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  • My current Freeport campaign

    For anyone who's interested, I've been posting about my current Freeport game over at The Piazza. "Winds of Freeport" started as a v.3.5 game, but we recently converted to Pathfinder in anticipation of the upcoming Freeport: The City of Adventure book for that system. And now that a draft of that book is available to Kickstarter backers, we've started using that material in the game.

    The adventure I'm just started running for them is "Cut-Throat's Gold," from Tales of Freeport, converted from v.3.0 to Pathfinder. I'll be posting more to that thread as the game continues.

    I also maintain a wiki to provide public information to my players. (See the link in my sig, below.) Those pages include summaries of basic Freeport lore, as well as the PCs' stats and some house rules we use.
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