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  • Hex Map?

    Has anyone done an old-school hex-map of the Continent + Serpent's Teeth?

    I'm looking primarily for (all three):

    25mi/hex (on which the Serpent's Teeth would be a blip, but it would still set the location, and be a good 60ish x 60ish map of The Continent),

    5mi/hex (even at this scale, the serpent's teeth would be barely bigger than 1 hex, but it'd be about a 300x300 hex map of the Continent, so decent detail), and

    1mi/hex (mainly for the Serpent's teeth, though I can probably improvise that for the most part ... but I wouldn't expect anyone to have done this scale for the Continent).

    Anyway ...anyone have either of the first two of those, and maybe the third? Or am I going to have to make them myself? :-}