three men who might beat Jaime Lannister in a fight

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Re: three men who might beat Jaime Lannister in a fight

Post by pwbrian » Tue Apr 29, 2014 9:19 am

nmastalerz wrote:
pwbrian wrote:
nmastalerz wrote:Brienne beats Jaime with ease, granted thats after hes been starved and held prisoner for a long time, but she still beat him down easily.
Brienne doesn't beat him easily. There's a whole bit about how well he was fighting and how difficult he was to beat, despite his being handicapped (Imprisonment, starvation, manacles, etc..). I think that's one of the points in the books where Jaime really shines as a fighter. We know Brienne is a capable combatant, and yet Jaime holds his own even with all of the setbacks he had.
What bit are you speaking of? Because if I remember correctly he goes after her trying to to kill her, she parrys him away for a while saying she won't hurt him. He keeps talking smack and thinking about how he will kill her, then she finally presses the attack and beats him down telling him to yield.

I don't really know how he fought well or shined... She clearly didn't want to hurt him and basically just back pedaled and parried him the entire time, and as soon as she pressed the attack towards him his whole monologue was about how shes stronger than him and how tired he was. That is actually the monologue where he talks about the men who were stronger than him, but with speed and skill he would beat them all. The only part of that fight where it says anything good about how well he fought was the beginning of the fight where HE is thinking and saying how fast hes attacking and how he will kill her. Like I said, as soon as she actually started to fight he was just beat down pretty easily.
Yeah, I misremembered a bit. It's been a while since I read that book. Looking at that chapter again, he does go in confident, and he ends up realizing she's stronger than him. Good on her. That said, she still doesn't easily beat him. He puts up a good fight with a number of disadvantages. He even has an internal commentary about his skills rotting while he's been a prisoner.