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Thread: The Merge: Prologue to Annihilation

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    Re: The Merge: Prologue to Annihilation

    HP: 0, Status: Fatigued + Bruised & Defensive Attacking -> Fatigued + 2 Bruises + Dazed & Defensive Attacking, Location: In the Roots of the World Tree, vs. Koschei

    A look of confusion crossed Draco's face for a split second as Koschei dodged. He had been sure his blow would land; had he miscalculated?

    That split second was all it took; Koschei's immediate counter-attack didn't give Draco enough time to move as a bone spike erupted from the ground, slashing at him. Fortunately, he was at least quick on the recovery, and leapt aside just as the bone spike, and a few others nearby, bent and coiled, attempting to trap the empty space where Draco had just been.

    Dodge Save at Draco's reduced Dodge:

    1d20 + 6 = [6] + 6 = 12, which means he's hit; Draco must save against DC 25 (Toughness) and DC 18 (Fortitude). Toughness Save is at -1.

    Toughness Save: 1d20 + 12 - 1 = [4] + 11 = 15; another Bruise and Dazed as well!
    Fortitude Save: 1d20 + 12 = [20] + 12 = 32; at least that didn't get through!
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    Re: The Merge: Prologue to Annihilation

    Doctor Manhattan
    HP: 1
    Status: Normal

    The Doctor watches with clinical detachment as the Draugr slams the weapon into the ground. He's caught off guard by the spires of bone that seek to wrench through his, now physical, form.


    Alright... first thing's first - Dodge is definitely Manhattan's weak save. Let's see if this 1-in-20 shot pans out.

    Dodge Roll vs. Bone Spikes: 1D20 = [14] = 14

    Nope! He is struck through. Let's see how much that hurts -

    Toughness Save Vs. DC 28: 1D20+11 = [18]+11 = 29

    Not at all! (Made a mistake on the DC, thought I'd read 28 - but it was just 25)

    And finally for the Affliction Affect -

    Fortitude vs. Draugr Lord Bone Spike Grapple Thingie: 1D20+11 = [14]+11 = 25

    And that's a pass on that one too... holy crap... maybe CoyoteCode and I are finally starting to see eye-to-eye! ;P


    Manhattan looked towards Draco, and then to Griffin. He had hardly moved. He hadn't flinched. The bone weapons meant very little to the quantum being. The blue, godlike being frowned.

    "I am so incredibly disappointed in you," Manhattan addressed Koschei with all the gravitas of a parent admonishing an unruly child.

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    Re: The Merge: Prologue to Annihilation


    "Let's just spank him, send him home to Grandmother Yaga, get the soul and skedaddle. Reality is shaky enough as it is. We can't tarry long." Aggie said with a few bounces and a quick shimmy that enabled her to side-step the bone-spikes. "That and I don't think we want to stick around here long. There isn't any telling what this dust-up will attract. Well there is telling, I'm sure it'll be unpleasant."

    Humming delightedly, she used both her hands and her gun to instruct her psychotic minions to take the battle to the undead once more. "That and the Deathless part isn't a joke. Unless we get his soul, he'll just keep on regenerating and keep on coming after us and wear us down enough to kill us." she sniffed.

    "Encasing him in something solid will slow him down long enough for us to shag our behinds out of here, I think." she offered ever so helpfully.

    She shook her head. "Souls are very big in this place. Never understood it. But then philosophy was never something I studied extensively. Well not much at all really." she admitted.

    ooc dodge 22 YAY! Made IT!!!!!

    Flamethrower: Line Area Damage 9 (DC 24; Line Area: 5 feet wide by 30 feet long, DC 19, Variable Descriptor 2: broad group - affects non living things). Using it to attack the draugr.
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