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Coming Soon From Plain Brown Wrapper Games: The Bad Guys!

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  • Coming Soon From Plain Brown Wrapper Games: The Bad Guys!

    Jim Thomson here, with Plain Brown Wrapper Games. I just wanted to let everyone know that we're about to release the ICONS version of our supervillain supplement "The Bad Guys" (previously available for Mutants and Masterminds).

    What is "The Bad Guys?" The blurb from the rear cover says it best:

    "This book holds fifty-one of the world's most despicable supervillains--enough goons, creeps, crooks, monsters, madmen and maniacs to trouble your players for months on end. From cackling arch-fiends to sneering street thugs, if you want scum in capes, we've got 'em! It's a veritable smorgasbord of crime, where the sneeze guards of evil are always clean and the bacon bits of infamy never run out!

    Comes with everything you see here, including more than one hundred separate adventure seeds that will let you start using these villains straight out of the box.

    Serving all your needs for crime at pennies on the dollar, no batteries are required (unless you're reading this on a laptop), and neither is any specific campaign world--these super-scoundrels fit right in anywhere! So pick up a copy and start crushing the forces of decency today! It's time to don the bicycle helmet of villainy and head-butt the smirking face of justice!"

    More info to come! Ask us anything you want!

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    Re: Coming Soon From Plain Brown Wrapper Games: The Bad Guys!

    Here's a sample from the book.

    Sicko the Clown

    Quote: “Hey kids, it’s yer old pal Sicko th’ Clown! With all kinds of kooky, zany, nutty, messed-up, painful, ghastly, horrid, wacky fun for all of you! Ha ha heh heh hee hee ho hoo hoo ha!”

    Real Name: Wendell "Butch" Blutarski

    Prowess: 4
    Strength: 5
    Coordination: 4
    Intellect: 5
    Awareness: 3
    Willpower: 2
    Stamina: 7

    Blast—Device (Revolting Pies): 2
    Wizardry (Gadgets): 2

    Sleight of Hand
    Performance (Tell Obnoxious Jokes)

    Weirdo Misfit Clown
    Panty-Sniffing Deviate

    Personal (Lives by a Crazed Clown Code that won’t let him knowingly do anyone lethal harm or allow an innocent to get hurt).
    Social (Feared and loathed by decent people everywhere).

    Background: A wretched, drunken, self-loathing, glue-sniffing misfit clown. He’s an alienated, unhappy deviate who steals women’s underwear, wallowing in his perversity with frantic glee. He commits weird, kinky and outrageous crimes for the sheer twisted hell of it, and to get attention. He loves attention, especially the negative kind.
    Sicko adores being a villain, a weirdo pervert freak, and plays it up at every opportunity. Yet he’s much too self-conscious and theatrical to ever let his act get totally out of control. He won’t hit superheroes with lethal force, and if he beats one he will always come up with an excuse to put them in some ridiculous, humiliating but easily escaped death-trap rather than execute them on the spot. Even when drunk he would never willingly let an innocent come to harm. He is deeply ashamed of this fact and tries hard to conceal it.
    For while he’s great at playing the role of a sinister perverted clown, under his makeup he’s kind of a fraud. He gets no kick from hurting people—he just likes shocking them. The thrill he gets from stealing panties is chiefly that it’s filthy and wrong. He gets hardly any joy out of wearing them, unless of course someone catches him in the act.
    If confronted with the fact that he isn’t nearly as evil as he pretends to be, Sicko will rave and protest and make outrageous claims about what a revolting degenerate he is (“No! No! I eat three kittens before breakfast! I invented th’ Teletubbies! I had intimate carnal relations with Walt Disney’s pickled brain!”).

    Using Sicko the Clown In Your Campaign: As an opponent he is flashy and distracting, constantly hurling sick jokes and exploding pies full of panty hose and bondage magazines, pausing to scribble rude graffiti on a wall or to sniff some glue. But he’s a better tactician than he pretends to be. He won’t interrupt a fight to do something silly and vile unless he actually has a free moment. Otherwise he would get caught too fast and the show would end too soon. He’s always got an escape plan or two, even though he doesn’t much care whether he wins or loses the fight. He might take a hostage, but if he does he’ll utter some ridiculous threat like: “Stay back, or I’ll paint moustaches on the pictures of all this guy’s kids!” or “Back off or I’ll tell Mrs. Happy Homemaker here that Betty Crocker doesn’t really exist!”
    He may even attempt to take himself or his sock puppet hostage, just for laughs (“Back off or th’ clown gets it! No one will miss him, what’s one less crummy clown in the world?”)
    He’ll never take small children hostage under any circumstances, as he feels that would be too scary for them.
    Unfortunately, Sicko’s drunkenness and drug abuse make him dangerous to be around—not because he might lash out and do something savage, but because being wasted makes him sloppy and incompetent. He’s almost sure to kill an innocent sooner or later through some drunken mistake. This will no doubt drive him deeper into self-loathing wretchedness, and make him even more prone to misbehave.


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      We Have a Release Date!

      Look for "The Bad Guys" on DriveThruRPG on Black Friday (of course!)

      Print version to follow!


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        Re: Coming Soon From Plain Brown Wrapper Games: The Bad Guys!

        We have more sample images from the book over on our Facebook Page at
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          Re: Coming Soon From Plain Brown Wrapper Games: The Bad Guys!

          Here's another sample image
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            Re: Coming Soon From Plain Brown Wrapper Games: The Bad Guys!

            One more sample page and then... we go live on DriveThru RPG!
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              Re: Coming Soon From Plain Brown Wrapper Games: The Bad Guys!

              And we are live! You can go get a copy (or just check out the preview) at: