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Ring in the Holidays with Mega-Anti-Claus

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  • Ring in the Holidays with Mega-Anti-Claus

    Available now for PWYW on RPGNOW - Mega-Anti-Claus

    This issue of WMW helps you ring in the holiday season in the proper, old fashioned way: with giant robots.

    The Scenario

    A local news broadcast bulletin breaks into the afternoon soap operas on a December afternoon:

    “We’re interrupting regular broadcasting to cut to Frank Simmons reporting on the scene from the Shopping District. Frank – what’s going on down there?”

    “Bob – a flamboyant super-villain calling herself the Anti-Clause is attacking the Shopping District with a massive Santa Claus themed battle robot! Police are responding as best they can – and local shoppers and staff are being evacuated. The destruction is massive, Bob.

    We have unconfirmed reports of gangs of garishly costumed henchmen raiding stores and banks.

    Buildings are burnings, cars and buses have been overturned. The police are clearly out-classed here, Bob. The city needs help!”