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  • Neotropolis: Shattered Mirrors

    20 hours and counting

    Doctor Sung paused a moment, a slow breath. "Thank you for telling me about the difference between an ice beam and a freeze ray." she glanced down at her paperwork, "Doctor William.. Horrible?" Clearly the man was delusional but..Science! had a way of changing people. "I'll see you in the morning and hopefully we'll be feeling better then."

    She quickly left the room, taking another slow breath, a pinch at the top of her nose to try to stay... awake. Thankfully, the hallucinations hadn't started back in. The brain's desperate attempts to Dream when sleep was a fading memory.

    Latasha, the mother hen of the ward, clucked with a warm dark laugh, "That boy knows how to sing doesn't he, Doctor?" she grinned at the much younger woman, "Cute too."

    Doctor Sung smiled weakly, "All the good ones are taken; or around here crazy. Who's next on the list?"

    Latasha shook her head, "A real mess." she walked down the corridors. The light buzzed and flickered, the Nurse not noticing. "Just remember, once you figure out what makes them tick, you can start Helping them."

    Or start to emphasize with them...

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    Re: Neotropolis: Shattered Mirrors

    Charles De Gaulle Aéroport, Paris, France

    <<Attention, s'il vous plaît. Vol AA7532 pour Neotropolis embarquerez en dix minutes à la porte C17. Est-ce que les membres de l'embarquement prioritaire soit à la main, s'il vous plaît.>>

    <<Attention please. Flight AA7532 to Neotropolis will board in ten minutes at Gate C17. Would the members of priority boarding be at the ready, please.>>

    Green eyes flickered up from a copy of The Guardian newspaper to the woman in the grey coat across the aisle as the announcement rang through the terminal. The woman returned the blonde man's look, then sighed, closing her little novella and getting up, straightening her skirt as she stood.

    "Coming, M. Belmont?" the dark haired woman asked in English as the two glanced over to Gate C17. Belmont nodded and stood, straightening his tie before wheeling a carry on after the woman falling into step behind her.

    Standing near the gate, the woman glanced up at Belmont. "So, remind me again what's wrong in Neotropolis?"

    Belmont shrugged. "Mallory was vague, as usual."

    "When is she ever clear about anything?" the woman snorted.

    Belmont gazed at the people lining up to board the trans-continental flight. "We know it's near the university, and that there will be mayhem soon if we don't act."

    "That's practically nothing."

    "The Cassandra mentioned spirits being involved, and a girl."

    "A girl?"

    "Yes, a female human, Miss Devaraya."

    "Well, that narrows it down..." Devaraya rolled her eyes sarcastically. Belmont didn't seem to catch on.

    "We have to be subtle, though. The Chinese and the Winters are territorial. Drawing their attention could complicate matters." Belmont remarked.

    "Not getting our jobs done would complicate matters." Devaraya pointed out. "Though, that would be far worse than annoying some of those folks - bad news for everyone if we don't do this right."

    A brief moment of silence passed between the two, who retreated into their own thoughts for a moment.

    <<Now boarding Group 1.>>

    The two raised their heads at the announcement, glancing at their tickets momentarily before filing in line to board the plane.

    "Then it's quite simple - we don't allow ourselves to fail." Belmont said somberly as the two waved their tickets under the scanner and boarded the plane to fly across the Atlantic and land in Neotropolis the next day.


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    Short, mysterious cut-scene before the game truly starts. Forum update threw me a little, so I'll get that actual IC post up tomorrow.
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      Re: Neotropolis: Shattered Mirrors

      Careful with this one, Child.

      Lillian's not sure where the voice just came from. A quick glance around tells her she's alone in the room (for the moment). Just her desk, stacks of papers, a small bookshelf and some tchotchkes, and this horrendous little fern that Latasha continuously claims Lillian is watering on the wrong days.

      But it doesn't matter so much as your next 'visitor' is walked in by one of the nurses. The man walks in, glancing around the small office nervously, before he is bid to take a seat by the nurse. He does so, but not before patting it down, and wiping the chair's seat thoroughly with a ragged hankerchief, which he promptly begins to wring between his hands the moment's he's seated.

      Nurse Latasha wasn't kidding. The man was a mess.

      He was on the shorter side, scrawny and a little twitchy. His eyes continue to roam, glancing about the office before fixing themselves upon Lillian, then giving her a long once over. Then another. And another. Then they moved on, to flicker here and there, as his hands continued to wring the hankerchief. His hair was a sandy brown, thin and hanging messily over his head, and the hint of uneven stubble was evident on his jaw. His clothes were worn, and seemed almost ill-fitting, and an arm of his horn-rimmed glasses appeared to have been broken and repaired with electrical tape.

      The file in front of Lillain declared him a Mr. Michael Julio Eocher. He had been picked up by the police near a sewer, and had been charged with vandalism and theft. The courts had surmised he was suffering from some manner of compulsive disorder, and a strange case of kleptomania. Which was understandable because it was highly unusual for a banker to take to reversing street signs and building up a hoard of stolen left shoes.

      But after the legal system had chewed him up and spit him out, he was now here, for "counseling" and "help". Which is why someone higher up decided to dump him on Lillian's plate.



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        Re: Neotropolis: Shattered Mirrors

        The fern was a source of discipline for Dr. Sung. It was a living thing and while it had lack of confidence in itself, she was determined to not fail it and bring it back into health. Or maybe she was just projecting her own need to stay hopeful onto it. If she couldn't save a plant, than what could she do for the too many patients that she spent too little time with?

        Lillian had looked over the file before Mr Eocher's arrival. In Neotropolis, this behavior wasn't uncommon among Science!tists. In fact, it was expected and in many ways a more mild form of what could happen. However, in a banker, it was far more unusual behavior for a banker. Sure, they exhibited their own odd behavior from time to time but that more often ended up in a temporary freezing of the markets while financial discrepancies were rectified. No notes here on whether this was court mandated or if Mr Eocher had checked himself in for assistance. At least he hadn't been physically constrained. It was helpful at times, but it also presented difficulties in establishing trust.

        She smiled reassuringly, calmly, "Good afternoon Mr. Eocher. My name is Doctor Sung. How are we feeling today?" Calm, supportive, trustworthy.


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          Re: Neotropolis: Shattered Mirrors

          "Itchy." Eocher says, eyes still not focusing on any one thing for more than a few seconds. His hands refuse to stop wringing that poor hankerchief while he speaks. "There's a part of my back I can't reach, and my scratcher's back home."

          He grins a little, apparently his idea of a joke, giving Lillian a view of what would have been a dazzling smile if not for his harried appearance. And the little bit of green stuck between some teeth that Eocher doesn't seem to have noticed.


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            Re: Neotropolis: Shattered Mirrors

            Lillian started putting the pieces together, but they still didn't fit together, at least not into a pattern that made sense.

            "How long has your back been itching?" did it go back to his earlier episodes? She had heard that there was yet another bed bug infestation down in the cells.

            "Where on your back?" a phantom sensation? A delusion that something was touching him or something real?


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              Re: Neotropolis: Shattered Mirrors

              "Around the center of my back where I can't reach..." Eocher admits, still wringing that poor hankerchief through his hands. Then his mouth breaks into a grin, before snorting, "Since five minutes ago."

              His laugh is a little unnerving to hear. Perhaps it would have been easier on the ears, were they not tired from having to pull this nightmare of a shift. Because it's late in the day, and frankly, after that last patient, Lillian's beat. But she has to deal with it, and thankfully the discomfort is short lived as Eocher's laugh lasts only a second before he glances at an unused pen on Lillian's desk and gestures to it.

              "May I?"
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                Re: Neotropolis: Shattered Mirrors

                Dr Sung brushed a hand over her jar of pens, pulling out a rather nondescript cheap plastic ballpoint. She tosses it lightly his way, seeing how he tracks the motion. "Go ahead and keep it, scratch in good health."

                She leans back, "Mr Eocher. You've been sent to me so that we can try to figure out what's been going on with you the last few days. Why does a respected professional suddenly take such drastic actions?"


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                  Re: Neotropolis: Shattered Mirrors

                  "Thanks." Eocher grins, finally giving his hankerchief some relief as the former banker takes the proffered pen. He squints as his arm reaches back, and scratches against the cloth vigorously. The effect is almost instantaneous, as his shoulders drop, far more relaxed than before.

                  Setting the pen on the desk, Eocher's attention returns to his hankerchief, which he smooths out on his lap for a moment before fiddling with it again. The man looks up at Lillian as she asks her question and frowns. "Drastic? What do you mean by 'drastic'?"


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                    Re: Neotropolis: Shattered Mirrors

                    Dr Sung looks to the pen and then back to Eocher, "Oh no, that's fine, please keep it. Use it for the homework I'm going to give you at the end."

                    She leans back, folding her hands together. "How would you describe your recent behavior? I appreciate that you chose to come see me, working towards your mental health."


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                      Re: Neotropolis: Shattered Mirrors

                      A frown settles on Eocher's face. "My boyfriend's making me come here. I don't see what the real problem is. I decide to go for a walk, see some street signs are wrong and need fixing, and then cops have me in holding and a judge is saying I need to pay fines, and ought to come here." the man grumbles, wringing the handkerchief almost violently in his absentminded hands.

                      And for a moment, it seems like there is more than one hand wringing that poor handkerchief. Too many fingers for it to just be two hands. But it must be a trick of the light, because when you actually look, there are the ten fingers you'd expect, one of which has an old band-aid still wrapped around it.


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                        Re: Neotropolis: Shattered Mirrors

                        Lillian frowns a moment, reaching up to touch her eyes. It's happening again. I can't afford to let things come apart now.

                        We're almost out of time. I'll write you a script that will help you relax. I also want you to start keeping a diary of all the times that you see things wrong like that before you start fixing them. We'll review it at next week's session.

                        Keep it together Lillian, keep it together.

                        Why were they even sending out patient care to her? Didn't they know how many patients she had already? The system was so overstretched it threatened to burst.


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                          Re: Neotropolis: Shattered Mirrors

                          "What, already?" Eocher speaks up in almost disbelief. He glances around, not finding the clock. "I thought I just got here."

                          He blinks owlishly behind the glasses, and glances down at his hands, still wringing. "And uh, what's a script?"


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                            Re: Neotropolis: Shattered Mirrors

                            Lillian leaned back, trying to put the clues together, trying to understand exactly what's going on with Mr Eocher. The pieces were.. scattered. That her own attentions were starting to scatter didn't help things. But maybe, just maybe, she could start to help him.

                            _: 2D6-3 = [4, 4]-3 = 5


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                              Re: Neotropolis: Shattered Mirrors

                              As evidenced by not only the brief file you were given before meeting Mr. Eocher, the man suffers from a peculiar variety of disorders and stresses. Because it is quite clear that Eocher suffers from stress - his nervousness he exhibited was quite clear about that. Not to mention that he suffers from unusual compulsions.

                              Because, really, who steals someone's left shoe? Just the left shoe. Doesn't matter whose they had belonged to, it appeared that somehow, hundreds of left shoes had been taken and hidden away in Eocher's hidey-hole right next to the city's sewers. And that he also felt compelled, seemingly at random, to reverse street signs. Not to mention his tic of wringing that handkerchief. It's a veritable slew of signs that point to Eocher's condition.

                              Something's weighing upon his shoulders, and the man's clearly cracking under the pressure, resulting in his mental health problems of late.

                              Okay, so the Difficult was a 4, which means Moderate Success. There's somewhat clearly Something Weighing On His Shoulders. What you do with that information is up to you, but you've got 1 free activation of that quality.