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    Has anybody sketched out a rough idea of what the various properties go for around Freeport? Apparently I've got a couple of homebodies, who are looking to invest all of the mad loot a 2nd level character could possibly have in land and buildings in Freeport. I couldn't find ANY prices in the Freeport tCOA, and Pirates Guide to Freeport just mentions charging them what I want - so not much help there. I was thinking of using the Pathfinder Chronicles: Guide to Korvosa and Guide to Absalom as they break down (highly outrageous) prices for various styles of tenements in various distcts,as well as their rental cost vs buying property. Truthfully the only mechanic I'm interested out of the whole thing is parting them from their gold.
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    Re: Freeport Property Values

    If you're using Pathfinder, check out the downtime rules in Ultimate Campaign. They include details for many different kinds of buildings, using a modular system based on what each room is used for. It's fairly abstract, because it's focused on what the characters can accomplish in their downtime, rather than finicky tactical details (though fortifications and the like can provide tangible benefits outside downtime, too).

    Be assured, the downtime rules provide a multitude of ways to part the PCs from their cash!
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