a chronicle of Sand:

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a chronicle of Sand:

Post by Saap » Sat Apr 19, 2014 9:23 am

I toyed with the idea to share this chronicle for the better part of a month but after the last session I decided to start it here.
Well first of all, I want to appologize for the bad english, I'm not native to the language and the last real encounter was around 3 or 4 years in the past. The first few posts will arriving rather fast as the group got allready a few sessions done after that the Updates will arriving on a weekly base (hopefully.)
I'm the narrator of a local group housed in Berlin, Germany that went off on February 2014 and meet weekly since then. After it became clear that we would have two major female characters it became clear that Dorne would be the best place to start. Especially after Anne Sand was created.
The setting is the so famous war of the five kings scenario starting one year before the events written in the books. The game itself is more focussed on diplomacy and intrigue than on brutality and war allthough that will change soon ennough.
The main cast is filled by the heroes and heroines of house Sanddorn (which certainly doesn't refer to the plant of the same name but is more metaphoric. For this I will keep the name untranslated.)

PC cast:
- Lord Carvas of Sanddorn: A middle aged man most prominent for his engagement on the Trident Battle during Roberts Rebellion where 1000 Soldiers of Sanddorn lost their lifes. Although he is still respected for this he doesn't have the skills for peace. Sanddorn is static since the war, much to the dismay of Anne.
- Lady Anne Sand: 15 years old, hot tempered bastard daughter of Jalinda Sanddorn (wife of Lord Carvas) and for this cursed as a outsider. She adapted with the help of Jalinda and became a schemer with the goal to gain the attention of her childhood heroine Tyene Sand. Although no one speaks about this in the presence of Lord Carvas most people are viewing Anne as the next Lady of Sanddorn not Carvas son Toar.
- Randi: Lady Annes handmaiden and paramour. Originally a courtesan from Braavos she came to Dorne and later to Sanddorn after her apprenticeship was terminated for unknown reasons. Since then she became the executing hand of Annes schemes (mostly against Toar) and she is the only known person safe for Jalinda who got Annes absolut trust.
- Captain Eric, Captain of the Watch and bodyguard of Lord Carvas. Allthough most soldiers respect him the circumstance that he is from the reach sowed distrust among the men. He is a great tactician from a Soldier-Family but his main problem is that he is not suited for the day to day activities. His drill routines could certainly be improved and the morals of his men were certainly better under the prior captain. The main reason why he is still Captain is his absolut loyality to Lord Carvas that excels even his loyality to Sanddorn.
- Jack, former knight from the Iron Islands, now a sell sword on the run. In one of the few light moments Carvas hired him on the third gaming session. He is a huge asset to the Sanddorn forces with over 6 Feet size (not counting his axe) on the other side most decissions are made by his dog Carl...

Notables NPCs:
Illyria Storm, Mistress of Coin from Essos with definitely Valyrian Features. She is the daughter of the most prominent merchant in Sanddorn. After she inherit the shop she managed a nearly monopolistic position. That made her the perfect choice to maintain the trusts of house Sanddorn.
Maester Viorec: An old, grantly man who is holding the position of the maester since 15 years, he is mostly historical orientated allthough he trained Anne in the skills of Medicine as well (after her mother insisted.)
Toar Sanddorn: An ungracious prat who will be Lord after Carvas dead. only slightly older then Anne he made a habit to remember her about this fact as this is his only advantage against her. He's more interested in swords and horses than in any education the maester could give him and should he become Lord Sanddorn is doomed for sure. Additionally he is the favorite object of Annes scheme and cruel jokes.
Melario Xantos: emissary of Illyrio Mopatis, Magister of Pentos. A bit of a mystery for the PCs as no one knows what the exact goals are. Most of the Fun in the group consist in secret plots against each other with the help of Xantos.

A brief summary of House Sanddorn:
Founded during the Blackfyre Rebellion House Sanddorn controls Land of major importance. Strategical placed on the border to the reach the house swore fealthy to the Targaryens until Carvas father switched fealthy to house Martell. The house was gravely punished after the rebellion as it was one of the first houses that supported the Targaryens even before House Martell could enlist his forces. 75 % of the land was lost and Castle Sanddorn was completely destroyed. All that remained was a small tower builded to guard a River and a little town. This became the new home to Sanddorn, a fact that annoys Jalinda and Anne more than anything else. All Land that is left is a 15 mile long valley in the Red Mountains with secret connections to the reach and a river that connects Sanddorn to Sun Spear and became the major source of trade. Sanddorns Guard consist of 300 Men with 100 Cavalery, 150 Infantry and 50 Scouts. Especially the infantry consists of recruits that never faced a real threat safe for a few bandits without proper weapons.
The coat of arms consist of a desert fox (Fennek) with a grape-vine in the mouth. (Authors Note: I will try to get a digital version of it but it's still in the drawing phase right now.)
Additional informations will be placed here as well.

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Re: a chronicle of Sand:

Post by Saap » Sat Apr 19, 2014 10:24 am

Episode 1:
The game starts on a typical summer morning in Dorne hot and dry without any expectations of rain for the rest of the day. However any hope of a normal day where crushed when the first 'scouts' discovered a huge galley on the horizon. At that time the guards couldn't detect the coat of arms so they did the best they could to man the catapults and warn the barracks.
The result was pure havoc, including a grumpy maester, a annoyed Lord, a excited heir 'finally I can take use of my sword ! Show me where this enemy is !!!' and a even more annoyed bastard daughter. All in all the havoc certainly increased after the Coat of Arms was exposed.
House Martell, the liegelord came for a surprise visit, oh happy surprise. After that they had only a few hours to prepare anything.
This was also the time for Annes first succesful scheme within a hour after the session started.
She found Toar bearing a sword with a proud look. Instead of laughing at him she suggested to apply a bigger sword so everyone could see what a great warrior he would became one day.
Later a second coat of arm was placed under the first and no one could identify it, not the lord nor the maester.
Nobody had ever seen a snake on a sand background. It took a few hours for Maester Viorec to find the right book and Lady Anne was the first to hear the shocking news. The snake was a old symbol not in use since the targaryen days and even then rarely used.
Only bastard daughters of House Martell ever used it.
In the meantime a third flag was flying, this time everyone was currious as no one could identify it. In the end it was Illyria Storm who identified it as a flag of Volantis allthough she couldn't conclude what a bastard daughter of house Martell and Volantis had in common.
This question was answered when the ship arrived at the harbor and the PCs (along with a honor guard of 300 Men) the Mission from Martell was leaded by Quentyn Martell und Tyenne Sand herself, after that Anne went into a state of ecstasy as she was able to see the heroine of her childdays in flesh and blood.
Now she was glad that she applied the joke on Toar as he was dragged off from the welcome party screaming in outrage so EVERYONE took notice on this breach against the etiquette and of course Anne made sure that Tyenne took notice of the joke as well.
For this she was rewarded with a huge gift. Instead of a placement at the benches during the welcome feast Tyenne insisted on a place to her left for Anne, crushing any reservations against it at once.
After this the feast could went on as planed with a boring exchange between Quentyn and Carvas ('how are things ? I hope you are a good health ? etc etc...') and a by far more interesting talk between Tyenne and Anne.
At a break Anne sent Randi to collect informations why the Martells were here for the first time since Roberts rebellion and without the proper procedure as well.
However the only thing Randi could find was that there was a raven from the east and after that everything was organized with unseen speed. For this information she needed to flirt with 5 Men and took down 2 offers for the night.
For Carvas, Eric and Anne the evening was far more informative. They found out why Tyenne and Quentyn were here. They had direct order from Sun Spear for Carvas and as a last minute edit to Anne as well.
Sunspear had gotten a pro forma invitation to a Wedding Party in Brightwater Keep deep within the reach. Of course no one expected them to attend and Doran never thought about it instead they decided to create a bit of havoc to honor the old rivalry between Highgarden and Sunspear. House Sanddorn was elected for the 'honor' to create this havoc the more the better.
Things get even more complicated the next morning when Tyenne called Anne again and gave her two letters. One for the bride, a Florent bastard and one without any receiver with the sole comment 'you will know when the time is right.'
After that the preparations were accomplished with a drastic pace, Illyria delayed the speed significantly when she decided to send 4 Ox Barrows full with goods to trade with the reach.
Originally she planed to take part of the mission as well but the argument that someone need to rule Sanddorn while the Lord was away hit the nerve especially because no one want Toar to give a opportunity to produce more havoc then usually.
With the end of the preparations the first gaming session ended. Allthough the Adventure just started...

quotes of the Session:
' My father will hear from this PEASANT !" Toar Sanddorn while he is dragged away from the welcome Party
'You are a clever child.' Tyenne Sand to Anne Sand

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Re: a chronicle of Sand:

Post by Saap » Mon Apr 28, 2014 7:37 am

I know I promised fast updates but well, sometimes the RL doesn't like to play along...
Originally the first adventures would more or less follow the adventures who are allready existing, especially 'the wedding knight' (with a good chunk of dornish intrigues) but I greatly underestimated how much havoc a absent Player and two over joyed trouble makers could wreck.
Episode 2 on the trek part one: a plea, a fat man and a death fennek (Sessions 2 and 3)
The first two days of the treck went without problems, nothing spectacular to see safe for mountains, mountains and hey look there is a small mountain ! As soon as they left the passage and entered the reach roughly 1 Day east of Horn Hill the treck came to a sudden halt.
An infuriated Carvas went onward to express his anger when he found the vanguard in a half circle around a death fennek. A quick investigation by Anne later the group knew that this Fennek was killed by humans and was left on such a prominent spot by default to decrease the moral which sadly was a fulminating success. Neither Captain Erics speech nor orders from Carvas helped much against the fear of a bad omen and the knowledge that someone would dare such a move that close to Sanddorn.
The day didn't get better afterwards. Shortly after nightfall they arrived at Hunt Hill, a small village managed by House Hunt and old neighbors to Sanddorn.
However the greeting was cold at best. Lord Hunt was repeating the phrases that were custom but no one actually believed him. It was only later that they found out that the Hunts got HUGE problems with the new Neighbors of House Webber (installed after Roberts Rebellion.)
Which included horse thievery, rape, fraud of shipments from Highgarden and other criminal actions. Lord Hunt had wrote this several times to Highgarden but never got a response. So the clima went at least a bit better when Carvas lend an ear to all the sorrows allthough he couldn't do much without infuriating the Tyrells and causing a political or in the worst case even military skirmish.
However in the end they came to the agreement that if the PCs would be able to defy House Webber politically Hunt would support Sanddorn with everything they could and if the Tyrells would support it they would change allegiance to Dorne, becomming the first Bannersman for Sanddorn.
By accident the PCs also learned why Illyria send 3 barrows with trade goods, all 3 of them designated for House Hunt and sold with pretty good profit. A point that angered especially Carvas because of the secrecy Illyria keeped about this.
The next morning the treck went on to the next destination Webber Hall. The debatte if they should visit the Webbers were cut off by the appearance of five men including a fat man from Pentos who revealed himself as 'Melario Xantos high ambassador of the glorious City Pentos, pearl of the free cities' to the shock of the group he not only knew the coat of arms but also there names, their destination and that the group got a letter from Tyenne which he now inquired.
This nearly leads to a military confrontation between the groups until Anne intervened and delivered the blank envelop to Xantos. After that he invited especially her and Carvas to there Quarter, an Inn near Webber Hall so they could discuss things in more detail 'without Birds around.'
The discussion leaded to a new letter adressed to Tyenne and an offer to Carvas including the ridiculous amount of 10 000 Gold Dragons so 'the house could prosper' of course there were several hitches including the fact that Carvas pledged to obey anyone who would speak in Xantos name. So it was not likely he would accept the offer after he inquired time for consideration.
In the evening Xantos visited Anne, congratulating her for a praise Tyenne gave her in the letter. However he revealed that all Westerosi were dumb for his purpose because they weren't educated in the art like the people in Essos and also they couldn't see the great picture. As for Anne, she had a bit of talent but not more than the worst prostitute in Lys so if she want to impress him she would need to do much better. His next revelation was nearly as shocking as Tyenne seemed to trust her ennough to include her in 'the storm that will come'. Session 3 ended with the mention of this cryptic storm.
After this session the Players of Anne and Randi began a serial of dialoques they continued every night since then. They are mostly fluff between the characters and quickly became one of the highlights the group was looking for between sessions. Because of the 50 Pages they allready wrote I will keep to the most essential developments.
The night introduced the NPC Rashad, bodyguard of Lady Anne and a later important tool for Annes plots. Also Anne develops the plan for a coup against Carvas and more importantly Toar to improve the chances that Sanddorn will survive the storm.
quotes of the Episode:
" This is a bad omen my lord we should return." - " Nonsense, we have a mission and I will not return until we were successfull bad omen or not so get back to your position !" Lord Carvas and a unknown Soldier
" You may not look like a dornish but your temper betrays you m'lady." Randi after an argument with Anne.

Ser Ulfric
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Re: a chronicle of Sand:

Post by Ser Ulfric » Mon Apr 28, 2014 11:45 am

keep it going :)

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Re: a chronicle of Sand:

Post by Saap » Mon Apr 28, 2014 5:25 pm

Ser Ulfric wrote:keep it going :)
Actually they are allready ~ 6 Sessions ahead with a new one incoming on wednesday so we will have a large night session (probably.)
I will try to give a new update tomorrow including more Fenneks and the arrival at Brightwater Keep. With good luck I will manage to catch up with the ongoing session on wednesday which means there will be much to write about the first two days on Bright Water Keep. As it is customary the wedding ceremony will be hold on the seventh day (allthough I will spare the PCs from the many other analogies to the seven) so I estimate there will be quite a few sessions before the end of it.

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Re: a chronicle of Sand:

Post by Canarr » Tue Apr 29, 2014 3:55 am

Looking forward to reading more of this :)

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Re: a chronicle of Sand:

Post by Saap » Tue Apr 29, 2014 5:35 am

Allright folks, episode 3 is incoming including PC number 5 the iron born warrior Jack.

Episode 3 on the trek part two bandits dogs and more Fenneks (Sessions 4-5):

After the meeting with Xantos at least the last idiot realised that this would not be the typical social mission even for Dornish meanings. However nobody expects the turn of events following the next morning. The first sign of alarm was a large crowd of crows just about half a mile from the street. Luckily when the group investigated the place they took a few guards with them so the larger predators backed off.
Soon enough they discovered the corpse of 6 men, all from house Dulver (family of the groom) that would not be all to strange if not for the clearly visible wounds caused by swords and more importantly an old shield that was not very well hidden in the weed, facing the coat of arms of the players house !
Of course after that the first action was the hiding of all coat of arms, which includes the armor of the guards, Carvas cloak, and several saddle pads.
Just after they were done with it (in the end it was a close call) they heard noises from the street. Soon enough they meet with a pair of merchants on the way to Webber Hall. More importantly they told them that a group of men in the next inn allready spreads the words about what happens here earlier this morning. According to them a raiding party from Sanddorn invaded a group of seven peaceful knights.
They carried the corpse as a proof and only the good beer keept them from returning with a much greater party including several knights sworn to Tyrell Bannersmen.
After that the PCs (without Carvas as the player was missing this session) decided to speed up and dealing with this rumors before they could spread the word even farther. The inn in question was only two miles ahead so it was a matter of a short race until they reached the small inn.
One look into the taproom revealed that they got into deep trouble. The troublemakers had gathered a large crowd of around 50 knights including at least 10 different houses and the only free table belonged to a huge men (around 2 metres) mit a equal huge great axe leaned against the table.
While Anne and Eric decided to deal with the troublemakers mocking them into a state that nobody of the knights believe the tale anymore (which leads to a 10 round intrigue including spree of dices) Randi decided to talk with the giant man who was called Jack.
At first it seemed impossible to get him into more than three word answers until Randi discovered a dog under the table. Said dog began to relax after a minute or two and after that developed a liking on Randi that eased Jack as well. It was later revealed that the Dog, named Carl, decided who Jack should trust just like he decided any 'difficult decission' for him.
In the meantime Eric accomplished the goal to make the leader of the troublemakers drunk ennough to lose consciousness while Anne switched the table to discuss the next step of plan with Randi. To the surprise of the whole group (including me) Jack took an actual liking on Anne because 'she looks like my mother.'
Combined with the rather genius thought to tell him that the bad men (the troublemakers) had offended Carl and the drunken reply of the men 'there is no ... dog here' the havoc in form of a pub brawl became inevitable.
The Havoc was even more increased when Carvas arrived at the inn with flying colors and herold proclaimning him as 'Lord Carvas of Sanddorn, Lord of Sanddorn and bannersman of Lord Doran Martell of Dorne.'
In the end the only concious people in the inn were the staff, Eric, Anne and Randi who emerged early enough and Jack who stood in the middle of the havoc with only a few bruises and many splintered furniture near him.
While Carvas paid for the costs including three damaged barrels of beer, 10 demolished tables and 30 chairs, Eric decided to talk with Jack about an engagement on the House Guard which Jack absolutely refused stating that 'he wouldn't accept the golden price' especially from a man who doesn't pay the right price for his armor.
In the end Anne managed to get Jack as a protector allthough neither Carvas nor Eric were truly happy with this arrangement.
After the bill was payed the Matron of the Inn refused to give the group rooms. Instead she told them about a bigger Inn just half a day away.
They arrived there shortly before nightfall which concluded the session.
Afterwards there was some really bad drama including a meeting between Randi and Xantos (regarding Randis history with a rival in Braavos), Annes distrust about this meeting (assuming that she was now spying for the fat man) and in the end a nearly suicide from Randi after Anne tried to frighten her with a dagger. Especially the last one frightens the whole group afterwards as the nightly chatter between Randi and Anne was allready a major attraction.
The situation was only rescued by Rashad who managed to get medicine and alcohol in time to save Randis life a debt that would be never forgotten by Anne.

The next morning continued to be as dramatic as the last day when a man burst into the tabroom proclaiming the murder of three men and a death fox in the forrest nearby. Stating that the fox doesn't seemed right with giant ears (a fact that took me a few glares from everyone.)
Of course after this revelation the group began to investigate the scene. Indeed it was another Fennek murdered by human hands. However the group missed the fact that all three people were murdered with arrows.
So they were surprised when the first shot hit the man who lead them to the scene in the head. They were even more surprised when two men jumped out of the wood charging them.
However neither of them was a huge threat for Jack. Only Erics intervention safed one of the mens life. However by the time the group reached the wood the Archer was long gone. Cursing themself they decided to interogate the surviving man. After a few comments about the sharpness of Jacks axe the poor man confessed that he was no bandit but rather a poor peasant.
The archer offered him 5 gold dragons for the job stating that they would kill guilty people and that he would have a whole group of archers behind him. The man also gave him a letter stating all to ease his mind. The group was infuriated to learn that the man who hired him called himself Lord Dulver allthough his description doesn't fit the Lord in the slightest.
The man was arrested so he could identify the man should he visit the wedding (most likely with the delegation of house Webber.) and shortly after that the group began the last part of the travel.
They reached Bright Water Keep or better the end of the queue to Bright Water Keep in the afternoon and managed a slight scandal as nobody expected the dornish to attend. In the end Lord Allistair Florent welcomed them personally as the staff insisted on his judgement.
As they were official representants of House Martell they got seats of honor which infuriated most of the lesser Tyrell Bannersmen.
The welcome feast remained peacefull for around a hour until Lord Webber made his next move declaring that House Sanddorn was guilty on murdering Dulvers Men and the peasants he requested a Trial by combat which Lord Allistair confirmed, however to prevent bloodshed he ordered an tjost which infuriated the group as no one could ride properly or could use a war lance.
That would be no problem if the group would have agreed the offering of a tourney knight they meet this morning but so they had a huge problem to name a champion for the next morning.
Half an hour after Webbers announcement the doors opened again and to the shook of the whole hall Lord Renly Baratheon, Lady Margery Tyrell and her Brother Ser Loras Tyrell arrived. The comment from Renley stating that he delayed them on purpose.
To my defense I must say that was planed from the beginning however of course Anne had the Idea to save the group (again) during the feast she managed to get the attention of Loras.
At the same time Randi did what she could best, blending in with the peasants. She had the task to get dirt against the bride (a Florent bastard daughter who was sent to Storms End shortly after birth) so that they could use it for further scandals.
She managed to find three people from Storms End including a privious knight complaining about the lose of faith on Storms End. A knight who only want to seduce her and a squire who told her that the handmaiden of the Britde called Nathalie may have a lot of dirt on her heels.
Outside the hall Eric tried again to persuade Jack into the Guard so he could have a control over him again Jack refused stating that a Iron Born would never serve. After this proclamation several people rose to the feet, wearing the coat of arms from the shield islands.
Erics retread was just in time to avoid a new massive brawl pit with Jack in the center.
After the feast Anne managed to intercept Loras before he could leave to his quarters. In another large intrigue and a walk into the garden of Bright Water Keep she managed to convince him that Webbers plot took a bad light on the seven and that he as the knight of flowers should defend the faith and the innocent.
Combined with the coat of chivalry stating that even the worst people deserved a defender he agreed to tjost for them which lead to a roar of laughter in the whole group as Tyrell would now tjost his own bannersman and for a dornish house over that.
The night talk began obviously joyful at first but soon Anne and Randi developed a huge disagreement that nearly leaded to a breakup between them. Otherwise Rashad found a two Cuivasse pieces near Annes door. A white light cavalry horse and a black knight turned to the position of defeat...

next time, the second day of Brightwater keep, the trial of combat and many intrigues


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