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  • New books ordered.

    I made a big order at RPGNow this week. Amongst it are the Icons books I considered vital to get. As well as the Icons Assembler

    Icons A to Z

    Icons Adversaries

    Icons Great Power.

    I already have the Assembled Edition. So I consider this to be finishing the system off for me. Where I will feel comfortable having full utility of the system.

    I plan to make game supplements using Icons. So I am pretty anxious to have those books in my hands.

    Good things are coming. And I'm both happy and eager to get the show going.

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    Re: New books ordered.

    I got them in the mail today. All three of the books I mentioned above.

    I'm pleased with them. They give me exactly what I wanted and needed.

    Now the work begins!


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      Re: New books ordered.

      Figured this was the best place to put this, not feeling a new thread was necessary; a number of the ICONS books have come in recently (yeah, I'm one of those people who sees the PDF as certainly useful and convenient, but I want something I can hold in my hands to consider it real), and I'm especially pleased by works like The Super Villains Handbook, and Adversaries. Throwing some seriously hard-edged bad guys (and anti-heroes, to be sure) into the mix has shown the full range of the game system's possibilities, and will hopefully give the GMs and players a bit of inspiration in coming up with PCs. Looking forward to more work coming out from both Ad Infinitum and Fainting Goat Games, among others.


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        Re: New books ordered.

        Not a major point, and not expecting any debate or discussion on it, but I wanna state it somewheres - I recently spent a few bucks (okay, more than a few) and had ICONS: Team-Up printed and bound in ICONS PHB/Villainomicon-style. Very happy to have all three "definitive" books - yeah, I know, the Assembled Edition is now the operative/definitive text and the others are "first run", but still - as part of the RPG library. Looking forward to Ad Infinitium, Fainting Goat Games, Rogue Genius and others coming out with further works to expand the ICONS cornucopia.