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Do you use Take 1 and Take 5?

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  • Do you use Take 1 and Take 5?

    I'm looking over my True 20 book after a hiatus of many years, looking to get back into the game. However, some of the rules seem a bit extraneous. For instance, the Take 1 and Take 5 rules. We never used these rules; not sure why.

    What's your experience? Did you ever Take 1 or Take 5? Are they valuable rules, or just a waste of ink?

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    Re: Do you use Take 1 and Take 5?

    In what situation would taking a 1 be useful?


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      Re: Do you use Take 1 and Take 5?

      If you have a high enough rank in a skill that a natural 1 is the only way to fail, then taking 1 lets you avoid that possibility.
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