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Thread: The Merge: Prologue to Annihilation

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    Re: The Merge: Prologue to Annihilation

    Melissa Benoist (Kara Zor-El/ Kara Danvers)
    Cond: Recovering
    HP 0

    The Girl of Steel had that nearly trademarked smile on display as she mingled with the others. When she got to Colossus and Aggie, she made a point to ask a specific favour.

    So, um, what I said to the Sentry, about me, my real identity. It’s true. But, I’d kind of like to keep that under wraps as much as possible. Our little secret?”

    She hugged the self proclaimed lunatic warmly, careful not to squeeze too tightly after finally accepting some tea.

    “We dit it!”
    She said wearily, “Your last push did all the heavy lifting, but wow. We actually saved the world.”

    Seeking out Ganesha as Griffin offered apologies to Kali, her smile mingled with almost shy, goofy quality Supergirl sometimes displayed.

    ”About that autograph.”
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    Re: The Merge: Prologue to Annihilation

    Rasputin shakes his head. " You overestimate the influence of this little event. The multiverse still exists and in time, your universe will drift closer to one or more clusters once again. And now, I/we will be leaving. You will not see me/us again. But I/we will make a note of you."

    There is a soft gasp from Rasputin before he staggers and blinks. " over?"


    Ganesha laughs. " Of course!" he says. From somewhere, he produces a postcard of Kolkata and a pen and writes, " To Supergirl, the girl whose generosity could make Vishnu blush. Love and blessings, Ganesh."


    In the end, the Hearthstones help in driving the remaining forces of Dissolution out, or at least back to their various hidey-holes. The nations of the world are reeling, finally realizing how utterly devastating the Merge aftermath could be. Some react with sudden wisdom and understanding...others, less so.

    It is a bitter truth that often, after a crisis ends, the saviours have to serve as scapegoats. And scapegoats are what the people are crying for. More than 2,000 000 people are dead with a much higher number having lost their minds or been turned into monstrosities.

    Such figures demand answers. Often, a cry for answers turns into a cry for vengeance.

    But even as public opinion turns against many heroes - and, in some tragic cases, just people with the wrong hobbies or interests - others step in, reminding everyone that this world has protectors.

    That the ultimate end was prevented.

    And those who did that are not going to step down, are not going to step back.

    After the Merge and the initial shocks and destruction, some people wondered if it had been their fault. That, in a world bereft of magic and superheroes, their outcry for any sliver of hope had somehow brought all those disparate universes crashing into one.

    In the end, it does not matter. The heroes are here. And they are going to stay, praised or not, powered or not.

    The spark of hope remains.

    //Aaaand that's a wrap!
    I hope you all enjoyed this, I certainly did. The game had its bumps, due to player attrition and I am sorry that I could sometimes not give the late-comers the attention they deserved. Still, I hope fun was had by all and I am looking forward to seeing you all in the next game(s) on this fine board.
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