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Thread: Jab's Builds!

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    Carla & Rebecca

    Diane Chambers: Hey everybody. Sam can't say he loves me.
    Carla Tortelli: Who can?

    Played By:
    Rhea Pearlman
    Role: Cantankerous Shrew
    PL 4 (47)

    Athletics 2 (+3)
    Deception 7 (+7)
    Expertise (Streetwise) 4 (+4)
    Expertise (Waitress) 5 (+5)
    Insight 3 (+5)
    Intimidation 7 (+7)
    Perception 4 (+5)

    All-Out Attack, Close Attack 2, Daze (Intimidation), Fast Grab, Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Startle

    Unarmed +7 (+1 Damage, DC 16)
    Initiative +5

    Dodge +2 (DC 12), Parry +5 (DC 15), Toughness +2, Fortitude +3, Will +3

    Responsibility (Fertile)- Carla has a true Catholic's womb- seven kids and counting.
    Enemy (Cliff Clavin)- Carla hates Cliff so much, that when Frasier inadvertently convinced Cliff not to move away, Carla nearly murdered the Doc.
    Rivalry (Diane Chambers)- Carla has little patience for Diane's condescending ways, or incompetence at her job.

    Total: Abilities: 20 / Skills: 30--15 / Advantages: 8 / Powers: 0 / Defenses: 4 (47)

    -Carla is something you rarely see on Network TV nowadays- an authentically unattractive woman. Nowadays, pretty much every single woman on television is either ungodly gorgeous or AT WORST pretty (their husbands are usually the slovenly, fat ones), but back then, sitcoms OFTEN featured old ladies, fourty-something uggos, and fat chicks. Carla was funny as the resident Jerkass vindictive bitch of the workplace, ripping on absolutely everyone except Sam (and even he got it sometimes, though she respected him). Her relationship with Diane was the funniest (she REALLY hated Diane), but Cliff kind of picked up the enemy-slack in the later seasons.

    -I get a kick out of the story of what happened to her husband. The actor, while doing a radio interview, quipped that working on the show was "Awful! I have to kiss Rhea Pearlman!" Guess who was listening. Hence, the character was immediately killed off. Despite Carla's looks, she has little problem meeting men. Just deadbeats and awful dudes, though.

    -Carla's one of the most dangerous of the Cheers cast as a background civilian, especially if a villain's looking for an 'easy' hostage. A cranky Italian woman with a dozen kids and a horde of exes is NOT the kind of person you want to be pissing off under any circumstances.

    Played By:
    Kirstie Alley
    Role: 1980s Businesswoman, Basket Case
    PL 0 (18), PL 1 (18) Saves

    Deception 4 (+6)
    Expertise (Business) 2 (+3)
    Expertise (Manager) 2 (+3)
    Insight 2 (+2)
    Intimidation 2 (+4)
    Perception 2 (+2)
    Persuasion 4 (+6)


    Unarmed +0 (+0 Damage, DC 15)
    Initiative +5

    Dodge +0 (DC 10), Parry +0 (DC 10), Toughness +0, Fortitude +1, Will +2

    Motivation (Greed & Power)- Rebecca is a stereotypical 1980s Businesswoman, Power-Suit and all.
    Motivation (Gold-Digging)- Rebecca wants to marry a wealthy man at all costs, and usually chases after Robin Colcord.

    Total: Abilities: 6 / Skills: 18--9 / Advantages: 0 / Powers: 0 / Defenses: 3 (18)

    -Rebecca surprisingly has more episodes to her credit than Diane does, being the replacement of "resident female character foil for Sam". Opinions about her are mixed, and rarely 100% on either side. Few think the show was BETTER with Rebecca instead of Diane, for example, but fewer still think Rebecca SUCKED, and many actually enjoyed her more neurotic, greenback-chasing antics, and failed get-rich-quick schemes resulting in basket-case behavior. Though her existence led to Sam becoming more of a begging, pleading loser than he was supposed to be at the beginning of the show, that may've been the intellectual writers finally having him "get his"- the final fate of the smarmy jock womanizer. She ended up marrying a poor handyman after years of being a Gold Digger.

    -Kirstie Alley had a solid non-Cheers career, and was especially big in the '80s and early '90s. However, weight-gain ruined any hawtness she once had (I never found her THAT hot, really), and yo-yo dieting really wans't effective either. She's now more famous for being overweight than being talented (though really, she's like SIXTY now- nobody should be expecting a hottie. Not everyone is Susan Sarandon-hot at that age). She was the only recurring Cheers character who never returned on Frasier (it was stated in passing by Sam that she got divorced from her husband as soon as he struck it rich, and became an alcoholic at the bar- OUCH)- it's believed that her $cientology leanings (which hate on psychiatry) was the reason, though she's denied it and says it just never worked out. Frankly, given the cruel send-off her character had in passing, I'm liable to believe there was some issue. I mean, PAUL showed up on the show.

    -Rebecca's a competent businesswoman, but doesn't back it up with a whole lot. She's usually just cranky, vindictive, jealous and money-grubbing most of the time. She can't even run the bar particularly well.
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    Frasier Builds

    Frasier: "You have a wonderful career!"
    Nanny G: "But nothing ever changes! Do you have any idea what it's like playing the same character for TWENTY YEARS?"


    -Frasier has a fascinating history. See, realizing that Cheers was winding down, Kelsey Grammer talked to the writers about creating a project for him once it ended. The writers, who were also working on Wings, came up with a little pitch about a crippled media mogul who rules his empire from his bed, while his sassy Latina maid (a Rosie Perez type) lectures him and humanizes him a bit. Kelsey liked it, but the network didn't, and an exec correctly advised them that they'd be STUPID to let the hype and ratings from the Cheers finale (which were ENORMOUS) go with some other project, leading them into a spin-off. I mean, the execs wanted one ANYWAYS, and it helped that the creators all realized that Frasier was easily the most well-rounded character of the cast by this point, and had the biggest "up side". Here's a description on that blog by one of the creators discussing the origins.

    -They got to forming a cast of characters: Frasier was supposed to work at KACL, a talk-radio station, and so they started making it a Work Com... but then found out they were copying a lot of WKRP in Cincinatti by accident, and scaled it back to make it more about family. One of the writers had recently begun taking care of his ailing father, and so they attached a plot many adults could now relate to- caring for an elderly parent. And so Frasier's crippled father Martin came to live with him- the "Latina Maid" became his caretaker & a housekeeper (writers throw NOTHING away- all of their failed ideas turn up SOMEWHERE). A saucy, snide Producer at KACL was created to keep Frasier in line at work. This was it... until one girl working on the show walked in with a picture of an unknown named David Hyde Pierce and said "Hey- doesn't this guy look like Kelsey ten years ago? Frasier should have a brother!" (and it is UNCANNY- I always thought this was odd until I actually watched some old Cheers clips of a skinnier Frasier and realized how close the resemblance really is).

    -The casting was a case of serendipity- Networks are NOTORIOUSLY stringent about who gets casted, and it's a HUGE process- people audition, producers make their picks... then the network sticks their noses in and randomly tosses out people (one great Ken Levine blog post starts with "I'm not sure guys are going to want to f*ck her"), and introduces their own personal favourite actors that they've always wanted to link to something (Jennifer Aniston was one of those people; Gil Grissom on CSI was also cast because a network head wanted a project for him). So it was amazing that during talks with the network, the execs basically said "We LOVE John Mahoney and David Hyde Pierce- if you can get them, they're both pre-approved". This is a DREAM for a producer, as it cuts the number of steps DRAMATICALLY, and you can skip test audiences (where stuff like "I hate her shoes" can cost an actress her job). The same execs had an interest in Jane Leeves (see what I mean about "personal favourites"?), and asked if the Latina Maid could be made British instead. Also pre-approved, to the joy of the producers. And finally, a peppy actress named Lisa Kudrow was cast as Roz Doyle, Frasier's producer.

    -Yes, really. UNFORTUNATELY for the young actress, while she was funnier and peppier than the #2 choice (Peri Gilpin), she was also a little too goofy. She made some things funnier even when they WEREN'T supposed to be jokes, but she was also a bit timid, forcing Kelsey to scale back during test screenings- and when a natural ham like THAT has to scale back to avoid overpowering somebody on set, something's wrong. And so they made the tough decision to fire Lisa, and hire Peri, who "while not as funny as Lisa, had more of that attitude where she wasn't going to take any of Frasier's shit". Add one talented little doggie actor, and we were SET.


    -What struck everyone is how rapidly the show just WORKED. Test audiences loved it. When the NBC execs came in to watch, Martin & Frasier had a classic argument in the Pilot, and when Martin snarkily parroted back at Frasier about his beloved trashy lounge-chair, "I know- It's ECLECTIC!", the producers actually looked up and saw the soles of the Head Boss's feet as he was reclined back in his chair with laughter. The writers actually admit that the first two seasons of the series were the BEST, with the perfect mix of humor, pathos and character interplay. The show was an immediate hit, and only got better ratings for a while (even getting the coveted "Seinfeld Spot" on Thursday Nights), but a descent in quality hampered it later on. See, while the show was ALWAYS obsessed with "Comedy of Errors" plots based off of wacky misunderstandings or snowballing lies (a la Three's Company/Fawlty Towers), they got a bit out of hand, and things started to suffer. The completion of the Niles/Daphne arc also kind of saw the end of an idea, which is probably why so many TV shows make you wait for 10 years to resolve romance.

    -Even so, the show lasted for a crazy long ELEVEN SEASONS. It scored more Emmys than any other show in history while it was doing so, dominating things for years. Some people boo the show for being pretentious and up its own ass, but I find that false: the show isn't pretentious- it's about pretentious PEOPLE. There are constant gags with how fancy-ass Frasier & Niles are, going on about their fussiness and obsession with minor details- "But Niles! What's better- a perfect meal, or a perfect meal with one TINY FLAW that we can pick at all evening?". Or when Frasier sulks to Niles that the last book on British Royalty "was a bit light on the Plantagenets for my liking", and Niles' little sympathic, sincere "Aw.", and the audience IMMEDIATELY GETS IT. Their cluelessness about blue collar activities or sports ("Dad drove me here with a look on his face that I haven't seen since he drove us home from our first and ONLY Little League game", "Unfortunately, the best seats I could get were right in the middle of the Football field" "Aw."

    The funny moments just keep on coming- the one where the boys open a restaurant is classic, complete with giant slapstick gags (people mock the show's elitism, yet they use more physical humor than any of their contemporaries)- Niles wussily-trying to kill some eels for a meal is funny enough (he's just wacking the knife uselessly on top of the water because he's afraid to touch one), but when Daphne just loses her patience, snatches one by the tail, and swings it in a HUGE arc into the table is just pants-pissingly hilarious. Bulldog's antics are great ("This stinks! This is total B.S.!"). The escalating prank war that ends when Frasier admits Bulldog is better at it, so they just TEAM UP on everyone else ("Hello, 911? I'd like to report... THE GREATEST PRANK EVER!!"). The snob-ass parents competing through their sons in a secret SPELLING BEE in a back-alley, complete with warm-ups and taunting ("Spell his ASS OFF!"). Frasier mimicking some amazing lovemaking to show up his ex-wife in the next room, and everyone walks in on him while he's jumping up and down on the bed, screaming "OH YEAH, BABY! YEAH!!!"

    Pretty much any interaction between Frasier & Lilith. Frasier's reaction on Diane's Self-Insert FanFic. Frasier & his rival Cam Winston sniping back and forth was great, too ("But you drive a HUMMER! If MINE is a shrine to male over-compensation, then what's YOURS!" "... BIGGER!"). Frasier & Niles acting like hooligans in a Mechanics Class because they suck at it and have decided to mimic behavior of Class Bullies ("now I understand why my bully shoved me into a locker- he wasn't mad at me; he was mad at Pythagoras. Which was ironic, because a simple cubic-square equation would have shown that I couldn't fit"). The time Roz & Martin joked with Niles that they got married, and Niles, getting the joke, just mouthed off "well I'll be a son of a bitch" (Roz & Martin's reactions are PRICELESS).


    In my opinion, the best episode, and scene, is in the one where Frasier hosts a Costume Party where the come as their own personal heroes that doubles as a Q&A Game. Frasier is naturally Sigmund Freud, Martin is Joe DiMaggio, Daphne is Elton John, and Roz in Wonder Woman (she admits she didn't understand the rules... until she admits later that she DID, and just lied because everyone started laughing at her- she said WW is her hero because she's "beautiful, strong, and never needed a MAN to be happy!"). Niles comes in dressed as MARTIN, an obvious kiss-ass gesture that IMMEDIATELY enrages Frasier, who begins sniping at Niles all night long. Some of these moments are HILARIOUS, like when Niles deliberately starts screwing with Frasier- "Niles!" "Wait, who's NILES?" "Sorry- DAD!" "Why's he calling me dad? I'm not FREUD'S DAD!"

    But then things take this suddenly dark turn when Frasier asks everyone what their "Greatest Disappointment" was, and an increasingly-tipsy Niles starts letting slip a few things. Like when he talks about how his boys never followed in his footsteps, or ever tried to share an interest in anything HE liked. "So if you have to ask me, my TWO biggest disappointments are--" and Martin just SNAPS at him "You stop RIGHT THERE. You will NOT put these words in my mouth" with this utterly-furious, disgusted calm. This hits so hard emotionally because Martin knows that Niles actually DOES feel that Martin believes these things, and it turns into a giant mess. I LOVE scenes like this- people letting out their darkest thoughts and hurting the ones they love most in this horribly-honest way.

    Then there's the time Frasier ended up dating a woman who looked just like his late mother. HAW-HAW- dude is a Freudian and he ends up confirming the oldest stereotype attached to Freud! Funny, right? Niles gets some of the best lines in the show, taking jabs at a clueless Frasier while only his family gets it ("You really hit the MOTHER lode!"). But then you get the scene when Martin takes a look at the girl for the first time- in one instant, you see the shock, heartbreak and and sadness on his face- John Mahoney managed to convey the entire thing in that single moment, and you REALLY feel it with him. He got over it, but STILL.

    The show does "For the Feelz" moments a lot, and it never comes off as cloying. Like when the three Crane boys mope over their mutually-bleak dating results while looking over the Seattle skyline ("We're DESPERATE!" Niles jokes- but not really. It's so fantastic when people on TV say something that's supposed to be a joke/lie, but actually MEAN IT- you can't really do that in writing or in comics- you need real actors). Roz breaks down publically because her longest-term relationship just ended ("He says there weren't any FIREWORKS anymore- what am I supposed to SAY to that?", "I SWORE to myself I would never fall in love again!"), and Frasier has to bring her back from the brink, convincing her that it's never a bad idea to let someone in to your heart. Daphne demanding to marry Niles NOW because he refused to let Daph's father leave her mother ("I can't go one more minute not being your wife").
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    The Cast

    The Cast of Characters:
    Frasier Crane: The egghead from Cheers, now even MORE snobbish!
    Niles Crane: Frasier's even-more-snobby brother. A wussy fancy-ass.
    Martin Crane: The boys' blue-collar, retired cop father. Constantly fights with both of them, especially Frasier, with whom he lives.
    Daphne Moon: Martin's healthcare worker, and idolized by Niles.
    Roz Doyle: Frasier's Producer, and generally a sounding board for Frasier's own ranting.
    Eddie: Frasier's Jack Russel Terrier. Likes to stare.

    Maris Crane: Niles' wife, a controlling, shrewish woman with a litany of personal and physical flaws.
    Dr. Lilith Sternin: Frasier's ex-wife, the most deadpan woman in the entire universe.
    Bebe Glazer: Frasier's evil, lying agent. CLEARLY the producers taking shots at the agents they've had to deal with over the years.

    The KACL Crew:

    Bulldog Briscoe: The most boorish ass in the world, and the resident Sports Guy. An antagonist to Frasier, naturally.
    Kenny Daly: The last "Boss" character at the station, and more of a wussy pushover than the others.
    Gil Chesterton: Even more fancy than the Cranes- he's the food critic.

    The more minor recurring characters (the ones I'm not building):
    Duke: Martin's mostly-unseen buddy, usually on the other line on the phone.
    Sherry: Martin's girlfriend for what felt like YEARS (but really only a handful of episodes)- her loud, obnoxious, clueless nature often agitated both Frasier and Niles. She & Martin split up when she revealed that she had no intentions of settling down and getting married.
    Ronee: Frasier's old babysitter, who later ends up marrying Martin at the end of the series. Played by Wendy Malick, one of those actresses that writers just LOVE for her distinctive voice.
    Frederick Sternin-Crane: Frasier & Lilith's son- kind of shifts over time, as he's alternatively into "kid stuff" and then "fancy stuff" as a budding intellectual. Often doesn't come up in the stories nearly as much as he should, but he DOES live across the country.
    Cam Winston: Frasier's rival in his building for a while. They have the same personality type, so naturally aggravate each other.
    Gertrude & Simon Moon: Daphne's mother and brother. Both are slovenly, annoying types- Simon's a drunken flirt and thief, while Gertrude is a whining, lying, conniving shrew of a woman. Most fans take a negative view of both of them, as they come to dominate some of the later seasons.
    Lana & Kirby: Frasier briefly tutors Kirby, who is the son of his High School Crush (Jean Smart in a pretty MILFy role). Frasier & Lana briefly date, but he steps back to let her reunite with her ex-husband.
    Noel: Generic office guy at KACL. A stereotypical Trekkie & TV Nerd- ie. one who is overconfident and obvious in his abilities to hit on a specific girl (Roz, in this case). Has anyone EVER met a nerd like this in real life? Every hardcore dork I know was WAY too shy to ever act like this around a woman. At BEST they were clumsily-obvious in their crushes, not needling and flirtacious.


    Seattle Itself: Now here's ANOTHER interesting tidbit about the show's creation- they wanted to move Frasier way out West, to prevent NBC from asking for countless Cheers cameos (the writers were concerned, and wanted the show to stand on its own at first). They went with Denver at first, but some Colorado anti-gay legislation was recently passed, and so they up and went elsewhere, and found Seattle. It was a neat, rare decision (there's not a lot of Washington State on TV), but oddly didn't quite fit the "world" in which Frasier lived. I mean, he and his brother lived in a world of symphonies, plays, and Old Money families with hoity-toity accents. Seattle really... isn't that. It's a Logging Town that turned into the beginnings of various Youth Movements- it's more about protest, technology (a big part of the computer revolution came here), rock music (Grunge was born there, as was Jimi Hendrix), Starbucks (yup again), Art Students, young people in general, quicky neighborhoods, and more. The world of Frasier seems VERY distinctly Boston/Rhode Island/Maine, but instead got stuck in an odd area. From what I understand from Seattleites debating about this online, MARTIN actually represents the "real Seattle" more than any other character.

    Despite that, the show ended up INFLUENCING the real Seattle- people still ask realtors for "The Frasier View" (he would have to live in a HUGE high-rise on Seattle's affluent Queen Anne district to get that view of the Space Needle), and the show seems to have convinced the rich people to turn Seattle into something more like on the show.


    The actors from the series have gone on to different projects a bit- David Hyde Pierce largely seems to have disappeared into theatrical work after coming out of the closet in 2007, and John Mahoney seems largely-retired (the only other thing I've seen him in is Say Anything, which is an '80s movie). Peri Gilpin shows up on Law & Order A LOT as different characters, and gets a lot of Voice Acting work owing to her husky bedroom voice (she's Volcana in Superman/Justice League, and has played various King of the Hill one-shot characters). Jane Leeves ended up getting a recurring gig on Hot in Cleveland. Grammer, the biggest star, had a few failed projects and one big movie (unfortunately, that movie was X-Men 3), but is still very respected as an actor.

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    Re: Jab's Builds- Cheers Characters!

    Frasier has to rank as one of my favorite sitcoms. Between the humor and the heart it showed it just gets so much right that it's astounding. It's one of those shows that if I ever come across it while channel surfing I'll instantly stop and start watching it.

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    Re: The Cast

    Quote Originally Posted by Jabroniville View Post
    Grammer, the biggest star, had a few failed projects and one big movie (unfortunately, that movie was X-Men 3), but is still very respected as an actor.
    He's also the best part of the fourth Transformers movie. And if it wasn't an hour too long, he would actually make watching that movie worth it.

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    Re: Jab's Builds- Cheers Characters!

    Here's a fun list of continuity errors in the show, most of which I never even noticed:

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    Re: Jab's Builds- Cheers Characters!

    [Frasier is trying to get Bebe to quit smoking, so that she can marry her anti-smoking billionaire boyfriend, but she locks herself on his patio with some smokes]
    Frasier: For God's sake... I don't care anymore. You know, I can't help you, nobody can. You want to ruin it for both of us? Here...
    [tosses her a lighter]
    Frasier: ...go ahead, knock yourself out.
    [Bebe begins to light cigarette]
    Frasier: I only wish I could be there when it happens.
    Bebe: When what happens?
    Frasier: When you see that newspaper headline: "Big Willy Boone, Millionaire, Dead." Oh, how I wish I could be there when you watch the funeral on the news. Watch the casket being slipped into the ground. Only, you won't be watching that. No, no, you'll be watching... the widow Boone. Tiffany, perhaps. Oh no, better yet, "Kelli" - with an "I"!
    Bebe: [tortured] STOP IT!
    Frasier: You'll picture her wearing YOUR jewels, sailing in YOUR yachts, sleeping with *your* gigolos - but, oh, you won't be sad, no, no, no!
    Frasier: Because you'll have your cigarette.
    [Bebe stares at her cigarette with fear]
    Frasier: Yeah! Clutched in your nicotine-stained teeth, smoke whirling about your once-pretty, now creased, leathery, smoke-ravaged...
    Bebe: [anguished] ENOUGH!
    [Bebe hands the cigarettes to a triumphant Frasier]
    Bebe: God! You are one HELL of a therapist!

    Played By:
    Kelsey Grammer
    Role: Egghead, Pretentious Turd, Elitist Snob
    PL 1 (57), PL 4 (57) Saves

    Deception 5 (+8)
    Expertise (Art) 6 (+10)
    Expertise (Psychiatrist) 5 (+9)
    Expertise (High Culture) 6 (+10)
    Expertise (History) 5 (+9)
    Expertise (Theology & Philosophy) 6 (+10)
    Expertise (Radio Host) 6 (+9)
    Expertise (Singing) 4 (+7)
    Insight 2 (+5)
    Persuasion 5 (+8)

    Benefit 1 (Wealth), Daze (Deception), Languages (A Few)

    Unarmed +1 (+1 Damage, DC 16)
    Initiative +0

    Dodge +0 (DC 10), Parry +1 (DC 11), Toughness +1, Fortitude +2, Will +5

    Motivation (Helping People)- Above all else, even though he craves money and respect, Frasier IS in fact a doctor at heart, and longs to help people along. Even with the quick-service version of pyschiatry on his Advice Show.
    Motivation (Fame & Credibility)- Frasier is fame-hungry, and wishes to both be more famous and more respected by everyone. He often chases chances for a TV position, and wants his show in peak ratings periods.
    Motivation (Snobbery & Standing)- Frasier & Niles are both obsessed with their social status, and are constantly looking to impress their social peers. Because of this, both men are prone to lying and exaggerating, and will do ANYTHING to save face.
    Motivation (The Finer Things)- Whether it's watching foreign Throat-Singers, going to the opera, or drinking wine, Frasier & Niles MUST have the very best, and the very trendiest. The more exclusive, the better. Anything "common" will horrify them ("I can't believe we're drinking this... oh my GOD... it's just labeled 'WINE'!"). Niles once slapped Frasier for suggesting they go to a place where they don't even NEED a reservation.
    Relationship (Niles- Brother)- Frasier & Niles are as close in personality as can be, yet are intense rivals, as both constantly seek to one-up the other. Upon the discovery of something one has, the other will immediately move to better it. This extends to nearly every aspect of their lives, but especially the "Finer Things" Complication above, such as position in their Wine Club. Frasier is a snob, but still finds himself less of one that his fancy-ass, wilting brother.
    Relationship (Martin- Father)- The Cranes' blue-collar dad has little patience for most of their antics and obsessions, and thinks both are too pretentious for their own good. Their relationships have been distant for years, and frought with arguments, especially once the boys' mother died. Frasier & Martin in particular have a rough go of things, living together in Martin's senior years.
    Relationship (Roz Doyle)- Frasier's co-worker and Producer is one of his closest (and most regular) confidantes, but their different philosophies (he's a self-righteous snob; she's more rough-edged and vulgar) often cause friction.
    Enemy (Martin's Chair)- The hideous chair is the bane of Frasier's existence.
    Relationship (Eddie)- The Jack Russel Terrier will NOT stop staring at Frasier, often for minutes on end. He has never lost a staring contest.
    Relationship (Frederick- Son)- Frasier misses his son terribly, and feels like he's missing out on the boy's life. Often concerned for the boy's well-being, Frasier & Lilith were nonetheless happy to discover that he was lying to and manipulating them ("He's a normal child! We're good parents!" *high five*).
    Relationship (Dr. Lilith Sternin- Ex-Wife)- Lilith was a controlling, emotionless wife while they were together, and still makes her lack of respect for Frasier's professional credentials well-known. Even so, it can be complicated, as she can be seductive in her icy way.
    Relationship (Various Women)- Frasier has had a great deal of relationships over the course of the show, generally not lasting long (a single episode).
    Responsibility (Clueless About Sports & "Common" Things)- Frasier is unathletic to the point of hilarity, and has seemingly forgotten everything about sports he could have learned at Cheers.
    Accident (Overhearing the Wrong Thing or Being Overhead Incorrectly)- This is common to all Frasier characters, and generally resolves itself in some sort of climax.
    Disabled (Health Problems)- Frasier is prone to sea-sickness and back spasms. He also has diverculitis, and was impotent for a summer while in his twenties.
    Allergy (Cats, Certain Kinds of Make-Up)

    Total: Abilities: 26 / Skills: 50--25 / Advantages: 3 / Powers: 0 / Defenses: 3 (57)

    -Shuffling major supporting character Frasier into his own show was chancy, but they actually made it WORK, giving him a great new supporting cast and basing many of the jokes around his desire for fame, legitimacy and credibility, as well as his constant battles against his own family members and search for a steady girlfriend. Frasier was brilliant in many ways, but lacked common sense as any good sitcom character should, and made for a great and unusual centrepiece. He's famously stuck-up and obsessed with the finer things (and comically out-of-touch with the common man, even compared to his Cheers character), leading to brush-ups against both Roz and his father.

    -Grammer is FANTASTIC in this role- he gets a lot of energy from an unusual acting practice involving almost zero rehearsal time. This gives guest-stars heart attacks, but Grammer can ham it up like no actor I've ever seen- how many people could properly depict the blustering, screaming volume of a Frasier Crane other than this guy? His freak-outs, temper tantrums and angry reactions are legendary, yet he can STILL play it down and come across as a thoughtful patrician. WATCH THIS SCENE and be AMAZED- Grammer's silent at first, but still taken aback. And when he goes on the final rant, TEARING into the woman who destroyed his heart and his self-image forever, you've got a monologue anyone would be proud of. One of the show's best moments. And you can tell Grammer's a good actor because the real man is a good bit different- he had a HORRIBLE home life (various close family members and friends died young- his father, best friend & sister were murdered- the sister by a spree-killer rapist no less, one of the producers of Frasier died during the September 11th attacks, and his twin half-brothers died in a scuba-diving accident in 1980), and was a drug & alcohol addict for a number of years (missing time on Frasier as a result, and he was apparently a MESS on Cheers much of the time as well).

    -Frasier is very smart and very skilled, but his Complications often overwhelm him, leading to him being trapped in a lie, or going outside of his comfort zone (like when he and Niles opened their own restaurant, despite never having run one before). He can lie with the best of them (in a show that nearly trumped Three's Company in terms of convoluted he-heard-she-heard comedy of errors plots, he NEEDS to), but often gets caught by other bluffs, and makes famously poor decisions nearly all the time. His Presence is pretty decent (he IS a radio celebrity, and is able to win a lot of people over until something REALLY comes to a head), but not as high as his smarm would lead you to believe- he cracks under pressure, and is known to come across as a know-it-all blowhard. He's still capable of dating some VERY attractive women, however (his bedmates have included Peri Gilpin's Roz, plus Jennifer Tilly, Laura Linney, Amy Brenneman & Lisa Edelstein). He's also VERY well off, but perhaps a bit TOO much given that he's a radio personality (it's in a good radio market, but his apartment is HUGE. It's still not as bad as the famously-silly situation on Friends, though). Hilariously, a Google search for this subject sent me right back to Ken Levine's Blog, a post about the very same thing.
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    Re: Jab's Builds- Cheers & Frasier Characters!

    You know, it's funny: I was just thinking about how much I use to enjoy Frasier, wound up reading the 'Awesome' and 'Heartwarming' moments on TV Tropes, and am seriously debating getting the entire show's boxed set. And then you start statting up the cast. Life is weird sometimes.

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    Re: Jab's Builds- Cheers & Frasier Characters!

    Frasier was one of those shows I never really "got" when it was first on, as I was a bit too young, but now that I know what a sommelier is, I can pick up on a lot more of the jokes.

    My favorite bit is still when Fraiser and Niles roleplay Frasier interacting as the black woman who is Roz's replacement and Frasier. Hilarious.

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    Re: Jab's Builds- Cheers & Frasier Characters!

    I admit to usually being so-so on non-superhero/science fiction/heroic fantasy characters appearing on the Roll Call forum, but I am quite enjoying your Cheers and Frasier write-ups, Mr. Jab!

    (We will politely agree to disagree on the level of Kirstie Allie's "hawtness", both then AND now.)

    I think the reason Frasier Crane worked as a lynch-pin for a successful spin-off is the character wasn't reduced to a handful of easily caricatured traits (i.e., "Flanderized") over the course of Cheers; while the writers made sport of his pomposity, stuffiness, and manipulative nature, they also retained his intellect, integrity, love for his then-wife Lillith, and general kindness to his friends at the bar, especially the hapless Woody.

    Contrast this with what happened to Carla: originally she disliked Dianne for a variety of pretty good causes, as Ms. Chambers was a slacker, incompetent waitress, looked down on the other employees and bar regulars, and squandered advantages (affluence, education, sex appeal) which Carla never had; Carla could also be cranky and sarcastic because she was financially strapped, tired out from her many kids and ex-husbands, and generally had a hard life. But by the later years, she loathed Cliff (especially), Norm, and the other barflies, insulted people for no particular reason, was casually violent, stole from Woody, undercut Rebecca's authority, and was almost an unfit mother to her kids. Likewise Woody, who was always a bit slow-witted and naive, but was at first also shown to be a bit sly (snookering Sam and Frasier at poker), confident with women, and charming. By the end of the show, both he and his wife were in the almost-too-stupid-to-live category.

    All my best.

    PS: Had never heard the story about Rhea Perlmann hearing the actor who played her on-air husband blatantly insulting her, and then getting the man canned from the show (deservedly so, that was just a rude and low comment, and I'm sure the woman didn't need to hear cruel comments from a co-worker). Interesting trivia. I also wonder if the Cheers writers didn't have a problem with Ms. Allie, given the "take that" her Rebecca Howe character got on Frasier. Even Shelly Long got better treatment, and she left the show.
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