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    Re: Show me your builds

    My fourth randomly rolled character.

    Specter 7

    Origin: Artificial

    Prowess: 6
    Coordination: 4
    Strength: 9
    Intellect: 7
    Awareness: 7
    Willpower: 4

    Stamina: 13
    Starting Determination: 0

    Artificial Bonus Power: Life Support: 8 ( Cold, Breathing, Eating,Heat, Sleeping, Pressure, Vacuum,and Radiation)
    Coordination Boost 6
    Phasing 6
    Laser Eyebeams: Blast 5

    Computers. +1
    Stealth +1
    Languages +1

    The Synthetic Spirit
    The Machine In the Ghost
    Android looking for purpose

    "Humans really do this?"

    Notes: my highest rolls so far as ability and power level. Don't have a lot on this guy yet, except I know he was made by a mad scientist ala Red Tornado.


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      Re: Show me your builds

      My fifth random character.

      Devil Hunter

      Origin: Unearthly ( Increase 2 abilities by 2. (Strength and Awareness) )

      Prowess: 4
      Coordination: 6
      Strength: 7
      Intellect: 6
      Awareness: 7
      Willpower: 8

      Stamina: 15
      Starting Determination: 0

      Psychic Blast 6
      Demonic Magic Detection 4

      Occult +1
      Mental Resistance. +1
      Martial Arts +1

      Motivation: Must fight all Devils and demons and stop their evil
      The Demons Nightmare
      "Have at thee Demon Dogs!!"

      Distinctive Features: Looks like a demon himself
      Not From Around Here

      Description: large blue guy with stubby horns on head and chin

      Note: I originally rolled Possession as his power, but Jericho not withstanding, I thought that power was more Villain power. I chose to re-roll his powers again and came up with a guy wno fights guys who are known for possession

      Comes from a dimension conquered by Devils and Demons. Dedicated his life to hunting them and by happenstance has found himself on Earth.


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        Re: Show me your builds

        My sixth and last random character. Admittedly even less fleshed out than others, though I have a spark of an idea on his origin. Speaking of Origins, I rolled Unearthly again and decided to use the re-roll twice option.

        Psychic Mutant Guy With Gravity Vision

        Origin: Birthright ( +1 innate power ( Post-Cognition) )
        Transformed ( increase one power or ability by 2 ( Post-Cognition, Again) )

        Prowess: 5
        Coordination: 5
        Strength: 3
        Intellect: 6
        Awareness: 5
        Willpower: 4

        Stamina: 7
        Starting Determination: 0

        Birthright Power: Post-Cognition 7
        Precognition 7
        Immunity to Radiation 5
        Gravity Vision: Density Ray 5

        Art: sculpture +1

        Super Seer
        Wait, What Kind of Vision?


        Notes: I could switch out Density Ray with a power that makes more sense to, but where is the fun in that?
        If somebody has a name for this guy, most appreciated.

        A young mutant art student with the ability of Post-Cognition is kidnapped by a super villain who experiments on him using bursts of radiation. This causes him to mutate more, increasing his Post-Cognition abilities and giving him completly new ones. Now he has Precognition and gained an Immunity to radiation itself. But he also received a secondary mutation of shooting beams from his eyes that make the target denser.