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Rock crushing trap in 'Terror in Freeport'

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  • Rock crushing trap in 'Terror in Freeport'

    I thought I saw a picture of the trap in the encounter 'Rocks and a Hard Place', but I can't find it now. Is this something that really exists or did I dream it? If it does exist can someone please post a link? I've got about two or three game sessions until my players reach this encounter and I'd like to have a visual if posssible.

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    Re: Rock crushing trap in 'Terror in Freeport'

    There isn't one in the 3.5 Trilogy omnibus. I no longer own copies of the 3.0 modules, but I did run it and later did the 3.5 revision, and I don't recall seeing any images of the trap anywhere.
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      Re: Rock crushing trap in 'Terror in Freeport'

      I've had the 3.5 trilogy for a long time. Recently I bought 'Tales of Freeport', 'Crisis in Freeport', 'Black Sails over Freeport', 'Vengance in Freeport', and the new systemless Freeport companion, as well as downloading anything for Freeport that is free. I've been reading alot about Freeport over that last few months. I guess my subconscience made a picture for me in my dreams. Le sigh.


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        Re: Rock crushing trap in 'Terror in Freeport'

        I don't recall a picture either. I remember having problems visualizing it, so I can see how it would be useful.

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