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  • Return to Freeport Campaign Notes

    My weekly group started playing Return to Freeport last night; here are the results so far.


    Return to Freeport Campaign Notes

    The PCs:
    • Al—Leonard Melachion, human male inquisitor
    • Aric—Kenton Fuso, human male fighter
    • Brent—Birgir, human male fighter
    • Geof—Templeton, human male rogue
    • Michael—Hector Nicolai, half-elf male sorcerer
    • Todd—Abinacki of Ibstock, human male cleric of the Sea God

    Session 1—Curse of the Brine Witch—20 August 2019

    (We took the first part of this session for creating characters.)

    While the PCs were passing through the Fool's Market, Gamey Rind reacted to Hector, spewing information about “the biting eye,” “the crone's red claw,” “the black blood of the poisoned earth,” and “too many missing and not enough dead.” When the passersby started to crowd the PCs, Templeton (more subtly) and Birgir (less so) managed to back them down.

    Shortly thereafter they met Little Nell, who led them to Scurvytown for a meeting with Lady Jane at the Torchlight Academy. They heard her story, mostly via Nell, and decided to help. The PCs set up watches to keep an eye on Lady Jane, while Templeton patrolled the street outside the Academy.

    During the night Hector had a nightmare about a ship crewed by damned souls, disembodied arms reaching out at him from the fog, and a fleet of ships flying Mazin flags. Kenton woke him up from it. While on watch, Birgir fell asleep, but Leonard was awake when a ghostly hand appeared and struck Lady Jane with some kind of curse. It caused her considerable harm, but Leonard raised the alarm and Hector hit it with a magic missile to dispel it. The PCs decided to continue their investigation in the morning.

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    Session 2—Curse of the Brine Witch—27 August 2019

    The next morning the PCs started investigating. Hector took the black powder to the Wizards' Guild, but they couldn't identify it. Abinack went to the Temple of Procan, but had similar results. Templeton did some asking around the Eastern District and Scurvytown, and met some people who'd suffered various afflictions. There was also talk of strange disappearances. Eventually the party ran into some pirates who were attacking a woman they said was cursed; the PCs defeated them and saved her. At another time they found a man who was being attacked by a sand-blighted swarm of rats, which they managed to slay.

    From there they picked up a trail of black sand and followed it to the Chambers Asylum, which had been boarded up. The PCs forced open the door and entered. They were ambushed by a trio of azhar buccaneers, but turned the tide against them. After some more exploring they found three more buccaneers, led by First Mate Nejhira; they outfought the pirates and captured her.


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      Session 3—Curse of the Brine Witch—3 September 2019

      Continuing their exploration of the Chambers Asylum, the PCs set off a trap in the kitchen, and then found a krenshar in the pantry. Its howl brought more of the creatures, and the PCs fought them off with a brave stand in the common room. Abinack stood over the uncounscious First Mate Nejhira to ensure that she was unharmed. After confirming that the ground-floor dormitories were unoccupied, they headed upstairs.

      Templeton tried to sneak up on the cultists, but failed; Birgir attempted to vault their barricade, but crashed into it instead. Even so, Hector put to of the cultists to sleep, and the rest of the part slew the other one. From there they met and talked with Clement Moore, and decide to bind him with shackles and bring him with them. They also found three more cultists in the treatment rooms and defeated them, too.

      Finding the stairway that led to the underground level, they headed downward. After examining the high-security cells, Kenton found the secret door to the hidden laboratory. Zabreen the Magnificent, protected by a shield spell and moving on the ceiling because he could spider climb, caused the party considerable harm with his burning hands. Abinack kept the PCs on their feet by channeling positive energy, however, and using a combination of ranged attacks, spells, and creative melee efforts (such as rolling a large barrel under their foe, or having one character boost another—they won the day.