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Players Guide to Freeport: Crag Gnomes

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  • Players Guide to Freeport: Crag Gnomes

    I was researching playing a gnome in my upcoming pathfinder campaign set in Freeport. I noticed that Crag Gnomes have the following racial trait:

    Crag Gnome Magic: Add +1 to the Difficulty Class for
    all saving throws against earth spells cast by crag gnomes.
    This ability replaces the usual gnome magic ability.
    While this is interesting and I definitely see how it adds the the race by the backstory, if none of the other magical traits are changed, such as all of the illusion spells provided to gnomes being changed to earth based spells, how is this actually helpful or useful to individuals who want to play a non-magi Gnome.

    So my questions is this: Has there been an Errata or official word on how to adapt the spells provided to a new Gnome?

    Also, its possible I am thinking about this in the wrong way, if you have some helpful feedback to adjust my thoughts I would appreciate it.


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    Re: Players Guide to Freeport: Crag Gnomes

    To my knowledge, there has been no official errata issued for this book yet. I've been compiling unofficial errata, so will try to address this question, too.

    In the Advanced Race Guide, the alternate racial traits that replace gnome magic (fell magic, magical linguist, pyromaniac) all provide a replacement list of spells, so crag gnome magic should do so as well. In all cases, the list consists of three cantrips and one 1st-level spell, each usable once per day. For crag gnome magic, I would suggest the following list: 1/day--acid splash, mage hand, magic stone, resistance. (I have limited this list to Core Rulebook spells, because all the alternate racial traits named here use only that source.)
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      Re: Players Guide to Freeport: Crag Gnomes

      Thanks Timemrick, this is exactly the kind of answer I was looking for. I appreciate the spell list as well, this is definitely something my GM will be receptive to.