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Timey Wimey-Wibbly Wobbly robot PC?

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  • Timey Wimey-Wibbly Wobbly robot PC?

    Hello fellow true believers! Getting ready to run a buddy in a solo PC ICONS game and he rolled up an interesting character.
    He has an Articicial being with 10 strength. Growth, Shrinking, and Time Control with the Super Speed and time travel versions of TC.
    This makes him pretty versatile and plus time travel! He hasn't come up with a name yet and he just barely touched on his background: He was built by some unknown being(s) to protect the time stream. He was there when our 5th planet blew up creating the asteroid field.
    Later, in 1908 he was shot down by Tesla's Death Ray causing him to crash in Tunguska causing that blast. He went into a temporal suspended animation for years and the Nazis found him but were unable to revive him. That's probably were I'll start the campaign, with him being revived by Allied heroes on their way to destroy. A Nazi Doomsday Machine.

    So my questions are any ideas on:
    How would you run a time travel campaign like this?
    How to get him involved with regular super-hero adventures?
    Ideas on Time Pirates, Time Cops, Time conquerors?
    Any icool time travel adventure ideas?

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    Re: Timey Wimey-Wibbly Wobbly robot PC?

    Well, no takers eh? Well that's ok. My buddy and I have already played one session but haven't been able to get together for more. He finally settled on a name and background:
    Eonix, The Forever Man is an artificial construct called Chrono Stalkers created by The Chronomancers to patrol and protect the time stream from the Greater Dark (see The Great Game) and their agents the Chronumvirate. Unfortunately, the Chrono Stalkers were corrupted by the Greater Dark and rebelled. They made a base on a planet in the Sol system that the Chronomancers destroyed. The asteroid belt is the remnants of that planet. Eonix is the last of the Chrono Stalkers, as far as he knows, who apparently was not corrupted.

    I see Eonix as kinda a Doctor Who of the super hero set having adventures and fighting evil through time and space. In his first session he helped some Golden Age heroes fight off some Nazis, and I think those heroes ended up inspiring him even though he saved there bacon. Looking forward to some more sessions.