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Any plans for a "lite" version of the PDF?

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  • Any plans for a "lite" version of the PDF?

    I've been reading through the PDF of the new Pathfinder Freeport supplement, and I've been thoroughly enjoying it. It is my first foray into Freeport; It's a setting I have been aware of for years, but I never picked up any of the previous source books. Kudos to all who worked on the update - it makes me want to run an urban sandbox campaign (even though I'm already completely over-extended on the gaming front).

    However, I do wish that there were a "lite" version of the PDF (like Paizo does for their bigger source books). As gorgeous as the art and layout is, the file is making my Android tablet choke whenever I try to read it. I can usually go a few pages without a problem, but inevitably I get loading errors (background images or sidebars replaced with red X's, page load errors that end up as a blank screen, etc). I have to fully exit my PDF reader, and reload the document.

    I'm going to try downloading a different PDF reader to see if that helps, but I've been using this tablet with this reader to read gaming soucebooks for years without these sorts of problems. Even when it does work, loading a page can take several seconds (easily 10 to 15, but even as long as 20 to 30). Given the huge size of the book, I think a stripped down version (maybe without the background page images and the like) would go a long way toward making the book more tablet friendly. At the very least I think Paizo's "One File Per Chapter" model might help. I much prefer having the whole book as a single file, but the constant closing and reopening is really frustrating.

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    Re: Any plans for a "lite" version of the PDF?

    How did the different reader fair for you? Even on my laptop, AR11 tends to get bogged down as I move back and forth through the pdf. Naturally I would love to see a lite version, but I am intrigued by the thought of just getting a different reader.