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Changes: Alternate Way to Obtain a New Power?

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  • Changes: Alternate Way to Obtain a New Power?

    Hello everyone,

    As I understand it, if a player acquires a new Power through a Major Change, they randomly roll its power level. This could become a downer quickly - reaching the end of a major storyline, cashing in a Major Change to get a new Power... and rolling a power level of 1.

    Is anyone else handling that differently? Most of the players in my group used the point buy method of constructing their characters; I think they might be puzzled if they had to randomly determine their new power.

    I've been thinking about allowing them to acquire the new power at a level of 5. Halfway, offers room for improvement, etc.


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    Re: Changes: Alternate Way to Obtain a New Power?

    The beauty of Icons is how flexible the rules are as highlighted in pages 176-179 of Icons: The Assembled Edition where using House Rules and common sense are encouraged. In the case of alternative ways to obtain a new power, it's really up to you to develop the story arc and adventure for players (or villains) to gain new powers and at what level.

    Some ideas for your consideration:

    1) Expanding a powers set that's built into a device like an armored suit. The classic example is Iron Man who adds new weapon systems all the time when he unveils a new model. In Iron Man's case, the power level could range from starting at 6 to as high at 8 or 9 from the start.

    2) Magic energy released from a device that's now wielded by the player or perhaps even destroyed. The character Ice from the 1990s Justice League comic enjoyed a brief increase in strength and powers after defeating her evil brother and inadvertently absorbed the magic of a weapon she destroyed in her battle to defeat him.

    3) Scientific accident when the players defeat a villain. This creates subplots and follow-on adventures such as trying to control the new power, or even finding ways to get rid of it.

    Hope the ideas helped.