if they wind up dead!"/

    Scarab and Freedom Eagle are fighting their way up Tower One of Pyramid Plaza. Lightbearer and Midnight are fighting their way up Tower Two.
    As Scarab entered, she decided to concentrate on one of the soldiers. Next thing anyone knew, the soldier fell dead.

    One of the SHADOW troopers hit his commlink, saying "All units, Primary Target is in Tower One! Repeat, Primary Target is in Tower One, First Floor! Requesting backup unit! Repeat, requesting backup unit!"

    Scarab used her telepathy to tell everyone "Damn it! They are after me! Just heard one of them say I was their primary target! Just hit your Tower and let me know when you've thrown SHADOW back out!"

    Scarab gets the advantage of surprise as she tries to use her Psychic Blast on one of the Umbra Guard. The Guard gets 16 and is dead.

    Roll Initiative! Freedom Eagle gets 26, Scarab gets 15, and seven Umbra Guards get 6-15. The Umbra Guards are minions.

    The Umbra Guards are using Blaster Rifles with Laser Sights and Targeting Scopes, and wearing Bulletproof Vests.

    Freedom Eagle and Scarab each get a HP for entering combat and Scarab gets a second HP because she knows that everyone working for SHADOW is after her!

    Everyone's using lethal force.
    Freedom Eagle flew at one of the Umbra Guards and slashed his throat out while Scarab dropped another.

    Freedom Eagle attacks an Umbra Guard with his Gauntlets, getting 27. The Umbra Guard gets 21 and is killed. Scarab fires a Mental Blast at another Guard. The Guard gets Natural 1 and is killed.

    The five surviving Umbra Guards fire on Scarab and get 13, 24, 14, Natural 20 and 21. Scarab gets 30 and 23 to resist the first two shots and gets a Natural 1 on the third. She spends a HP to reroll and gets 26 to resist the third.

    Scarab: 2 HP. Five Umbra Guard remaining.
    Freedom Eagle took the throat out of one of the soldiers while Scarab was dodging blaster fire.

    Freedom Eagle attacks an Umbra Guard and gets 23. The Umbra Guard gets 10 and is killed. Scarab hit 21 and resisted. Four Umbra Guards fire at Scarab, getting 19, 17, 23 and 11. Scarab gets 24 and 25, resisting both attacks.

    Four Umbra Guard remaining.
    Scarab struggled to take one of the SHADOW soldiers down while dodging all the blaster fire going around.

    Freedom Eagle attacks an Umbra Guard, getting 21. The Umbra Guard gets 15 and is killed. Scarab does a Mental Blast on a Umbra Guard. The Umbra Guard gets 26 and resists. Three Umbra Guards fire at Scarab, getting 2, 20 and 11. Scarab rolls a Natural 1 and spends a HP, getting 30 and resisting.

    Scarab: 1 HP. Three Umbra Guard remaining.
    At this point all Freedom Eagle and Scarab had to do was mop up.

    Freedom Eagle attacks an Umbra Guard, getting 24. The Umbra Guard gets 23 and is killed. Scarab does a Mental Blast on a Umbra Guard who gets 12 and is killed. The remaining Umbra Guard fires at Scarab, getting 8 and missing. Freedom Eagle attacks the last Umbra Guard, getting Natural 20, crit scored and raising the DC by +5. The Umbra Guard gets 11 and is killed.
    Scarab used her telepathy to tell the rest of the Legacy "Just cleared the first floor, making my way up now..."

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