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    Is there a lot of new setting info in the new Freeport city of adventure PFRPG book that isn't in the Pirates Guide to Freeport? besides the rules stuff I am trying to find out the differences in the books

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    Re: Setting info questions

    The timeline was advanced two years, so there are a number of changes that have occurred during that time. Perhaps the most pervasive change is the mysterious Salt Curse, which has made acquiring fresh water in the city more complicated and expensive.

    Several new businesses have been added to each district. The Docks chapter also adds profiles of several new ships.

    There's a new criminal organization in town, providing additional competition for Finn and Mr. Wednesday.

    A new goblinoid race, the island trolls, has appeared in Freeport. They live in Bloodsalt, but many work on the Docks.

    A new 60-page adventure, "The Ironjack Legacy," uses locations from all over the city.

    And that's just a quick sketch, not an exhaustive list. So yes, there is a lot of new material.
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