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Putting Freeport on Renaissance Earth

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  • Putting Freeport on Renaissance Earth

    Okay, planning a Renaissance Earth fantasy campaign with Pathfinder, with Freeport being the home city for the PCs and their ship. I was thinking of putting it on a new Island somewhere off the North American Coast, maybe just North of the Bahamas. Would that be a good, appropriate location, considering the indicated climate for the city?

    The other location I was considering was an Island southwest of Portugal. I'd even consider renaming it to Porto Livre.

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    Re: Putting Freeport on Renaissance Earth

    Somewhere in the Caribbean would be the most obvious choice, given the climate, the location near many trade routes, and the rampant piracy in the region throughout this era. I would highly recommend Green Ronin's Skull & Bones sourcebook for details on the historical Age of Piracy and info on the Caribbean in particular.

    It should be easy enough to incorporate any references to the Continent from various Freeport titles into a Renaissance Earth. Some of those nations are obviously inspired by historical lands: Rolland is France (complete with elven musketeers!), while Hexworth and its Inquisition are Spain, and Kizmir is the Muslim nations of North Africa.

    And since you're taking the real world as a starting point, that makes it even easier to work in the Cthulhu Mythos elements of the setting--just mine the original stories for details. Valossa is pretty much the same thing as Robert E. Howard's Valusia (from his King Kull stories, IIRC), and both REH and H.P. Lovecraft equate various Native American serpent gods to Yig.
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