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Ghostbusters true20 rpg idea

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  • Ghostbusters true20 rpg idea

    Okay, so my brother and i were discussing a way to make a Ghostbusters RPG and 3 systems came to mind;
    1: Call of Cthulu: for obvious reasons of dealing with the extranormal
    2: World of Darkness: since they already have rules for ghosts
    3: True20: for its simplicity and versatility

    We are kinda planning on combining these 3 into one new game with the True20 system as its base. now, i know that True20 is not very popular but i do like the system since it is similar to M&M and i LOVE that system. But, we will have to give the system a few tweaks here and there to make it fit.
    1: No class or Levels. instead of a Class/Level system, i plan going Class- and Level-less. instead, each player gets 30 CP (Character Points) to build their hero, using a similar point system like M&M
    a: Attributes will cost 2 points per increase
    b: Skills cost 1 point per 2 ranks
    c: Feats cost 1 point per rank or 1 point if they have no rank
    2: Roles can be chosen as base examples of pre-generated characters like Egon Spengler or Ray Stanz.
    3: Conviction and Corruption from Blue Rose will be implemented into this system as well, with the same basic rules
    4: Magic will be vastly different: magic in Ghostbusters is overt and causes corruption. there will be 3 types of magic; Covert, which are subtle effects; Overt, which create massive changes and create corruption in the user; and Technomancy, which hides magic through technology and thus gets around the overtness of magic and does not create corruption (This is how Egon/Holtmann are able to create such powerful weapons)

    i am working on an alternate timeline that takes both the original movies and the reboot into account.
    1: Ghostbusters (1984): the original team uses the Prototype Proton Packs with larger guns to defeat Gozer the Gozerian
    2: Ghostbusters 2 (1989): the Ghostbusters reunite to fend off the Psychoreactive Slime and stop Vego the Carpathian
    3: Ghostbusters the Video Game (1991): the Ghostbusters create new tech and fend off the rise of Ivo Shandor and create the first GB franchising opportunities
    4: Ghostbusters: female Team (1999): the new Female team takes over the New York Franchise with the Mark 3 Proton Packs and prevent Rowan from breaking down the Barrier
    5: Ghostbusters: 2012 (2012): the female team prevents the end of the world from a Mayan deity on December 21, 2012
    6: NOW (2016): this is where the RPG takes place and with the new members that you create

    More details as i create them, i hope you like this idea and please leave me comments and ideas.
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    Re: Ghostbusters true20 rpg idea

    There has been at least one licensed Ghostbusters RPG, by West End Games back in the '80s. I have no idea how easy (or affordable) it would be to track down a copy.

    (I've only ever played one short session, ages ago, so don't recall any details about the system. But according to Wikipedia, it was the first-ever RPG to use a "dice pool," which is pretty cool.)
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      Re: Ghostbusters true20 rpg idea

      i would honestly suggest using with the M&M 3e rules(as they would actually have some of the data for a Proton Pack),or i'd use the AGE System&jury-rigg the spells into tech....But that's all just me&Merry Christmas!
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