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Freeport Pathfinder Mods/Updates

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  • Freeport Pathfinder Mods/Updates

    I'm curious how other people are using some of the new material from Paizo, specifically the Advanced Class Guide (ACG), Ultimate Intrigue (UI), and the new Horror Adventures (HA). While the ACG doesn't directly compete with the Freeport material, the Swashbuckler looks like it does the same thing as the Freebooter does (in some respects, better). The Monster Hunter can, maybe, be replaced with the Hunter but it's not as direct a competitor. All of the other classes (Investigator to Vigilante) seem like they can be slotted in easily, especially all of the material from Ultimate Intrigue.

    The new HA looks like it was written with Freeport in mind, but it offers competing Fear, Madness, Insanity, and Corruption systems that work totally different from the one used in Freeport. Some of the Feats and Class features make use of having some IP to power some odd abilities and would not be compatible with the newer stuff.

    I haven't had the chance to start using Freeport yet. My campaign has been backburnered until we finish one of Paizo's neverending Adventure Paths, so I have been assembling notes and stuff for my upcoming campaign. While I love the Freeport setting, I really do like some of the changes Paizo has made with the latest additions. I'm now trying to figure out which mods to make to FP to make it fit these newer systems, and I was just curious if anyone has looked at changing some of this to fit.
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    Re: Freeport Pathfinder Mods/Updates

    I don't own any of those three books, and my current Freeport Pathfinder game is very close to wrapping up, so I can't say how easily they mesh with existing Freeport material. However, there are a handful of characters in the Pathfinder edition of Freeport: The City of Adventure who are given ACG classes, though I can't recall if any of the NPCs who were given full stat blocks use them. So the authors gave at least a little thought to using that title, at least.

    I do, however, own Occult Adventures, so if you're interested in my thoughts on using that book with Freeport, see my recent blog post on "Occult Rituals for Freeport."
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