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    Hi folks, I have a complete True20 collection on my bookshelves, but never did a lot with the game. The genre support is something which I particularly like.

    So, currently I am planning a new game, using True20:

    It is a science fiction one-shot that I hope could develop to an ongoing campaign. The setting takes a lot of inspiration from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, with additional input from the Star*Drive setting of the Alternity game of yore.

    The Galactic Concord is a loose federation of several species who largely continue minding their own businesses internally, but who outsourced exploration and protection of their realms to the Concord. The species are Earth humans, Kyudra (hairless humanoids of similar physiology), Reptilians (from the True20 revised corebook) and Skrell.

    The Concord runs the Guardians Corps, tasked with a variety of problem solving, disaster relief, scouting and exploration. The Corps is not a military, but has military assets among many others. The Guardians Team from Outpost 15/10, who are going to be the player characters for the oneshot, for example consist of an administrative team leader, a Concord diplomat, two soldiers (Rocket is sort of a "Marine", Jerome Terreblanche a Mecha pilot), a Kyudra neuronaut, two Rigger-Pilots for the "deadtech" vessels and a medical officer.

    This group will have to plan a relief action for a Terraforming colonial outpost suddenly fallen silent.

    The group has, as all Guardian Teams do, a Spacehawk living spaceship. The Spacehawks are intelligent and capable of superluminal space travel, but with their natural abilities can only navigate on the gravitational planes of their home system. Meeting the Concord changed their whole outlook. Modified by Concord bio-technicians and in a Synthesis with a Kyudra Neuronaut they can navigate interstellarly and enjoy the sheer rush of high speed FTL Travel on the outer reaches of subspace, faster than any deadtech vessel - although deadtech Riggers can "phase" their ships into the "wake" of a Spacehawk and be drawn with it.

    As soon as a new Spacehawk is grown, she or he delivers themselves to the Concord Spacehawk surgeons, get their modifications and bond with a Kyudra Neuronaut by way of a Connex flight.

    The Team of outpost 15/10 has a young Spacehawk called Leera, bonded with Kyudra Neuronaut Owadira Kendon. This is their "living tech" asset. Concerning Deadtech-Vessels, they have a Long Hauler (FTL), an Assault Landing Craft (non FTL), a Hazmat-proof armoured planetary transport and Terreblanches Sledgehammer battle mech.

    I hope these can proof to be the bare bones of quite an entertaining setting.
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    Re: New True20 games

    Did this happen? How did it go?


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      Re: New True20 games

      Didn't happen. Currently no group.