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    What happened to the Mystic Navigators? When comparing the Preview Edition vs the Pathfinder Freeport Companion, I notice that a lot of the Prestige Classes (and some of the Freeport classes) have been shifted over to Archetypes. Except for the Mystic Navigator which is now mentioned as a brief blurb in the World of Freeport section. Are they just rolled into newer PF rules and archetypes or are they something that is coming later?
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    Re: Mystic Navigators

    I've been wondering that myself. The World of Freeport cosmology and one of the characters in Buccaneers require the prestige class's abilities to be translated in some form.
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      Re: Mystic Navigators

      I'm intrigued by this. Once Return to Freeport starts rolling, I wonder if it might incorporate these elements.

      I ran my first Freeport campaign years ago in Greyhawk, and so that's the setting with which I've stuck, but the take presented in The Pirate's Guide and the new hardcover is one that could make m reconsider.