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    Okay, i like True20 A LOT but my only issue is the M&M style heath tracker. i like it for a hero game but not too big on it for say fantasy or scifi. Does anyone have any ideas on creating an HP system that can also use the conditions. Like at 1/4 health you are dazed and at 1/2 you are stunned? any ideas would be cool. Thank you all.

    FYI: my games have really taken off since going to these threads. i want to thank everyone who has submitted ideas that i have taken to heart. Also, i thank the GR team and their really great games for making my life as a gamer even more fruitful.
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    Re: True20 Health System

    I know this might be a bit late , but in the Revised True20 system. It offered converting to True20 from d20. It wouldn't be too hard to retro clone a way of doing hitpoints from this conversion as well.

    My Idea would be to do : Hit Points = 10 +/-(con x 2).
    Divide Toughness Feat by 2, and roll that many d6's for a random feel.

    Bruised = 1/4th your max Hitpoints in damage
    Dazed = 1/2 your max hitpoints in damage
    staggered = 3/4th your max hitpoints in damage
    Unconscious = Hitpoints depleted.

    Everything else is easy enough to convert , using the rules inn the core starting on page 264.
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      Re: True20 Health System

      I have a post somewhere in the D&D / Fantasy D20 forum on where I made a suggestion for an HP alternate. I'll try to dig it up when I get a chance and post it here. Unfortunately the text is no longer on my HD. I ran with it in one of my T20 sessions and it worked well enough - played like Pathfinder HP's, which I was playing a lot at the time.