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Viable progenie between races: the Azhar

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  • Viable progenie between races: the Azhar


    as been already noted, there are halfbreeds galore inhabiting the setting, I was wondering about the viability of offspring from Azhar n other races. Is there an official answer?


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    I don't believe there is any official answer to this. However, the azhar themselves claim to be the descendants of humans and efreet, so they should at the very least be able to interbreed with those two races. A genie parent would most likely produce another azhar, while a human parent would result in either a human or azhari child, but probably mostly humans, unless the human already has a lot of azhari blood. You might want to adapt the old 50% rule for half-elves from AD&D 2E: 50% or more elven [->efreet] ancestry makes you a half-elf [->azhari], less makes you a human.

    Now, if you know your genie-kin races from Pathfinder, you'll see that the azhar fill exactly the same genetic niche as the ifrit. You might notice that while the Pathfinder Freeport books make rare mention of oreads, sylphs, and undines, they never mention ifrits--only azhar. Therefore, it seems perfectly reasonable to make most of the same assumptions about azhar that the Pathfinder sourcebooks do about ifrits:
    • Some genie-kin are born to parents of the same type, while others arise spontaneously among human families (usually those with a distant genie ancestor, or some other strong elemental affinity).
    • Not all genie-kin are exclusively a mix of genie and human. Some have other elemental ancestry mixed in, which manifests in alternate racial traits and racial feats. Similarly, not all have humans as their humanoid heritage.
    • I can't recall exactly where I saw it, but I believe that Paizo established that geniekin, aasimars, and tieflings with humanoid ancestry other than human have all the same racial traits as a standard member of those native outsider races. The exception was that Small humanoid parents produces Small outsiders, but with no changes to ability scores.
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