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True20 and Hârn?

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  • True20 and Hârn?


    Has anyone posted any guidance about running low fantasy/low magic adventures in Hârn with the True20 system? Does anyone here run campaigns in Hârn using the system? Anyone have any ideas they would like to share?

    There's a dated D20 guide for Hârn I have been looking over, so I can do some conversions myself, but I wanted to see if I could "stand on the shoulders of giants" instead of possibly screw it up by doing it myself

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: True20 and Hârn?

    IMO the magic in True20 is relatively low in comparison to many other Fantasy settings - certainly lower than D20. Considering you have an escalating chance to gain fatique while casting and you can get a max of about 20 supernatural powers/spells by career end. That's certainly less than what you'd get in many High or Epic Fantasy settings. I've never played Hârn -just browsed a few of the books- even though I live in the city in which it was created and it's run annually at 1 of the local conventions. So I can't really comment on the other aspects of the series/settings. The other thing True20 probably has going in its favor over D20 for use with Hârn, is that it's more skill focused due to no class favored skills and only 3 base roles/classes which flavor/steer a character that much less.

    It's been a while since I've read my copy, but True Sorcery might provide a means to further lower magic.