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Thread: A Fistful of Nazis

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    Re: A Fistful of Nazis

    This second scenario uses a character that I've had several comments on. He's a duplicator who, with this latest build, actually has no Summon effect. Instead, he uses descriptors and Complications to round out the effects that actually do what he does.

    The Cast vs. Nazis

    All of The Cast waited quietly for the simulator to start up, eyeing the large, empty hall, scanning for clues and only seeing seemingly-plain metal paneling everywhere. Finally, a voice broke in over the sound system:

    "The simulation has been set up. Are you ready?"

    "Yes," replied all five of him in unison, in a flat, straight-to-business tone.

    "One thing," the voice continued. "I'll need you to pare down to just one instance."

    The response was swift and defensive.

    "Excuse me?!"

    "Just a minor point," the voice went on. "Shouldn't slow you down much, if at all, but be honest... starting with as many of you as you like is a bit much, don't you think?"

    The five instances of The Cast all looked at each other, grimacing. He hated not having "backups" nearby. Still, if it was only for a moment....

    "Fine," came the unified resignation.

    All five tried to uninstantiate at once. At random, four of him disappeared, soundlessly, without even a ripple of air, as if... they'd never been there. Quantum phase shifts were, indeed, spooky. Only one remained, with the full memories of all of them now residing with him.

    "Let's get a move on," he blandly demanded, eager to be back in a position, even combat, where he didn't have to only have one of himself around.

    "Of course," replied the voice before disengaging.

    The paneling on the walls, floor and ceiling faded; the WWII-era landscape typical to this simulation came into view. The unnamed, demolished European city appeared in the near distance, while right in front of him, roughly 60 feet away--Nazis.

    They startled... apparently, it was set so that, to their perspective, he faded into view in front of them. The harsh war shouts from the commanding officer began, and the soldiers quickly moved into action.


    Officer -> 1d20 + 5 = 25
    Tank -> 1d20 + 0 = 17 (includes gunner & soldiers inside)
    The Cast -> 1d20 + 2 = 16
    Soldiers -> 1d20 + 1 = 11

    The Cast starts with 1 Hero Point.
    The officer was the first to level his rifle at the obviously-out-of-place stranger. The Cast could only think that, for an immediate attack to make sense, the "story" behind the sim had to have the soldiers be given shoot-on-sight orders. Regardless, an immediate attack was indeed what he now faced.

    Ranged Multiattack Damage 5 from the rifle. At this range, no penalties for distance.

    Officer -> 1d20 + 7 = 23, miss!
    Just as the officer fired, The Cast instantiated several more of himself in a huddle in front of his initial self, each ready for the assault. A few took bullets, but, prepared for the impact, they immediately uninstantiated before destabilizing. The rest of the Cast grit their teeth as the painful memories of having just been shot integrated in with their own.

    The Cast's Expendable Targets adds to his Dodge for a total +14 Dodge save. He just barely avoided getting shot. Sort of.
    The tank gunner also swung his gun toward The Cast, seemingly not reacting to the sudden appearance of multiples of him. He fired his weapon, while the tank cannon itself lowered toward The Cast and fired as well.

    The tank's heavy machine gun is Ranged Multiattack Damage 6. The cannon is Ranged Damage 10, with Burst Area 6. I'm giving both a +5 to their attack rolls.

    Gunner -> 1d20 + 5 = 6, definitive miss with a roll of 1!

    Cannon -> 1d20 + 5 = 6, also a definitive direct miss with a roll of 1! However, DC 16 Dodge to minimize the damage of the burst area.

    The Cast -> 1d20 + 14 = 34, success! (I can't prove it, but no, I'm not making these rolls up.) DC 18 Toughness save.
    The Cast -> 1d20 + 6 = 9, use 1HP to re-roll, 1d20 + 6 = 21, no damage!
    The gunner fired too early in his eagerness, and the cannon shot was wide, with no effect.

    "Now!" yelled two of the remaining instances just as soon as the cannon blast subsided.

    All four of the remaining instances ran full-speed toward the tank and the soldiers. They multiplied as they ran... Eight. Sixteen. Thirty. By the time they collided, there were dozens of The Cast. Each soldier found himself surrounded by at least two instances. Several more quickly jumped on the tank and rushed the gunner. They tried their best to make quick work of the situation.

    The Cast activates Decoys as a Free Action, obscuring "himself" among the numerous instances of himself. Next he moves, then attacks with Instant Mobs, a Close Range Selective Burst Area Damaging Move Object 6 effect. After running 30 ft. toward everyone, all targets should be in range, and all are attacked simultaneously. As a +0 custom extra, a DC 16 Parry save is required to minimize damage instead of Dodge.

    Officer -> 1d20 + 7 = 9, fail! DC 21 Toughness save, 1d20 + 5 = 8, +1 Bruise (1 total) +Staggered!

    Soldier A -> 1d20 + 5 = 21, success! DC 18 Toughness save, 1d20 + 5 = 9, fail; KO!
    Soldier B -> 1d20 + 5 = 20, success! DC 18 Toughness save, 1d20 + 5 = 8, fail; KO!
    Soldier C -> 1d20 + 5 = 19, success! DC 18 Toughness save, 1d20 + 5 = 7, fail; KO!
    Soldier D -> 1d20 + 5 = 15, fail! DC 21 Toughness save, 1d20 + 5 = 20, fail; KO!
    Soldier E -> 1d20 + 5 = 9, fail! DC 21 Toughness save, 1d20 + 5 = 19, fail; KO!
    Soldier G -> 1d20 + 5 = 19, success! DC 18 Toughness save, 1d20 + 5 = 13, fail; KO!

    Soldier R -> 1d20 + 5 = 22, success! DC 18 Toughness save, 1d20 + 5 = 15, fail; KO!

    Again... no, I didn't fake the rolls.
    The teams of The Cast attacking each soldier operated smoothly, efficiently; he of course knew what he was doing, and what he was going to do, so there was no stuttering. Feint, instantiate a new instance behind the target, grab an arm or shirt, simultaneous punches to finish. The bulk of the soldiers went down within seconds.

    ROUND 2

    Several of The Cast uninstantiated. Less chance of spontaneous disappearance with fewer of them standing around. The twenty or so remaining turned toward the officer, beaten and barely hanging on. With a roar of frustrated impotence, he fired his rifle wildly at several of the hero standing about.

    Decoys means the "true" location of The Cast is hidden, but with so many instances surrounding the officer, his Complication kicks in; considering the rifle has Multiattack, I'll rule the attack will automatically target the "real" one.

    Officer -> 1d20 + 7 = 25, hit! DC 20 Toughness save

    The Cast -> 1d20 + 6 = 24, no damage!
    The bullets fly, and two instances were hit dead on, instantly disappearing. Fortunately, the damage didn't ripple through the rest.

    The cannon only hesitates a second, before swinging toward a cluster of The Cast furthest from the tank. It fires, hoping to hit at least some of the multiplying interlopers.

    With just a single target, there will be a 1-in-20 chance of hitting the "real" hero if a direct hit lands. However, for the Burst Area, I'll rule that any damage will affect multiple instances, and so will ripple through all of them.

    Cannon -> 1d20 + 5 = 19, direct miss! DC 16 Dodge save to minimize damage from the Burst Area.

    The Cast -> 1d20 + 14 = 16, success! (Barely.) DC 18 Toughness save.
    The Cast -> 1d20 + 6 = 14, fail by 1deg; +1 Bruise (1 total.)
    While the cannon round failed to land on an instance, the blast knocked back three instances, damaging them heavily and forcefully destabilizing them, causing them to uninstantiate. Some of the damage rippled through the rest of The Cast; most of them grabbed at their suddenly-wounded left arms, with only a few managing to stoically resist showing any weakness.

    Quickly recovering, The Cast went into action. Several still on top of the tank opened the hatch and dove in to attack the soldiers inside, while several more surrounding the officer attempted to deliver the finishing blow.

    Move Action to use Instant Mobs to open the hatch. Then, use Instant Mobs to attack the officer and the soldiers inside the tank. DC 16 Parry save to minimize damage.

    Officer -> 1d20 + 7 = 22, success! DC 18 Toughness save, 1d20 + 5 - 1 = 8, fail by 2deg; +1 Bruise (2 total,) ignore the Dazed.

    Soldier W -> 1d20 + 5 = 21, success! DC 18 Toughness save, 1d20 + 5 = 21, success; no damage!
    Soldier X -> 1d20 + 5 = 19, success! DC 18 Toughness save, 1d20 + 5 = 13, fail; KO!
    Soldier Y -> 1d20 + 5 = 16, success! DC 18 Toughness save, 1d20 + 5 = 12, fail; KO!
    Soldier Z -> 1d20 + 5 = 15, fail! DC 21 Toughness save, 1d20 + 5 = 8, fail; KO!
    The officer was a tough veteran; despite repeated blows, he still stood. The rest of the outside instances of The Cast disappeared, leaving only five surrounding the Nazi.

    Meanwhile, the fight inside the tank was brief and fierce. Without much room to maneuver, being able to disappear and reappear at will became quite the advantage. Surprisingly, one soldier remained standing. One man now faced five.

    ROUND 3

    The officer turned this way and that, not sure which of the cloaked men to shoot. He cursed in German, then at random, fired at one.

    Shooting at a manifestation of The Cast's power invokes his Complication, so even though The Cast is technically concealed, if the roll lands there's a chance it will still do damage to the "real" hero.

    Officer -> 1d20 + 7 = 15, miss!
    Inside the tank, the lone soldier feinted, then swung at one of the five instances around him.

    Unarmed Damage 1 from the soldier's Strength. Again, if the hit lands, 1-in-5 chance of hitting the "real" hero.

    Soldier W -> 1d20 + 5 = 24, hit! If the soldier rolls 1-4, the damage will actually stick.
    Soldier W -> 1d20 = 5. Close.
    The punch landed solid on the jaw of the instance, knocking him back into the tank wall and causing a ring to echo out as he hit and uninstantiated.

    The four remaining instances glanced at each other. Without words, they settled on their next plan of attack, then dove towards the soldier.

    Outside, the five instances slowly circled the officer clockwise. They waited for their opening, and with one man surrounded, it didn't take long for it to appear. They attacked.

    Area Damage 6. DC 16 Parry save to minimize damage.

    Officer -> 1d20 + 7 = 10, fail; DC 21 Toughness save, 1d20 + 5 - 2 = 6, fail by 3deg; since second Staggered, Incapacitated!

    Soldier -> 1d20 + 5 = 9, fail; DC 21 Toughness save, 1d20 + 5 = 24, no damage!
    The officer went down. It wasn't without a fight, but he really stood no chance. The same thought, not for the first time, briefly entered the mind of each of the five: it was almost cheating, being able to have as many of you as needed. But it was what it was; and it's not like his powers helped much against villainous paragons. The five turned and walked towards the tank.

    Inside the tank, despite several well-coordinated blows, the soldier got back up, fists up. He spat a bit of blood. "Ich kann dies tun den ganzen Tag."

    The four instances looked at each other, somewhat confused. Who was this kraut?

    ROUND 4

    One of the five outside the tank chose to uninstantiate. The memories of the fight with the officer instantly became part of the memories of the four instances inside the tank. They knew the soldier before them was the last one. They readied themselves, just as the soldier bobbed, faked, and threw another punch.

    Soldier W -> 1d20 + 5 =23, miss!
    In response, two more instances filled the tank, and they all jumped onto the soldier, attempting to restrain him.

    Use Instant Mobs to Grab and hold. First, DC 16 Parry for half-effect.

    Soldier W -> 1d20 + 5 = 25, success!

    DC 13 resistance check vs. better of Dodge or Strength (Dodge in this case.)

    Soldier W -> 1d20 + 5 = 15, success!
    The soldier managed fight off the assault, even delivering a good, swift elbow to the head of one instance. He pulled away into a corner of the tank.

    ROUND 5

    Reaching down, the soldier undid his holster and pulled his pistol. It was in German, but it was clear his sharp statements were a threat, one that could be potentially risky inside the tank.

    Soldier draws his gun, then threatens to shoot if approached. He readies an action; he will shoot at the first instance to come at him.
    The Cast knew he had the upper hand. Despite the clear threat, he again rushed the soldier.

    The soldier fired.

    Soldier W -> 1d20 + 5 = 11, miss!
    This sound of the shot was painfully loud inside the tank. And, missing it's target, the bullet ricocheted.

    I'll rule that even if the ricochet hits an instance (and it's far more likely to hit one than the soldier,) it won't take him out, so might as well have it miss entirely. However, there is a Rank 5 Area Affliction due to the noise: Hearing Impaired, Disabled and Unaware. No Dodge save, since everyone is engaged; just the Fortitude save (DC 15.)

    Soldier W -> 1d20 + 5 = 16, success; no effect!

    The Cast -> 1d20 + 2 = 7, fail by 2deg; Hearing Impaired! (all instances are affected)
    However, The Cast latched onto the soldier, and they struggled for control.

    Another Grab attempt. DC 16 Parry to minimize the effect.

    Soldier W -> 1d20 + 5 = 16, success! DC 13 resistance check vs. Dodge
    Soldier W -> 1d20 + 5 = 8, fail

    Soldier W is Bound!
    With the soldier safely restrained on the floor inside the tank, one of the remaining instances uninstantiated. The instances outside the tank knew the outcome of the fight immediately. One called out, "That's a win, right?"

    The landscape, the soldiers, and the tank faded as the projectors powered down, leaving behind only The Cast and the barren room. The Cast left only the four that were outside the tank standing.

    "Congratulations!" came the voice over the sound system. "Yes, that's a win! Hopefully you found the sim challenging enough?"

    "It'll do."

    The voice went on, "We are working on another, more ambitious scenario. We can inform you once it's completed if you like."

    The Cast looked at each other, and collectively shrugged their shoulders.

    "Sure," they replied in unison, before heading for the exit together.
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    My builds can be found in the Roll Call forum here. And, here's the latest version of The Cast.
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    Re: A Fistful of Nazis

    May I try this? I'd like to test my new character.

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    Re: A Fistful of Nazis

    Go ahead, it's open to everyone!

    Only advice I can give is that the Gamemaster's Guide contains basic stats for WW2-era weapons and vehicles.

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    Re: A Fistful of Nazis

    Okay, so can you be the GM for my test using this?

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    Re: A Fistful of Nazis

    Quote Originally Posted by RMD48 View Post
    Okay, so can you be the GM for my test using this?
    It's traditionally self managed.

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    Re: A Fistful of Nazis

    Using Chainsaw Monk, because who wouldn't?

    Initial confrontation, the soldiers ask him what he's doing there. He, not understanding German, responds in Chinese. Since the Chinese are enemies, this means hostilities. I'm going to give Chainsaw Monk an initial Hero Point on top of the default starting one for his inability to try to settle things diplomatically.

    Panzerfaust Soldier 19+1 = 20
    Chainsaw Monk 4+15 = 19
    Tank 15+1 = 16
    Soldier Squad 2+1 = 3

    I'm going to say that initially, the rocket launcher guy isn't going to go straight into blasting what might just be a normal person, so he readies an action to blast Chainsaw Monk the moment he looks preternatural. Chainsaw Monk knows enough to know that having a rocket launcher pointed at you doesn't mean friendliness, so he runs straight to it, looking to Smash. This triggers the Panzerfaust guy to fire. 7+5 misses, which means splash damage of 7. Chainsaw Monk's Dodge roll of 3+13 squeaks by due to Evasion, so it's only half damage. 13+7 is good for only a Bruise. Chainsaw Monk closes the distance and 7+13 just hits with the -5 penalty for striking a held object. I'll go with a Toughness of 7 for the rocket launcher (it's probably steel, but Toughness 9 on a PL 5 minion...). It rolls a 20 and is unharmed. The other soldiers, unwilling to fire into melee, move in to hit him with their rifle butts for strength+1 damage. The six of them roll 20, 5, 8, 20, 16, and 1. The two (!) 20s will hit, albeit without crits since they're minions, for DC 17. Rolls of 15 and 20 for Toughness means he tanks it easily. And then the tank... he yells at the others to clear the way, and then backs up.

    Round 2, the Panzerfaust guy backs up, drops the rocket launcher, and draws his submachine gun. That's both of his actions this turn. Chainsaw Monk will lay into the soldiers, using PA 5. He can easily hit by Taking 10, so it's just a matter of whether anyone makes the save against DC 27 damage. Which... none of them can do, so that's the squad of six down. With a clear shot, the tank opens up with its machine gun. 16+5 misses.

    Round 3, the Panzerfaust guy backs up again and fires his submachine gun. 3+5 will miss. Chainsaw Monk will use a Charge action to cross the distance and attack. Taking 10 and using Power Attack, there's no real way for a minion to withstand that, so he's down. The tank, realizing that it's all that's left, radios in that they're in trouble, and opens up with the cannon. An 18 will hit for DC 25 Toughness (also obliterating the fallen Panzerfaust guy and his weapon). A roll of 6 is too low, so Chainsaw Monk uses a Hero Point. 3 gets 10 added to it, plus 6, leaves him Dazed and with another Bruise.

    Round 4, I'm going to say that the tank is 60 feet away. Chainsaw Monk will use an Athletics check to try to sprint to the tank. 9+11 is sufficient to double his speed. He uses a Move action to get to the tank, then revs up the chainsaw and uses Extra Effort to use a Multiattack attack with full Power Attack. 11+8 results in only a +2 on damage, so it's DC 26. 12+12 is just enough to secure a Bruise. The tank will use its machine gun. A 20 (!) gets the benefit of a crit (I don't think tanks should be minions) for a DC 26 Toughness save (no extra damage for Multiattack). 9+13-2 inflicts Dazed again. The tank rolls back a hundred feet, well aware of the range advantage. Chainsaw Monk uses his remaining Hero Point to remove Fatigued.

    Round 5, Chainsaw Monk, realizing that he might be in trouble here, sprints for cover, using Athletics to double his speed. 13 easily secures that. The tank is going to shell his general position. Fortuantely, between cover, Evasion, and his Dodge bonus, he's guaranteed half damage. An 18 means no damage.

    Round 6, Chainsaw Monk is going to try to stealthily maneuver his way to where he can try another dodge to the tank. 2+13 isn't great, but the tank is operating from a distance, and the soldiers don't have much of a bonus. 6 means they don't know where he is. They'll try to randomly blast the area. I'll say that rolling 1-4 on the d20 means they pick the right area. 7 means they're out of luck.

    Round 7, I'm going to say that Chainsaw Monk has worked his way to the edges of the building. He's going to try Athletics to close the distance, this time attempting to board the top of the tank, which I'll say is a DC 15 Athletics check (since the tank is likely trying to move to prevent people from doing that). He fails the Athletics check (!) and is only able to close a little over half the distance. He'll use his other Move action to get to the tank and clambor up. A roll of 16+11 handily gets him atop it and holding on, and is high enough that I'll say he's not Vulnerable. The tank should still be able to aim the machine gun at him. 16+5 is insufficient to hit him.

    Round 8, he rolls to stay on. 7+11 is close enough that he's Vulnerable, but he's going to again try to chainsaw the tank using PA 5. 17+8 gets him his +5, so that's DC 29. The tank rolls 14+12-1, so it's just another Bruised status. The tank attempts to machine-gun him. 3+5 will miss even his Vulnerable defenses.

    Round 9, he again attempts to cut into the tank. He rolls 5+11 to stay on, but vulnerable. 12+8 is only sufficient for the +2. The tank rolls 17+12-2 for no damage. It fires the machine gun at him and rolls a 3, which misses.

    Round 10, rinse and repeat. Athletics check of 7+11. 8+8 to hit, DC 26. 13+12-3 is another Bruised condition. At this point, the tank's operators have had enough of this and begin at full-speed back to headquarters, which they'll reach in two rounds.

    Round 11, A roll of a 1 means Chainsaw Monk falls off! He'll use his Move action to run off into the rubble around him, and the tank continues on, glad to survive.

    This actually went better than I expected. Usually, martial artists have a lot of difficulty against things like tanks due to the whole "hitting more accurately generally doesn't do more damage", but he did pretty alright. The main issue was that, in the end, the tank had far superior mobility such that it could just keep retreating out of range and shelling him from a distance.

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    Ashes fall on the small japanese village raided by the army. Sanzo is kneeling to the side of a dying old man. The sound of the heavy tank turning the corner of the village block seems like from a far off world, as Sanzo leaves the now lifeless body of the man gently on the ground and sits in front of him. As the troopers approach with grins on their faces, the japanese monk warns them. "I will not be moved from this spot, as I am the immovable servant of Fudo." which only sparks laughter among the men. However when they look again, the form of Sanzo blurrs as the moves like lightning, standing up, curling his arm underneath himself and then releasing a forward punch, producing a match 5 shock-wave that surges forward. It sends the officer sprawling against the tank, ripping off the antenna and other attachments the vehicle had. The monk then sits again.
    Suddenly realizing they might be over their heads, the troopers open fire. Sanzo seems completely impervious to their attacks, until one of the soldiers shoots him with a bazooka! The explosion leaves the monk somewhat dazed and burned, but still sitting.
    The tank swirls its turret to Sanzo and shots but the shell goes wide, hitting a nearby house, and reducing it to a big flaming bunch.
    Again Sanzo blinks and attacks with his Hooken, only managing to damage the tank slightly. The retailation however, is much more dire! The soldiers, coordinated by the officer manage to perform a devastating barrage of bullets that force the monk to stand up and brace himself against the attack. Gritting his teeth, Sanzo emerges alive, but not by much. Another shell flies by detonating in the distance. The satisfaction of the well performed manoeuvre banishes from the officer's face as he glares at the tank.
    "You forced my hand..." Sanzo states, as he again blurs in the speed of motion, suddenly coming into focus as he punches the bazooka soldier in the gut, taking a jab at the officer and then a kick at the tank. As the dust settles, the soldier lies in the ground, the officer's hat is falling slowly split in two, and the tank sports a budge. His hair wild now, the officer tries to hit Sanzo while barking at his men to do the same, but the nimble monk sidesteps all the bullets. Being too close the tank is unable to attack effectively. Using this to his advantage, Sanzo's fists fly, making another two soldiers hit the ground.
    He however doesn't pay much attention to the officer who manages to slip behind him and attacks with his pistol at close range. Sanzo grunts, but as he turns to face the officer another soldier opens fire on him. With a quick slap of his hand, the bullets are deflected.
    For some more seconds the fight goes on slowly, as Sanzo is forced to concentrate on defense while the soldiers spread out of his reach. Then he has an idea. Concentrating all his ki in his arms, he punches his fists into the tank and lifts it over his head! The soldiers cant believe their eyes as the monk throws the tank over his head towards them!! Most are flattened by the tank, but the vehicle is still operating somehow. Sensing the end is near the soldiers manage to get a few more shots into Sanzo, but his retaliation is devastating.
    "I shall dispense justice with the fists of Fudo Myoo, fell the power of the Ryuseiken!" he shouts, releasing a barrage of supersonic punches, which knock out all the remaining soldiers. The tank meanwhile swivels its turret to hit the monk, as the man walks away, apparently obviviou of the fact that the vehicle was still operating. Or was he? The tank suddenly imploded by the delayed effect of a thousand hits!

    Sanzo 27
    Officer 23
    Tank 12
    Soldiers 10

    First round:
    Sanzo uses Hooken, catching the office and the tank in the area of effect:
    Officer evades, toughness dc now 20 and rolls a 6, takes one damage, is stunned.
    Tank rolls a 16 and is hit full force. Rolls a 24 and takes one damage.
    Tank attacks, missing.
    Soldiers attack (rocket launcher goes last): all miss save the rocket launcher, DC 25, Sanzo rolls a 19 for dodge save, then a 14 for toughness, he is dazed and takes 1 damage.

    Second round
    Being dazed means Sanzo looses his mobility, which seems to be a complication on how to effectively use his line area attack and melee power. I find I need to use the line attack against rocket launcher guy and tank. Soldier passes all saves, tank fails both, taking an additional damage and dazed.
    Officer is now not stunned and shouts orders. then leads a group attack: 21 hits, the soldiers attack, 4 hit, including the rocket launcher who switches to SMG at the command of the officer. +8 to toughness DC of 28. Sanzo would have rolled an 11 and taken a hard hit so he uses a HP and rerolls that, with a 11+10 so he is dazed again and with a further injury.
    Tank attacks again and misses

    Third round
    He will move. Charging forward and multiattaching the officer and the rocket guy. he hits the rocket guy, who rolls a 13 and is out. The officer dodges.
    Officer leads another combined attack but misses with a 15. Tank barely misses with a 18. Soldiers open fire since the boss missed: all miss.

    Fourth round
    Being able to move means Sanzo will multiattack all soldiers. Only manage to hit two who go down. The officer orders the soldiers to spread and shoots missing with a 18. The tank attacks again with a 21 and hits! Sanzo rolls a 20 and suffers another injury. Solders move away and shot: one lands a hit, Sanzo rolls a 26 and is unaffected.

    Fifth round
    Sanzo moves to include one soldier, the officer and the tank in the line attack. Soldier goes down, the officer is dazed and takes another injury and the tank is unfazed. The officer leads an attack: but all soldiers miss. Sanzo saves. Tank attacks and misses.

    Sixth round
    Sanzo is sick of the tank and multiattacks it. The tank fails by one and suffers a furter point of damage, and is now "grabbed." Officer tries again to lead an attack; misses with a 13. Soldiers attack: 2 hit: Sanzo takes 2 more injuries! Sanzo is at -4.

    Seventh round
    Sanzo "throws" the tank at the soldiers. Having 10 of strength, the tank counts as a damage 10 area attack: Officer fails both saves, the toughness by 11 so he is staggered. 2 of the soldiers fail the toughness save and are out, one remains. The tank somehow manages to avoid damage, rolling a 28! damnit! The officer recovers from staggered. The soldier tries to attack missing. The tank attacks also missing.

    Eight round
    Putting all in the attack, Sanzo all out attacks 7 and power attacks 2 with multiattack vs the three targets for DC 27; hits the three of them: Tank rolls a 14 and is destroyed! The officer rolls a 4 and is incapacitted, the soldier rolls a 24 and is also down cuz he is a minion.

    Tank rolls are under "tank"
    Officer rolls are under officersanzo
    Soldier rolls are under soldiersanzo
    Sanzo rolls are under Sanzo
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    Re: A Fistful of Nazis


    Gremlin was eating a cookie. He was very excited to have a cookie; it was almost as big around as he was tall. He was only vaguely aware of the humans around him running and yelling, at least until one of them smacked into the table. It was a table outside of a small restaurant, and it had a big umbrella over it. Gremlin had been sitting on the umbrella with his cookie, and when the clumsy human plowed into it he nearly fell off. He dropped the cookie, which rolled off the edge of the umbrella, hit the ground, and broke into at least five pieces.

    "Hey!" shouted the little fairy angrily at the retreating woman, "Watch where you're..."
    Gosh there were a lot of humans running away from him. And what was that noise?
    Gremlin turned and looked in the other direction. He saw the men and woman. He saw the weapons they were brandishing. He saw the clothes that he'd recognized from the news on the human television.
    He saw the massive war machine. He wanted one of those! But more importantly, he couldn't let these humans have it. Obviously.

    Drawing his Zapper, he darted away from the umbrella and flitted towards the bad guys. He put his hands on his hips and glared at them.
    He wasn't certain they had noticed. "Attention bad guys!" he shouted, "I am about to beat you up, so please pay attention!"
    Now they noticed!

    They really noticed. They reacted so quickly that they caught the fairy off-guard; maybe they had noticed his approach after all!
    The man that seemed to be the leader fired a burst of machine gun fire at him, so close he felt a bullet graze his armor. That guy was good!
    Just slightly slower, the other bad people with machine guns fired at him as well. Most missed entirely as he darted about, but with so many shots Gremlin felt another graze him. And so many shots being fired into the city... Gremlin knew that all of the humans around had already fled, but that was no excuse for letting them shoot up the place!
    Which meant he had to stop them from shooting so many guns all at once. And he'd just added the perfect setting to his Zapper! Gremlin zipped closer, just enough to get them all in range, and brandished what appeared to be a bright blue Christmas tree light. The bad guys did not seem to find this threatening. Then, he pulled the trigger and unleashed a wave of blue energy. Just like that, all of the gunners except the leader were down. And he'd damaged the tank! And the one with the really scary weapon wavered on the spot... but then fired a rocket at him anyway.
    Oh. Maybe there was an advantage to being even closer to them so they wouldn't shoot bombs at him. A thought for several seconds from now.

    The rocket missed him (duh), and he rolled into a ball to endure the shockwave. That meant he didn't see the grenade fired by the tank, though, and he wasn't as quick. It kind of looked like the gunner hadn't seen it either, though, 'cuz the shot was so short they'd almost hit themselves. The tank's powerful machine gun wasn't a threat, either; Gremlin wasn't even sure how the gunners could see him in there.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mechanics
    Gremlin's a character who could conceivably go unnoticed without trying to because of his size. There's no rules for that, but conveniently he's also a character likely to draw attention to himself on purpose if he's not trying to be stealthy.

    Officer 12
    Minions 11
    Gremlin 10 (HP 1, Luck 1)
    Rocket Soldier 8
    Tank 5

    (Those are some low rolls. Huh.)

    The officer shoots at Gremlin and misses with a 17.
    The minions shoot at Gremlin. One hits with a 23, but Gremlin avoids being hurt with a 20 Toughness. The others miss.
    Gremlin attacks them all with Blue Burst. The officer and one minion make their Dodge check. The officer gets a 6 Toughness and is Staggered. The minion who succeeded on the Dodge gets a 9 and is Incapacitated. The other minions also fail and are Incapacitated. The rocket launcher-wielding soldier gets a 17 Toughness and is Dazed. The tank also gets a 17, causing a break.
    The rocket soldier fires a rocket at Gremlin (obviously) and misses with a 9. Gremlin rolls a 20 Toughness again and is unhurt.
    The tank fires at Gremlin with both of its weapons. It rolls a natural 1 with its cannon, but a 17 Toughness means Gremlin takes a hit. It misses its machine gun attack with a 21.
    Screaming obscenities Gremlin barely understood, the remaining machine gunner fired a stream of bullets at him. Darting around them, Gremlin zipped forward and jabbed the man with with the rocket launcher with his Zapper, an attack he called "stinging" that was harder to hit with but unleashed its energy directly into the opponent's body. And, with a crackle of energy and a strangled shout, it did the trick.
    The tank's machine gun fired down on him again. He was shocked that it could fire that close to itself, or that it could track him so accurately as he darted about. So shocked, in fact, that he was almost hit. Almost.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mechanics
    Officer 12 (-1 Toughness, Staggered)
    Minions (Incapacitated)
    Gremlin 10 (HP 1, Luck 1, -1 Toughness)
    Rocket Soldier (-1 Toughness)
    Tank (-1 Toughness, broken)

    The officer shoots at Gremlin again. He can't do that and move since he's Staggered. He misses with a 19.
    Gremlin moves up and attacks the rocket soldier with Sting. He rolls a natural 1. He re-rolls using Luck, rolling a 16. That's a natural roll less than 10, so it gets bumped to 26... not that it mattered. The soldier rolls a 9 Toughness, a four-degree failure; his Fortitude check is no longer relevant.
    Gremlin is too close for the tank to use its cannon, but it fires at him with its machine gun and misses with a 21.
    Ignoring the man and machine shooting at him, Boddynock moved up to the tank. He thought he had an idea how all of the components worked together, which meant some with some well-placed unluck... He touched the side of the tank as he cast the spell. He heard a small clunk from inside of the vehicle, so he'd probably had some effect, but all around it wasn't much of a success. Hrmph.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mechanics
    Officer 12 (-1 Toughness, Staggered)
    Minions (Incapacitated)
    Gremlin 10 (HP 1, -1 Toughness)
    Rocket Soldier (Incapacitated)
    Tank (-1 Toughness, broken)

    The officer fires at Gremlin and misses with an 11.
    Gremlin attempts to use Bug in the Works against the tank, getting a 23 on the Technology check. He gets to use 3 ranks of Nullify. He fails to nullify the tank's Protection, fails to nullify its speed, successfully nullifies its cannon, and fails to nullify the machine gun.
    The tank shoots at him and misses with a 20.
    Of course, while he was so close to the tank, he also noticed that he could see light through some weak spots in its armor. Maybe he hadn't slowed it down, but he had damaged it worse than he thought.

    Which meant that there was nothing stopping him from blasting the people driving it, if he did it right.
    Falling back, the little fairy menacingly brandished the little light bulb again; this time, the man he could see did seem to find it more threatening.
    Again, Gremlin unleashed a burst of blue light as the remaining villain tried, and failed, to flee. The small hole in the side of the tank was a bit more obvious as the blue light burst through it. Now, Gremlin could see four more men and a woman inside; all of them appeared to be unconscious.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mechanics
    Officer 12 (-1 Toughness, Staggered)
    Minions (Incapacitated)
    Gremlin 10 (HP 1, -1 Toughness)
    Rocket Soldier (Incapacitated)
    Tank (-1 Toughness, broken, cannon disabled)

    The officer fires at Gremlin and misses with an 8.
    I just realized I should double-check the ruled for damaging objects. Ah, that "broken" instead of Dazed bit was something I forgot--I was just ignoring the Daze. Well, that means that Gremlin can attack the Nazis inside the tank, so he uses an area attack again. Since the tank is broken, he can hit the soldiers inside (but they have total cover). Three of them make their dodge check, but all fail their Toughness checks. The tank itself gets a 6 Dodge, but a 27 Toughness and is not further harmed. The officer gets a 15 Dodge and a 12 Toughness, a three-degree failure which leaves him Incapacitated since he was already Staggered.

    Final Results:
    All Nazis: Incapacitated
    Tank: -1 Toughness, 1 break, cannon nullified but not completely destroyed
    Gremlin: 1 HP, -1 Toughness
    Gremlin took away all of the bad guys' weapons, then moved inside the broken tank to look at all the neat machines (and also to take away the rest of the bad guys' weapons). When he came out again, other humans were gathering.
    The police took away the bad people, and Gremlin told them where he'd stashed the confiscated weaponry. Soon, humans were cheering for him (he loved that!).

    He wasn't entirely sure what became of the tank, but to be honest he was only half paying attention at that point--the nice man from the restaurant had given him a brand new cookie.
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    Re: A Fistful of Nazis

    Location: Emerald City, WA
    Scene: Abandoned Overshadow Staging area located in the Maze beneath Emerald City.
    • Brimstone, the Devil Spawn
      Demon Spawn - PL 10

      STR 7, STA 11, AGL 0, DEX 0, FGT 6, INT 0, AWE 4, PRE 0
      Powers: Damage 14 (DC 29; Accurate 3: +6, Increased Range: ranged, Variable Descriptor: close group - Fire, Spirit), Damage 10 (Alternate; DC 25; Cone Area: 60 feet cone, DC 20, Selective, Variable Descriptor: close group - Fire, Magic), Damage 7 (Alternate; DC 29; Reaction 3: reaction, Variable Descriptor: close group - Fire, Magic), Immunity 6 (born in fire, Damage Effect: Fire Damage, Environmental Condition: Extreme Heat), Leaping 2 (Leap 30 feet at 8 miles/hour), Movement 2 (Wall-crawling 2: full speed; Limited: Material TOU less than STR), Protection 2 (+2 Toughness), Regeneration 5 (Every 2 rounds), Senses 2 (Darkvision). Advantages: Accurate Attack, Connected, Fearless, Improved Initiative, Interpose, Power Attack, Ritualist, Startle. Skills: Athletics 3 (+10), Expertise: Magic 10 (+10), Insight 6 (+10), Intimidation 15 (+15), Perception 6 (+10), Persuasion 10 (+10), Stealth 10 (+10). Offense: Init +4, Damage: Cone Area Damage 10 (DC 25), Damage: Damage 14 +6 (DC 29), Damage: Strength-based Damage 7 +6 (DC 29), Grab +6 (DC Spec 17), Throw +0 (DC 22), Unarmed +6 (DC 22). Defense: Dodge 7, Parry 7, Fort 11, Tou 13, Will 9. Totals: Abilities 56 + Powers 53 + Advantages 8 + Skills 30 (60 ranks) + Defenses 13 = 160
    • 4 Perimeter Guards, 4 Tank Crew
      [SUP]Perimeter Guard & Tank Crew - PL 5

      STR 1, STA 2, AGL 1, DEX 1, FGT 5, INT 0, AWE 0, PRE 0
      Powers: Protection 3 (+3 Toughness). Equipment: Assault Rifle, Body Armor [Protection: Protection 3, +3 Toughness], Commlink, Flashlight, 3x Fragmentation Grenade, Knife, Light Pistol, Other Equipment 17. Advantages: Equipment 18, Ranged Attack 4. Skills: Athletics 4 (+5), Expertise: Soldier 4 (+4), Expertise: Tactics 4 (+4), Intimidation 2 (+2), Perception 2 (+2), Vehicles 2 (+3). Offense: Init +1, Assault Rifle +5 (DC 20), Fragmentation Grenade +5 (DC Dog 15), Grab +5 (DC Spec 11), Knife +5 (DC 17), Light Pistol +5 (DC 18), Throw +5 (DC 16), Unarmed +5 (DC 16). Defense: Dodge 5, Parry 5, Fort 5, Tou 5, Will 1. Totals: Abilities 20 + Powers 0 + Advantages 22 + Skills 9 (18 ranks) + Defenses 8 = 59
    • Heavy Weapons Officer
      Heavy Weapons #5 - PL 8

      STR 1, STA 2, AGL 1, DEX 1, FGT 5, INT 0, AWE 0, PRE 0
      Powers: Protection 3 (+3 Toughness). Equipment: Assault Rifle, Body Armor [Protection: Protection 3, +3 Toughness], Commlink, Flashlight, 3x Fragmentation Grenade, Knife, Light Pistol, Other Equipment 17, Rocket Launcher. Advantages: Equipment 24, Ranged Attack 4. Skills: Athletics 4 (+5), Expertise: Soldier 4 (+4), Expertise: Tactics 4 (+4), Intimidation 2 (+2), Perception 2 (+2), Vehicles 2 (+3). Offense: Init +1, Assault Rifle +5 (DC 20), Fragmentation Grenade +5 (DC Dog 15), Grab +5 (DC Spec 11), Knife +5 (DC 17), Light Pistol +5 (DC 18), Rocket Launcher +5 (DC 25), Throw +5 (DC 16), Unarmed +5 (DC 16). Defense: Dodge 5, Parry 5, Fort 5, Tou 5, Will 1. Totals: Abilities 20 + Powers 0 + Advantages 28 + Skills 9 (18 ranks) + Defenses 8 = 65
    • Tank Commander
      Tank Commander - PL 6

      STR 2, STA 1, AGL 1, DEX 1, FGT 4, INT 0, AWE 0, PRE 0
      Equipment: Assault Rifle, Bulletproof Vest, Commlink, Flashlight, 3x Fragmentation Grenade, Heavy Pistol, Heavy Tank, Knife. Advantages: Equipment 29, Improved Initiative. Skills: Athletics 4 (+6), Close Combat: Unarmed 3 (+7), Expertise: Soldier 7 (+7), Intimidation 4 (+4), Perception 6 (+6), Ranged Combat: Guns 6 (+7). Offense: Init +5, Assault Rifle +7 (DC 20), Fragmentation Grenade +1 (DC Dog 15), Grab +4 (DC Spec 12), Heavy Pistol +7 (DC 19), Knife +4 (DC 18), Throw +1 (DC 17), Unarmed +7 (DC 17). Defense: Dodge 7, Parry 7, Fort 6, Tou 5, Will 5. Totals: Abilities 18 + Powers 0 + Advantages 30 + Skills 15 (30 ranks) + Defenses 19 = 82
    • Heavy Tank
      Heavy Tank - PL 9

      STR 11, Def -4, Tou 13, Size Huge
      Powers: Heavy Antitank Gun 9 (DC 24; Increased Range: ranged, Penetrating 9), Antipersonnel Rounds 9 (Alternate; DC 24; Burst Area: 30 feet radius sphere, DC 19, Increased Range: ranged), Impervious Toughness (Saving Throw: Toughness; Impervious [9 extra ranks]), Medium Machine Gun 5 (DC 20; Increased Range: ranged, Multiattack), Speed 4 (Speed: 30 miles/hour, 500 feet/round). Offense: Antipersonnel Rounds: Burst Area Damage 9 (DC 24), Heavy Antitank Gun: Damage 9 +1 (DC 24), Medium Machine Gun: Damage 5 +1 (DC 20). Totals: Abilities 5 + Powers 60 + Advantages 0 + Features 0 + Skills 0 (0 ranks) + Defenses 4 + Equipment 0 (0 ep) + Weapons & Armor 0 (0 ep) = 69

    Set Up
    A seemingly unconnected string of home invasions throughout Emerald City had transformed into something much more sinister. What at first had seemed a series of random break ins revealed itself to be targeted towards relics of the past, with the victims connected only by their relation to architects, engineers, and historians of the Second World War. It soon became apparent that the thieves were interested in a facility that had been constructed and subsequently abandoned by 5th Column troops of Nazi Germany, meant to provide support to the Green Dragon Society, a group who had long proved a thorn in the side of the cities then defenders, the Victory Squadron.

    It was late evening, June 21st, 2018, and Brimstone was swaddled in an oversized long coat, a sweatshirt with the hood drawn up, the brim of a worn Osprey's cap shielding the glow of his smoldering eyes from casual inspection. He ascended the fire escape carefully, Emerald City wasn't Freedom City, at least not yet, and the local populace still kept their eyes down, not scanning the skies for capes and their antics, so it was a blessing for him as he approached the detectives living room window, he tapped softly. However, upon closer inspection he was shocked to discover the apartment door had been forced open, and there were obvious signs of a struggle, Rivera herself nowhere to be seen. He elbowed his way through the window, and searched the apartment quickly, he found a spatter of blood along the right hand side of her entry hallway. Ha! She'd gotten one of the bastard's with her left hook, however, given that the detective was not in her apartment and her case wall had been stripped bare of the maps and notes he knew she used during his research it was only a momentary reprieve from the worry that rose in his chest. He heard sirens in the distance, and even though she was one of their own, he doubted whether any investigation could find her before her assailants got the information they needed and irrevocably removed the detective from the equation.

    He padded silently to Rivera's bedroom, searching quickly he found what he was looking for, a hair brush. He stuffed it in a pocket and fled the scene, his hellish strength easily allowing him to evade the police and retreat to the warren like Maze beneath the city.

    [OOC: Let's assume with a sample of his Contact's hair & Ritualist he can easily formulate an incantation that will lead him to the Detective, who is currently being held by members of the Shadow Organization, at an abandoned facility beneath Emerald City, in the aforementioned Maze. The Detective is being held in a large warehouse-like structure within an abandoned submarine pen along the Red River. The Heavy Weapons expert is entrenched atop the building in a gunner's nest, which is also equipped with a Searchlight, the Tank, and it's crew are in the warehouse, though the Tank remains behind the Detective who is currently being interrogated by the Tank Commander, and as such she is unaware of it's presence. While the remaining Perimeter Guards are patrolling in two man teams around the, well, perimeter of the warehouse. Let's call the warehouse the size of a football field, 160' wide, and about 360' long, with offices and store rooms around the perimeter of the interior, as well as a stair case which leads to the 2nd floor, a cat walk that circles the building, and provides roof access for our Heavy Weapons specialist. Loading doors at the North & South entrance large enough for vehicles (and a tank) to gain access to the building.]

    Round 1 & 2: Initiative is as follows; for ease of use I'm going to use Block initiative for the two teams of Perimeter Guards, and the Tank Crew will roll as 1 unit. So Initiative does not go in our Hero's favor: Patrol 1 (#1 & #2) roll at 18, giving them a 19. Heavy Weapons rolls a 17, giving him an 18, the Tank Crew rolls a 16, for a 17 total, Brimstone rolls as 12, giving him a 16, Patrol #2 (#3 & #4) rolls a 10 for a total of 11, and the Tank Commander rolled a 1, giving him a 6.

    Brimstone has only entered the abandoned submarine pen, and since he has moved through the Maze to get there, he is not coming in from the water side. The mouth of the tunnel leading to the Pen is 100' distant from the warehouse, the Pen itself is illuminated via wall mounted lights strung up around the cavern. The Gunner's Search Light is not on. Since Brimstone was moving cautiously through the tunnels, we will assume a routine Stealth check, making the DC to spot him 20. Given the -8 to 15 range penalty due to range, neither the Perimeter Guards nor the Heavy Weapons expert can make the check. The Perimeter guards are patrolling 20' from the Warehouse, Patrol # 1 is at the NW corner of the building, Patrol # 2 is at the SE corner.

    As action commences, Brimstone earns 1 HP [2 Total] for his Relationship Complication, since Rivera is currently held hostage by Shadow forces! He immediately spends that, [1 Total] editing the scene, he notes that the generator for the lights illuminating the cavernous submarine pen is located 50' along the wall to the left, he makes a an athletics check, DC 10 to double his speed for the turn, with a 10, he makes a DC 20 check, he moves his speed rank -1 (30') towards the Generator, and makes a Stealth Check to remain silent while doing so a 7, giving the guards a DC 17 Perception check to spot him, however, given the range, they are unable to do so. As his opponents are unaware he will continue towards the generator in the 2nd around. Arriving there by the end of the third round, guards are still Unaware.
    By invoking the eldritch forces which created him Brimstone was able to track the location of his friend and ally, Detective Rivera through the warren-like Maze that lurked beneath the pristine streets of the City above. It was like a nagging thought, or doubt, pulling him into the darkness, his concern for Rivera mounted as the tunnel he was in opened up into a cavernous loading bay, age old iron catwalks and struts were bolted in the walls of the cavern, which was dimly illuminated by age old lights encased in weathered mesh hung sporadically around the perimeter. He heard the soft lapping of the water, echoed back from the far side of the cavern. Why the river, he thought absently. He scanned the cavern, the shadows did not diminish his keen sight, he soul had been reborn to them, in fire and flame. A large structure squatted by the cavern's exit, the river behind it, the night sky dark, but the air crisp. He saw movement, but he knew that moving across that open area would be near impossible, and he didn't wish to give Rivera's captors an opportunity to inflict further harm. Even as he pushed that thought from his head, he heard a low mechanical thrum echoing from his left, a generator! That could provide the distraction he needed so he could close the gap and bring hell down on his opponents.

    He dropped into a low crouch, and moved with eerie silence towards the source of power.

    Round 3: GM Fiat, [1 HP awarded, 2 Total], Guards notice movement. Patrol # 1 from the NE Corner will take action, with the Heavy Weapons Specialist operating the Searchlight as a free Action, and Aiming as his Standard Action. Patrol # 1 will use a Team Attack check, #2 will support # 1. # 2 rolls vs Brimstone's Dodge DC 17, a 18, +5 for a 23! 2 Degree's of Success! # 1 rolls vs Dodge DC 17, a 17, +5 for 22.
    Two degrees as well! Due to #2's Team Attack, Damage Effect of 5, however, with four combined degrees of success, this becomes a Damage 10 combined Effect, AND, the original Effect is Multiattack, so with 2 Degrees of Success on the initial Attack roll it adds an additional +2, for a total of 12, a Toughness Check DC 27. Ouch! Brimstone rolls a 5, with 14 Toughness, that gives us a 19, 2 Degree failure. Dazed & Bruised. He will use his move action to move behind the generator, gaining partial cover for the duration. Squad #2 (#3&#4) with an 11 & 19 respectively make their athletics check, doubling their movement to 60', and double move up the 120' across the width of the warehouse, making it to the SW corner of the warehouse. The Tank commander moves to the Tank with his hostage, and commands his crew to start the engines, while one member disembarks and opens the N doors to the warehouse.
    A brilliant flare of light illuminate Brimstone's hellish form, he looked up in time to see well trained soldiers train their weapons on him, and releasing a deadly accurate salvo of machine gun fire. He reeled under the impact, though as the thunderous staccato of the gun fire echoes throughout the cavern, even from this range he could see the dread on the enemies face as he regained his footing. Realizing the vulnerability of his situation, he took cover behind the generator itself, surmising that they may not wish to destroy their source of lighting. He does not miss the sound of their voices as the communicate his position to the other members of their unit.

    The warehouse doors slowly slide open on their tracks, and Brimstone blinked furiously was that a ... a ... tank?! What the hell was going on!

    Round Four: Heavy Weapons Expert holds his action, not wanting to risk an Aimed shot with his Assault Rifle while his target is crouched beside their generator. Patrol #1 attempts an Athletics check to get to the generator, #1 gets a 16, +5 for 21, whereas #2 rolls a 4, getting a 9 failure. #1 moves 60' on an angle to remove the cover bonus and fires another burst at the target. Rolling a 2, +5 for 7, he fails.#2, who only moves 30' delays his action to provide cover fire if his target comes out from his cover. Brimestone, no longer dazed, closes the 30' with #1 via his leaping, uses a free action to activate his Hellfire Aura, and attacks with an unarmed attack. Before his action resolves, both the Heavy Gunner & # 2 respond with delayed actions. Heavy Gunner used his Aim action, which provides him with a +5 circumstance bonus, he rolls a 12, giving him a 22, a two degree success. With Multifire it's a Damage 7 Effect, DC 22. Brimstone rolls a 12, with 14 Tou, -1 Bruised, for a total of 25.
    No effect! #2 uses his delayed action, rolling a 4, not near enough! Brimstone attacks, +6, DC 29 TOU, as the Patrol & Tank Crews are Minions, a Routine check hits DC 16, which is higher than # 1's defense. TOU Check DC 29, which he can't do with a 20, so he suffers the worst effect, Incapacitated. Tank begins to roll out of warehouse, Tank Crew #1, hops on rear of tank.
    The soldiers move in quickly, trying to flank Brimstone's position, the first gunmen clears the generator and fires a short burst at the wounded devil spawn, startled by the figures appearance and terrifying resilience the bullets richochet sharply from the cavern wall. The heavy weapons specialist, wary of the range at which his men were engaging the flaming monster, fired a short burst, accurate, the bullets impact, though with no more effectiveness than an andry swarm of gnats. The gaunt, almost skeletal form erupts into a sickly green flame and lunges as him, driving a bone encrusted elbow into his chest, his body drops to the cavern floor, smoke billowing from beneath his flak jacket. Brimstone's hellish gaze then fell to his partner, who held down the trigger in fear of this monster, this demon, firing ineffectually into the air.

    The thunderous sound of the tanks engine caught the demon's attention, as it rolled into the area that opened from the front of the warehouse, he could see some sort of officer riding the spotter position, even as another soldier clamored onto the vehicle above it's massive treads.

    Round Five: Patrolman #2, will drop back 30' and open fire, rolling a 6, for a total of 11. A miss! Heavy Weapons will use his free action to drop his rifle, his move action to pick up his rocket launcher and his standard action to aim. Patrol # 2 (#3 & #4) will move behind the tank, using it for cover and open fire on Brimstone, #4 using a team attack & supporting #3. #4 rolls a 14, for a total of 19, a hit! 1 Degree of Success, and # 3 will roll an 18 for a total of 23, two degrees! So with a total combined success of 3 degrees comes out to +5 Effect value, and an addition +2 from Multiattack for a TOU DC 27. However, Brimstone's Regen has taken care of his Rnd 3 Bruise, so no penalties there, rolling a 12, +14 TOu for a value of 26. 1 Degree failure and a Bruise to replace the one he healed. Tank will stay where it is providing cover to Patrol # 2 (#3&#4) and open with the Antipersonnel Rnds, since #2 has fallen back out of range of friendly fire. Dodge DC 19, and Brimstone rolls a 14, +7 giving us a total of 21. Success, so a TOU Check DC 20, but with a -1 Penalty, a 4, plus 14 Tou, -1 Bruise = 17, 1 Degree & a 2nd Bruise. Realizing the Danger of the tank, he'll make a move 30' closer to the tank (Leaping), a free action to switch to his channeled hellfire, a Dmg 14 ranged affect which he will use against the Tank. With a Def of -4 he needs a DC 6 to Hit, so he will power attack for 2, giving him a +4 Attack & Dmg Effect of 16. Wow, a 20. So that hits, and he'll take the crit damage, making it a Dmg 21, or DC 36 effect. Tank rolls a 11, for a total of 24. 3 Degrees failure, tank is destroyed. Tank Commander will evacuate, while maintaining hold on Rivera, the rest of tank crew will double move out of tank.
    The closest soldier rapidly withdrew from hand to hand range, dropping to one knee and firing a long burst at the flaming monstrosity before him, obviously still rattled by what he'd witnessed the salvo goes wide, firing off towards the generator. From behind the tank, a brief, accurate staccato of gunfire erupts around Brimstone, firing into his chest and shoulder, bones shards and black ichor land on the ground beginning to hiss. WHUMP! KRA-KA-KA-BOOM! Suddenly the air hits him in the chest like a sledgehammer, the ground erupting into shards of stone, as the smoke clears he realized that the tank needed to be his priority, and so he threw out his hands focusing on the hellish energies he controlled, and a gout of yellow green balefire danced over the tanks armored hull, melting and slagging it;s treads. There were crackles and screams as the crew evacuated, and then he saw her, Rivera, being dragged, unconscious, from the tank by the Shadow Officer.

    Round Six: Heavy Weapons lets go with the rocket Launcher, rolling a 14, for a 19, plus 5 for Aim, a 24, solid hit. DC 25 Toughness, however, our demonic do gooder is sporting two bruises, so at a -2 to his 14 Toughness, a 15! Plus 14, -2, is still a 27, no effect from the rocket launcher. The four tank crew, plus the Patrolman # 2 and Patrol # 2 (#3&#4) will all team attack this thing that just ate their tank. All of them have a +5, rolling 13, 15, 7, 4, 14, 13, 12, a total of 18, 20, 12, 9, 19, 18, 17 vs Dodge DC 17, giving us a total of 5 successes, however no single hit had enough successes to benefit from Multiattack. +5 Effect vale, TOU DC 25, rolling Toughness 14 -2 for bruises, a 3, so 17 -2, or 15, two degrees of failure, so a third bruise, and dazed. Since he can't switch his array, he will use his ranged hellfire on the rocket launcher guy. Rolling a 11, that gives us a 17, a hit! DC 29 TOU, and the Gunner rolls a 4, giving us a 9, 4 Degree's of failure.
    Even as he watched the tank crew evacuate, he saw the rocket come from the rooftop gunner's nest, unable to dodge it, he rolled his shoulder to it trusting in his cursed resilience to keep him alive. The explosion roared in his ears, and the impact threw him to his knees, however, as the smoke cleared he stood up, shook his head and glared at the gunner. And then with the cacophony of a firing squad, the infantry stepped out from being the tank and with a withering balst of fire, once again drove the demon spawn to his knees. They nervously reloaded, and looked near panicked as he once again regained his feet, a roar of hellfire springing forth from him as the gunner's nest was enveloped in those sickly green flames. The screams of the gunner drowned out by the cackling of the flames. The officer proceeded to drag the unconscious woman's form along the wall of the warehouse towards the water, trusting his soldiers to buy him the time to escape.

    Round Seven: Go with what works, the remaining 7 soldiers will now team attack once again, HOWEVER, Brimstone's Bruise gained in Round Five has now healed. Meaning he has only sustained the two bruises from Rnd 6. Rolling for the soldiers; 20, 5, 6, 19, 6, 3, 4. Obviously shaken from the near rout they've received so far. However, with a 24 & a natural 20, that's a telling volley. Two Successes & 3 Success respectively, Effect 5, +5 due to a cumulative 5 degrees of success, +5 due to a crit, and a 5 due to Multifire. So uhh, DC 35, this might suck. A 15, with 14 Toughness, less 2 due to Bruises, gives us a 27. Two degrees of failure, yet again, a 3rd bruise, and dazed. He will switch his array to his Cone area Hellfire. However, given he's dazed that's his action.
    Even as he watched the officer retreat with Rivera's limp form, another withering round of machine gun fire drove the dessicated hero to the ground, the soldiers closing in for what the hoped was the kill.

    Round Eight: Team Attacks wow ... go for the kill. Seven Soldiers, however, one of the Round 6 Bruises will have healed, leaving Brimstone at 2 Bruises. Starting to get their nerve back; 19, 12, 5, 14, 6, 4, 4. 24, 17 & 19 are successful, 24 brings 2 success, 17 brings 1, and 19 brings 1, for a combined 4 success. Damage 5, +5 for Team Attack, and +2 for Multiattack. Toughness DC 27. Rolling a 16, plus 14 toughness, -2 bruises, 28 no effect. Now he will stand and deliver his Hellfire Cone Area attack. DC 20 Dodge Check; 11, 5, 20, 10, 15, 5, 2. 20 & 15 save vs DC 20: 16 & 12 with +5 TOU, so 1 success, Patrol # 2, and one fail ( as minion incapacitated, Patrol # 3), remaining five save vs DC 25: 18, 17, 12, 11, 11, with +5 TOU all fail (as minions all Incapacitated). Tank Commander hails Sub for pick up.
    A near continuous ring of fire as the soldiers approached Brimstone's staggering form, the shells raining down on the stone floor until it was thick with casings and still he stood, he took a step forward bucking the stream of near lethal fire, and from his mouth he exhaled a stream of green balefire that washed over the gunmen, their bodies consumed by flame they fell to the floor one by one, and he strode forward, locking eyes with the Commander, "Give me the woman." His voice was like cold nails dragged across a tombstone, low harsh and not attempt to conceal the threat or hostility in it.

    The officer raised his gun putting it to the woman's temple. "One more step and she dies," despite his circumstance there was resolve in his voice, grim fatalism.

    [QUOTE]Round Nine: Regen eats another bruise from Round 6, leaving him with one bruise. He will attempt to Coerce the Officer into letting Rivera go, using his Intimidation. Brimstone rolls a 10, netting him a 25, and Tank Cmdr's Will save is 9, giving him a 14, so 3 degrees failure. He is considered friendly for doing what Brimstone wants while he remains in the scene.]

    He took another menacing step forward, back lit by the slagged remains of the Commanders tank, and the whimpering sounds of his defeat squad, "If you harm her, I'll drag you and your men straight down to hell with me Commander," he watched as a submarine breached the waters of the river, "Leave her with me, gather your men, and never return to Emerald City." The shocked commander released his grip on the woman, taking a step back as Brimstone rushed forward to catch her before she could slip into the frigid waters of the river. He turned his back on the Commander, sure to keep Rivera in front of him so she wouldn't present the man with a clear shot.

    He spoke over his shoulder, "If I ever find you or your men in my city again, I'll send you all to hell."

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    Re: A Fistful of Nazis

    Fistful of Nazis
    Miss Titan

    Ok I’m using the same enemies as listed in Brimstone’s simulation: A King Tiger tank with driver, asst.-driver (machine gunner), loader, gunner, and tank commander. On foot is an anti-tank squad consisting of 4 riflemen and one Panzerschrek-armed “HW soldier”. This simulation will occur in a slightly more “open area”. As such, the German anti-tank squad will not be so “compact” in formation and thus vulnerable to AoE attacks .
    The simulation will take place in the Emerald Tower HQ…specifically in the Danger Room.
    The setting:
    It’s the morning of December 16th, 1944. A surprise attack by German forces has initiated the so-called “Battle of the Bulge”. American forces east of the town of St. Vith have been routed and are fleeing in disorder back to a bridge which will allow them to cross a small river and continue to retreat towards other American units moving to reinforce them. Unfortunately, the Germans are well-prepared and pursuing mercilessly. Miss Titan begins the simulation without any tactical fore-knowledge of the situation. She must evaluate the enemy and initiate a solution. She starts with 2 hero points (one normal and one for being dropped into a random simulation).
    The calm voice of the Emerald Towers AI speaks, “Simulation Initiated.
    Miss Titan materializes into a cold, overcast environment. A dirt road emerges from a tree line several hundred yards to the east. It leads due west - straight past her – to reinforced-concrete bridge over a small river. Just beyond the bridge are the outskirts of modest town. A very light kiss of snow gently descends all around. The scene would be placid if not for the line of straggling soldiers meandering westward towards the town. Some walk under their own power, but most are either being supported or carried. All of them look anxious and in a hurry.
    Even though Heather Lane is no history expert, she clearly identifies these men as U.S. soldiers from the flags on their upper right arm.
    Ma’am! You’d better get outta here. The Krauts are right behind us!” The soldier shouts his voice trails off into a puzzled silence as he looks at the costumed young woman standing by the road.

    Miss Titan will use both her extended 2 ultra-vision and extended 2 radio-hearing to locate the position of the approaching enemy through the tree line. The first roll for ultra vision is modified -1 for range and another -2 for cover. The DC is 15. So, 1d20 - 3 + 6. (16) – 3 + 6 = 19…a success. Now for the extended radio hearing. This is a -1 for range, but is only a normal difficulty. So, 1d20 – 1 + 6. (7) + 5 = 12…a success.
    She focuses on the area where the road runs through the tree line. She can hear a faint rumbling noise, like a distant engine. Then over that she hears the unmistakable sound of a German voice shouting in sporadic bursts over a radio transmitter. Then, her eyes pick up heat signatures through the cold backdrop of the forest. There are four maybe 5 individuals on foot spread out about 10 yards apart and walking ahead of a slightly cooler “mass” behind them. A truck? a tank?

    Instinctively she leaves the ground flying forward a full 50 yards and interposing herself between the advancing enemy and the very tail-end of the straggling column. The soldiers watch in murmuring awe as they continue over the bridge and into the town. As she alights on the dirt road, the 5 heat signatures come to the edge of the tree line and then lower themselves to ground. Going prone, huh? I guess the crap is getting ready to hit the fan.

    A few more seconds pass and the distinct frontage of a large tank emerges from the hazy grey of the forest road. It slowly rumbles to a point where the road meets the clearing and stops. Some sort of speaker is activated in tank and again the sound of load sporadic German bursts from the speakers. She understands not a word, but stands poised for action on the road not 50 yards from bridge where the last of the U.S. troops are limping across.

    There is dead silence for span of 10 to 15 seonds. “Feuer!” erupts from the tank-speaker followed by the sharp crack of many bolt-actions along the tree line.

    The 4 infantry take opportunity actions and get “free” shots before combat initiative is taken. 2 of the riflemen are at the outer edge of medium range for their weapons while two others are just within long-range with their rifles. They will all receive a bonus for “aiming”. Here are the results:
    Medium-range #1 and #2 – 1d20 + 2 aim -2 range +5 Off. Vs. DC 18. First one rolls a 7…miss. The second rolls a 1…horrible miss.
    Long-range #1 and #2 – 1d20 +2 aim -2 range + 5 Off. Vs. DC 18. First one rolls a 7…miss. The second one rolls a 5…another miss. Now for initiative. From left to right in the tree line:
    Rifleman #1 – (13)+1 =14
    Rifleman #2 – (17)+1 = 18
    HW soldier – (2) +1 = 3
    Rifleman #3 – (14) +1 = 15
    Rifleman #4 – (19) + 1 = 20
    Tank-commander – (12) +5 = 17
    Tank-machine-gunner – (7) +1 = 8
    Tank gunner – (14) + 1 = 15
    Miss Titan – (14) + 6 = 20 (since Miss Titan has the higher dodge bonus compared to #4, she acts first).
    Expecting to gun down the hapless girl, the German riflemen take careful aim and discharge their weapons like a firing-squad. They are shocked when she leaves the ground in flight to evade every single round. Now they know they are dealing with someone not…quite…human.

    Here is the initiative order:
    Miss Titan
    Rifleman #4
    Rifleman #2
    Tank Commander
    Rifleman #3
    Tank Gunner
    Rifleman #1
    HW soldier

    So, Miss Titan will take her Standard Action to Defend as she flies directly over, behind, and under the enemy tank. She can easily move this distance with her Movement Action. Now to determine her opposed active defense for the upcoming round: 1d20 + 8 (add 10 to any roll of 10 or less). So, I rolled a (2) +10 + 8. My active defense this turn will effectively be DC 20. So, they need a 21 or better to hit. Also, since I moved behind the tank, the 4 riflemen will have to get up and run to a place for a clear shot. This will use 2 movement actions for them this round. However, we’ll assume that the HM soldier, Tank Gunner, and Tank-machine-gunner had Ready Actions from last turn and get a chance to fire. I’ll already be under the tank before the Tank Commander’s turn, so He’d have to get out of the tank in order to try a shot (which he would not sensibly do).
    So, let’s start with the Tank Gunner. If this hit’s it could hurt. The ol’ 88mm anti-tank round. It’ not clear which skill goes with the tank-gun, So I’ll give the gunner a +5 just like the riflemen have. It’s short-range so no range penalty. Thus, 1d20 + 5 Vs. DC 20. He rolls (4) + 5 = 9...not even close.
    And now for the Panzershrek, which actually has a higher damage effect than the 88mm gun…sheesh. He’ll have the same bonus of +5. So, 1d20 + 5. He rolls a (7) + 5 = 9…a clear miss. Now for the medium Machine gun. I’m gonna count it as a damage effect 6 instead of 5 if it hits as it should be a little more powerful. He has a +5 modifier, 1d20 +5 vs DC 20. He rolls a (16) +5 = 21. So he hits. Unfortunately for him Miss Titan has 12 ranks of Impervious Toughness, so the rounds will not quite activate a Toughness check.
    After the rifle rounds whiz past her, Miss Titan zips off in a flash towards the enemy tank at the tree line. There is a deafening “THOOM!” as the turret’s 88mm gun belches forth a high-velocity round in futility. Almost simultaneously, the rhythmic “BUDDA-BUDDA-BUDDA!” of the machine gun spits forth lead in vain. The last hope of hitting her fades as the “VWOOSH!” of the Panzershrek sends a rocket arcing through the sky right past her.

    Ok, that's the end of round 2 since several Nazis took shots before the initiative rolls. At the beginning of round 3, Miss Titan picks up the tank as a standard action, then flies straight up at maximum speed for a movement action. Her maximum lift weight is 800 tons. The tank weighs slightly less than 70 tons. Even though the tank has a "strength" of 11, the lifting force is not being applied from the front of back of the tank, so it cannot "push back" to resist. I'd normally consider it a very easy maneuver (difficulty rank 5), but since there are enemies moving towards her to fire, I'd bump it to a routine (rank 10). Her strength bonus alone would allow her to make it without a roll, so I'm just letting her do it. She picks it up and flies 2100' (700 yards) straight up in one round.
    This will render the soldiers in the tank helpless during their actions, since they cannot crawl out of the tank and get under it without falling. Also, 500' (slightly less than 200 yards) is the maximum range for the riflemen on the ground. Once they reach the road-clearing, I'm beyond long-range for their rifles. Now, I know in reality I would not be, but the rules set a maximum long range of 100 x the Damage Effect in feet. Even the HW soldier has a maximum range of 1000' with the Panzerschrek, so he cannot shoot. I don't feel like instituting any new house rules on that issue right now.
    Screams come from inside the tank as it is hoisted off the ground and accelerates like some fearsome roller-coaster ride straight up into the sky. The soldiers below stand slack-jawed as the massive war-machine is carried at breakneck speed up to the heavens. "You guys aren't the first to fall for me. I doubt you'll be the last." she says as she decelerates.

    Round 4 begins with Miss Titan decelerating and just letting the tank slowly roll forward out of her hands with top facing down. Again, from the cover of the bottom of the tank, she cannot be attacked by the tank crew. Also, the riflemen on the ground are too far away. The tank tumbles just over 2000' and lands very near the point where she picked it up. The damage inflicted to the tank and to those inside is 4 + 2 x Distance Rank or 4 + (2 x 6), which is a 16 Damage effect. Consequently, this is the maximum damage effect anyone can take from falling. The Toughness check is DC 31...yikes. All crew members have a 5 Toughness; the tank has a 13 Toughness.
    Driver: 1d20 +5 vs. DC 31 3 + 5 = 8 Incapacitated!
    Asst. Driver/Machine gunner 5+5 = 10 Incapacitated!
    Loader 12 +5 = 17 Incapacitated!
    Gunner 14 + 5 = 19 Incapacitated!
    Tank Commander 8 + 5 = 13 Incapacitated!
    King Tiger Tank 1 + 13 = 14 (4 degrees of failure) Destroyed!
    The giant tank plummets Earthward to outbursts of German curses and prayers. The riflemen and HW soldier on the ground see it falling and hurl themselves back into the forest, diving behind some large fir trees for cover. There's a thunderous compression wave that radiates though the air and ground as the machine smashes into the dirt road. Once again lying prone, the 5 men on the ground lie stunned at what they've just seen.

    This starts round 5, Miss Titan will slowly descend until she's about 50' from the ground and uses her intimidation skill to coerce these soldiers to surrender. Without the tank, the chances of their victory over Miss Titan have dropped considerably. In fact, because of what just happened. I think a +2 circumstance bonus is warranted to Miss Titan for the interaction opposition roll. So, its +8 for Miss Titan vs. +2 for all 5 remaining soldiers. Here are the opposed rolls:
    Rifleman #1 (12) +2 = 14 Miss Titan (15) +8 = 23 Rifleman #1 surrenders!
    Rifleman #2 (4) + 2 = 6 Miss Titan (20) + 8 = 28 Rifleman #2 surrenders!
    Rifleman #3 (20) +2 = 22 Miss Titan (8) + 8 = 16 Rifleman #3 attacks!
    Rifleman #4 (9) +2 = 11 Miss Titan (9) + 8 = 17 Rifleman #4 surrenders!
    HW Soldier (19) +2 = 21 Miss Titan (2) + 8 = 10 HW soldier attacks!

    The HW soldier raises his Panzerschrek to fire. 1d20+5 vs. DC 18. He rolls a (3) +5 = 8...and he fails. The rifleman #3 also fires 1d20 vs. DC 18. He rolls a (12) +5 = 17...close but not enough.
    "Your situation is hopeless!," Miss Titan shouts " Surrender and you'll be well treated!" Three of the riflemen immediately drop their weapons and raise their hands. The HW soldier sneers at his comrades shouting, "Cowards!" A loud "VWOOSH!" corresponds to another projectile hissing past Miss Titans body. Then the load crack of Mauser 98k breaks the air as the last defiant rifleman fires.

    This starts round 6. Both soldiers stepped out of the tree line and onto the road in order to get a good shot at Miss Titan. I'll assume (for the sake of brevity) that they are within 30' of one another on the road. The rest of the surrendering soldiers are still a few yards off the road and into the tree line. Miss Titan will simply use Extra Effort to gain an extra standard action. With that, she'll swoop down punch one, use a move-by-action, and then punch the other one. Afterwards, she'll be fatigued. Against the HW soldier she has a 1d20 +8 vs. DC 15. She rolls an (11) + 8 = 19 for a hit. His Toughness roll is 1d20 + 5 vs. DC 27. He cannot pass it so he is incapacitated.
    As for the lone rifleman, Miss Titan must again make a DC 15 with a +8 attack bonus. She rolls a (13) +8 = 21 for a hit. The last rifleman cannot pass his toughness check and is incapacitated.
    With a quick swoop, she socks both Nazis in the jaw in as much time as it takes to blink. The other three soldiers emerge from the woods quite frightened with their hands raised above their heads. She turns the last remaining prisoners over to the American commander in St. Vith. The simulation ends.

    1) By spreading the Nazis out along the tree line they were not subject to any AoE attacks that I might perform by power stunting my strength. But there was a trade off for them too. They can only do team attacks when they can all see me (which became a problem the instant I bumrushed the tank.)
    2) The Defend action can be a very effective tactic to close distance with a relatively immobile foe. It obviously would not work against someone who fights at range AND has good movement powers, but in this situation it proved its worth.
    3) The ability to simply lift the tank and let gravity do the rest was just too easy. These types of tactics will only work sporadically against metas, but against normals...yikes.
    4) Finally, I'd like to acknowledge Impervious toughness. I've seen some people in the forums talk about how it's a waste of points in many cases. But against mooks I think it can be extremely valuable. Otherwise, you end up having to actually make toughness checks that you could otherwise ignore. A little unexpected damage here and there can add up. Finally, I hope I did everything correctly. I've been away from the game for quite awhile. I'm almost having to relearn it.[/QUOTE]
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