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  • Campaign log: Lostsaber Group

    I'm starting a new campaign in a few weeks for my group once we're done with Shadow of the Demon lord (not me running). Last year we ran a 45 points buy campaign for a few months. It was fun but this time I want to try random generation including a session of random world building using the method from the I:AE book. as it will begin somewhat randomly I don't have much to say on it yet. So instead we'll discuss last year's campaign for now. My memory of details is a bit shakey because we've run a few other games since then (D&D5, Fate/Western, SotDL, etc...):


    Pill Bug (Qualities I remember: Giant insectoid monster; Bull in a China Shop). PB was a star in the illegal underground superhuman wrestling circuit before turning hero. He was a giant armored bug that would roll up and then roll over people.

    3-Piece (Qualities I remember: former agent of AEGIS, Lady's Man). 3P was a dashing super spy who used 3 pieces of alien technology to make up his super suit. Had flight, armor and light-control.

    Harlan Lovecraft (Qualities I remember: carries an evil artifact; expert in the Occult) HL was a minor sorcerer who found the fabled Sword of Mordred (crafted by Morgan LeFey) which turned him into a big player in the magical community.

    Copy-Cat (Qualities: Internet sensation; The one true Copy Cat). CC was a power mimic with enhanced agility and a tail.


    About 15 years in the future. An alien invasion (the Thrax invasion) that we almost lost has changed the landscape significantly. Major cities around the globe were destroyed but new cities have popped up to replace them, like Liberty City (our starting point, east coast USA). Many heroes of the last decade heroically sacrificed their lives in the final battle against the aliens 8 years ago. The lack of big named defenders has led to a rise in crime. (None of this was really important to the plot. It was just background fluff to give the players ideas and stuff to work off of).

    Issue 0: Dinosaurs in the Park

    Heroes respond to the sounds of panicked civilians fleeing League Park in the middle of the Liberty Day celebration. At this point the heroes (CC, PB, and 3P ) have never met and each enter the park through different gates). Upon arrival they hear people yelling about dinosaurs. CC questions a civilian further and gets the detail that they aren't just dinosaurs but dinosaurs made out of GUMMY-candy apparently. Hilarity ensues as the heroes each battle their way towards the center of the park while freeing people stuck inside the gummy dinosaurs that ate them. 3-Piece arrives at the central fountain to find a little old man sitting quietly feeding the pigeons while red, yellow and green semi-solid dinosaurs chase people about. 3P offers to fly him to safety but the old man declines saying happily "Oh, I'm in no danger. I'm just here making monster". He then tosses the remainder of his bag of "bird feed" (actually gummy bears) into the fountain. The fountain begins to bubble and out pops a veritable horde of gummy dinosaurs. Pill Bug (having saved the boaters at the lake) arrives next and the two of them deal with the rampaging Gummy-Rex while the Monster-Maker (I forgot his actual name - it was far better) makes good his escape into the woods. Copy Cat sees the suspicious old man slinking away and gives chase. 3-piece leaves PB to go after the old man but finds CC instead and the heroes each mistake each other for villains (classic). Things get straightened out quickly and they run down the old man. The Monster-Maker (Dr. Merrillius) is turned over to AEGIS (our version of SHIELD) and the heroes go their separate ways.

    Notes: This was a "let's try out the rules" night. HL couldn't make it. We did keep it as part of continuity. I was still working out the "whens and whys" of handing out Determination Points.

    Issue 1: Panic at the Rap Awards

    3-piece is reviewing reports in his penthouse apartment/lair when he hears an explosion in the stadium below. He flies down to find a pitched super-battle under way at the annual Rap Awards. The Abominable Flow-Man (20 foot ginger with laser vision) and his Rap-Masters of Evil (The Unmovable Beatbox, Thug-taneous Combustion, and DJ Faster-than-Jeezy) have taken hostages and have an enormous bomb. Their beef is apparently that they've been snubbed by the rapping community for too long and they want thug-justice. Pill Bug, Harlan Lovecraft and Copy Cat are already on the scene and battling the villainous quartet. It's a long drawn out battle with lots of DP thrown around. The Unmovable Beatbox (Density powers) proves to be a worthy match for Pill Bug. Harlan counters Thug-taneous Combustion's fire powers with wind and water magic. Copy-Cat borrows Jeezy's superspeed. Eventually the good guys win but are left with a ticking time bomb (literally). The Rap-Masters have no clue how to disarm, they got it from "some guy" and its as big as Pill Bug. 3P uses his specialty in technology and his 'Former Agent" quality to perform a pyramid test to try to defuse the bomb. He did everything right. he should have succeeded. but for some reason... the bomb goes off anyway. When the some clears the heroes find themselves in what appears to be hell at the mercy of a demon Calling himself "the Infernal Challenge Master" (dun dun dun)

    Notes: Started in the middle of a fight, ended on a cliffhanger. Got to try out a pyramid test. 3P rolled really well so there wasn't much tension this time. Still getting used to the rules and we had a late start so we only had the one fight. the Rap-Masters of Evil become kind of a running joke in the campaign with the occasional cameo.

    Disclaimer: I'm not a professional writer. I'm an old school comics guy and gamer. I've been running hero-type games since college (early 90's it hurts to say) and most of that was Champions. I don't claim that any of this is 100% original, in fact most of it is an homage to some era of comics or another (pulp, golden age, silver age, etc..). I borrow a lot to tell stories that are fun and familiar. I'm posting this for funzies. Enjoy it for what it is. Oh and I'm easily distracted so it could have long gaps in times that I post and could end abruptly if I wander away. Sorry in advance.
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    Re: Campaign log: Lostsaber Group

    Where was I? Oh yeah, Hell.

    Issues 2-5: At the mercy of the Infernal Challenge Master.

    PB, CC, 3P, and HL appear in hell along with Pit Bull (his stats are on a post I made here in 2014), Sparkplug, and Stretch Goldman (Super-powered attorney). The Infernal Challenge Master (or ICM for short) sits across from his opponent, the "Unimaginable" (corny? you bet), a cosmic entity that maintains balance in the multiverse in ways that no mortal mind can comprehend. So apparently the forces of Hell may have cheated in the way they trapped a few heroic souls in the past, present, and possible futures. To determine if Hell gets to keep these ill-gotten souls the Unimaginable plays games for them against the ICM (naturally). The four souls at stake are Silver Eagle (pulp era detective with a grappling gun), the Quick Draw Kid (speedster of the old west), Johnny-7 (last boy of the post apocalypse), and Sgt. Hardcase and his Roughneck Brigade. These guys all "died" trying to stop the same demonic ritual at various points in time and their souls have been held in limbo worlds where they reply the events of their deaths over and over. The Unimaginable has selected our heroes to free them from these private hells but to due so they have to defeat the villain of limbo realm and find a hidden key. However, also at stake are our heroes own souls for if they fail in their goals their own souls will be handed over to hell as well (seems fair).

    The IGK opens 4 portals: Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. The heroes have no idea what's beyond the portals and must choose knowing only that their souls and the souls of other heroes are on the line. Stretch Goldman demands ton understand the rules to this "game' and is presented with an enormous pile of arcane tomes, scrolls, and books on "cosmic law". He opts to stay behind and review while the others do the first challenge: Earth. (Copy-Cat borrows Goldman's Stretchy powers).

    Earth: The Heroes are transported to a seemingly endless misty graveyard from the 1930s. Harlan uses magic to determine that its a self-contained realm with nothing but graveyard and some kind of magical dome in the center. they make for the dome but feel like they are being watched the whole time. They arrive near the dome to find a well-dressed young lady fending off zombies. They rescue her and she says that she was helping her detective friend, the Silver Eagle, investigate a cult called the Sisterhood of Sorrow when they were attacked. The Cultist dragged SE of and then put up a magical barrier. She has no idea where the zombies came from. Harlan Uses the Sword of Mordred to make a whole in the barrier and the heroes slip through. Inside they can her chanting and see lights up ahead. The Silver Eagle is chained to the statue of angel and is hanging over a huge bottomless pit. Foul smells and mist rise from the pit while the cultists chant. "The Master rises" intones the lead cultist, "All he requires is the blood of a true hero". A ritual dagger is drawn. The heroes attack. HL works to move the statue holding Silver Eagle away from the pit. PB and CC thin the cultists while 3P goes after leader. the lead cries "No, if you breached the barrier then that means you let "HIM" in as well!" The heroes laugh this off at first and continue punching cultist (girls, they are a Sisterhood after all). Then "HE" arrives. The Grave Caller is the real monster here. He's like "Frankenstein's monster had a baby with Freddy Krueger and gave it a shovel" and within this graveyard he has tremendous power. The battle is epic. It takes a lot of stunts and team work but eventually the heroes take away his shovel and use it to knock him into the hell pit. The key turns out to be Silver Eagle's love interest lady and his soul is able to move on. poof, the heroes are back in hell. One down.

    Air: Our heroes are dumped into the old west near a town called Silver Gulch. As they stroll through town no one seems to notice their strange clothes. they are drawn by the sound of gun shots and soon meet the Quick-Draw Kid (Fastest gun in the west; speedster cowboy) who is fighting members of Black Bart's gang who were sent to deliver a message. Black Bart has Trudy (QDK's gal) and Colt Steel (QDK's super-powered father). Black Bart is an evil Alchemist/bank robber who used his magical concoctions to create a few super-powered henchmen to fight QDK and his Pa. They are held up in a nearby valley and demand that QDK throw down his guns and surrender the town to Bart of his friends are going to die. The heroes offer to help and they all head to the hideout. Guarding the hideout are numerous henchman and 3 super-power baddies. There's "Rattler" (stretchy snake powers), Dust devil (flirtatious mistress of wind), and the Terrible Tumbleweed. no one ever sees the Tumbleweed's powers because he gets flattened by Pill Bug immediately. The heroes wade in demolish the place and make short work of the goons. However theirs no sign of Bart or Trudy only the headless body of Colt Steel! Quick-Draw explains that "It's okay, this happens a lot. Pa is made of steel and the local blacksmith can reattach it." A brief interrogation reveals that Black Bart is hold up deep in the nearby silver mine. His going to sacrifice Trudy to some giant pit (familiar?) that appeared there. the tunnels of the mine are booby trapped with alchemical bombs that not even the Kid can out run. Pill Bug rolls up and barrels thru the bombs detonating them all (qualities; bull in a china shop/giant insectoid monster ftw). QDK rushes in and saves Trudy while the heroes flatten Black Bart. The key turns out to be the head of Colt Steel. Quick Draw Kid thanks them and passes on. 2 down. Poof, back to hell.

    Fire: The heroes arrive amidst ash and twisted steel. This is the future and things did not go well. 3-Piece recognizes what's left of the city skyline to be New Science City (formerly Toronto, Canada). They stumble across a robot being harassed by a pack of dog-headed mutants (called "tracker mutates"). The robot, C.H.U.N.K.S, is looking for his master, Johnny-7. Johnny was to lead and army made up of the remaining free tribes against the evil Master Mutate but he disappeared. CHUNKS is afraid he's been kidnapped and that he's being held in Master Mutate's base, the old future Tech building. The heroes fight there way through the ruined city and infiltrate the building. Inside they find more mutated post-humans guarding a giant nuke dangling over a seemingly bottomless hell pit. Johnny-7 is over course chained to the bomb. Master Mutate (part hulk, part professor-X) plans to bring a truly final end to the world by combining nuclear fire and hellfire in one humungous blast. The heroes work their way through MM's horde, battle the big guy himself. the bomb ALMOST goes into the pit but last minute heroic prevent it. The bomb turns out to be the key and Johnny passes on. Poof.

    Water: the heroes appear wearing army helmets and are packed into an a US army beaching craft headed for Pocatow Island (South Pacific). The Island's beaches are lined with Nazi machine gun nests and giant WWII robots. Sgt. Hardcase, his Roughneck Brigade and 300 US troops have to take the island before Adolf Hitler's head (on a robot octopus body) can finish some kind of ritual involving the "Neptune’s Trident" that will turn the tide of the War. Standing between them and "Robo-Hitler" is Baron VonBlitzer, the German Over-Man (evil superman with lightning powers; side note: Sparkplug's great grandpa). The heroes use their powers to give the allied forces some relief, taking down giant robots and bunkers. The then work their way inward battling horde of Nazis supported by strange super-science weapons. Finally they reach the Pit where Robo-Hitler plans to chuck in the spear once his mystics are done preparing the ritual. The battle with Baron VonBlitzer is a tough one as he is mighty-mighty. Eventually the ritual reaches its end and Neptune’s Trident is tossed in. 3-Piece flies in and saves it while PB knocks Robo-Hitler into the pit. Compelled to protect his fuerher, Blitzkrieg dives in after him. The Neptune’s Trident was the key, Sgt. Hardcase and his men pass on. Poof.

    Back in Hell, the Infernal Challenge Master is furious because he thinks the heroes cheated in the last game since they didn't actually "defeat" Baron VonBlitzer. The Unimaginable gives him a wordless stare that speaks volumes and the Challenge Master relents. "Fine, have you victory today. There will be others." Poof.

    more later.

    EDIT: found some old notes and corrected a few names.
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      Re: Campaign log: Lostsaber Group

      Issue 6: Homecoming


      The Heroes find themselves plummeting towards the Earth high over Liberty City. The Challenge Master is apparently a sore loser. But they aren't alone. Quick-Draw Kid, Colt Steel's head, Johnny-7 and CHUNKS are here too. The heroes spring into action and make it to the ground safely. They land just outside of town only to find a billboard with their faces on it. Apparently they've been gone for months and while they were in Hell their exploits were broadcast in reality show-format (complete with confessional shots that they don't remember doing) on something called IGN (the Infernal Games Network). They are now famous (although some people say its all faked (because, I mean really, forcing superheroes to play games in hell of souls? FAKE!).

      Interlude: SOMEWHERE in a dank and dirty ally, purple light illuminates a homeless man. Confused, he approaches the light. One word repeats in his mind, "Why? why? why? WHY??". There is a brighter purple flash and a scream before the alley goes dark. People in the streets nearby shrug their shoulders and go on about their lives.

      The heroes, still not officially a group, exchange contact info and head back to see what became of their lives in the last few months. Johnny and the Kid go with 3-Piece to his penthouse/lair. When they arrive at their homes the find more weirdness. While they were in Hell the Unimaginable replaced them with magical simulacrums that acted like them in every way. When their real counterparts returned they were programmed to them a brief update of what had transpired in their lives and then deactivate (go limp). So now they each have a fake "them" body stashed in a closet somewhere (Creepy, but it solved a few problems storyline-wise and maybe I could've worked them into a story later). Soon they are all contacted by a mysterious man called Mr. White, an agent of the Unimaginable, who invites them to tea. There he thanks them for their efforts and tells them that the "big U" is watching them and will be in touch should the Cosmos need heroes again. He explains that he actually the very first victim (by hundredths of a second) of the alien invasion a few years back and the Big U resurrected him to be his voice on Earth. He pays the check and then departs leaving the heroes to discuss their future. Before they can leave, 3-Piece picks up police chatter about a meta-threat disturbance on the bridge crossing Liberty Bay.

      Taking this as a sign that the universe wants them to work together, they head to the bridge as a team. When they arrive there is a big purple portal floating next to the bridge and a swarm of flying eye ball-like creature dismantling the bridge and anything on it. The creatures use some kind of ray to cut and move things about. The heroes witness at least one or two humans being lifted away from the wreckage of cars and being sent towards the swirling portal. The heroes intervene. Harlan tries to use magic to close the portal but it's a slow process (tiered test). After bashing and blast a few flying eye balls the heroes see a giant eye with tentacles beginning to emerge from the portal. In their heads they hear a voice, "WHY?" Pill Bug starts chucking cars into the portal to slow it drive off the big one while the others get civilians clear and take out the remaining little eyes. Eventually Harlan is able to close it off once the big ball has been forced back. In the aftermath, AEGIS arrives to clean things up, contain the remaining creatures, and complain about all of the property damage. They puzzle out that this must have been an expeditionary force since they seemed to be collecting samples and decide to call the creatures "Y-Balls" since all they seem to say is "Why". Reporters swarm them asking to know what they are going to call their team. Dead silence... They have now clue.
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        Re: Campaign log: Lostsaber Group

        A quick guide to Liberty City:

        During the Thrax invasion many major cities around the world were destroyed as part of the opening salvo including New York, Toronto, Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, and Los Angeles. The loss of several important East Coast shipping and industrial hubs created a vacuum number of businesses (legitimate and criminal alike). Liberty a somewhat obscure coastal city with little more than a fishing industry and a naval base but it's large natural harbor and vast unused northern shore made it a perfect relocation site. Within a few short years, almost every remaining mega-corp has relocated a head quarters building there and the population boomed as the north side of the bay became a hi-tech metropolis. The south side of the bay, the "old Liberty city" remained a dark and dreary cesspool of crime and poverty.

        Prominent features:

        Liberty Bay: divides the "metropolis" side of the city from the "gotham" side of the city which are connected by a long bridge.
        League Park (North side): Built to honor the heroes of the Liberty League, a hero team that died during the invasion (they fought crime in the south side of the city before there really was a north side. Each of the four main gates are dedicated to a different member.
        Olympus Tower (North side): floating headquarters of AEGIS. Acts as a temporary super prison for villains awaiting transfer to more permanent facilities. Looks like an upside down pyramid balanced on it's tip but it actually floats a bit off the ground. It is also home to AEGIS's PSI-division.
        Liberty Island: a small island in the middle of the bay that is home to the old Liberty League's base. It has landing pads, a submarine launch, and a secret tunnel that links to South side (there was no north side at the time).
        "Little Villain Town" (South side; unofficial name): there is an area in south Liberty that has become a villains refuge or "no-heroes land". cops avoid it and villains patrol the roof tops and alley ways. Rumor is that a major crime lord keeps the peace there.

        Noteble NPCs:

        Agent Sterns of AEGIS: most commonly encountered field agent. Not overly friendly but gets results.
        Pitbull: champion of justice in South Side. Prefers to work alone so he is rarely seen. Kind of a blue collar bat-man, he works as a garage man by day and vigilante by night.
        Crimson Crusader: surviving member of the old Liberty League. He lost his leg early on in the invasion and couldn't join the other major heroes for the final mission. Now he's retired and runs his company, Horizon ChemTech, full-time.

        The heroes and Liberty City:

        3-Piece lives on the North side in a swanky pent house apartment.
        Copy Cat also live north side is "the village" district which is full of yuppies and old rich ex-hippies.

        Pill Bug lives on the outskirts of the villain district. He can shift between human and bug forms but rarely does because it makes him feel vulnerable.
        Harlan Lovecraft has a sizeable loft apartment that acts as his library, workshop, and mystic sanctum.
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          Re: Campaign log: Lostsaber Group

          Issue 7: The Press Conference

          At the request of the City Council the heroes go to a press conference to announce themselves and receive thanks for saving lives at League Park, the Rap Awards and Liberty Bridge. All goes well until a trio of would-be assassins attack. They are Buckshot (density changer +/- with a shotgun), Multiple-Stab-Wound-Man (duplicator with a knife), and c-4 the exploding man. The baddies attack the crowd to draw the heroes in close. It's ugly. A couple of good guys get wounded. CC copies MSW-Man to even the odds. C-4 makes a big bang to cover his and Buckshot's escape but MSW-Man gets nabbed. In the Aftermath AEGIS arrives to clean up. They are asked by Dr. Calhoun (Crimson Crusader, last survivor of the city's previous hero team) to come to Liberty Island and tour the old base. While there he offers them it's use on the condition that they do something about the south side of the city, not just be tools of the North side city council. They agree and decide to take up the old name "Liberty league".

          Issue 8: Olympus Tower
          AEGIS requests an audience. They are given a tour of the HQ, Olympus Tower, and shown the holding facility where a number of their previous enemies are being held: The Rap masters of Evil, The Monster Maker (Dr. Merillius), and Multiple-Stab-Wound-Man. There is also the Russian villain "Cosmonaut Zero". The real reason they want them there is because the PSI-division has hit a roadblock with the Y-Balls that were captured and were hoping Copy Cat or Harlan could use their powers to help. Copy cat mimics the Y-Ball's natural telepathy while Harlan sets up a protective magical barrier. While the others wait, a pair of new Y-Ball types arrive and begin attacking the Tower. One assaults the Front door while another flies up and enters the hangar bay making it's way towards the power core. These Y Balls are more powerful and appear to be trying to mimic human form by dangling limp humanoid bodies under their eyeball heads. Pill Bug heads to the bottom while 3-Piece makes for the Core. Inside the head of the Y-ball, Copy Cat sees an image of their world being slowly destroyed by something from outside their universe and the question "why?" continues. The image shifts to a portal closing that seems to be the source. At the gates below, PB wrestles with one creature while up top, 3-Piece and a battalion of AEGIS soldiers try stopping the other. If the Y Ball takes out the power the prison area could be compromised. Apparently Cosmonaut Zero is a huge threat and a drain on the bases power as it is. CC breaks off the probe and runs to stop them from killing the aliens. Down below a seemingly homeless man jumps in front of PB to save the Y-Ball. He says his name is "Dirty Mike" (his drifter name) and says that he can talk to the aliens. Harlan and CC bring one of the captured aliens to the one heading for the core and cause it to pause. Notes are exchanged, Mike is brought up and the attack is halted. In the aftermath Dr. Calhoun negotiates with AEGIS and they agree to let the aliens be held at one of the hangers at a Liberty Base as long as AEGIS still has full access. The head of PSI division is not pleased but Agent Sterns has final say in security matters.

          The heroes, together with Dirty Mike, puzzle out that the Y-Ball-verse (a young and extremely small pocket universe is in peril from an attack that originated from ours. The Y-Balls (they think of themselves as "Orbicans") have been coming to our universe to see why?
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            Re: Campaign log: Lostsaber Group

            issue 9-10: Dream Piracy

            The Piece-keeper (purposely misspelled) is awakened by his major domo, a small cherub-like creature with a cutlass at his hip. He strides out onto the balcony of his ivory tower to survey the kingdom which has sworn to protect, Liberatia. The Major Domo informs him that Sir Copis, last of the Mystical Cat people and bard, has arrived to join him on his next adventure: the king's magical cutlass has been stolen by the evil "Red Duke of Calhoun". But the piece-Keeper knows not where the Duke is hiding so the Domo suggests consulting the black souled sorcerer from across the bay, Harloc. Piece Keeper looks through his telescope across the bay to see the Sorcerer similarly surveying the kingdom (except wallowing in his depravity as he does).

            Piece keeper and Sir Copis the Cat make haste to the bridge that joins the king's realm to the squalirous nation across the bay. The Domo informs him that he may not cross the bridge with them but that they will be joined by an emissary of the wizard Harloc. Almost immediately an imp arrives also sporting a cutlass on his hip (hmmm). the imp leads them to the wizard's profane tower. It is a sinful place of excess and wanton-ness where strumpets and women of question virtue lay strewn about. The piece-keeper is not amused for he is a tower of iron will. Finally they confront Harloc who sits his throne like rock star. He is guarded by his massive pet, the Bugasaurus (a mindless creature). 3-Piece....I mean Piece Keeper makes his case and Harloc goes into a roccus musical number to divine the location of the King's missing cutlass. They determine that the Red Duke is held in his island fortress in the bay but Harloc's imp claims to know a secret way in, a tunnel under the bay. The agree to join forces despite their loathing of each other.

            On the way to the tunnel's entrance a portal opens and disgorges several ice giants and a terrible ice giant lich. They have come to conquer Liberty City! but are confused when the find themselves in what is apparently the wrong would. The heroes defeat the ice giants and the lich departs to check his spells. The heroes get a clue that something is not quite right. The continue to the tunnel entrance. the Imp can go no further but they are instead met by a friendly miner....who wears a cutlass on his hip. He leads them safely past hordes of underground dwellers but they are confronted by a troupe of 'Glam-pires" (Bowie-esk rockstar vampires) who are immune to whatever is going on and find it hysterical. They offend the Piece Keeper's sensibilities and so he attacks killing the annoying creatures. They continue through the tunnel. Their explains that the cutlass is guarded not only the Red Duke but by the terrible Maiden of Sparks, the Dashing Rogue, and Sir John of the Seven and his armored friend Sir Chunkles.

            They arrive at the door and the guide says that only they can open and bypass the terrible traps. Sir Copis the Cat (Copy Cat) has had enough and begins to argue against this plan. The guide claims him to be under the Red Duke's sway. A fight breaks out as the near mindless Bugasaurus succumbs to the guide's words. Finally, Copy Cat (having shaken the dream) attacks the kindly guide directly and knocks him the #### out. The world spins and then 3-piece, Pill Bug, and Harlan Lovecraft find themselves in the tunnels under liberty Island. Dr. Calhoun (the retired crimson crusader, not the red duke), Sparklug, QDKid, Johnny-7 and CHUNKS are just inside the door ready to try and stop them. The guide/imp/major domo turns into the unconscious form of a villain known as the "Dream Pirate" who had plunged the entire city into a semi-realm dream world where he planned to use the heroes to steal back his magical cutlass from the old Liberty League's trophy room. disaster averted.

            In discussion afterwards they figured out that they were in 3-piece's dream because 1) appears in the dream first and 2) his was the only flattering portrayal (shining knight) while the others were less so: Copy Cat was a slightly silly magical cat man, Harlan was an over-sexed rock star wizard and pill Bug was a mindless monster.

            Notes: I started the night by telling the guys to just trust me and roll with whatever happens and then handed them new character sheets that were familiar yet different (3P's light control gained a laser sword and his armor went up while flight went away, and so on). To their credit, they played along awesomely, each playing the over the top fantasy characters to the hilt. The Dream Pirate was created by the guy who plays Copy Cat as one of his early character ideas that I vetoed because he was kind of useless since a lot of his powers only worked on sleeping opponents. He made a great villain however, especially when backed by the power of the narrative. He didn't realize who it was until towards the end. All in all a really fun night and a great diversion from our usual thing.
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              Re: Campaign log: Lostsaber Group

              Issue 11: Monkey Business.

              If I recall correctly, after the Dream Pirate episode the heroes are called to APEX industries to investigate strange goings on. Apparently a number of people never made it home from work the night before and when the police investigated they found the building wrapped in strange vines so they decided to call in the league. The building is surrounded by a huge gated parking lot with scattered cars and the vines have grown out across the ground. The doors are all overgrown so the Heroes decide to take a stealthy approach by landing on the roof. A closer inspection of the "vines" reveals that they are technological (crudely fashioned from wires and what-not, more like dim x-mas lights), not natural. As they work their way down in the are attack by the first wave or cyborg chimps and gorillas. Unable to question them they continue down. They bypass a few ramshackle traps and more sinister simians until they track the main group of them to the large loading dock area. The team burst in to find dozens and dozens of APEX employees trapped in tubes connected by wire-vines to a central cyber-tree of enormous proportions. The Tree is guarded by more cyber-chimps, a Giant Gorilla ("Hercules"; 30 foot ape), and trio of talking chimpanzees with super powers ("Helios' with fire control, "Zeus" with magnetism, and "Vulcan" with hyper-intelligence/gadgetry). Zeus and Vulcan are working on a "Devolution Virus" to turn humans into chimps and are using the APEX employees as lab monkeys. The heroes attack and an epic battle ensues. As the fight starts to go in the heroes' favor Zeus gases the prisoners and they begin to change. The spills out of the loading dock into the parking lot where Pill Bug and 3-Piece will have more room to maneuver. The press have arrived and are filming from outside the gate. A horde of virulent devolved man-apes joins the fight. Helios is taken down while Zeus and Vulcan flee the scene. Pill Bug lets out a monstrous roar (invokes his "giant insectoid monster" quality) and attempts to show the man-apes that he is their Alpha-male. He rolls remarkably well and bends them to his will. He tells them to attacks Hercules and they DO... terrible effect. The man-apes swarm up the 30 foot tall gorilla as he tries desperately to fend them off. Pill Bug watches in horror, trying to stop them but failing, as his man-ape minions devour poor Hercules leaving nothing but gigantic bones. The news copters tape it all.

              In the aftermath, Harlan Lovecraft is able to weave a spell that re-evolves the APEX employees. A quick head count however reveals that 2 are missing and may possibly carry a virus that can devolve humans that they bite (a plot seed for another day). Helios is taken by AEGIS. APEX executives swear that they have no idea where the apes came from. They are a technology company not a biochemical company so they don't test of animals in anyway. Video surveillance shows that the just pulled up to the loading dock in a deliver van to begin their assault (more mysteries for later).
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                Re: Campaign log: Lostsaber Group

                Remember kids, Pillbug always says, "Mental powers are always trumped by a car to the face repeatedly"...


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                  Re: Campaign log: Lostsaber Group

                  Remember kids, Copy Cat always says, "Mental powers are always trumped by a car to the face repeatedly"...


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                    Re: Campaign log: Lostsaber Group

                    /sigh. Yeah, that's them.

                    Episode 12-ish

                    Ok, were was I? I think there was an explosion at Olympus Base (Aegis HQ). the group takes off to investigate. On arrival, the head of security says that he has no idea what caused the explosion but power to the detention level was knocked out and now the "thing" that they thought was Dr. Merillius is in the vents and eating AEGIS agents. 3piece uses his new invisibility stunt to sneak in and do some recon. 3 of the 4 rap-master of Evil (all but the Abominable Flowman who was being held elsewhere) and Multiple-Stab-Wound Man are loose and wreaking havoc in the detention ring. Also, Cosmonaut Zero's cell is empty which is what AEGIS feared the most. The unmovable Beat Box is guarding the main entrance with Thugtaneous while Jeezi patrols the ring. While scouting, 3P encounters C-Zero. He holds his own for a bit but Cosmonaut Zero proves to powerful. Eventually he blows a hole in the wall and leaves saying that something is coming and he had to go save the world ( it was more ominous than that but I forget the exact wording). Pill Bug batters his way past U.B.Box and the heroes spread out to put out fires (both figurative and literal). The Merillius Monster escapes but the others are taken down.

                    In the aftermath, it is discovered that a bomb was set by someone who was able to bypass internal security (a traitor?). Worse still, it appears that the prison break was just a distraction to lure the heroes away their base so that someone could steal the Y-Balls being held there. When they get home the find all of the AEGIS agents stationed there unconscious and QuickDraw Kid tells them that they seemed to make people falls asleep with a glance (mind powers?).


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                      Re: Campaign log: Lostsaber Group

                      Thank you for sharing that! Especially the"Notes" part so I could see what you were trying out. We're also gearing up to start an ICONS: Assembled game (also coming from years of Champions), and it was helpful to see someone else's example.