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Space Ghost Characters in Icons Superpowered Roleplaying?

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  • Space Ghost Characters in Icons Superpowered Roleplaying?

    Hello Mighty Heroes

    I am creating a comedy/adventure game based on the 1960's Space Ghost cartoon and trying to roll up the villains in Icons. Any ideas/suggestions for powers? All the Space Ghost villains seem to be different in look but exhibit the same capabilities, ray-guns, space armadas and infinite minions. Is Brak stronger than Moltar? Does Zorak have wings? What special powers can I give each of them to make them distinctive?


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    Re: Space Ghost Characters in Icons Superpowered Roleplaying?

    I think modeling characters can be a little harder than it looks, but if you keep one thing (playability) in mind, then you can let that steer your choices.

    For instance, I once saw a write-up of Robin from Young Justice with explosive Batarangs (created as Burst Area Blast). Since Burst affects everyone in an area, I didn't think it applied. The explosions are more for show (it's more dynamic with the inevitable build-up of beep.beep.beep.BOOM) and more importantly, they didn't affect everyone in an area, but one person. So the Batarangs would be Blast (and when he does use them to blow something up, he uses more of them and that would just be a stunt). Speaking of stunts:

    Keep things simple: just stat up their most common/frequent things they do. Take Spider-Man: I'd just list him as having a Binding attack (Swinging as an Extra) and leave all other uses as a Stunt. Strength allows for some decent leaping as is, so I wouldn't give any to him, and also remember that high Strength grants some de facto life support, so think whether they truly have that as well.

    Abilities over 6 are superhuman. So an archer with superhuman skill would be capped at 6 for Coordination and make up the difference with a Specialty (Weapon Master: Bow).

    The game isn't granular enough to make much difference between two characters who blast, so don't worry about it. If they usually Blast then that's all you need. If occasionally they do more, leave it to a stunt. If you want to suggest/detail stunts (like in a sidebar) then that's a bonus.

    re: Wings. This can be tough. If they're foulable, then it would be called for. But if there's no evidence of it in the series, and you have nothing to go on, think about how you'd like it to be played out. Would it be more interesting if the character's Flight could be limited? You'll just have to make those choices.
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      Re: Space Ghost Characters in Icons Superpowered Roleplaying?

      I don't believe any of the Space Ghost villains ever really got detailed writes ups that exactly spelled out their power levels (of course the internet has often surprised me). Most of them were simple the "Mastermind" archetype with minions, giant robots, or ray guns. You'll have to get creative. Frankly, I'd recommend to an homage type game where everything is familiar but different enough that no one says "I don't think these stats are quite right". Make a "Space Spectre" instead. The villain can be have whatever powers you want without feeling bound by canon. Give "Moltaro" (formerly Moltar) a Magma Blast, or give Zorakticon (Zorak) super strength and armor. Puts you back in full control.