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Thread: Jab's Builds!

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    Giant Flying Birds

    GIANT EAGLE (Aquila gigantes)
    Awesome Aerial Mount
    PL 8 (94)- Minion Rank 7, Sidekick Rank 19
    Normal Version:
    PL 6-7

    Acrobatics 6 (+10)
    Athletics 2 (+8)
    Close Combat (Natural Weapons) 4 (+8)
    Expertise (Survival) 8 (+8)
    Insight 4 (+4)
    Intimidation 10 (+9)
    Perception 11 (+11)
    Stealth 7 (+8)

    Fast Grab, Great Endurance, Improved Critical (Natural Weapons) 2, Improved Hold, Power Attack, Startle

    "Animal Senses" Senses 3 (Extended, Ultra & Low-Light Vision) [3]
    "Natural Weapons- Talons & Beak" Strength-Damage +2 (Feats: Reach) (Extras: Penetrating 5) [8]

    Flight 5 (60 mph) (Flaws: Winged) [5]

    "Natural Size" Growth 2 (Str & Sta +2, +2 Mass, +1 Intimidation, -1 Dodge/Parry, -2 Stealth) -- (10 feet) (Feats: Innate) (Extras: Permanent +0) [5]

    Unarmed +4 (+6 Damage, DC 21)
    Natural Weapons +8 (+8 Damage, DC 23)
    Initiative +4

    Dodge +8 (DC 18), Parry +8 (DC 18), Toughness +7, Fortitude +9, Will +6

    Disabled (Animal)- Birds cannot speak to humans, nor use their talons to easily manipulate objects.

    Total: Abilities: 22 / Skills: 52--26 / Advantages: 7 / Powers: 21 / Defenses: 18 (94)

    Era: Fantasy Realms
    Range: Open Plains & Cliffs
    Stereotypes: Regal & Proud.
    Colouring: Dark brown & tawny
    Size: Up to 10 feet long (500-1000 lbs.)
    Encounter Groups: Solitary or pairs.
    Diet: Hoofed mammals, humanoids, anything available.
    Tactics: Dive-bomb from above with lethal weapons.

    -I always loved these things in the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manuals, and other media (but the Rescuers Down Under bugged the CRAP out of me, because I was REALLY sure that no Eagle could ever get THAT big- and I was right! They just made up the damn animal!). Golden Eagles are awesome enough, but their ten-foot Fantasy-borne relatives? For this reason, my personal D&D character (who I never got to play, because my group has gaming ADD- not *AD&D*- and always switches games before we get to a high enough level for something cool), a Human Ranger, was always meant to eventually get a cool black version of this as a Special Mount from which to fire arrows & stuff at. I think Giant Eagles are even cooler than Pegasi, Hippogriffs or Gryphons- there's something to be said for a mount just being a big version of a regular animal.

    -This version of a Giant Eagle is a PL 8 Mount, basically a scaled-up Eagle/Haast's Eagle, doing tremendous damage for an animal, but not being so elite that it trumps a Rhinoceros or an Elephant. It's still a huge predator, and CAN kill those things if need be, but it'd be a hell of a fight. Most of the Cool Flying D&D Mounts are PL 8-ish, since they're expected to be super-hero sidekicks or something, even though this ends up getting hte short-shrift in stuff like Warhammer, where they're by far the weeniest "special" mount you can have aside from a common Horse (or maybe a Pegasus).

    GIANT SNOWY OWL (Bubo gigantes)
    Awesome Aerial Mount
    PL 8 (105)- Minion Rank 7, Sidekick Rank 21
    Normal Version:
    PL 6-7

    Acrobatics 6 (+10)
    Athletics 2 (+8)
    Close Combat (Natural Weapons) 4 (+8)
    Expertise (Survival) 8 (+8)
    Insight 4 (+4)
    Intimidation 10 (+9 Size)
    Perception 11 (+11)
    Stealth 9 (+11 Size)

    Fast Grab, Great Endurance, Improved Critical (Natural Weapons) 2, Improved Hold, Power Attack, Startle

    "Animal Senses" Senses 3 (Extended, Ultra & Low-Light Vision) [3]
    "Natural Weapons- Talons & Beak" Strength-Damage +2 (Feats: Reach) (Extras: Penetrating 5) [8]
    "Owl Ear Tufts" Senses 2 (Accurate Hearing) [2]

    Flight 5 (60 mph) (Feats: Subtle) (Flaws: Winged) [6]
    Movement 1 (Environmental Adaptation- Arctic) [2]
    Immunity 1 (Cold) [1]

    "Natural Size" Growth 2 (Str & Sta +2, +2 Mass, +1 Intimidation, -1 Dodge/Parry, -2 Stealth) -- (10 feet) (Feats: Innate) (Extras: Permanent +0) [5]

    Unarmed +4 (+6 Damage, DC 21)
    Natural Weapons +8 (+8 Damage, DC 23)
    Initiative +4

    Dodge +8 (DC 18), Parry +8 (DC 18), Toughness +7, Fortitude +9, Will +6

    Disabled (Animal)- Birds cannot speak to humans, nor use their talons to easily manipulate objects.
    Disabled (Scent)- Owls appear to have a terrible sense of smell. Though this has benefits, as they can hunt the Skunk without worry, which very few animals will.

    Total: Abilities: 26 / Skills: 54--27 / Advantages: 7 / Powers: 27 / Defenses: 18 (105)

    Era: Fantasy Realms
    Range: Open Plains, Arctic Regions
    Stereotypes: Wise & Intelligent.
    Colouring: White with some dark spots
    Size: Up to 10 feet long (500-1000 lbs.)
    Encounter Groups: Solitary or pairs.
    Diet: Hoofed mammals, humanoids, anything available.
    Tactics: Dive-bomb from above with lethal weapons.

    -Here's a Giant Snowy Owl, similar to my old Giant Eagle build, but stealthier and with greater sensory perception, in addition to some Arctic adaptations.
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    Re: Jab's Builds!

    I'm surprised you didn't give any of the predatory birds Move-by action.

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    Re: Jab's Builds!

    Quote Originally Posted by Shock View Post
    I'm surprised you didn't give any of the predatory birds Move-by action.
    Birds of Prey don't really fight like that- they grab and haul down, much like Big Cats and other predators do. Their typical prey species are too fast and too prone to hiding to attempt "Flyby Attacks"- they'd get away if the Eagles tried that.

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    Big Birds

    -No one standard Order fits this grouping- it's just a non-official name I'm using for all of these huge, flightless birds. Easily the closest to dinosaurs in general appearance, they all look like weird Carnosaurs of varying types, with a few exceptions. Nearly every one of these things is a different order- from the largest bird alive, the Ostrich, to the smaller Rhea (5 feet tall), Emu (6.5 feet tall) and Cassowary (5.5 feet, but evil as hell), to the miniature flightless Kiwis of New Zealand, with their funny skinny bills (I included them with the "Small Birds", since they're tiny noncombatants). Some are fairly majestic (the Emu), while others are more gawky and silly-looking, but none of them are to be underestimated- their powerful kicks can disembowel a human being, or otherwise just ruin their day.

    RHEA (Rhea americana)
    South American Bird
    PL 2 (14)- Minion Rank 1, Sidekick Rank 3
    Normal Version:
    PL 0-1

    Athletics 7 (+7)
    Close Combat (Kick) 1 (+3)
    Expertise (Survival) 5 (+5)
    Perception 5 (+5)

    Improved Critical (Kick)

    "Animal Senses" Senses 2 (Extended & Low-Light Vision) [2]
    Speed 2 (8 mph) [2]

    "Powerful Kick" Strength-Damage +1 [1]

    Unarmed +2 (+0 Damage, DC 15)
    Kick +3 (+1 Damage, DC 16)
    Initiative +2

    Dodge +2 (DC 12), Parry +3 (DC 13), Toughness +1, Fortitude +2, Will +1

    Disabled (Animal)- Birds cannot speak to humans, nor use their talons to easily manipulate objects.

    Total: Abilities: -4 / Skills: 18--9 / Advantages: 1 / Powers: 5 / Defenses: 3 (14)

    Era: Modern
    Range: South America
    Stereotypes: None (too unknown)
    Colouring: Grey & Brown.
    Size: Up to 5.5 feet tall (30-66 lbs.)
    Encounter Groups: Mixed-sex herds
    Diet: Seeds & flowers, sometimes insects
    Tactics: Flee using speed, or kick with powerful legs.

    -Rheas are similar to Ostriches, but are much smaller and have three toes on each foot, rather than two. They're not that well-known, but are hardcore enough to dismebowel farmcats that harass them.

    EMU (Dromaius novaehollandae)
    Aussie Bird
    PL 3 (28)- Minion Rank 2, Sidekick Rank 6
    Normal Version:
    PL 1-2

    Athletics 5 (+7)
    Close Combat (Kick) 1 (+3)
    Expertise (Survival) 5 (+5)
    Intimidation 4 (+1)
    Perception 5 (+5)

    Improved Critical (Kick)

    "Animal Senses" Senses 2 (Extended & Low-Light Vision) [2]
    Speed 2 (8 mph) [2]

    "Powerful Kick" Strength-Damage +1 [1]

    Unarmed +2 (+2 Damage, DC 17)
    Kick +3 (+3 Damage, DC 18)
    Initiative +2

    Dodge +2 (DC 12), Parry +3 (DC 13), Toughness +3, Fortitude +4, Will +2

    Disabled (Animal)- Birds cannot speak to humans, nor use their talons to easily manipulate objects.

    Total: Abilities: 8 / Skills: 20--10 / Advantages: 1 / Powers: 5 / Defenses: 4 (28)

    Era: Modern
    Range: Australia
    Stereotypes: Skittish & Panicky.
    Colouring: Grey & Brown.
    Size: Up to 6.5 feet tall (80-160 lbs.)
    Encounter Groups: Mixed-sex herds
    Diet: Seeds & flowers, sometimes insects
    Tactics: Flee using speed, or kick with powerful legs.

    -Emu are a smaller, more-drab version of an Ostrich, and only live in Australia. They are actually numerous enough to be a considerable pest in some areas, being able to get into grain supplies, and large enough to fend off many dogs and cats that come walking by.
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    THE GAME - ROUND 1 - GROUP 4 Hosted by Jab!!

    Round 1 Groups 1-4
    Round 2 Groups 1-4



    Eyedol's heads screamed in rage at each other. Neither wanting to believe the sheer gal of the mortal stranding before them. The moment was brief however as the two headed monstrosity quickly formulated a plan.

    Roaring, the elder demon tore into Ryu with a dizzying blur of kicking, biting, punching and powerful club swings. Ryu deflected the tantrum with practiced ease, confident that his foe was far to angry and unfocused to fight coherently.

    Sensing the human's disdain and further enraged by his failure, Eyedol screeched and redoubled his efforts. With a blistering fury it tried in vain to crush the man standing before him. Again, Ryu parried or dodged each blow as if choreographed.

    Now blind with a unknowable rage, Eyedol did the only thing it could. It threw a complete fit, stomping and flailing like a wrathful child while screaming curses in an obscure language the bestial horror's tantrum eventually carried it through a wall and into the street.

    Startled by the racket, Goliath and Cyborg turned their heads in wonder as the bizarre screaming monster appeared across the street.

    “What the...” Both mouthed in unison.

    Confused, Ryu stared blankly. He'd never seen a foe grow so angry as to forget what he was doing. Concerned, he poked his head out of the massive hole the monster left behind.

    “Hey? What about the fight, are we still fighting?”

    He asked then noticed Chun Li in the distance waving wildly at him. More importantly however, was the growing number of strange new faces.

    Eyedol (Mechanics)
    Eyedol Attack Actions: Ultra Combo: Roll 1+8=9 vs (25) Sigh Hero Point
    Eyedol Attack Action: Ultra Combo: Roll 5+10+8 vs (23) Double Fail.... vs (25)

    The commotion was growing louder by the second. Intrigued, Zachary scrambled atop the crumbling gas station for a better look. The parking lot in the distance was a sea activity. Giant Robot, cyborgs, monsters, it was carnival of freaks.

    As he darted across the partial collapsed roof he even noticed an acrobat. A young Chinese woman, watching the battle from the shadows.

    “You're missing the fun!” He blurted as he dropped down before her.

    Chun Li had noted his approach and was a step ahead. Still, the man in the clown suit was fast. With the speed of a snake he attempted to place a comically large rubber nose on her face. With sheer luck she was able to slap it away.

    Insulted, Zachary lowered his arms and frowned in a clownish manner.

    “Hey now, that was uncalled for...”

    Jack in the Box (Mechanics)
    Jack: Move Action: Moves across the roof and drops on Chun Li
    Jack: Attack Action :Rubber Nose: Roll: 14+10 = (24) vs (26) Close!

    Elsa struggled to her feet. The last thing she remembered was her sister screaming upstairs. Now there was a wicked looking man gesturing at her while a titanic three-headed monster of legend tried in vain to devour him. In a complete panic she closed her eyes and screamed.

    A burst of arctic wind shot out in a radius around her. Expanding with violent speed the winds tore through the battered landscape and turned the lazy rain into a blinding blizzard of freezing snow and stinging ice.

    Taken aback, Bullseye and Chimera both paused to regard her in wonder. Bullseye shook his head in amusement.

    “Seriously Lady? Oh you are so dead... and I'm probably going to do something to your corpse...”

    The chimera could care less and instantly resumed trying to bite his head off.

    Elsa, thankful for the distraction slipped out the window and into blinding snow. Ice was already beginning to coat the buildings and she could hear the startled shouts of the other combatants. Deciding to lay low she promptly moved in the other direction.

    Elsa (Mechanics)
    Elsa Attack Action: Activates Eternal Winter
    Move Action: Runs off into the Snow (Stealth Check) 11+3=(14)

    Bane lunged forward with the speed and power of a train. The efficient brutality of the attack was impressive, even to one such as Goro. It was a feat, few were capable of and left the Shokan reeling slightly. Sensing an opening, Bane moved to hoist the startled prince into the air.

    Though taken aback, Goro was not one suffer being manhandled. Breaking free he laughed in Bane's face, even while favoring his now bruised rib.

    “You're good, but not good enough...”

    “We'll see...” Bane smirked as he back stepped through open door. “Let's play a game you and I?” He called tauntingly as he vanished into the blinding snow.

    Anaconda watched the exchange from across the room, unsure if she wanted to get involved. Goro eyed her with disdain, then followed his foe.

    Bane (Mechanics)
    Bane Attack Action/Fast Grab: Venom Strike Roll19+12=(31) vs (23) CRIT
    Goro Fast Grab Resist Roll 17+7(24) vs (7+10+5 Improved Hold=(22) Breaks Free
    Goro Toughness Check: Roll 19+7=(26) vs (28) -1 Toughness

    Silver Banshee was a vicious woman and petty woman. Floating outside the window she watched as Aang and Iroh square off with Hawkeye. The fight was comical and amusing enough, but she had little patience and was growing bored not to mention cold. The snow storm had come out of nowhere, but was of no concern at the moment.

    Wise enough not to tangle with three foes at once, she never the less could resist causing a little mayhem. With a smile, she opened her mouth and issued forth a screech so terrifyingly powerful that it shattered the windows and rattled the three fighters to their core.

    She didn't wait around to see the effects, and vanished into the dark and snowy night.

    Hawkeye and Aang weathered the sonic blast with ease, Iroh however caught the scream full in the face. Gasping, he staggered back in confusion as his body and mind began to wither under the vile effects.

    “Aang... you have... to run!” He gasped, clutching his heart. “I'll keep this guy busy as long as I can!”

    “Whoa, settle down there old man, you're liable to stroke out. You ain't keeping no one busy.”

    “You shut up.” Aang barked, still dazed from the tazer. “I'm not going anywhere, we'll take this guy out and get you somewhere safe!”

    Silver Banshee (Mechanics)

    Silver Banshee Attack Action: Sonic Cone

    Iroh Dodge Roll 8+14=22 vs (20) Save
    Iroh Fortitude Save Roll 6+6=(12) vs (15) Fail -3 To Abilities

    Hawkeye Dodge Roll 13+7=(21) vs (20) Save
    Hawkeye Fortitude Save Roll (7+11=(18) vs (15) Saves

    Aang Dodge 12+8=(20) Saves
    Aand Fortitude Save Roll 12+7=(19) vs (15) Saves

    Silver Banshee Move Action: FLEE


    Makato was furious at the stranger for his cowardly attack. Spinning around rapidly, she gathered lighting about in her in a rage.

    “Know, that you will fall this day Assassin!” She proclaimed loudly as the energy coalesced into leaf shape motes of crackling power.

    “Jupiter! Oak Evolution!” She screamed while gesturing grandly at her foe.

    Snake-Eye was understandably put off by the display. Twitching under his mask he spun away as the flurry of electrical foliage was sent roaring his way.

    Ducking around the corner, he let it pass before poking his head back out to glare at her.

    “I hate you...” Jupiter scowled before promptly kicking the nearest door open and running out into the street.

    “Why is it snowing!” She screeched imperiously.

    Dumbfounded, Snake-Eyes hurried after her.

    Sailor Jupiter (Mechanics)
    Attack Action: Oak Evolution: Roll 6+10=(16) vs (24) Dodge
    Move Action: Moves the Fight Outside

    Bobby could recognize Rogue's enthusiastic yell anywhere. Moving quickly, he had little time to ponder how he ended up in this place. Riding an ice flow, he spiraled upward through a hole in the ceiling and out into the evening sky.

    The snow was really coming down and yet the glow of a Sentinel's eyes in the darkness was unmistakable.

    “I'm coming lady! I got your back!” He shouted in glee as the Sentinel came into full view. Wasting little time Bobby coated the massive robot in a sheet of ice.

    “Gotcha!” He shouted with pride!

    Startled by is sudden appearance, Rogue gave a shout. “Bobby! Way to go, good job! You got him!”

    The joyous reunion was short lived as the Sentinel twitched then exploded free of it's icy shell.

    “Secondary Mutant Signature detected! Scanning, target identified, code name, Ice Man. Threat level minimum”

    “What? No way man, I'm hard core. Like... a threat level 8 at least!”

    “Bobby Focus!” Rogue laughed, in the distance.

    “Man this sucks, I got dissed by a damn robot!”

    “Ice dude! Focus man this is serious!” Cyborg shouted.

    “Whatever... this blows...”

    Iceman (Mechanics)
    Move Action: Move's to attack Sentinel
    Attack Action: Ice Bonds Roll 19+10=(29) vs (16) Critical
    Sentinel's Strength vs Ice Bonds Roll 17+11=(28) vs (25) Breaks Free

    Sean Cassidy could hear his fellow X-Men shouting nearby. From what he could recall, he remembered seeing Iceman and Rogue amongst the throng of people. Steeling himself, he could hear the chaos outside. He had to attack quick, and decisive, if they weren't X-men, they were the enemy, no matter what.

    Bursting through the store front window he entered the fray with his Sonic Scream at full blast. Mannaquins and debris scattered wildly in his wake as he locked his sights on what appeared to be two demons and what looked to be Deathlok. Without hesitation he blasted the trio in hopes of taking them out before they could rally.

    Cyborg, turned to regard the newcomer. “Seriously man? Giant robot here!” He screamed them staggered back as the blast washed over him. Grimacing under the onslaught, his circuits began to spark and as metal plates buckled and warped.

    Goliath fared far worse. Roaring in pain, the massive gargoyle covered his ears as the blast nearly knocked him from the sky.

    Eyedol turned, still enraged, he glared at the noisy intruder. Unfazed by the organ bursting blast, he snarled. Perhaps this one would make for a easier target. Grinning wildly, he pressed forward.

    Rogue and Iceman turned immediately at the sound and began screaming in unison for their wayward ally to stop.

    “Whoa! Banshee, ease up man, there is a Sentinel over here!” Iceman shouted

    “Yeah Sugah, we've bigger fish to fry, those guy are helping us out!” Rogue added, gesturing wildly.

    Banshee paused to survey the scene. Wincing, he turned to regard the Sentinel bearing down upon them then back at the cursing cyborg giving him the finger.

    “Tch, sorry boys... I didn't see the bugger.”

    “You Ginger Jackass! That hurt!” Cyborg shot back, his ears still ringing.

    “Hey now lad, no need ta be getting all offensive!”

    “Gentlemen! Goliath roared. We've more pressing matters at hand!

    “Righto then. Time to go to work.” Banshee agreed before joining his fellow X-men.

    Banshee (Mechanics)
    Move Action: Fly out of Ruins to troll Eyedol, Goliath, Cyborg
    Attack Action: Area Concussive Scream: DC (20)

    Eyedol Dodge: Roll 15+12=(27)vs(20) Miss
    Eyedol Toughness Roll 15+8-1=(22)vs(20) Save

    Goliath Dodge: Roll 3+10(+2 Favored Environment)=(15) vs (20) Hit
    Goliath Toughness: Roll 8+7=(15) vs (25) -1 Dazed

    Cyborg Dodge: Roll 15+11=(26) vs (20) Miss
    Cyborg Toughness: Roll 8+8=(16) vs (20) Hit -1

    Rhino awoke in rage. Rhino didn't care about the man in the box, Rhino only wanted money, food, women, beer. So Rhino wanted to hurry up and kill everyone and get back home. Rhino couldn't find anyone though, so Rhino was very very upset. Tearing up the flimsy building in which he found himself, Rhino stomped up the street in search of prey.

    Rhino first passed the slow moving fat man. Startled by the massive monster stomping by, Harry Leland cowered behind a overturned car in shock, choosing wisely to let it pass unmolested.

    Shredder saw him a mile away and nearly mistook him for his henchman Rocksteady. As he drew closer, Rhino was totally oblivious to the Ninja's presence, even failing to notice when the nimble warrior leaped atop his shoulders for a boost before vanishing onto the roofs.

    Iron Fist was next, sticking to the shadows, he let the snorting behemoth pass, having no wish to tangle with the destructive brute at this time.

    Elsa, crept quietly atop the snow, her tiny feet dancing effortlessly over the surface. Startled by the towering gray monster coming her way she froze still as the grave as it passed her by.

    “I want to go home...” She thought to herself as it rounded the corner.

    Batman frowned as the brute rounded the corner in a snorting fit. Standing ready, he prepared himself then blinked in confusion as Rhino continued by without so much as a glance.

    “What in the world?” He mouthed to himself as the creature lumbered on his way.

    Rhino (Mechanics)
    Move Action: Rumble through the streets in search of prey

    Perception Check vs Harry: Roll 15-2=(13) vs (16)
    Perception Check vs Shredder: Roll 1-2=-1 (-1) vs (26) HAHAHAHAHAH
    Perception Check vs Iron Fist: Roll 13-2=(11) vs (24)
    Perception Check vs Elsa: Roll 1-2 = -1 vs (14) Seriously....
    Perception Check vs Batman 1-2 = -1 vs (24) Christ

    Though slow the Sentinel was definitely decisive in it's actions. Raising it's palms, it casually bathed the clearing in white hot plasma. Spiderman sensed it coming but was unprepared for the sheer violence of the blast. Narrowly avoiding injury he yelped in shock as his costume was set afire.

    “Whoa big guy!” He snipped, before landing atop it's head. “Watch where, you throw that stuff.”

    Rogue, caught up as she was in shouting to Banshee caught the blast full to the back. With an annoyed glance over her shoulder, she looked at her rear to check for fire.

    “Did that thing just try and nuke us?” She quipped.

    Iceman too seemed unfazed, as his ice slide absorbed most of the blast. Turning back to look at the robot he frowned.

    “I think it did... we should probably hurry this up, before someone gets hurt.”

    Cyborg and Goliath, still reeling from Banshee's onslaught, were fully engulfed by the blast. Snarling, Goliath raised a wing in hopes to shielding himself and his ally from the burning fury to no avail as flesh and steel burned.

    When it was over, both warrior were still standing but badly burned.

    “Whoa, you guy's okay down there?”

    Neither spoke, instead, they turned their wrathful gaze upon Banshee.

    “When this is over...” Cyborg grumbled at the Irishman.

    “Indeed...” Goliath echoed.

    “Yeah, yeah, let's not forget the giant robot here!” Spider-man whistled, tapping the robot atop the head with the palm of his hand.

    Sentinel (Mechanics)
    Dodge Roll 19+12=(31) vs (20) Save!!
    Toughness Roll 2+7=(9) vs (20) Hero Point
    Toughness Re-roll 18+7=(25) vs (20) Save!!

    Dodge Roll 1+8=(9) vs (20) Hit
    Toughness Roll 20+11=(31) vs (25) Like a boss

    Dodge Roll 15+10=(25) vs (20) Save
    Toughness Roll 20+8=(28) vs (20) Save

    Cyborg Roll 12+11=(23) vs (20) Save
    Toughness 10+8-1=17 vs (20) Hit -1

    Goliath Roll 7+5+2(Favored Environment)= (14) vs (20) Hit
    Toughness 14+7-1=(20) vs (25) Hit -1

    Drawn to the commotion like a moth to the flame, Clayface, trudged through the ruins on his way to the clearing. He'd seen the display of firepower the Sentinel brought to bear. Hopefully Batman was in the blast, he could only hope. Bane as well, he could do without the competition. As he arrived her chuckled at the mayhem before him. The party was starting and he had front row seats. Now all he had to to was choose a dance partner.

    Clayface (Mechanics)
    Move action: Hurries into the clearing

    ROUND 1 - GROUP 4 - END


    Tale of the Tape Thus Far

    Lot's of horrible rolls and wasted Hero Points in the first round. Almost all of our fighters are now in roughly the same area surrounding the Sentinel.

    With sneaky fighters lurking around the edges while the AOE crowd spam the field.

    Elsa's has kindly cut all vision to 30' feet or so depending on the situation. We chalked it up to the storm just as just starting up. Expect all manner of hi-jinks next round though with a full on blizzard in effect.

    Also, with far fewer Hero Points left over and everyone on top of each other, expect things escalate quickly.
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    Bigger Birds

    OSTRICH (Struthio camelus)
    Largest Bird Alive, Odd Mount
    PL 4 (37)- Minion Rank 3, Sidekick Rank 8
    Normal Version:
    PL 2-3

    Athletics 4 (+8)
    Close Combat (Kick) 1 (+3)
    Expertise (Survival) 5 (+5)
    Intimidation 5 (+2)
    Perception 5 (+5)

    Great Endurance, Improved Critical (Kick)

    "Animal Senses" Senses 2 (Extended & Low-Light Vision) [2]
    Speed 3 (16 mph) [3]

    "Powerful Kick" Strength-Damage +1 [1]

    Unarmed +2 (+4 Damage, DC 19)
    Kick +3 (+5 Damage, DC 20)
    Initiative +0

    Dodge +4 (DC 14), Parry +4 (DC 14), Toughness +4, Fortitude +6, Will +3

    Disabled (Animal)- Birds cannot speak to humans, nor use their talons to easily manipulate objects.
    Enemy (Lions, Jaguars, Hyenas, Cheetahs)- Ostrich are numerous and large enough to be ideal prey to numerous large predators.

    Total: Abilities: 10 / Skills: 20--10 / Advantages: 2 / Powers: 6 / Defenses: 9 (37)

    Era: Modern
    Range: African plains
    Stereotypes: Skittish & Panicky.
    Colouring: Black & white with pink skin
    Size: Up to 9.5 feet tall (220-350 lbs.)
    Encounter Groups: Mixed-sex herds
    Diet: Seeds & flowers, sometimes insects
    Tactics: Flee using speed, or kick with powerful legs.

    -Ostriches are goofy-looking, but still rather dangerous animals, strong enough to allow humans to ride them, and they can run at 45 mph for up to half an hour. It's basically big, strong and tough, but not TOO tough- a human with a weapon can still kill one, and most major predators would easily eat one for lunch if not for their tremendous speed. They're a bit too powerful as adults for a single Cheetah to dare take on alone, which is why one was definitely not expecting it when three BROTHERS came calling (you could actually see the Ostrich's mind process working itself out- he kind of half-assedly jogged when he saw the first. Then all of a sudden he realizes there's THREE of them, and he starts running with interest... far, far too late. The three were on him in moments, and two weighed him down while one choked him to death).

    CASSOWARY (Casuarius casuarius)
    Deceptively-Mighty Kicker
    PL 4 (35)- Minion Rank 3, Sidekick Rank 7
    Normal Version:
    PL 2-3

    Athletics 6 (+7)
    Close Combat (Kick) 3 (+7)
    Expertise (Survival) 5 (+5)
    Intimidation 7 (+4)
    Perception 3 (+3)

    All-Out Attack, Great Endurance, Improved Critical (Kick) 2, Power Attack, Startle

    "Animal Senses" Senses 2 (Extended & Low-Light Vision) [2]
    Speed 3 (16 mph) [3]

    "Powerful Kick" Strength-Damage +2 [2]

    Unarmed +3 (+1 Damage, DC 16)
    Kick +7 (+3 Damage, DC 18)
    Initiative +3

    Dodge +4 (DC 14), Parry +6 (DC 16), Toughness +2, Fortitude +4, Will +4

    Disabled (Animal)- Birds cannot speak to humans, nor use their talons to easily manipulate objects.

    Total: Abilities: 6 / Skills: 24--7 / Advantages: 6 / Powers: 7 / Defenses: 9 (35)

    Era: Modern
    Range: Australia & New Guinea
    Stereotypes: None (too unknown).
    Colouring: Dark grey with blue heads
    Size: Up to 5.5 feet tall (37-155 lbs.)
    Encounter Groups: Solitary unless breeding
    Diet: Fallen fruits
    Tactics: Flee using speed, or kick with powerful legs.

    -Cassowaries are unimpressive visually, but carry a NASTY secret- their powerful legs and sharp claws are capable of inflicting serious wounds on human beings, to the point where confronting them is a dangerous prospect. Australian authorities have problems with tourists feeding them- much like most animals, they will then associate humans with food, and get VERY ornery if a human they meet doesn't HAVE any. This can have disastrous results, to say the least. Cassowaries aren't overly hardcore, but are still quite dangerous, as PL 4 creatures. Batman fought one in Batman: The Animated Series, and actually had to cheat to win, using a poisoned Hummingbird (guess which villain?). They're really not THAT tough in real life, as there's only one single human fatality on record, that of a 16-year old who got knocked over and had his throat opened, but feel free to go nuts with a Villain's Minion monster group or something.
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    THE GAME - ROUND 2 - GROUP 1 Hosted by Jab!!

    Round 1 Groups 1-4
    Round 2 Groups 1-4

    (Notes: Everyone outside has total concealment out to 30' due to Elsa' Eternal Winter Effect.)

    Hissing, Starfire slings a volley of Starbolts at the frosty Ninja challenging her. Standing still he watches impassively as the bolts fly wide and destroys the wall behind him.

    “Your anger has gotten the better of you woman!” He laughed mockingly.

    “You've not even seen me angry yet!” Starfire bites back. Snarling, she adjusting her aim on the fly. This time the volley struck Sub-Zero square in the face. His mask exploded in a shower of flames and embers, leaving Kori thinking she killed him outright.

    As the smoke cleared, Sub-Zero's remained standing. Ripping the ruined mask from his face he sneers at her. “You're dead...”

    “Who's mad now” Kori laughs. “Besides, you have to find me first, Ninja!”

    With that, she crashed through the wall and vanished into the blizzard raging outside.

    Starfire (Mechanics)
    Attack Action: Starbolts Roll: 1+10 = (11) vs (22) !! Critical Failure SERIOUSLY??? Hero Point!!
    Attack Action: Starbolts ReRoll: 13+10 = (24) vs (22) Hit
    Sub-Zero Toughness Roll: 10+4=(14) vs (25) OUCH Hero Point!!
    Sub-Zero Toughness ReRoll: 19+4=(23) vs (25) -1

    Starfire: Move action: Flies out of range

    (Kori gives up a Hero Point to Sub-Zero for this) It was realized later that she moved while dazed.)
    Naughty Girl


    Danny waited for the massive brute to get out of range before setting his sites on cowled figure lurking a few feet ahead. As he followed his foe he noticed Elsa huddling behind a trashcan. Their eyes meeting, he studied her a moment and saw only fear. He didn't have it in him to put her down right now, besides, doing so would alert the more obvious threat ahead. Putting a finger to his lips he gave a nod of understanding and moved on. Elsa swallowed and nodded in agreement. She wanted nothing more than to get her sister and put this place behind her.

    Ahead of them, Batman paused. Something wasn't right and he was just turning when a fist materialized out of the snow to rattle his jaw. Staggering back under the blow. Batman shook his head to clear his vision.

    “Not bad, not a lot of people out there can get the drop on me.”

    Danny shrugged and smiled.

    “Not normally my thing, but we do what we gotta right?”

    “True enough...” Batman grunted and took a stance.

    Iron Fist (Mechanics)
    Perception Check vs Elsa: Roll 9+14 = (23) vs (14) Sees Her
    Perception Check vs Batman: Roll 12+14 = (26) vs (24) Sees Him
    Attack Action: Sneak Attack Batman: Roll 19+17 = (36) vs (25) Holy crap Critical Hit Sneak Attack
    Batman Toughness Save: Roll 10+4=(14) vs (23) -1 dazed


    Sub-Zero's rushed to the hole in the wall. Kori was long gone, as she was far to fast for him to follow. Leaping from the hole he landed in slushy mud below and took in his surroundings. The blizzard was powerful, lesser men would be blinded but he could see clearly through the whirling snow. A massive battle was underway.

    So many choices, glancing over, he noticed a lone figure watching the battle in confused awe. Gathering the cold about him, Sub-Zero's took aim and fired a freezing orb of pure cold at the stranger.
    Ryu caught the blast out of the corner of his eye and ducked as it exploded against the door frame. Icy tendril crept along the wall and ground beneath his feet forming a thick layer of hoar frost.

    Peering through the snow, he scowled with disapproval.

    Sub-Zero (Mechanics)
    Move Action: Chases After Kori, Target's Ryu
    Attack Action: Ice Blast: Roll 6+11=(17) vs (23) Miss


    His ears still ringing and his body still jittery from the taser, Aang focused on Hawkeye. Clint met his gaze and snarled.

    “Don't you do it kid! I'm warning...” He began only to be cut off as Aang froze him in place with a thick coating of ice.

    Iroh, coughed and nodded his approval.

    “Good Job, Aang, now get out of here.”

    “No way... I've got you covered.” The young Avatar smiled as he recovered from Hawkeye's arrow.

    Aang (Mechanics)
    Attack Action: Ice Bonds Roll 12+8=(20) vs (17) Fail!!
    Hawkeye Save: 11+3=(14) vs (17) Fail (FROZEN)
    Aang Affliction Resistance: 13+7=(20) vs (17) Resisted

    Move Action: Guards Iroh


    Chun Li looked the clown over. It was no one she recognized, nor did she realize the significance of the nose he tried to put on her face. Jack smiled toothily at her.

    “Friends?” He offered slyly.

    “You're insane.” She mumbled then promptly kicked him face... then again... and again. Only ever stopping when he staggered back holding his bruised and battered face. Satisfied, she then back-flipped to nearest wall, then sprang onto the roof. Trying in vain to spot Ryu again she frowned. The sudden blizzard had gotten worse and was now obscuring nearly everything. More pressing however was the fact that she'd soon be freezing.

    Chun Li (Mechanics)
    Attack action: Lightning Leg Roll: 20+17=(37) vs (24) WOW (Critical Hit)
    Jack in the Box: Toughness Roll: 15+5=(20) vs (28) Hit -1 Dazed
    Move Action: Wall-Springs up onto the roof.

    Clint panicked, the kid had him dead to rights, though he counted his blessings that his head was still free. Twisting two and fro he cursed wildly in hopes to escape.

    Aang glanced at him while tending Iroh. “Give it up, you're not going anywhere.”

    “Don't underestimate me kid.” Clint growled then dug deep. Flexing he felt the ice crack then shatter.

    Brushing himself off he, he regarded Aang with a dangerous grin. "Playtime is over!"

    Hawkeye (Mechanics)
    Attempts to break free 19+3=(22) vs (17) Success Leaving him free

    Snake-eye's gave chase. Crashing through the doorway he followed the girl outside into the driving snow. As she turned to face him he slashed hard with his sword. Makoto spun around to face him, his blade glinting centimeters from her neck. Gasping in shock she leaped away. The man seriously wanted her dead.

    Rolling her shoulders she leveled a serious look at him.

    “Okay then... if that's how it is. Let's do it.”

    Twirling his blade, Snake-eyes readied himself while taking in his surroundings. The blizzard was unexpected. Though the giant robot and costumed warriors were more so. It couldn't be helped. Barring outside interference, the girl was his target. They'd come to far now to back off and they both knew it.

    Snake-eyes (Mechanics)
    Move Action: Gives Chase
    Attack Action: Sword Roll 10+14=(24) vs (22) Hit
    Sailor Jupiter Toughness Roll: 1+6=(7) vs (21) Hero Point
    Sailor Jupiter Toughness Reroll: 19+6=(25) vs (21)


    Jessica was on borrowed time, she knew it. Braddock was known to be exceptionally tough to hurt. Still, his anger was something she found highly amusing. Tempting fate she fired a venom blast to his rear as he rose from the wreckage of the wall.

    With a sharp zap, the blast recoiled off his buttocks and into the ceiling. Incensed, Captain Britain roared in indignant outrage.

    “You dare!?”

    “Sorry beefcake, I just had to. It was right there!” She laughed then launched herself outside into the snow. Barreling around the corner she could only pray she could loose him in the blizzard.

    Inside the club, she could hear him raging. She'd always heard he had a temper but never expected this.

    Spider Woman (Mechanics)
    Attack Action: Venom Blasts Roll 15+10=(25) vs (19) Hit
    Captain Britain's Toughness Save 20+11=(31) vs (25) HA!
    Move action: FLEE!!!


    Cyborg, stood smoldering both figuratively and literally. Glancing at Goliath, the Gargoyle looked battered but recovering.

    “You okay there big guy?”

    “I was about to ask the same...” Goliath grumbled.

    Nodding in approval, Cyborg then turned his attention to the X-men. Obscured by the howling wind and ice he yelled to them.

    “Okay you I hope you jokers are done goofing off. This, let's shoot our ally isn't helping.”

    “I said I was sorry lad!” He heard Banshee yell somewhere in the distance.

    “Robot! Giant Damn Robot! Can we get back to breaking it please!” Spider-Man chimed in, his voice echoing up the streets.

    “Desist in assaulting this unit! The aiding of Mutant Criminals is a Capital Offense!!” The Sentinel announced in response.

    “Shut up! No one asked you!” Ice-man retorted.

    “Everybody shut up!” Rogue screamed growing annoyed with their antics.

    “Fine! Incoming!” Cyborg Roared and fired once more at the Sentinel.

    The blast hit true, striking the machine square in the chest but did little more than chip it's paint. Flustered, Victor dropped his arms.

    “Seriously...” He groaned then scrambled behind a car for cover.

    Cyborg (Mechanics)
    Attack Action: Blast Sentinel Roll 6+10 (16) vs (16) Hit
    Sentinel Toughness Save: Roll 15+13-1=(27) vs (25) Deflected
    Move Action: Move to Cover


    A blur of gnashing teeth, the Chimera tore through the Taco Bell after it's prey. Bullseye flipped over a counter and kicked a towel dispenser at it.

    “Listen here Ass! Stop blocking me, I'm trying to score with the little lady!”

    The aluminum container bounced harmlessly off the creature's leonine snout as it launched itself forward in crazed burst of speed. Startled by the sheer savagery of the lunge, Bullseye was off guard. Viciously, the Chimera's vile goat like head caught him by the leg and shook wildly.

    “&*%(!” He screamed as the thing's blunt and gnarled teeth bit into his flesh. Trying to work free he failed horribly as the thing added insult to injury by swinging it's long agile stinger around to stab him in the neck.

    Gritting his teeth, Bullseye's grabbed the stinger with both hands. He could feel it swell with venom. Immediately a surge of adrenaline allowed him to rip it stinger free before it could do it's work.

    “Screw you ^*&^)!!” He shouted while redoubling his efforts to free himself.

    Chimera (Mechanics)
    Move Action: Tackle Bullseye
    Attack Action: All out Attack 5+12+10=(27) vs (25) Hit
    Bullseye Resist Fast Grab Roll: 11+3=(14) vs (18) Grab!!
    Bullseye Toughness Roll: 18+5=(23) vs (25) HIT -1
    Bullseye Affliction Resistance Roll: 6+8=(14) vs (16) Hero Point!!
    Bullseye Affliction ReRoll: 14+8=(22) vs (16) Save!!

    ROUND 2 - GROUP 1 – END

    Tale of the Tape
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    THE GAME - ROUND 2 - GROUP 2 Hosted by Jab!!

    How things Stand

    Round 1 Groups 1-4
    Round 2 Groups 1-4


    Rocket began to rethink his decision as he barely kept ahead of the dinosaur's snapping jaws. Rolling to his back, he fired wildly at the creature's face. The Allosaur was surprisingly agile for it's size and ducked.

    Sensing his moment, Rocket scrambled away, dived through a hole in the wall and stumbled and into the blizzard. Not even questioning the sudden snow, he resumed running as fast as he could while chanting.

    “Oh F!!! Oh !!! Oh F!!! Oh F!!!”

    Skidding to halt he entered a clearing and came face to foot with something even worse than a giant dinosaur. The towering mechanical nightmare known as a Sentinel.

    “Now see... that's just not fair!”

    Rocket Raccoon (Mechanics)
    Attack Action: Defensive Attack: 14+12-5=(21) vs 17+6=(23)
    Move Action: Keep Running!!


    Ryu peered into the blinding snow, he couldn't see from where the ball of ice had come. Frowning he hurried further into the ice gale while hoping to glimpse something to guide him. Movement overhead caught his attention.

    " Anything that flies in this weather can't be good he reasoned." Taking the initiative he charged his chi and let fly a burning orb of fiery power.

    “Hadoken!!!” He screamed, pouring everything he could into the blazing ball of destruction.

    “Hado what?” Banshee blinked, looking down just in time to see the streaking ball of fire hurtling at him. Wincing he raised his arms in a effort to shield himself, only to be startled when nothing happened. Turning around he caught the trailing end of the dwindling projectile seconds before it poofed out. Turning back around he looked down at the young warrior and shouted.

    “Boyo! You're barking up the wrong tree with me. I'm warning ya!”

    Ryu frowned. This entire evening was becoming more and more annoying.

    Ryu (Mechanics)

    Ryu Move Action: Move into the clearing.
    Ryu Attack Acton: Flaming Fireball: Roll 7+11=(18) vs (20) Miss

    So swept up at being a cheer leader for his seemingly incompetent allies, Peter suddenly recalled that he was snuggly perched atop his foe. “Oh yeah... back to work...”

    Inspired, he paused a moment.
    “Wait...a minute... I always wanted to say this!” He babbled excitedly then screamed. “HULK SMASH!!!”

    Raising his fists into the air he swung as hard at his could at the plates protecting the Sentinel's head. The effect was far less than he was hoping for, but was enough to cause damage. Realizing the Sentinel would no longer ignore him him, he swung clear of the thing's groping hands and into the blizzard for cover.

    Spider-Man (Mechanics)
    Attack Action: Roll 11+12=(23) vs (16)
    Sentinel Toughness Roll: 11+13-1=(22) vs (23) DING -1
    Move Action: Swing Away

    Remy slipped out of cover, the sounds of battle and the sudden snowstorm was to much to ignore. Swiftly moving through the streets, he suddenly stopped upon seeing Spider-Man swing into view and perch atop a lamppost.

    Charging a card, the Cajun smiled. He always wanted to test his reflexes against the infamous wall-crawler. Slipping into position, he crept as close as he dared, knowing full well of Spider-man's knack for reacting to danger. Confident that he had him cold, he let fly with the glowing card.

    Peter's spider sense tickled the back of his mind. Glancing back at his would be attacker he could only wonder why his foe used a playing card. Casually he moved his leg so that the card struck the pole instead, and found himself surprised when it exploded violently.

    Thrown into the air, Peter back-flipped and landed atop what remained of the light fixture then glanced at his torn and blackened suit. With a scowl he regarded Gambit sourly.

    “Not cool dude... not cool...”

    Gambit (Mechanics)
    Moving Stealth Roll 4+14=(18) vs Roll 19+15=(34) Wow...
    Attack Roll 12+14=(26) vs Roll 5+12=(17) HIT!!
    Spider-Man Toughness: Roll 10+7=(17) vs (21) -1

    Frank was many things, a fool was not amongst them. He chose his battles carefully when he could, and he could think of a number of different ways to deal with his now titanic foe.

    However, standing about under his feet waiting to get stomped on was at the bottom of that list.

    With that in mind, Frank did what professional soldiers liked to call “A strategic withdrawal.”

    Frank wasn't above such niceties and called it what it was. “Running like a little bitch...”

    Scrambling into the blizzard as fast as he could, he reached for the RPG he had strapped to his back. He only had 5 shots with it, and in a war zone like this, such a weapon had to used with care and careful planning.

    First things first though, find cover, then your targets wisely.

    Punisher (Mechanics)
    Full movement to find cover and put some distance between himself and Colossal Lad.


    Victor looked up in wonder. The snow had come suddenly and with a power only he could appreciate. A genuine smile swept his face as he looked at Captain America.

    “Another time soldier... You've a kind face... An honorable face. Know that I only seek to protect she that is special to me... Will you try and stop me in this... are you really the kind of monster that would deny protection to child.”

    Steve narrowed his eyes and studied the strange figure a moment. In the distance, explosions and screams could be heard. Thinking back, he recalled a young woman, white hair with pale skin. Of everyone he remembered seeing, she alone seemed innocent.

    “Your hesitation proves to me that you know of whom I speak...” Freeze said evenly.

    “Yeah... yeah I do...”

    “Then decide, I wish not to linger any longer. Every second risks her life.”

    Cap frowned and stepped from behind the ice pillar to approach him. “You're not going anywhere...” He began, only to be cut short as Freeze readied his weapon. Raising his hands peacefully, Steve gave a sincere smirk.

    “Not without me that is...” He added.

    Nodding in gratitude, Victor led the way. Thankful that as he could see quiet clearly in the haze of snow and ice.

    Making their way through the rapidly whitening streets, the two figures paused in wonder as a massive aberration pulled itself out of the crumbling ruins of a Taco Bell. Unable to see clearly, Steve looked to his stoic companion for info.

    “What is it? I can't make it out from here?”

    “None of our concern... A monster has taken one of our foes.”

    “Who?” Captain flinched, if it was a potential ally, he had to act.

    “No one important...”

    Tensing, Steve could see trouble brewing with his would be ally. Then he heard it, a familiar voice echoing obscenities through the night sky.

    “Wait...” Cap frowned, recognizing the voice. “Is he in all black, with a Bullseye on his forehead?”

    Growing annoyed, Victor narrowed his gaze for a better look. “Yes... you're wasting time that she does not have.

    “Bullseye...” Steve growled . With a snort, he slapped his companion on the shoulder. “Come on, let's rescue your girl...”

    Mr Freeze (Mechanics)
    Mr Freeze's Persuasion Roll: 20+0=(20) Wow... simply wow...
    Captain America's Insight Roll: 9+10=(19)

    (Victor is basically holding action to move with Captain America's Initiative from now on)


    Harry considered himself a man of sophistication, far above such fare as traipsing around dirty streets in the middle of the night during a blizzard, while engaged in a lunatic bloodsport. Making his way through the twisting alley's he could hear the sounds of fighting nearby. He moved cautiously, the snow made it hard to see more than several yards ahead and the scant illumination provided by the few working lights was barely enough to see by.

    So he was pleasantly surprised when he stumbled upon a young woman in a wintery gown of blue. She noticed him immediately and gasped as their eyes met. Thrusting out a hand, he clenched his fist and smiled.

    “Hello gentle lady... be a dear and kneel so I can bash your lovely little head in.”

    Elsa winced as she felt herself growing insanely heavy. Struggling to rise from a crouch she nearly fell to one knee, then flared angrily.

    “I don't know what vile magic you are using, nor do I care, but know this! A Queen bows to no one, especially to the likes of you!” She hissed through gritted teeth before pulling herself to her full height.

    Harry back stepped with a look of shock on his portly face.

    “How!?” He mumbled as frosty air enveloped him. Staggering back, he bristled under the freezing onslaught. He worried a moment, then grew calm as it abated. Though frost covered his clothing and beard, he was no worse for wear. Patting his ample stomach he chuckled greasily.

    “Ah insulation, the perks of a good life. Now then, where were we...”

    Harry Leland (Mechanics)

    Perception Check vs Elsa: Roll 10+6 = (16) vs (14) Spotted
    Elsa Perception Check vs Harry: Roll 12+4 = (16) vs (16) Spotted
    Elsa Strength Check: Roll 20+1=(21) vs (20) DAMN!!!!
    Harry's Fort save vs Elsa's Chilled to the Bone: Roll 3+2=(5) vs (14) (Harry Uses Hero Point)
    Harry's Fort Reroll vs Elsa's Chilled to the Bone: Roll 20+2=(22) vs (14) Fat Guy walking

    Goro fumed and raged as he barreled into the street as Anaconda let him slip past, with a wry grin on her face. He ignored her, Bane was his target, and if the girl interfered, he'd use her broken corpse to pummel his foe to death. The snow was blinding, shielding his eyes from the icy winds Goro found Bane waiting.

    “You made a fatal error bringing the fight outside human!” The Prince shouted savagely then launched himself through the air.

    Bane cursed, the creature was far more agile than he'd considered. He'd only just realized how much so, when the massive Shokan crashed feet first into his chest. Thrown to the ground, Bane rolled to his feet only to be smashed in the jaw with uppercut that shattered more than a few teeth. Snarling, Bane spit the broken fragments at his foe.

    “My mother hit me harder, monster! Surely you can do better?”

    Goro chuckled low and deep as he stalked forward.

    “Bold words human, born of fear and ignorance, meant to bolster your own confidence in the face of imminent defeat... You're done and we both know it!”

    Goro (Mechanics)
    Move Action: Chasing Bane.
    All out, Power Attack, Unarmed: Roll 19+13+5=(37) vs (22) Crit and then some (DAMN!!)
    Bane's Toughness Check: Roll 13+8-1=(20) vs (27) OUCH -1 Dazed

    Goliath's flesh burned and his head throbbed. Blearily, he struggled to make heads or tales of his surroundings.

    “Why is it snowing...?” He grumbled.

    “Dude snap out of it, get out of the street!” Cyborg shouted as he skidded to cover behind a parked car.

    Shaking his head to clear his senses, Goliath quickly gathered his wits and moved. Limping along, he broke into staggered run and made his way across the street and into an alley.

    “You boys all right down there? Ah can't see a damn thing in this!” Rogue's voice rang out.

    “We're good, let's get take this bad boy down!” Cyborg shouted in response.

    “We got it man, you lightweights sit this one out.” Bobby laughed as he skidded by on his ever growing ice slide.

    “Hey yo! Jack Frost!” Cyborg shouted angrily at him. “Is this blizzard your doing? Cause it aint helping!”

    “Not me man... what's wrong can't handle it... You know what they say! If you can't handle the cold, stay out of the freezer!” Bobby teased.

    “I don't think that's how that goes...” Goliath groaned in annoyance.

    “What? Sure it is!” Bobby snipped.

    “Bobby... please stop sugah, you're embarrassing me...” Rogue sighed.

    “Robot! People! Giant Robot, Focus already, damn!” Cyborg sputtered.

    Goliath (Mechanics)
    Dazed Round: Moves to Cover

    Blanche followed Goro at a leisurely pace before the massive brawler vanished with a leap into the snow. Having no desire to blindly follow, she raised scanned the streets. She could hear people shouting and fighting. Straining her eyes she could even glimpse movement through the shadows. Growing flustered, she was about to rage when fate delivered a victim directly into her arms. Stepping into her field of view, Spider-Woman froze at the sight of her.

    “Hey, I know you!” Jessica sputtered, almost caught off guard.

    Seizing her chance, Anaconda surged forward with a wild swing. Narrowly sidestepping, Jessica gasped in shock. She had no desire to fight two bruisers at once.

    “Crush you!” Anaconda growled, whirling around to face her.

    “Yeah... I get that a lot lately... You're going to have to wait in line...”
    Anaconda (Mechanics)
    Move action: Go outside, move to attack Spider-Woman
    Anaconda's Fort Save vs Pheromones: Roll 8+10=(18) vs (12) Save
    All out Attack, Unarmed: Roll 2+10+5=(17) vs (23) sad Anna is sad....

    ROUND 2 – GROUP 2 - END

    Tale of the Tape
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    Re: Jab's Builds!

    One thing I kinda like about M&M is that a lucky shot can put a guy on Batman's level down in one round- it really reflects the difficulties of being a normal person in a crazy comic world. It's why someone like Iron Fist can be so dangerous, even if you ignore his gigantic Power Feats from the comics.

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    Re: Jab's Builds!

    Yeah Iron Fist could have EASILY knocked Batman out of the fight with that.

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