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Discussion Page on Miraheze Site Created

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  • Discussion Page on Miraheze Site Created

    Okay - since the Miraheze site is one that demands regular interaction and submission in order to avoid being archived, I've taken the big step and created a rudimentary discussions page. Just letting the gang here know that, at the least, it exists, and that we can hopefully use it as a point of interaction/discussion - as well as the Green Ronin site, of course - to move stories, ideas, critical analyses and the occasional major head-shaking event from person to person and fan to fan. Hoping that we can get as many of the old gang as possible signing on there and making commentary (separate forums still remain to be created), and that we can perhaps get Mr. Kenson on to make a comment or to submit an idea or two. Hoping very much to see people over there and keeping wheels moving and the site alive.

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    Re: Discussion Page on Miraheze Site Created

    Thanks, Black Talon! I'll chime in and keep the site active.