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  • True20 Spell Difficulties

    It seems to me that some of the spell difficulties for True 20 are so high, no Adept will be able to cast spells of that power. For example, if I am a 10th level Adept which is relatively high level, and I want to teleport myself plus 500lb of other people or objects, my base difficulty is 30. I believe you get a +3 power rank so thats +13 bonus. If I'm teleporting to somewhere vaguely familiar, that drives the difficulty to 45, so they need to roll a 32. So only a natural 20 will succeed. Even a 20th level adept, would need a 22 or higher on that roll so an additional 10 levels does still need a natural 20. What's the point of these very high difficulties if noone will ever level up to even get this level of prowess? Am I missing something?

    Also, does this count towards casting teleport on other people, or just additional equipment? Could I just cast on myself and one other person for a +2 difficulty to a line of sight place with 20lb equipment, making the difficulty 12? Earlier it says that you can effect more than one target w/ +2 difficulty per target.

    This is on page 72 of the handbook. A similar issues arises with the Move Object spell. No Adept is going to be 30th level power rank to even have a 50/50 chance of moving 1000lbs of stuff.


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    Re: True20 Spell Difficulties

    Hi Fregas, you are right but I think you are missing context and also the possibility of the take 20 rule.

    500lbs is a great deal of weight to transport, and as such it should be difficult. If you are attempting to transport it to somehwere less known to you, all the more difficult. WHilst it may seem that Adepts cannot get superpowered spells, it does try and strike a balance between high fantasy and low psionics. If you feel the numbers are not suitable for your game world, then house rule a lower set of numbers that you feel would allow for the high power high fantasy you seek. Also look at the Apport power, which from reading it seems a more effective method of transporting items to another destination as the teleport is really about moving yourself.

    Also bear in mind the Take 20 rule which could allow for such high scores to be reached. Yes it comes with certain problems with fatiguing but again, that can be perhaps dealt with a house rule.

    In trying to be a dynamic all encompassing generic system, there will always be decisions that won't quite fit all tastes within any rules set. I think the Powers does strike a reasonable balance (although I'd love to see more of them beyond what is presented plus the Adepts handbook) but I feel they get it right in the main. if you feel the numbers are too high, lower them for your game but ensure that you are consistent for games within that world.

    Hope that helps.